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									                                     Volume 18, Number 25 Thursday, June 27, 2002

   Columbia College Comes to Beacher Country
                                                                 by Paula McHugh

   The song says, “June is busting
out all over.” Well then, July promis-
es to be bursting with multiple arts
experiences to keep your summer
calendar full—beginning this week-
end, in the waning days of June.
   You may have already heard the
buzz. This Saturday, the place to be
in Beacher Country is at the John G.
Blank Center for the Arts. That’s
when Columbia College will be offer-
ing a multi-arts extravaganza encom-
passing not only visual art, but also
dance, jazz and literary readings.
Columbia College, for those of you who
may not know, is the nation’s largest
arts and communications college.

                                                                                               This is the place to be on Sat., June 29: The John G.
                                                                                                      Blank Center tor the Arts, 312 E. 8th St.

                                                                                                 A spectacular opportunity to sample the
                                                                                              extensive creative menu of Columbia
                                                                                              College’s faculty on Saturday evening is
                                                                                              just the beginning of several events the
                                                                                              premiere Chicago arts college has in store
                                                                                              for Beacher country residents. Kicking off
                                                                                              with the Blank Center gala in Michigan
                                                                                              City, Columbia College has also arranged
                                                                                              Saturday Night Theater and Cookouts in
                                                                                              Grand Beach through July, where the
                                                                                              college’s theater department will present
                                                                                              “Art” by Yasmina Reza. Also in July, two
                                                                                              Columbia faculty will be conducting a
                                                                                              theater arts camp for kids at the Blank
                                                                                              Center. More about that a little later…
 And this is the place to be in July when The Tall Oaks Inn in Grand Beach/New Buffalo will
           host five Columbia 2 Art Workshops for Adults during the month of July.
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                                                           Multi-Arts Gala this Saturday
   Let’s begin with a closer look at this Saturday’s gala                               Margi Cole and the Dance COLEctive. Lelde explained
at the Blank Center. Lelde Kalmites, Director, said                                     that the site-specific performance is custom-choreo-
that planning began almost one year ago, after talk-                                    graphed to blend with the locale where the dancers
ing with Dr. Woodie White at the Lakefront Art                                          perform. Tents will be erected for some of the outside
Festival. The events mushroomed from plans for a fac-                                   events, Lelde said, and Basil’s will be offering food for
ulty exhibit with painting, photography, sculpture, video                               sale at the informal (meaning casual dress) event. A
art, fabric art, printmaking and performance art, to                                    Jazz tent will feature vocalists Julie V., Martha
adding musical entertainment, site specific dance                                       Meegan, Bunny Fisher and Penny McTigue. Literary
performances, and literary readings.                                                    readings will be presented by Renee Lynn Hansen,
   “It’s a program with wide appeal because of its                                      Sharon Darrow, Joe Meno, Eric May, Sarah Odishoo
variety,” Lelde said, adding that events will be going                                  and winners of the Harbor Country High School
on both outside and inside. Spring Street will be                                       Fiction Writing Contest.
roped off for the site-specific dance performances by

                                                              “Columbia On the Beach”

   The visual exhibit, “Columbia on the Beach” will                                     Cunningham and Ansel Adams.
be indoors on the main floor, featuring works by the                                       “I studied with (Ansel Adams) in 1980 and that has
college’s faculty. The exhibitors, all of whom have                                     left an indelible impression on me. Among contemporary
spent time (or live) in Beacher country include Doreen                                  photographers of the nude whose work I admire are
Bartoni, Mary Florence Forsythe, Peter LeGrand,                                         Jock Sturges and Ralph Gibson.”
Rose Blouin, Kay Hartmann, Linda Sorkin Eisenberg,                                         Peter divides his time between his own work and
Denise Toler, Sherry Giryotes, Kevin Henry, Richard                                     teaching. Among his current works in progress is a
Lange, Suzanne Cohan Lange, Andrea Peterson,                                            book on Victor and Cripple Creek, Colorado, a Polaroid
Rick Erwin, and Melli Hoppe & Elise Kermani (The                                        portrait series for Columbia College, and as a Beta
Schaaf Sisters).                                                                        tester for Polaroid digital products.
   Peter LeGrand has been a photography professor
at the college for the past 15 years and a pro-
fessional freelance photographer for corporate
clients. He’s been using infrared film on his excur-
sions to the dunes over the past twelve years,
where his images of the nude in the dunes and
the lake, he explained, symbolize “the (lake) puri-
fying qualities, of the human being uniting
with the waters and rising from it.” Peter said
that when he was still an amateur, teachers at
his very first weekend photography workshop
told him he was “a terrible photographer, a
total disgrace to the profession.”
   “Suitably humbled I asked where I could
learn more and the next thing I knew was that
I was embarked on a graduate degree in pho-
tography,” Peter said.
   When asked which photographers he most
admired, Peter named Edward Weston, Imogene
                                                                                             “Standing Nude in the Dunes” by Peter LeGrand.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                        Page 3
   Kay Hartmann, a fac-
ulty member in the                                                            Open ‘til 6 p.m.
Department of Art and                                                           Evenings
Design, graphic design
and advertising, recently
moved from Three Oaks to
Michiana. Kay will be
exhibiting her images of                                      Elegant Apparel for the
destruction and decay, a                                     Fashion Conscious Woman
project she began in 1986                                                                            Women’s Apparel
while still living in Chicago.
From urban images of peel-                                    1/2 Price Mix & Match SALE
ing paint and decaying
buildings to rural images                                    Buy one at Regular Price…Get 2nd at Half Price
of decay in nature, Kay                                                     (Of equal or lesser value)
said that she has been

