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Farm to Cafeteria Workshop


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									                                                                        Summer 2010 Volume 15, No. 3
Farm to Cafeteria Workshop
  Producers, food service direc-        by Cree Bradley. Area caterer Jim      farm as a marketing tool, and how
tors, health professionals, and other   Vnuk prepared a delicious meal of      to create a farm to school (K-12)
interested parties came together        locally produced foods, and while      plan for the 2010-2011 school year.
for a Farm to Cafeteria Workshop        participants were still savoring the       Roughly 100 people attended,
on April 29. Held at the Cloquet        late season bounty, each table was     about 14 of whom were producers.
Forestry Center, the event was de-      the scene of a “speed-dating” ses-     Some of the points made were:
signed to bring interested produc-                                                * Incentives include an improve-
ers and buyers together as well as                                             ment in food safety, an improve-
provide general information about                                              ment in nutrition, improved learn-
the potential for such relationships.                                          ing by students, building healthy
Several other Farm to Cafeteria                                                life-long eating habits, improved
Workshops have been held recently                                              health of patients, raising aware-
around the state, all with the idea                                            ness of food issues, and a boost to
of bringing more locally produced                                              the local economy.
food into public school, college,                                                 * Most local farmers have all the
hospital, nursing home, and other                                              market they can currently handle
institutional cafeterias. The event                                            with the land, labor, capitol, equip-
was hosted by the U of M Exten-                                                ment and time they have. The de-
sion, the Minnesota Institute for                                              mand is currently far ahead of the
Sustainable Agriculture, Lake Su-                                              supply. It will take time to ramp
perior SFA, and other groups.                                                  up production.
    Joel Rosen gave the opening                                                   * About 70 MN schools are
welcome, followed by an overview                                               participating. Farm to cafeteria is
of the opportunities generated by a                                            growing fast.
successful farm to cafeteria pro-                                                 * Price paid for product is a cru-
gram as well as some of the major                                              cial point. It must reflect the cost
obstacles to achieving that success.    sion between growers and food ser-     of production, a fair wage for the
Also included were a review of          vice professionals, with the growers   grower, and overhead costs such as
food safety regulations and licens-     remaining at the same table while      health insurance, retirement, and
ing requirements, and a discussion      the others rotated around. Follow-     the mortgage.
panel of growers, food service          ing the meal were breakout sessions       * Processing and warehous-
directors, food distributors, and       on how to market to institutions and   ing facilities in the Twin Ports
food safety regulators moderated        develop a food safety plan for your            “Cafeteria” cont. on page 6

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                 Summer Newsletter 2010

Natural Resource Enterprise Workshop - August 7, 2010
  Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association’s              Natural resource enterprises include, but are not
Farm Beginnings program is partnering with the Uni-         limited to, agricultural diversification, alternative use
versity of MN (UMN) Extension to plan a Natural Re-         of traditional resources, agritourism, hunting leases,
source Enterprise Workshop at Green Pastures Dairy          wildlife watching, and bed & breakfast operations.
in Carlton, MN on August 7, 2010. Morning sessions          Local landowners, enterprise owners, and profession-
will cover owner experiences in holistic resource and       als will share their experiences and discuss topics
enterprise management, landowner cost-share pro-            crucial to natural resource enterprise business start-
grams, liability and legal considerations, and lease and    up and sustainability, including enterprise planning,
fee hunting. Afternoon sessions will include a farm         marketing, legal considerations, cost-share assis-
walk, landowner presentations, and discussions about        tance, and resource management on private lands to
pasture management, small livestock production, fruit       support a natural resource-based enterprise.
and orchard production, and natural resource based             The Carlton, Minnesota workshop will begin at
tourism.                                                    9:00 am at Green Pastures Dairy. On-site registra-
   UMN Extension is working with local landowners           tion will begin at 8:30 am. For registration and more
and enterprises as well as MSU’s Natural Resource En-       information, please see the enclosed registration
terprises Program (NRE) to bring this workshop to NE        brochure, call 218.726.6464, or check out the web-
MN. The workshop goal is to give private landowners,        site http://z.umn.edu//nrenterprise (where a link to
resource agency professionals, and state and locally        the MS State website will be found which provides
elected officials the skills necessary for sustainable      more details on the Natural Resource Enterprises
natural resource enterprise development and associated      Program). The fee for this workshop is $25, which
land conservation management. MSU’s NRE work-               includes an informative and detailed binder, lunch,
shops and training events have been held throughout         and activities.
the United States and overseas.

