INTC Language Revitalization Committee by malj


									INTC Language Revitalization Committee
Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2008
Next meeting: April 28th, 10am, Kelly Haney Center, Seminole State College,
               Seminole, OK

I.     Call to order

II.    Prayer
Stan Smith

III.      Present
  Cherokee          Chickasaw       Choctaw      Muscogee (Creek)       Seminole
   Nation             Nation         Nation           Nation             Nation
Dr. Gloria Sly   JoAnn Ellis      Richard        Norma Marshall      Janet Johnson
                 Vicki Renner     Adams          Mary Frye           Jane Northcott
                 Terry Haney                     Koko Lowe           Ahse Deere
                 Stan Smith                                          Jennie Ross

IV.    Welcome/Introductions Richard Adams
Choctaw Nation: Richard Adams

Chickasaw Nation: Terry Haney

Creek Nation: Norma Marshall

Seminole Nation: Janet Johnson

Cherokee Nation: Dr. Gloria Sly

V.      Minutes
Old minutes reviewed and approved
       Elect New officers
          o New officers were elected and are as follows:
                  Chairman, Norma Marshall
                  Vice-Chairman, Richard Adams
                  Treasurer, JoAnn Ellis
                  Secretary, Janet Johnson

VI.       Old Business
         Seminole Nation involvement
            o The Seminole Nation is now becoming involved with the INTC
               Language Revitalization Committee. Contact person is Janet Johnson
         Language Legislative Summit
            o Registration
                   Native Language Legislative Summit registration is Koko Lowe
                     and Mary Frye. They need assistance for the 200+ attendees
                     that will be registering at the booth. Jennie “Scottie” Ross
                     volunteered and will be assisting with registration.
o   Scholarships
         After discussions, are on hold. It will be on the agenda for the
            February 11th conference call, pending information from Casey
         Further information will be needed from Dr. Jerry Bread on
            participants receiving college credit for 1 hour for attending the
o   English-Only legislation
         Wording for the attachment for the English only legislation was
            discussed. The following are the items that we want included in
            the draft attachment to be drawn up by Casey
                 Oklahoma recognizes those federally recognized tribes
                    (list them) located in the state of Oklahoma before
                    Oklahoma statehood and are federally recognized by the
                    US of America. Be it known by this document these
                    languages are the original, official language of the state
                    of Oklahoma and whereas nothing in the state laws will
                    preclude these tribal nations from publishing any state
                    documents in these native languages…
                         o We also want to include in this language:
                                37 Federally recognized tribes
                                Sovereign nations
                                Our tribes have been here continuously
                                   well before statehood
                                The tribes will incur the costs of any
                                   printing of documents in their native
                                   language in their respective jurisdictions
o   There are concerns over tribal employees attending the 2nd day of the
    legislative summit
         Tribal employees will need to get permission from their Chief or
            go as a concerned tribal citizen
o   Summit logistics - Day one
         Food and drink approved for light breakfast during registration;
            muffins, drinks
         MC hasn’t been confirmed
         Color Guard
                 Muscogee Nation has been asked. The rest of us will
                    need to ask our respective color guards
         Keynote speaker Ryan Wilson has been confirmed
         Morning break-no food and drink because of time limits
         Luncheon menu was approved for the sandwich buffet
         Tribal leaders will have time to briefly remark on language
         JT Petherick is confirmed
         We will need to get advocacy materials
         Food and drink for the afternoon break was approved for
            cookies and drinks
         Moderators for the breakout session are as follows:
                 Track 1-Blu Clark
                 Track 2-Richard Grounds
                 Track 3-Choctaw Nation
                 Track 4-Needs of Small Tribes – Dr. Jerry Bread
                 Track 5-Student Track -Quentin Roman Nose
                            Track 6-Program Development:Where to Start – Jacob
                             Bailey (Saux & Fox) (no moderator specified)
          o   Summit logistics – Day two
                  All Five Tribes will be represented. We will have meeting
                     instruction and how to find representatives.
                  A full breakfast was approved to allow more time to approach
                  Reconvene @ OCU
          o   Agenda will be out by end of the week
          o   Videos will need to be film within the next week. Contact them ASAP if
              you haven’t already done so.
          o   Parking at OCU will be determined

VII.     New Business
Symposium will be at Northeastern State University, Tahlequah, April 16-19, 2008
and will have a Language workshop. Contact is Phyllis Fife

VIII.     Next Meeting Date
February 11th-Conference call. Time TBD.
April 28th-Quarterly meeting hosted by the Seminole Nation. 10am, Kelly Haney
Center, Seminole State College, Seminole, OK

IX.     Adjourn
Terry Haney made a motion to adjourn; second made by Koko Lowe. Richard Adams
adjourned with prayer.

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