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					                                                                               Curriculum Vitae
                                                                               Mustafa Ahmad

                               CURRICULUM VITAE (CV)

Name                  :      MUSTAFA AHMAD

Profession            :      CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT

Position              :      FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT SPECILIST

Date of Birth         :      04 SEPTEMBER 1945

Nationality           :      PAKISTANI

Address               :      137/2 Kheyabane-Ghazi Ph-VI, DHA, Karachi (Pakistan)

Phone                 : 92-21-35347362: Cell:0300-9231286 Email:

Membership of Professional Body : FCA member of Institute of Chartered Accountants
Key Qualifications : Having over 40 years work experience in the field of audit, accounts,
taxation and financial management in Pakistan, Tanzania, Dubai, Libya, Lao PDR, RGC
Cambodia. Held many key positions in various organizations, managing the overall finance,
accounts, audit, and corporate tax functions. Have also worked as a consultant on World Bank
and Asian Development Bank assignments which mostly covered area of public finance
management. Details are given as under:

Position & Organization    Work Done                                              Period

International Internal     Working as Internal Audit Adviser on a World Bank- July-10 to
Audit Advisor, Ministry    TA with Royal Government of Cambodia for capacity
of Education, Youth &      development of auditors and preparing, audit plan, date
Sports, Cambodia           supervising audit and report for various
                           projects/program funded by Donor Agencies

Team Leader, PFMC,         Completed assignment of Medium term Budgetary- Sept.09 to
MTBF project in Sindh      Framework (MTBF) in 4 pilot departments, July-10
                           Education, Irrigation, Agriculture and Livestock &
                           Fisheries. Supervised a team of 6 persons, conducted
                           training workshop for preparation of 3 years budgets
                           on output and input basis for performance evaluation.

Public Financial           Preparation of Standard Financial Management March,09
Management Specialist      Manual for externally funded projects including
Ministry of Finance        procedures on FM, Budgeting, Accounting and To Sept,
Vientiane, Lao PDR         Reporting. Also prepared RFP (ToR) for training. 09

Adviser                    Supervision of the financial analysis & corporate Jan.‘08 to-
                           governance evaluation for entity ratings. Member of Jan.09
JCR-VIS Credit Rating      Credit Rating Committee for allotting credit ratings to
Company Ltd.               the financial institutions, corporate entities, debt
                           instrument rating and corporate governance ranking.
                                                                                Curriculum Vitae
                                                                                Mustafa Ahmad

                            Worked under ADB- TA for Capacity Development
Financial Management                                                               Nov.-06 to
                            of Auditor Generals Office. Financial management, December
                            fund flow, budget, accounts, audit and performance 07
 Asian Development
                            review     of     Earthquake      rehabilitation   and
                            reconstruction projects. Reviewing work and
                            procurement plans, disbursements, arranging
                            withdrawal applications & releases from donors.
                            Arranging training workshops on project accounting,
                            internal controls & fiduciary risk management.
                            ADB committed over $500 million for infrastructure
                            development in the earthquake project-emergency
                            assistance to Pakistan. Responsible to see that proper
                            accounting procedures & controls are followed to
                            ensure that the funds are withdrawn and spent as per
                            eligible expenditure as per loan/grant agreements.
Finance & Procurement       Prepared (i) Financial Management and (ii) July‘06 to
Expert                      Procurement Manual for Pakistan Agricultural October
                            Research Corporation (PARCO) on ADB funded ‗06
                            project. The manuals included detailed accounting
                            and procurement procedures in respect of tender,
                            purchases, awards, imports and inspection.

Training Specialist         Carried out capacity enhancement-training program       July‘05–
(Audit) Asian               for Finance Managers of Project Monitoring Units        June‘06
Development Bank            and Auditors of Auditor Generals Office of Pakistan
                            with particular reference to Public Sector              (6 months )
                            International Accounting & Auditing Standards and

Financial Consultant on     Developed a Medium Term Budgetary Framework             Sept.05-
Access to Justice Program   and financial reengineering for Law & Justice           October-06
with Sidat Hyder            Division, Supreme Court of Pakistan and High Courts
Morshed Associates          of Provinces including Lahore high Court of Punjab
(Pvt.) Ltd.                 under Access to Justice Program assisted by ADB.