Welcome New Board Member- Alex Mohrbacher
  Alex currently works at the Whole Foods Co-op in the produce de-
partment. He originally came to the Duluth area for college where he
majored in International Studies and Political Science at UMD. It was
at the university that Alex did non-profit work for the group MPIRG.
During an MPIRG event on campus he met Karola Dalen from North-
ern Harvest and learned about the local food movement. The following
summer Alex interned with Rick and Karola Dalen and was hooked on
the idea of growing food for a living. Since then, he has spent a couple
summers helping to organize a cooperative farm named Grassroots Farm
in Twig, MN and is currently learning the craft of farming with draft
horses with Don Kinnunen in Esko, MN where he recently moved with
his fiance Kate.
  “As a new farmer, I still have much to learn, and I am excited about
participating with a group like the LSSFA. For those of us weighing
the possibility of becoming local food producers, enhancing opportuni-
ties for future producers is one of the keys to building a successful local
foods system.”
                                                                              Alex Mohrbacher and fiancée Kate

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                   Summer Newsletter 2010

Lake Superior Farm Beginnings
Now Accepting Applications for                            Events
2010-2011                                                 Natural Resource Enterprise Workshop
                                                          Saturday, August 7, 2010 - 9AM - Afternoon
  Lake Superior Farm Beginning (LSFB) is now ac-          An on-farm workshop covering owner experiences in
cepting applications for the 2010-2011 program to         holistic resource and enterprise management, landowner
be held in Ashland, WI at the Agriculture and Energy      cost-share programs, liability and legal considerations, lease
Resource Center (AERC). The program begins Satur-         and fee hunting, farm walk, anddiscussions about pasture
day, October 30, 2010. Applications are due Septem-       management, small livestock production, fruit and orchard
ber 15, 2010.                                             production, and natural resource based tourism.
                                                          Green Pastures Dairy - 2351 Bromfield Road, Carlton
  With the successful completion of two years based
                                                          Contact: David Wilsey, 218.726.6464 or http://z.umn.edu//
in the Twin Ports area, LSFB is moving to make the
program more accessible to interested students in
northwest Wisconsin. The move is in no way meant          Farm Frolic
to discourage interested Minnesota residents, many of     Saturday, August 7, 2010 - 2 PM-6 PM
whom live closer to Ashland than the distance several     Farm Frolic is a Lake Superior Farm Beginnings fundraiser
                                                          and graduation celebration, as well as a community event
students have traveled to Cloquet.
                                                          celebrating local food and farming. The event will include a
  LSFB is a comprehensive, farmer-taught train-           potluck-style local foods feast with Lake Superior fish fry,
ing and support program designed to help aspiring         kids and adult activities, farmers market, live music with the
and beginning farmers evaluate and plan their farm        Kettle River Band, and more!
enterprises. The program is also well-suited for          Chelsea Morning Farm - 2955 Highway 3, Two Harbors
experienced farmers looking for a new beginning           Fee: Donations towards Lake Superior Farm Beginnings
using alternative marketing options and financial and     will be accepted
business planning assistance. Participants attend         Contact: Cree Bradley, 218.834.0846/ cree@lakesuperior-
practical, high quality on and off-farm sessions with     farming.org/ www.lssfa.org
skill-sets taught by successful, innovative farmers.      Slow Food Lake Superior Presents:
Participants also engage in mentorship opportunities      Insalada Verde at Northern Harvest Farm
and networking, and receive resource materials that       Saturday, August 14, 2010 – 11 A.M.
broaden the foundation of support participants need       Tour the field with the farmer. Savor the season’s finest sal-
as they begin and/or continue their farming ventures.     ads, made with vegetables picked on site. Also enjoy bread,
   LSFB provides 39 hours of in-class training (a total   cheese, and dessert. Learn how supporting local producers
of 9 sessions held in Ashland) and multiple hands-on      nurtures our environment, economy, well-being, and taste.
                                                          Northern Harvest Farm - 2572 Co Rd 102 - Wrenshall
learning opportunities throughout spring, summer and
                                                          Fee: $12 adults / $10 members / $5 children 12 and under
                  “Farm Beginnings” cont. on page 6       For more information visit: slowfoodlakesuperior.org. To
                                                          reserve your place in the field: brownpapertickets.com (lim-
                                                          ited number of tickets)
 LS-SFA would like to thank Phill Arnold and Jan          Contact: Jamie Zak, 728-2687
 O’Donnell for a second round of book donations for
 the Lake Superior Farm Beginnings library. The still     Grazing Workshop & Forage Field Day
 somewhat portable LSFB library consists of farm          Tuesday, August 24, 2010 – 9:30 AM TO 2:30 PM
 business, land management, husbandry, enterprise-        Swath grazing to extend grazing and reduce costs, bale
 specific and other food and farm related publications    grazing, field tour of paddocks, equipment show, fence &
                                                          grazing vendors, door prizes.
 and books. The LSFB library travels to classroom
                                                          Rick Johnson Farm - From Aitkin go 8 mi N on Hwy 169,
 sessions where LSFB students can check materials
                                                          then E 1.5 miles on Hwy 169/210 to milepost 162
 out to further their agricultural education. The LSFB
                                                          Fee: $10, lunch included.
 library has become a valuable resource, thanks in part
                                                          Contact: U of M Extension, 218-384-3511
 to Phill and Jan.

