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									PHEPR Region 9 Training Events 2011

Date/Time                Location               Title        Information                                           Registration                               Target Audience
April 5, 2011        webinar               Crisis in         The American Medical Association will host a free     Registration:         Healthcare Professionals
 9:00 – 11:00                              Japan: Medical    Webinar to address the recent earthquake and
a.m.                                       and Public        tsunami in Japan and subsequent nuclear power
                                           Health            crises.The session will address the different types
                                           Implications of   of ionizing radiation and medical implications;
                                           a Radiation       diagnosis and treatment for acute radiation
                                           Emergency         syndrome; necessary steps to prepare for a
                                           (AMA)             radiation emergency; and public health roles in a
                                                             radiation emergency.

April 5, 2011   webinar                    Access and        Summary: FEMA Region X planning consideration         Invited By: JoAnn Oram
11:00 AM - 1:00                            Functional        for Access and Functional Needs in shelters.          (
PM                                         Needs                                                                   To join the meeting:
                                           Webinar #2                                                              359/

April 8, 2011         Spokane, WA            Laboratory      This course will review:                              Registration is through Dept of Health     Who Should Attend: The regulations state ―Each
                                            Packaging &                                                            Training Program forms are at              person who offers or transports a diagnostic
9 am-                                                        •       Regulations governing the transportation of
                                              Shipping                                                         specimen must be trained‖ (49 CFR 173.1 and
                                                             Division 6.2 materials including DOT, IATA and
                                               Course                                                              ning/train.htm                             173.199). This course is designed for laboratory
                                                             the US Postal Service.
                                                                                                                                                              testing personnel, supervisors, directors and
                                                                                                                   Contact Karie Brouillard if questions:
                                                             •      Proper classification procedures                                                          consultants of laboratories in physician offices and
                                                                                                                       small hospitals who are responsible for shipping
                                                             •      Proper packaging and labeling procedures
                                                                                                                                                              cultures and patient specimens.

April 18, 2011       Spokane, WA             Sentinel        The role of sentinel laboratories (any lab that       Registration is through Dept of Health     This advanced course is designed for clinical
                                            Laboratory       performs blood culture                                Training Program forms are at              laboratorians responsible for the identification of
                                             Training                                                          pathogens in diagnostic specimens. Advanced
                                                             •     Understanding the Role of the Laboratory
                                                                                                                   ning/train.htm                             knowledge of their morphological and biochemical
                                                             Response Network
                                                                                                                                                              characteristics could provide a greater level of
                                                             •      Chain of Custody procedures                                                               safety for laboratory personnel.
                                                                                                                   Contact Karie Brouillard if questions:
                                                             •      Washington State Department of Health
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Date/Time                Location              Title      Information                                            Registration                                Target Audience
                                                          Notification procedures                      
                                                          •      Biochemical and Clinical Information on
                                                          Tularemia, Anthrax, Smallpox, Brucellosis, and
                                                          •      Wet lab exercises in the identification of BT
                                                          •       Safety in the Lab: proper use of biosafety
                                                          cabinets, overview of lab acquired infections, basic
                                                          safety in the laboratory

April 26-27,         Tacoma, WA             Partners in   Experiencing Partnerships!                                           Partners in Emergency Preparedness annually
2011                                        Emergency                                                                                                        hosts nearly 700 people representing business,
                                                          The Partners in Emergency Preparedness                 Washington State University Conference
                                           Preparedness                                                                                                      schools, government, the nonprofit sector,
                                                          Conference is the largest and most successful          Management
                                            Conference                                                                                                       emergency management professionals, and
                                                          regional emergency preparedness conference in
                                                                                                                                                             volunteer organizations.
                                                          the Pacific Northwest.