CFO to multinational,       Worked as CFO for a multinational company with Jan.05-
Comsats Ltd. on behalf of   main objective of resource generation for Pakistan June-05
Sidat Hyder Morshed         Sports Fund. Responsible for overall finance and
Associates                  accounting functions. Preparation of monthly 6 months
                            accounts and cash flows.

Financial Adviser with      Major tasks include preparation of Business Plans for   Jan.02-
the Institutional Reform    determining their fiscal needs and introduction of      Dec.04
Consultants of Sindh        financial control systems in Sindh Irrigation &
Irrigation Development      Development Authority (SIDA), Area Water Boards         3 years
Authority, Arcadis BMB      (AWB) and Farmers Organizations (FO). The
& Sidat Hyder Morshed       business plan of each FO was first approved by the
Associates                  Executive Committee, Area Water Board and sent to
                            SIDA. On approved business plan from SIDA board,
                                                                              Curriculum Vitae
                                                                              Mustafa Ahmad

                            an annual budget & work plan is prepared which is
                            also sent to Donors, World Bank. Withdrawal
                            application is submitted to the World Bank for
                            obtaining advance (imprest). The amount received is
                            placed in special bank accounts as approved by the
                            Ministry of Finance, Government of Pakistan. These
                            funds are further disbursed to exclusive bank
                            accounts of FOS on the basis of their demand and
                            business plans. Each FO was required to submit a
                            Statement of Expenditure (SOE) on periodic basis.

Financial Consultant with   Major assignments included:                        - - 2000-2001
Sidat Hyder Morshed         Developed Standard Operating Procedures on
Associates (Pvt.) Ltd       financial and operating systems for Jang Group of
                            Companies including newspaper companies and
                            printing-press.          -Preparation of Operational
                            Manual for Securities Exchange Corporation of
                            Pakistan (SECP). And conducting a Work load study
                            to determine the staff requirement at different levels
                            for the organization.

Consultant to the Land &    Developed Financial Systems for the Land & Estate 1999-2000
Estate Department,          Department, KMC under IDA Institutional
Karachi Metropolitan        Strengthening Project to implement computerization
Corp.(KMC)                  of property records, recovery of lease charges and
                            other land related revenues & taxes with emphasis
                            on budgetary and financial controls.
Financial Consultant with   Financial Adviser on Executive Policy Action and 1997-1999
Sidat Hyder Morshed         Coordination Organization (EXPACO) of the
Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.      Government of Sindh for implementation of the
                            Sindh Special Development Projects under
                            assistance of the World Bank. Conducted a study on
                            Public Debt Management for the Government of
                            Sindh. Prepared amortization schedules and
                            reconciliation statements of foreign and domestic
                            loans acquired by the Government of Sindh,
                            Economic Affairs Division and Ministry of Finance.
Consultant to Karachi       Prepared financial projections of Karachi Water 1997
Water & Sewerage Board      Sewerage Board (KW&SB) for ten years on a (6 months)
                            specially developed model for the World Bank to
                            evaluate its performance under IDA covenant. All
                            aspects of expansion in projects, tariff increase,
                            revenue generation, increase in operating cost and
                            debt servicing were considered in preparing the
Consultant to Sindh Road    Completed an organizational and operational study of 1996
Transport Corporation       Sindh Transport Corporation (SRTC) to evaluate its
                            operational and financial capability for making it a ( 6 months)
                                                                               Curriculum Vitae
                                                                               Mustafa Ahmad