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                         Summer Newsletter 2010

Book Review
Stephen Dahl’s Knife Island: Circling a Year in a Herring Skiff
   With more than 25 years in commercial fishing, Dahl shares the soli-
tude, heaving seas, quiet calm, and an intimate awareness of the lake’s
moods. He describes frost smoke, ice-coated clothing, nets too empty
and nets too full. He watches and waits for gales to subside, ice to break
up, and fish to return. He stoically endures pilfering gulls in his nets.
He notes which winds and currents bring the cold clear water that lead
the fish to his nets, or make lifting the nets easy or difficult. He lets us
experience the harsh elements and shows us the rhythm of season, wind,
current, and fish. He takes a few turns through the lives of old-time
fishermen of the past.
   Cold, vast, and deep, Lake Superior is a virtual inland ocean, and it
can be a bit foreboding. But just north of Duluth a harvest is going on
virtually year-round. It takes a special kind of character to brave Supe-
rior alone, in an open boat, to chase down these native fish. "There isn’t
that much sea or wind, so we’re kind of blessed this morning." Some-
where behind the lead-gray clouds, the October sun’s just rising on Lake
Superior. Steve is pulling his living from its bitterly cold water. "It’s only
gonna be about 60, 70 pounds," he says. "But that’s OK. That’s the way it
is too. You can’t do anything about it.”
   Lake herring is a whitefish native to Superior’s icy depths. It’s a favor-
ite of the many descendants of Scandinavian settlers in these parts. The
fish is now in the midst of a comeback from pollution and parasites that
                                                        nearly drove it extinct thirty years ago. "I can go a couple of months
                                                        without fish, or very little," admits Steve. "You just have to hope
                                                        they move in and when they do, it’s a lot of fish. You never know."
                                                           Dahl’s herring nets are set semi-permanently a few miles outside
                                                        the Knife River Harbor on the shore of this huge and temperamental
                                                        lake. He works alone, and he plays the waiting game: his nets catch
                                                        herring only at night, only when they’re feeding, only when they
                                                        happen by this part of the lake. "There is just no other way to fish
                                                        here," Steve says. "That’s only 300 feet and I have a hard time mak-
                                                        ing sure it stays there."
                                                          "The bulk of the year it’s local markets: restaurants, supermar-
                                                        kets, smoke houses." An hour out of the water, Dahl’s catch is in
                                                        the hands of Gordon Olson at Kendall’s Smokehouse. “We sell his
herring filleted, or scaled and headless, or smoked,” says Gordon Olson, master fish smoker. “ It’s an ancient process of
smoking that we do here. It’s nothing new, nothing very sophisticated about it. The fish are brined overnight in a salt solu-
tion, they’re placed in the ovens, and they’re smoked over open fires. And we use exclusively Maplewood. The electric
ovens don’t add the natural flavor that the wood does on the old-time ovens here.”
    Dahl’s catch is in the hands of Gordon Olson at Kendall’s Smokehouse. "We sell his herring filleted, or scaled and
headless, or smoked," says Gordon Olson, master fish smoker. " It’s an ancient process of smoking that we do here. It’s
nothing new, nothing very sophisticated about it. The fish are brined overnight in a salt solution, they’re placed in the
ovens, and they’re smoked over open fires. And we use exclusively maple wood. The electric ovens don’t add the natural
flavor that the wood does on the old-time ovens here."
    A local delicacy will keep its place in local kitchens and restaurants, thanks to a few fishermen like Steve Dahl. Be-
cause regardless of the odds, they like challenging the vastness of Lake Superior. They like putting food on people’s
tables. Read Knife Island over some smoked herring this weekend.
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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                  Summer Newsletter 2010