April 28, 2011       Conducted at           Healthcare    Scenario will be an MCI and test our Regional          Contact Patti Richards                      Participating agencies/disciplines will include:
                     all Region 9            Coalition    Disaster Medical Hospital Control (DMHC) plans or 324-         Dispatch, Law Enforcement, Fire Services,
9:00 a.m.- 1
                     hospital               Functional    across Region 9.                                       1451                                        Emergency Medical Services, Health Care,
                     locations               Exercise                                                                                                        Emergency Management, and others.

May 10-11,           Fire Training           ICS 400      Advanced ICS                                           Please complete the attached application    The following courses must be completed for
2011                 Center,                                                                                     and fax, at 509-477-5759, or scan and       enrollment of ICS 400:
                     Spokane, WA                                                                                 email to Pete Hartmann. If you have any
7:30am-5:00pm                                                                                                                                                IS 700, IS 800, ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 300
                                                                                                                 questions, please feel free to contact me
                                                                                                                 at 509-477-7606.

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Date/Time                Location              Title        Information                                           Registration                                  Target Audience

May 12, 2011         The exercise            Rabbit’s       The exercise will consist of a region-wide            In order to ensure that adequate
                     will take place         Revenge        bioterrorism event designed to evoke a                arrangements are in place for participants,
                     at participating       Functional      cooperative response between the health district,     please RSVP by April 29, 2011 to Mark
                     healthcare              Exercise       healthcare facilities, EMS, and emergency             Anderson at 208-415-5189 or
                     facilities,                            managers. The exercise will test incident   
                     Emergency                              management, medical supply management, and
                     Operation                              medical surge capabilities.
                     Centers, and
                     the Panhandle
                     Health District’s
                     Hayden office.

May 11-12,           Wenatchee               Disaster       This conference is designed to help increase          Washington State Hospital Association         Who Should Attend
2011                 Convention             Readiness       awareness for physicians and other clinical staff     Registration not yet available                » Physicians
                     Center & Hotel,        Conference      who may be called upon to respond or assist in a
                     Wenatchee,                             response to a CBRNE or other event that creates                                                     » Nurses
                     WA                                     mass disruptions – how to prepare, implement                                                        » Hospital Staff
                                                            responses more effectively and safely, create new
                                                            partnerships, etc.                                                                                  » Planners
                                                                                                                                                                » EMS
                                                                                                                                                                » Risk Managers

May 17-18,           Fire Training          Washington      COURSE OBJECTIVES Develop and/or enhance              Contact: Peter Hartmann                       Emergency management public information of-
2011                 Center,                Emergency       basic skills in writing, public speaking, working                                                   ficers and public information officers in related
                                                                                                                  Phone: (509) 477-7606
                     Spokane, WA           Management       with the media, and handling interviews, inquiries,                                                 fields of Law Enforcement, Fire, Public Works,
                                           Division Basic   and news conferences Learn to clearly                 Fax: (509) 477-5759                           Public Health, Emergency Management and EMS.
                                            PIO Course      communicate life safety information to the public     Email:                                        This is a regional offering and will be limited to
                                                            Gain more confidence with the media Develop                    participants from Homeland Security Region 9. All
                                                            working relationships with the media, co-workers,                                                   others applicants will be considered on a space
                                                            and superiors concerning public information                                                         available basis only.
                                                            activities Develop and conduct awareness

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Date/Time                Location               Title        Information                                             Registration                                 Target Audience