                            viable project. Different options were developed for
                            recommending the privatization of the Corporation.
                            Prepared financial projections for ten years for
                            calculating financial indicators and ratios.
Financial Consultant with   Worked on a 30 months World Bank consultancy         1992-95
Sidat Hyder Morshed         assignment at Karachi Metropolitan Corporation to
Associates (Pvt.) Ltd.      prepare a computerized Accounting System along with
                            procedures for converting accounts on to accrual based
                            double entry system. Monitored reconciliation of loan
                            accounts and made efforts to reconcile it with the
                            Government of Sindh. Also completed backlog of
                            accounts in the field of PF employees‘ accounts.
M/s T.P.O Sullivan (UK)     Worked as Financial Analyst for an Engineering 1991
and PADCO (USA)             Consulting firms in association with to analyze
                            financial aspect of project for Low Income
                            Communities in Sindh including Orangi Pilot Project
                            and Khuda ki Basti in Hyderabad. Assessed
                            institutional capabilities of Local Bodies, Urban
                            Development Authorities and Municipal Corporation.
                            Evaluated absorption capabilities of nationalized
                            commercial banks and HBFC for channeling funds
                            through State Bank of Pakistan.
PE IMBUCON (UK)             Worked as senior Financial Consultant on ―Karachi 1988-90
                            Metropolitan Resources Generation Study‖ and
                            ―Karachi Metropolitan Management and Budgeting
                            Study‖ to asses the financial capabilities of KDA,
                            KMC, ZMC‘s and KWSB for determining potential
                            revenue resources to meet Karachi city‘s
                            requirement for additional civic services. Analysed
                            the trend of revenues and projected enhancement in
                            it through exploring new sources, cost control
SAARC Development           Prepared a project feasibility study on Shrimps 1990
Fund, NDFC, Karachi         processing Industry in SAARC Countries Pakistan,
                            India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Visited all (4 months)
                            countries, collected data, analyzed and prepared
                            feasibility reports and projected financial statements.
                            Prepared Budgeting & Accounting Manual for Sindh 1987-89
National Management
                            Forest Department, project sponsored by Asian
                            Development Bank.
Ahmad & Co. Chartered
Accountants                 Also participated as financial/economic analyst in
                            preparing project feasibility studies. of: Ferry
                            Services Karachi, Mumbai-Dubai, Newspaper
                            manufacturing plant, agriculture farms, dates
                            processing unit, re-rolling steel mills, & hotels
                                                                          Curriculum Vitae
                                                                         Mustafa Ahmad

Partner                  Statutory audits of various commercial and 1984—87
                         government organizations. Responsible for audit
Shahid Sami & Co.        planning, audit supervision and reporting and
Chartered Accountants    adherence to company laws & IASs.

 Chartered Accountancy Examination,1970
 B.Com University of Karachi, 1966

Employment Record:
 July,10 to        Ministry of Education, Youth &      International          Phnom Penh
 date              Sports-TA on WB project             Audit Adviser

 Sept. 09 to       PFMC,MTBF, Govt. of Sindh           Team Leader            Karachi
 March,09 to       External Finance Deptt. MoF         Public Financial       Vientiane
 Sept.09           (under World Bank TA)               Management

 Jan.08-           JCR-VIS Credit Rating Company       Adviser                Karachi
 Nov.06- to        Asian Development Bank              Financial              Islamabad
 Dec.-07                                               Management &
                   (Resident Mission Pakistan)         Training
 July-2005-                                            Specialist
 2000 to-2006      Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates   Senior Consultant              Karachi
                   (Pvt.) Ltd. (a member of Ernst &
                   Young )
 1987 to 2000      Mustafa Ahmad & Co. Chartered        Senior Partner &           Karachi
                   Accountants /National Management        Consultant
                   Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd.
                   Shahid Sami & Co. Chartered               Partner               Karachi
 1984 to 1987      Accountants
 1982 to 1984      National Construction Company        Manager Finance           Abu Dhabi
 1981 to 1982      Lakson Group of Companies            Manager Budgets            Karachi
 1977 to 1980      Diwan of Audit                        Senior Auditor             Libya
 1974 to 1976      Board of Internal Trade               Group Internal           Tanzania
 1970 to 1974      Bibojee Group of Companies           Chief Accountant           Karachi

LANGUAGES                  SPEAKING             READING              WRITING
    English                Excellent             Excellent            Excellent
    Urdu                   Excellent             Excellent            Excellent

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