Join Slow Food For Insalada Verde- Saturday, August 14
  Slow Food Lake Superior’s next event, Insalada           with Karola will be the perfect opportunity to ask our
Verde, will take place at Northern Harvest Farm            questions and to see the answers.
on Saturday, August 14. After a tour led by farmer            Green salads are about more than lettuce. They can
Karola Dalen, participants will enjoy a lunch of sal-      include beans, broccoli, asparagus, kale, chard, collards,
ads prepared with farm-fresh vegetables. Rounding          beet greens, cabbages, peppers, tomatoes, cilantro, dill,
out the menu are locally baked breads, local cheese,       tarragon, oregano, marjoram, and parsley. Good salads
and homemade desserts.                                     combine veggies of all colors, such as the red of beets,
   This event is what Slow Food is all about! Taste,       tomatoes, and radishes, the orange of carrots and nas-
education, and knowledge of where food comes from          turtiums, and the yellow of tomatoes, beets, and beans.
are at the heart of Slow Food.                             Insalada Verde salads will combine the best, freshest
   Not so long ago, I was asked, “Do radishes grow         ingredients in multi-colored splendor, giving us op-
underground?” Perhaps you know just about all              portunities to taste veggies in ways we haven’t tasted
there is to know about growing vegetables. Maybe           them before. Even those of us who’ve been at this for a
you don’t. A lot of us are curious. We are shop-           while may find surprising new combinations of textures,
ping at farmers’ markets, joining CSAs, looking for        flavors, and colors.
local foods in our grocery stores. We may know the             Everyone is invited to join us in the field and at the
basics, but can’t imagine what it takes to get from        table. Celebrate the beauty and savor the flavor.
broccoli seeds to quantities of broccoli needed in
restaurants, stores, and markets. Walking the fields

Urban Ag Program
Launched in Duluth –
Seeds of Success
  Community Action Duluth has launched its new
urban farming program, Seeds of Success. Created in
partnership with Green Duluth, the Zeppa Foundation
and the City of Duluth, Seeds of Success provides em-
ployment opportunities to low-income youth through
urban agriculture. The program currently has eight
sites throughout the city of Duluth, ranging from an
old tennis court in Chester Bowl to a formerly blighted
lot in Lincoln Park. In addition to creating green jobs
and neighborhood green spaces, the program seeks to              Seeds of Success is staffed by two project coordi-
include low-income community members in the local             nators: Michael Latsch and Emily Kniskern. Latsch,
food system. Income-eligible volunteers earn shares of        the program's agricultural coordinator, has worked
the harvest, as well as the knowledge and tools to grow       at farms throughout the region, including Shubat's
their own vegetables and herbs at home. Portions of the       Fruits in Knife River, Northern Harvest in Wrenshall
harvest are also marketed to local restaurants including      and the Abazs family farm in Finland, MN. Kniskern
Zeitgeist Arts Cafe and Chester Creek Cafe. Along with        is in charge of coordinating volunteers and marketing
stories in the Duluth News Tribune, WDIO and North-           the surplus vegetables. For more information about
land News center, the project was recently spotlighted        the program and how to participate, please contact
by Stephanie Hemphill on Minnesota Public Radio's             Emily Kniskern at 906-250-3370 or by email at seed-
Morning Edition.                                              sofsuccess@communityactionduluth.org.