June 6, 2011         Mirabeau Park         Alternate Care    Defining Alternate Care Facilities ACF in the           Sponsored by Region 9 Healthcare             Emergency planners, Healthcare administrators,
                     Hotel &                  Facilities     healthcare planning process. Establishing               Coalition                                    Public health agencies, Long-term care facilities,
Time 8:30 a.m.
                     Convention               Planning       stakeholders’ buy-in for ACFs. What to look for                                                      Social service agencies, Health and human
to 4:30 p.m.                                                                                                         Registration:
                     Center,                 Workshop        when selecting ACF sites. Developing ACF plans                                                       service agencies, Social workers, medical staff,
                     Spokane,                                – standards and guidelines. Considerations for                                                       Non-profit, NGO and faith-based partners
                     Washington                              managing an ACF. Legal and ethical issues               Contact Tiffany Reed 509.324.1405 or
                                                             related to ACFs. Best practices for alternative care if you have
                                                             facilities. Resource management for ACFs                questions.
June 13-14,          Spokane, WA           Mass Fatality     Specific plans for the management of mass               Sponsored by Washington State                local public health; local emergency
2011                                       Incident          fatalities are critically deficient in most community   Department of Health & National Mass
                                           Response          disaster response plans. The Institute’s                Fatalities Institute
                                           Planning          programming addresses the essential elements of
                                                             planning for response to a mass fatalities event. It    Registration not yet available
                                                             is designed to assist planning-level officials from
                                                             various governmental jurisdictions, public service,
                                                             private sector business, and voluntary
                                                             organizations to understand the concepts of a multi
                                                             -faceted, integrated response plan. These plans
                                                             must promote multi-disciplinary, multi-agency and
                                                             multi-jurisdictional response efforts that are
                                                             thoroughly integrated at all levels of government.
June 27-29,          FTC, Spokane,         ICS All Hazards   This course is designed to provide local and state-     Prerequisites: ICS 100, 200, 300, 700,
2011                 WA                       Finance/       level emergency responders with a robust                800. ICS 400 is recommended
                                                             understanding of the duties, responsibilities, and
                                           Administration                                                            Interested parties should submit a FEMA
                                                             capabilities of an effective Finance / Administration
                                           Section Chief                                                             Form 119-25-1: General Admission
                                                             Section Chief (FSC) on an All-Hazards Incident          Application routed through the appropriate
                                                             Management Team (AHIMT). These
                                                                                                                     County and State Emergency
                                                             responsibilities fall into two categories: FSC duties   Management Program, to WA EMD office
                                                             (1) managing the Finance / Administration Section       no later than May 26, 2011. This
                                                             personnel and (2) managing the finances and             application can be found at
                                                             administrative responsibilities during an incident.
                                                             Exercises, simulations, discussions, and a final        omeland_security.shtml Fax completed
                                                             exam enable students to process and apply their         applications to 253-512-7206
                                                             new knowledge.

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Date/Time                Location               Title        Information                                             Registration                              Target Audience
                                                                                                                     Please contact James Yates for more

July 28, 2011        FTC in                    ESF #8        ESF #8- Health, Medical, and Mortuary Services          TBD                                       All response agencies in Region 9 interested in
                     Spokane                  Overview                                                                                                         learning more about ESF #8 role in an emergency

July 2011            Eastern                 DSNS Mass       Under Development – 2 day course. Objective: To         Provided by CDC. Registration not
                     Washington,              Antibiotic     provide Point of Dispensing (POD) managers,             available yet
                     TBD                     Dispensing      local and state planners, and POD staff members
                                            (MAD) – Pod      the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to
                                            Management       dispense SNS medical countermeasures.

July, 2011           Eastern                 DSNS Public     Under Development – 1 day course. Objective:            Provided by CDC. Registration not
                     Washington            Information and   This workshop is a collection of presentations,         available yet
                                           Communication     group exercises, discussions, and supporting
                                                             materials that will be used to provide technical
                                                             assistance to health communicators who may be
                                                             involved in a mass antibiotic dispensing operation.
                                                             This course will introduce state and local
                                                             communicators to the DSNS and help them better
                                                             understand their roles and responsibilities in the
                                                             event of SNS deployment.

July, 2011           Eastern               DSNS Mobile       Under Development – 2 day course                        Provided by CDC. Registrations not open
                     Washington            Preparedness      Objectives: Provide state, local and tribal officials   yet.
                                           Course (MPC)      with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to
                                                             receive, distribute and dispense Strategic national
                                                             Stockpile (SNS) assets.

