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Amoiropoulos, K             In between the Devil and the deep blue sea’:
                            in search for the role of Drama in Education within
                            the contemporary social context. (1998)

Arbelaez, Monica            The use of ‘mantle of the expert’ as a method of
                            teaching children in the early years of schooling.

Argyraki, Emilia            Roots: in search of fundamental similarities
                            between ancient Greek drama and drama in
                            Education: an attempt to build an argument
                            for Drama in Education in Greek schools by
                            recognizing it as a return of ancient
                            Greek theatre in a new form. (1996)

Armstrong-Mills, Claire     A teacher’s guide to rolling role [Facile est inventis
                            addere] (1993)

Barcham, Judith             A critical historical examination of the theory and
                            practice of documentary drama used by Peter
                            Cheeseman in order to develop a model for use in
                            schools in a Drama in Education context. (2001)

Bilbrough, Nick             The bath water – not the baby. Initial experiences
                            with the teacher-in-role technique in the teaching
                            of English as a foreign language to adults. (2002)

Bird, Julie                 Tension and frame-distancing: an exploration of
                            the nature, role and introduction of tension in
                            frames distanced from the main event. (1996)

Bissell, Dawn Elizabeth     Drama teacher as would-be mentor: an
                            examination of the skills and knowledge required
                            by the Drama teacher before considering
                            becoming a mentor for trainee Drama teachers.

Bizley, Stephen             What forms of assessment, if any are suitable for
                            drama? (1991)
                                                         Drama in Education 2

Branscombe, Margaret      Where the long tunnel is: a case study on how
                          drama can help young children face death as an
                          inevitable part of life. (2000)

Cabral, Beatriz           Character and audience in drama, an account of
                          the possible contributions of David Best’s theory to
                          drama teaching in Brazil. (1991)

Carnezi, Haris            Enabling emotional involvement in classroom
                          drama. (1995)

Cemm, Lorraine A.F        Barriers and bridges. (1993)

Coyle, Shirley            Celebration - revelation, exploration of approaches
                          used by educational theatre to address
                          multicultural and racist issues. (1993)

Dickenson, Sarah-Jane     The relationship between language and gender,
                          how drama can enable learning in a non-
                          threatening environment. (1992)

Dickinson, Terenia        She made us tell, an investigation into the key
                          resources available to guide teacher intervention
                          in order to aid belief in drama. (1993)

Elini, Elini              Drama as a tool for teaching young children in the
                          early stages of literacy development. (2003)

Gallagher, Tessa          An examination of the Theatre-in-Education (TIE)
                          by a comparative study of three companies....

Giannopoulou, Kallirroi   Making the familiar strange, an investigation into
                          the effectiveness of "papalangi" as a model for
                          using drama to make children aware of inhuman
                          acts in modern society. (1995)

Giatsoglou, Hrisopigi     Making the complex simple: introducing Drama in
                          Education in Greece: an exploration of how a
                          complex arts education process could be made
                          available to inexperienced teachers. (1997)

Gladstone-Duke, Carol     Drama as a fundamental component for personal
                          and social development. (1993)
                                                 Drama in Education 3

Glen, Carla J.      A network of signs (an exploration of the part
                    semiotics has to play in the making of meaning:
                    comparing theatre signing and creative drama
                    signing using examples from the work of
                    Kaleidoscope’s Story Theatre Co. and
                    Dorothy Heathcote’s drama teaching practice with
                    a view of cross-fertilization between the two art
                    forms) (1995)

Gruic, Iva          An inside view of the dramatic world: a study of
                    participants’ positions within the TIE programme
                    based on integral participation. (2001)

Gutkowska, Sylwia   What remains unsaid: applying discourse analysis
                    to examine subtext in drama as observed in a sixth
                    form college (1995)

Harris, Jose        Stanislavsky and Cecily O’ Neill, a comparative
                    study: ‘an invisible thread?’ (1998)

Harris, Velda       Silencing the shrieking sirens, an investigation into
                    the effectiveness of drama as a means of
                    challenging the stereotypic attitudes of primary
                    age children (1992)

Hendry, Peter       Thought in D.I.E. explored through Way’s exercise
                    and the Vipassana breath. (1991)

Higgins, Rebecca    The meaning and the show: an exploration of the
                    role of ritual in contemporary drama in education.

