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									All About Google
PageRank, Ads and Searching


Google PageRank

measure of popularity from 0 to 10  Includes content evaluation  Inbound links from sites with a Google page rank of 3 or higher are counted as “votes” for your site


Google PageRank
 Google,

like other search engines, figures in title tag, keywords in body text, in its ranking algorithms (100+)  Google’s PageRank™ , numeric value, a multiplier, measuring how important a page is  Final score = (PR) x (score for non PR factors)  PR derived from amount and relevancy of linking to and from your site  Is visible using the Google toolbar with IE

Google PageRank
 PageRank

is increased by inbound links with high PageRank from other sites  PageRank alone cannot get you high rankings.  PageRank is a multiplier.  Google combines PageRank with sophisticated text-matching techniques to find pages that are both important and relevant to your search.


Justifications for using PageRank
 Attempts

to model user behavior  Captures the notion that the more a page is pointed to by “important” pages, the more it is worth looking at  Takes into account global structure of web


Google Toolbar

Google Toolbar
 Free

download from the Google website  Page rank - closely guarded trade secret  Popular consensus says page rank is updated on a quarterly basis  Toolbar also includes cached page data which shows when Google last crawled the page


AdWords and AdSense

 AdWords

is Google’s ad-selling system, where advertisers pay money to advertise on Google, or on individual websites.

pick keywords that are relevant to your business  Your target customers qualify themselves as leads by searching your keywords  You Pay Google

 You


 Premium

positions fill the two top spots on Google’s pages

Premium Position



Google AdSense
 AdSense

is Google’s ad-placing program. It is the program that puts ads on your website.  “Content ads”  Use keyword matching engine to pick ads related to content on page  Matching algorithm tweaked to deal with multiple content on page  Google Pays You


Searching With Google
Google’s shocking secrets revealed!

Google Search
 Google’s

Boolean default is AND.  Capitalization does not matter.  Google has a hard limit of 10 keywords.  Google ignores a BUNCH of common words.  The order of your keywords matters.


How Insensitive!
 Google

is not case sensitive.  So, the following searches all yield exactly the same results:
disney Disney DISNEY DiSnEy fantasyland Fantasyland FANTASYLAND FaNtAsYlAnD pirates Pirates PIRATES pIrAtEs


Google’s 10 Word Limit
 Google

won’t accept more than 10 keywords at

a time.  Any keyword past 10 is simply ignored.

Source: Google Hacks, p. 19

Google Ignores a BUNCH of Common Words
Words to avoid

Stop Words
To enhance the speed and relevancy of your Web search, Google routinely and automatically ignores common words and characters known as “stop words.”


Stop _ _ Name _ Love
 


Here are 28 stop words I know about. a, about, an, and, are, as, at, be, by, from, how, i, in, is, it, of, on, or, that, the, this, to, we, what, when, where, which, with You can force Google to search for a stop word by putting a + in front of it (for example pirates +of +the caribbean)

Source: 10/23/02 post by Bill Todd to

The Order of Your Keywords Matters
A me life for pirate’s?

How Google Works

When you conduct a search at Google, it searches for
 Phrases, then  Adjacency, then  Weights.


Because Google searches for phrases first, the order of your keywords matters.

Image source: Google Source: Google Hacks, p. 20-22

For Example
A search for disney fantasyland pirates yields a different number of hits than fantasyland disney pirates. The order of those hits are different as well


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