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Public Health Training

   Date/Time             Location               Title                          Information                                      Registration                                   Target Audience

April 7, 2011        Webcast                  Is anyone      Never has effective communication been more         All public health employees
                                             Listening –     important for public health. Tim Church, Director
Noon – 1:30 pm
                                            Public Health    of Communications for the Department of Health,
                                           Communication     along with other local public health                 Cost – Free for members
                                                             communications experts, discuss current              $20 for non-members
                                                             communications tools, trends, and challenges, and
                                                             how we all can be more effective at telling our
                                                             public health stories.

April 17-22          Center for            Environmental     Environmental Health Training in Emergency           This training is offered at no cost to      The target audience for the Environmental Health
8 Available          Domestic              Health Training   Response is a 32-hour introductory training course   state/local emergency responders to         Training in Emergency Response course includes
seats                Preparedness          in Emergency      that focuses on key environmental health topics      include roundtrip transportation, meals and environmental health specialists and sanitarians
                     in Anniston, AL       Response          and how they relate to the issues and challenges     lodging.                                    who are seeking to gain a broader understanding
June 19-24                                 (EHTER)           faced during an emergency response. The intent of
30 Available                                                                                                      For more information on how to register for of the role of environmental health in emergency
                                           course            this course is to address the need for increased                                                 response. Candidates include federal, state, local,
seats                                                                                                             this important training, please visit
                                                             emergency preparedness and response education                                                    and tribal environmental health professionals
                                                             and training among environmental health
                                                             practitioners. This course discusses leading
                                                             environmental health topics including disaster
                                                             management, responder safety, building
                                                             assessment, potable water, wastewater
                                                             management, solid waste and hazardous
                                                             materials, food safety, vector control and pest
                                                             management, shelters, and radiation and
                                                             environmental health response. The course
                                                             concludes with a tabletop re-entry and re-
                                                             occupancy exercise to illustrate the relevance of
                                                             these topics during a disaster.

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   Date/Time             Location              Title                          Information                                     Registration                 Target Audience
                                                                                                                 Click here to register. (
April 21, 2011       webinar               Teens,           University at Albany School of Public Health
9:00-10:00 a.m.                            Tweens,          presents: Research has revealed several issues
                                           Parents and      that color attitudes about adolescent
                                           Vaccines:        immunization. These include professional buy- in
                                                                                                                 =1189605 )
                                           Applying         issues, adolescent buy-in issues and delivery
                                           Research to      factors related to vaccines.
                                           Enhance          Immunization rates fall off dramatically during
                                           Professional/F   adolescence (ages 11-19). Improving these rates
                                           amily Dialogue
                                                            requires addressing these intertwined issues as
                                                            well as advocacy on the part of all health

April 21, 2011       webinar               CDC presents:    The convergence of people, animals, and our
                                           Measures to      environment has created a new dynamic in which       ue/join
11:00 a.m. –
                                           Prevent          the health of each group is inextricably             Meeting ID: 042111
12:00 p.m.
                                           Disease          interconnected. Disease outbreaks associated         Password: CDC
                                           Associated       with animals in public settings have been
                                           with Animals     increasingly reported in recent years. Our
                                           in Public        increasing interdependence with animals and their
                                           Settings         products may well be the single most critical risk
                                                            factor to our health and well-being with regard to
                                                            infectious diseases. Discuss the importance of
                                                            public health reporting of clusters of illness
                                                            associated with animals in public settings and
                                                            review CDC and NASPHV (National Association
                                                            of State Public Health Veterinarians)
                                                            recommendations to minimize associated disease
                                                            and injury risks related to animals contact.