Ho, Clara Ka Yin    History alive – an action research on using drama
                    strategies in history teaching and learning in Hong
                    Kong. (2002)
Hudson, Ronald W.   Introducing Shakespeare into the primary school.

Ioannou, Maria      In search of the lost bodies in Drama in Education:
                    an exploration of the use and value of the body’s
                    creative movement and dance in drama in
                    education in interpreting text. (1998)
                                                Drama in Education 4

James, Hugh        "How different... yet how the same": Theatre in
                   Education, drama and intercultural performance:
                   an examination of the effects of introducing
                   elements of non-Western performance into
                   Theatre in Education and drama practice. (1997)

Johnson, Dennis    Sequence and roots, searching for a model for
                   drama-in education curriculum planning. (1994)

Kim, Ju Yeoun      Drama in Education as a way of humanizing and
                   resolving the imbalance of cultural dialogue: an
                   argument for the double structure between
                   an injected art form (theatre) and play. (2000)

Kanira, Eleni      A mythic journey, the contribution of D.
                   Heathcote’s ‘mythic journey’ to the development of
                   teaching a Greek myth using drama in the early
                   years curriculum in order to develop self-
                   awareness. (1995)

Kato, Akiko        ‘Mantle of the expert’ and children with special
                   needs, an exploration of the possibilities of using
                   this type of drama in special units in Japanese
                   junior high schools. (1993)

Kennedy, Claudia   Dancing on a shifting carpet: preparing young
                   people for the future through Drama. (2000)

Kurdi, Wasim       Kaleidoscopic: drama for dialogic dialogue: using
                   drama with yourh as a context to create dialogic
                   and polyphonic speech genres. (2001)

Lazou, Efrossini   First steps (Introducing Theatre in Education in
                   Greek schools using full luggage carried from
                   Britain) (2002)

Leedham, Sarah     A beginners guide to using drama in special needs
                   education at key stages one and two. (1999)

Liatsou, Maria     “Two rooms with a view”: a comparison of
                   Stanislavski’s method of creating a character with
                   Dorothy Heathcote’s method of gaining an
                   expertise in the “mantle of the expert” approach.
                                                         Drama in Education 5

Lowe, Verity               A study of how apparent empowerment in drama
                           can modify disruptive behaviour in the primary
                           classroom (1996)

Lucking, Michael           Drama, a holding form for thought. (1993)

Lytton, Sarah              Drama beyond the crossroads? A small-scale
                           survey of Drama in five West Midland schools.

McClelland, Jean           The process, the product and the public voice.

McCormack, John            Drama as response, an investigation into
                           Reception Theory and its application in the
                           planning of teaching through drama. (1991)

McCusker, Carole           Drama and Ofsted: an insight into the inspection
                           process and suggestions on how to prepare
                           adequately for it. (1999)

Maitland, Christopher B.   "Good at drama?" In search of a means of
                           formative assessment in drama. (1996)

Marcher, Michael           Enabling spontaneity, an exploration of the range
                           of formal components of the art form of drama that
                           seems to enable spontaneity in experiential
                           drama. (1994)

Mattis, Cecele             A shift into the world of the play through narrative.

Mintsi, Elena              When the drama is not about show: an exploration
                           of the variety of questions and statements when
                           the teacher is in role. (2002)

Muir, Alistair             Bertolt Brecht and Dorothy Heathcote – a
                           comparative study, how knowledge and the means
                           for change are held through theatre form in the
                           work of Bertolt Brecht and Dorothy Heathcote.