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                Summer Newsletter 2010

“Cafeteria” cont. from page 1                              Welcome LS-SFA Interns
are limited. A stable customer such as an institution      Kate Harrison and Tristan Hafner
might enable financing to build them. Changes in
                                                                                   Kate Harrison graduated from
food safety regulations must be made to make local
                                                                                   Forest Lake, MN in 2007 and
appropriate-sized food processing facilities feasible.
                                                                                   is currently an Environmental
   * Many institutions are happy to take small
                                                                                   Studies major at UMD; ap-
amounts for short periods, using them for snacks or
                                                                                   proaching her senior year. Be-
at a salad bar. It’s best to start small and build from
                                                                                   side her internship with Har-
                                                                                   vest Festival she works at the
   * There is extra time needed to order and prepare
                                                                                   Edge Water as a life guard, and
locally grown foods. Cafeteria budgets, staff time,
                                                                                   at the YMCA as a Kids Club
and prep and storage capacities are often quite limited.   attendant. Kate’s down time is spent long-boarding,
Brokerages and warehouses that could order, bunch,         snowboarding, playing pick-up games, beaching, ex-
prepare, and deliver food would be very helpful.           ercising, and organizing events with UMD’s Students
  Many helpful resources were provided, includ-            for Sustainability Coalition. Kate’s friend’s grand-
ing the Minnesota Toolkit for Food Service – www.          parents, Shirley and Ervin Peterson, were part of the
mn-farmtoschool.umn.edu <http:// www.mn-farm-              original local farmers who started Harvest Festival.
toschool.umn.edu/> , the Superior Grown listing of         Kate will be coordinating volunteer activities for the
local producers, www.lssfa.org <http://www.lssfa.          Harvest Festival. Please contact Kate at harri939@d.
org/> , Appendix A: Fact Sheets for Sales of Produce,      umn.edu if you would like to volunteer at this year’s
Meat, Poultry, and Eggs, and Operational Guidelines        Harvest Festival on September 11, 2010.
for Vendors at the Farmer’s Market, available from
the MN Department of Agriculture.                                                   Originally from South Min-
                                                                                    neapolis, Tristan Hafner has
“Farm Beginnings” cont. from page 3                                                 long been aquainted with the
fall of 2011 on farms throughout NE MN and NW                                       local and organic foods busi-
WI. Participants learn about value clarification, goal                              ness. Spending much of his
setting, Whole Farm Planning, business plan develop-                                childhood in the co-op where is
ment, financial management, enterprise budgeting,                                   mother worked, Tristan learned
marketing, Holistic Management, on-farm observa-                                    the importance of ethical and
tion, and sustainable farming methods. The Lake            sustainable agriculture at a very young age. As soon as
Superior Farm Beginnings program draws a diverse           he was old enough, Tristan got a job stocking grocer-
audience from a large geographic area: enterprises in      ies at the Linden Hills Co-op where he worked for
beef, dairy, vegetables, poultry, maple syrup, honey,      two years before leaving for college. Upon coming
hogs, organic grains, and cut flowers.                     to Duluth, Tristan initially studied graphic design at
   For more information or to register for LSFB,           UMD and worked part time at Whole Foods Co-op.
contact Cree Bradley, facilitator, at 218.834.0846         Although he still embraces creativity, Tristan now ma-
or email cree@lakesuperiorfarming.org to receive           jors in Environmental Studies with a strong interest in
an application packet. The cost of the program is          sustainable agriculture and local food systems. In his
$1000. Needs-based partial scholarships are available      spare time, Tristan enjoys hiking, camping, cooking,
through the Ken Peterson / Dan Webster Memorial            and creating electro, house and dubstep music. Tristan
Scholarship Fund. Space is limited, so register early.     will be helping with a number of LS-SFA’s organiza-
                                                           tional activities and functions.

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News                                                                      Summer Newsletter 2010

            2009 LSSFA
        BOARD OF DIRECTORS                  Become OR Renew Your Membership Today
         Loren Nelson, President
        Mahtowa MN • 218.389.6163
                                             and Consider a Tax-deductible Donation!

        Karola Dalen, Vice President             By becoming a member of the Lake Superior Sustainable Farming
        Wrenshall MN • 218.384.9779         Association (LSSFA) you will be supporting the work of the Association to
                                            create a more sustainable food and farming system for our region. You will
          Barb Adams, Treasurer
         Barnum MN • 218.389.6938             receive the Farm & Market News—a quarterly newsletter of LSSFA to
          barbaa55@hotmail.com               “keep you posted” about sustainable agriculture events and happenings in
            Kelly Smith, Secretary             our region. You will also receive the State of MN Sustainable Farming
          Esko MN • 218.879.3829
       kellythegreenman@yahoo.com                            Association Newsletter, The CornerPost.
               Cree Bradley
       Two Harbors MN • 218.834.0846                             One Year Membership - $30
                                            Already a member and want to further help build LSSFA’s capacity
             Suzanna Didier
         Foxboro WI • 715.399.0505          —consider giving a tax-deductible contribution of $250, $100, $50,
                                                          $25 to help LSSFA fulfill its mission.
                 Gene Dutkin
       Kettle River MN • 218.273.6217                 Gifts of any size are welcome and appreciated.