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   Date/Time             Location               Title                          Information                                        Registration                                 Target Audience
                                                                                                                                                              If you visit homes to provide health or inspection
May 9-10,            Building              Essentials for   The training will help you understand the              This course is sponsored in part by the
                                                                                                                                                              services of any type, you will benefit from the
2011, 8:00 a.m.      Performance           Healthy Homes    connection between health and housing and how          Northwest Center for Public Health
                                                                                                                                                              Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners
- 5:00 p.m.          Center                Practitioners    to take a holistic approach to identify and resolve    Practice. Cost for participants is $200.
                                                                                                                   Click here for more information,
                     Bellingham,           Course           problems, which threaten the health and wellbeing      registration form & directions.
                     Washington                             of residents. Everyone from a public health nurse                                                   Environmental Health Professionals
                                                            visiting a client to an environmental health                                                      • Housing Inspectors
                                                                                                                                                              • Public Health Nurses
                                                            professional doing a rodent inspection will gain                                                  • Energy Auditors
                                                            insight into how housing and health are related and                                               • Licensed Home Inspectors
                                                            actions they can take to improve the health of their                                              • Lead Risk Assessors
                                                            clients. This two-day course brings together                                                      • Health and Housing Advocates
                                                            professionals with a variety of perspectives and                                                  • Property Managers
                                                                                                                                                              • Pest Control Operators
                                                            experiences in a series of exercises — keeping the                                                • Lead Poisoning Case Managers
                                                            training lively and engaging. The training                                                        • Community-Based Organization
                                                            complements hazard-specific training in lead-                                                     • Weatherization Specialists
                                                            based paint, radon, mold, pests, and asbestos. It
                                                            identifies root causes of health problems in a home
                                                            and links them to seven principles of healthy
                                                            housing: keep it dry; keep it clean; keep it pest-
                                                            free; keep it ventilated; keep it safe, avoid
                                                            contaminants; and maintain the house.
August 8-12,         University of         Summer           You’ll hear from leading experts on cross-cutting
2011                 Washington            Institute for    issues and receive practical, case-based training.
                                           Public Health    The summer institute for Public Health Practice is
                                           Practice         presented by the Northwest Center for Public
                                                            Health Practice, University of Washington School
                                                            of Public Health.
                                                            Building Community Together-Creating
October 16-18,       Vancouver, WA         18th Annual                                                   
                                                            Opportunities for Better Health.
2011                                       Joint
                                           Conference on

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   Date/Time               Location              Title                            Information                                      Registration                                    Target Audience
                                           Health             More info to come

On-demand            Online                Inclusive Just-    Inclusive Just-In-Time Training (JITT) is an online   The Northwest Center for Public Health         Public health leaders involved in emergency
                                           In-Time            module for public health leaders that describes the   Practice modules are accessed through a        response.
                                           Training           framework, methods, and environment of Inclusive      secure learning environment called PH
                                                              JITT. A case study follows Susan, a long-time         LearnLink, which allows you to keep track
                                                              public health nurse administrator, who receives       of your learning experiences as you take
                                                              Just-In-Time Training for a mass vaccination          our modules.You may find the help pages
                                                              response to a disease outbreak. This case study       useful when getting started in PH
                                                              illustrates the three principles of Inclusive JITT—   LearnLink.
                                                              learning dimensions, learning styles, and cultural
                                                              context—and describes how local health
                                                              departments can adopt and use the model to
                                                              better train their response staff.

Other Resources

                   Title                                                                         Information                                                                           Location

Toolkits for Emergency Preparation             Toolkits on Healthcare Coalition Development, Isolation and Quarantine, Vulnerable Populations, Workforce 
                                               Activation, and Risk Communication. Free.

Hospital Preparedness Exercises                These resources can help hospital preparedness exercise coordinators plan for, design and develop, conduct,
Resources – AHRQ (Dec 2010)                    evaluate, and improve hospital preparedness exercises.

Decision Making Staff Allocation               This tool guides through decision-making processes to allocate staff both in advance of, and during, a public
Guide                                          health emergency. 1) Disease investigation due to a naturally occurring disease, food-borne outbreak, or
                                               bioterrorist event; 2) Mass prophylaxis. While the tool applies to any incident calling for both disease
                                               investigation and prophylaxis operations, it is aimed at larger scale emergency operations requiring rapid
                                               decision-making to obtain and allocate surge staff resources—decisions that may have to be justified to and
                                               approved by authorities within, or outside of, the LHD.

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