Nowaczyk, Mark Edmund      Planning for spontaneity, necessary
                           components in a drama teacher education course
                           which would enable a teacher to plan for
                           spontaneity. (1994)
                                                       Drama in Education 6

Nash, Sheila              Kids and the Bard. (1993)

O’Keefe, Fabian William   A drama in education approach to the
                          adjudication of the school play and students drama
                          festival. (1994)

O’Sullivan, HMC           "United we stand, divided we fall", an
                          examination of the generic debate and its
                          relevance to drama in education, as
                          part of the arts in education. (1994)

Papadaki, Maria           An argument for Drama in Education as a most
                          useful means of contributing to the scaffolding
                          process (1998)

Papastathi, C-C           The mantle of the expert as a method of
                          teaching reading in Grade A of the Greek primary
                          education. (2001)

Reeves, Alison            The use of bilingualism in the work of "Language
                          alive". (1992)

Reilly, Eamonn John       The dramatic method revisited: the use of drama
                          in education to engage children in the curriculum,
                          to teach them about dramatic structure and to
                          sometimes build and perform a play for an
                          audience. (1996)

Rice, William             The teaching of controversial issues: drama in
                          education. (2000)

Rouse, Wendy              Teacher talk and teacher questions in a drama
                          context, an examination of the practice of Dorothy
                          Heathcote. (1992)

Sabet, Rosemary           Dramatic art: towards and beyond a fusion of
                          Process Drama and Product Drama. (2001)

Shillingford, Lyn         An explanation of the self-spectator construct: its
                          function in drama in education as practised by
                          Dorothy Heathcote. (1994)

Stamatopoulou, Ioanna     Story drama in the nursery: in search of a guide
                          for teachers wanting to use drama and story in the
                          Greek early years curriculum. (1998)
                                                        Drama in Education 7

Szauder, Erik Gyorgy       Drama as pedagogy: an alternative argument for
                           developing a curriculum based on drama. (1996)

Thomsen, Signe Rordam      My finger is my thought: an investigation for
                           physicality in drama. (1996)

Tribe, Sarah               How can dialogue be made possible in drama-in-
                           education? An explanation of the importance of
                           dialogism in drama-in education, with an
                           illumination of it, through an analysis of the
                           practice of Dorothy Heathcote. (1993)

Tsagkarliotou, Eleni       Theatre in school: an exploration of how theatre
                           can be educational, meaningful and approachable
                           to students. (2001)

Tsitlakidou, Alexandra     Approaching myths and legends through Drama.

Valtadorou, Amalia         Teaching Drama through Drama: A comparative
                           study of stage design in the theatre of Konstantin
                           Stanislavsky and Bertolt Brecht and its contribution
                           to the communication of meaning and an attempt
                           to formulate a teaching method in order to teach
                           the key principles of scenic design in the
                           theatre of Stanislavsky and Brecht to 16 year olds
                           through drama. (2000)

Varley, Bogumila           An examination of how Dorothy Heathcote’s use of
                           drama, as seen in the Mary Morgan Project, can
                           enhance the National Curriculum at Key Stage 2 in
                           the primary school.... (1992)

Vasiliki, Ioakeimidou      On the object of Drama. (2000)

Vassilopoulou, Christine    ‘The four corners of the Universe’: a new drama
                           resource pack aiming to teach about Native
                           Americans by raising racism awareness. (1998)

Williams, Guy              The zone of proximal development, the
                           relationship between learning and development
                           and its implications for assessment. (1992)
                                                    Drama in Education 8

Warshaw, Lisa           The Nightmare of the Third Wave at Cubberly High
                        School: how could the German people claim
                        ignorance of the final solution? An investigation
                        into why a drama teaching experiment produced
                        unintended outcomes which affected students
                        negatively, and how the use of Drama in
                        Education methods and approaches could have
                        promoted students’ thinking about the difficult
                        issues raised by the initial question. (1996)

Woodey, Lynne           Considerations for the drama teacher of children
                        with learning difficulties. (1992)

Wrigley, J              Significance in the classroom. (1995)

Zannetou-Papacosta, M   The teacher-in-role strategy – types and uses
                                                   Drama in Education 9


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Cabral B.               Towards a reader-oriented assessment in drama
                        in education. (1994)
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Zannetou-Papacosta M.   Dorothy Heathcote’s use of drama for education:
                        in search of a system. (2002)
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