       John Fisher-Merritt, Vice-Pres.       NAME: _______________________________________________________
        Wrenshall MN • 218.384.3356
                                             FARM BUSINESS/ORGANIZATION (if applicable):

                 Joel Rosen
         Carlton MN • 218.389.3306           ADDRESS:_____________________________________________________


                Karola Dalen
        Wrenshall MN • 218.384.9779          PHONE:_______________________________________________________


          Nicole Wilde, Coordinator               Annual Membership ($30)            $      30
       PO Box 307, 310 Chestnut Ave
             Carlton, MN 55718
          Duluth MN • 218.393.3276                Tax Deductible Donation            $ _____________
                                                  Farm Beginnings Donation           $ _____________
             LSSFA MISSION
        The Lake Superior Sustainable             Total Support                      $ _____________
     Farming Association is a 501(c)3 non
     profit that supports the development
       and enhancement of sustainable                           Please send a check payable to
     farming systems through innovation,                Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association
        demonstration, education, and
         farmer-to-farmer networking.                 310 Chestnut Ave—PO Box 307 - Carlton, MN 55718

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LS-SFA Farm and Market News
  LS-SFA Newsletter                                                                         Summer Newsletter 2
                                                                                     Spring 2010 Volume 15, No. 2010

                 17th Annual Lake Superior
               Harvest Festival and Energy Fair
Farm to Cafeteria Networking                                collaborative work for Farm to Cafeteria in our
                                                            region. Registration deadline is April 26 - call Jane
and Planning Workshop
                                                            Grimsbo Jewett 218-845-2832.
April 29 - 2PM-7PM - Cloquet Forestry Center,
175 University Rd. Cloquet.          Join us in presenting the celebrated
                                                         Urban Ag Program in Duluth
                                                         Community Fair,
                                      Harvest Festival and EnergyAction Duluth is starting a Summer
Come and join others like yourself—farmers, food

parents, school board members, administrators, 11, 2010. Registration isto work with low-income people
service directors, schools, institutions, distributors,
                                                         Gardening Program
                                    now open and
teachers, wellness committees, rural and economic forms are available to people and communities learn
                                                         to grow food, to help
development specialists, Extension educators, online at www.theharvest-
                                                         about and start to practice sustainable agriculture

                                      festival.org                Farmers
Statewide Health Improvement Program (SHIP) This year thegardening, and to increase access to
                                                         affordable and healthy food. A plan will be
                                  Market will be open to the public from on urban vacant lots, teach
coordinators, non-governmental organizations, and
                                                         developed to grow food
grown foods to the Cafeterias of8AM-10AM, after which there will be a marketing plan for the food,
other community experts. Learn how to bring locally
                                                         gardening skills, create
                                   our schools,
universities and hospitals. This a $4 entrance fee for adults and neighborhood resident’s involvement.
                                                         and increase free for
                                  program aims to
inspire, inform, build support, & increase under 18. Early registration please contact Angie Miller at
                                                         For more information

                                          is due August 8, 2010. Email info@
                         theharvestfestival.org for Registration
       17th Annual Harvest Festival & Energy Fairmore details Coming Soon.
                         or to have 11, 2010 - via regular mail.
              Saturday, September a form sent Bayfront Park Grounds
                                We hope you will to us!
               www.theharvestfestival.org for upjoindate information.

  Lake Superior Sustainable Farming Association                                          ! Nonprofit Organization
  PO Box 307—310 Chestnut Avenue                                                              US POSTAGE
  Carlton, MN 55718-0307                                                                         PAID
  ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED                                                                   DULUTH, MN
                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 705

    The date on your mailing label
    indicates the expiration date of
    your membership. If there is no
       date, you have received a
   complementary copy and we ask
      you to consider joining our
     membership to help fulfill our

            See page 7 for
           See Insert for a
          membership and
           membership &
           donation form
           donation form.

     You can now renew your
      membership & make a
       donation ONLINE @

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