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					Link Building Basics
            What is a link?
• A link to your website that holds value is
  going to be a keyword link. This is a text
  link that has one or more of your major
  keywords within it.
• If you had an BuyBacklinks business then
  your major keyword would be Buy
  Backlinks. A keyword text link could be
  and look like: Buy backlinks
 What does the link code look like?
• A Basic text Link
  <a href=””>Buy
• A super text link would include a Title tag
  and the code would look like this:
  <a href= title=”Buy
  good backlinks”>Buy backlinks</a>
• Be consistent in your Link Building:

 while they look the same and go to the
 same place, they are all treated as
 separate domains by the Search Engines.
     5 Quick Ways to Build Links
•   Link Exchanges
•   Forum and Blog Commenting
•   Classified Ad Posts
•   Web 2.0
•   Article Submission
           Link Exchanges
• Underused and undervalued. The secret
  to Link Exchanges in relevance.
• Use sites such as and These sites list relevant
  sites that will trade links with you.
• Saving you time and effort!
 Forum and Blog Commenting
• Add Keyword Links to your Forum Sig File
• Leave relevant Comments on relevant
• Make sure in all cases you are adding
       Classified Ad Postings
• Post relevant ads to Craigslist, Gumtree,
  USFREEAds and other classified Ads
• Look for niche classified Ad sites
               Web 2.0
• Add links to your Profile Pages in
  Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, and others
• Share bookmarks with Digg, Stumbleupon
• Create Video and Submit to Youtube,
  Yahoo Video and others
         Article Submissions
• Write 500 word articles on your topic or
  major keywords and submit to the major
  article sites :,,
• Find niche article sites or sites that will
  reproduce articles and approach directly
         Looking for more?
• Visit and buy some
  of our backlink packages.
• Using multiple techniques means your site
  will look more natural and survive if one
  techniques falls out of favour

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