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Student Saver School Banking


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Student Saver School Banking                                                                                          Invest in your Faith

Dear Parent

In today’s modern world developing a regular savings habit is one of the best and most important skills
your child can learn.

Benefits of School Banking

          A great way for your child to develop good saving skills.

          Weekly banking facilities at your school with no minimum deposit required.

          Fun competitions each term.

          Helps your child reach that special target.

Applications are available to new and re enrolling children at the commencement of first term or at any
time during the school year. You can also contact CDF directly on 1800 674 434.

Did You Know?

Staff and parents of students in catholic schools and colleges can also open CDF savings and term
deposit accounts. These accounts include:

          A Christmas Club account – for those much needed funds at Christmas.

          An Education Account – to set aside funds for your child’s school fees.

          A Resource Savings Account allowing an attractive tiered interest rate for at call funds.

          Term Deposit Accounts from 3 to 24 months

          No fees on any CDF accounts

The Catholic Development Fund was established as the Schools Provident Fund in 1958 to meet the need for
development in Catholic Schools in Tasmania, we celebrated 50 years of co-operative partnership with the
Catholic people of Tasmania on the 15th August 2008. The Catholic Development Fund (CDF) provides
financial services to Catholic Schools, Colleges, Welfare, Aged Care Facilities and P & F Organizations.

Disclaimer: The CDF is not subject to the normal requirements to have a prospectus and trust deed under Corporations Law and has not been examined
or been approved by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC). However, a CDF deposit or investment is designed for those persons
who wish to promote the educational and other activities of the Catholic Community, and for whom the consideration of profit is not of primary relevance
in their investment decision. Your deposit/investment is guaranteed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Hobart through CDPF Limited which is a company
established by the Australian Catholics Bishop's Conference.

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