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					Truex Machine Co., Inc. - Facilities List
EDM                                                  Laser Engraving
• Fanuc Robocut Wire EDM                             • Rofin-Sinar (EasyMark) Laser Machine
• Sodick AQ300L Wire EDM Machines
• Sodick AQ325L                                      Laser Welding
                                                     • BD 65 Laser Welding system
• Hardinge CNC precision chucker and bar             Cutting
Machine, with Fanuc O.T. control                     • Spartan by Marvel automatic band saw
• Ganesh Cyclone 32 GTS 900T control with            • Scotchman cold saw
and Spego Bar Feed
• Ikegai CNC chucker with Fanuc 10T control
• Galaxy CNC Lathe 20HP Fanuc O.T. control           Honing
• Hardinge super precision chucking machine          • Sunnen power stroke honing machine
with Trav-A-Dial
• Schauer Speed Lathe                                Finishing
• Harding Speed Lathe                                • Glass Bead blasting
                                                     • Vibratory tumblers
Milling                                              • Electropolishing and Passivation
• Comet CNC Machine with Mitsubishi Controls         • Anodize, Hardcoat Anodize & Plating
• Hurco VM1 & VM2 CNC Machining center
• Okuma Cadet – Mate Milling Center with             Grinding
Okuma DSP700m control                                • Supertec surface grinder
• Bridgport Milling machines with Mitutoyo digital   • Harig 6-12 surface grinder
readouts                                             • Harig cylindrical grinding attachment
• HAAS programmable index heads                      • Darex end-mill and drill grinders

Drilling                                             Programming
• Manual press capacity for drilling and tapping     • MasterCam X3 Software
up to ½”

                                                     Heat Treating
Inspection                                           • Blue M Heat Treat Oven with
• Scherr Tumico Comparator with Quadra Chek          • Honeywell Controls
• Mitutoyo PJ311 optical comparator with
• Quadra Chek 200                                    Welding
• 10x30x fiber optics microscope                     • Miller MaxStar 152
• 10x-50x fiber optics microscope                    • Welding (certified)
• Brown & Sharp Reflex Coordinate Measuring          • Lincoln Electric pro core 125
• Tesa Height Gage
• Mitutoyo height master
• 18” Mitutoyo height gauge
• 12” Mitutoyo height gauge
• Granite Plate
• Van Kuran gauge blocks
• Mitutoyo gauge blocks
• Doall gauge blocks
• Complete selection of ring and plug thread
• Micrometers up to 12”
• Vermont gauge pins
• Deltronic gauge pins
• Complete line of basic measuring equipment
for shop use including Micrometers and Calipers

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