                                                                    FLAG ATTIRE
stricken “with their pow-          Kay Hartmann
erful beauty.”
   “Since September 11, I look at images of destruc-
tion in new ways, but still with an eye to the poten-
tial power and beauty buried within them.”
   Kay explained that her work for the exhibit at the
Blank was approached differently—actually “flipped”
from the way she serves clients as a graphic design-
   Instead of starting with the client’s message to
create appropriate images, her work on exhibit was           T-Shirts
begun by creating images, combining and regrouping
them and letting the message evolve. Kay’s work is
not new to the Blank Center—she has had work on              Sweaters
exhibit there several years ago.
   “In the
13 years I
have lived
on this side                                                 Polo Shirts
of the lake,
I have seen
the arts                                                     Caps
grow and
flourish, in
both the
applied and
fine arts
areas. I can                                                 L/S Oxford Stars & Stripes - A true shirt design,
only imag-                                                   pewter colored button cuffs and front placket, point
ine     and                                                  collar done in prewashed, preshrunk printed cotton
hope that                                                    twill. Can be worn by men or women. 100% Cotton,
this trend                                                   washable.
will contin-
ue, as more
p e o p l e
                                                                     Tent Sale 70% off
in the arts                                                    Meet Us For Lunch And A Style Show
visit and                                                           THURSDAY, JUNE 27 - ROSKOE’S, LA PORTE
move to the
area,” she                                                     THURSDAY, JULY 11 - TIPPECANOE PLACE, SOUTH BEND
said.                                                                409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
                                                                     409 Alexander Street LaPorte, IN 326-8602
                “Urban Destruction/Decay” by Kay Hartmann.
                                                                       On Hwy 35 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
                                                                      On Hwy 35 -- 5 Blocks South of Lincolnway
                                                                               Turn Right on Alexander
                                                                              Turn Right on Alexander
                    Columbia College Continued on Page 4                                        Saturday 9:30 to 5
                                                                     Monday - Friday 9:30 to 7 Saturday 9:30 to 5
                                                                      Monday-Friday 10 to 6
Page 4                                                                                                                    June 27, 2002
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             “Columbia on the Beach” a sampling of the exhibit at the Blank Center for the Arts, June 29.

                                                                           “Sabath Witches.” A fabric collage by Linda Sorkin Eisenberg.

     LaPorte resident and Columbia faculty member Andrea Peterson’s
“Amaranth.” Some of her works will be on display during the Blank exhib-
 it, “Columbia on the Beach,” and Andrea will be teaching a Bookbinding
  Workshop in July in Grand Beach. Andrea and her husband Jon Hook
                  own the red barn studio in rural LaPorte.

                                                                                    Rose Blouin’s “Inner Light.” Photograph.

      “Dune Archetype #4” by Suzanne Cohan-Lange.
     Sculpture antique mannequin, branches, wax, dyes.                           “Dialogue 6” by Richard Lange.Acrylic.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                 Page 5

                                           An installation
                                           titled “In the
                                           name of…” by         “Occupied,” a
                                           Sherry             sculpture using
                                           Giryotas.           paper, zippers
                                           Installation          and cheese-
                                           (detail) bees        cloth by Mary
                                           was, patinated            Florence
                                           and gold leafed          Forsythe.
                                           steel, photo

                                                 Art photos courtesy of
                                               Columbia College Chicago.

  Art Workshops in July                                      children ages 9 through 12 at the Blank Center starts
                                                             July 15 th and runs through August 8 th . Lelde
   The gala events planned in our bi-state area by
                                                             announced that this activity has received the promise
Columbia College don’t stop there. The Chicago arts
                                                             of a sponsorship by the National Electrical Contractors
school has arranged to bring over to our side of the
                                                             Association/International Brotherhood of Electrical
lake five of its classes in July. That means, of course,
                                                             Workers (NECA/IBEW). That means twenty lucky chil-
an opportunity to not just observe others’ wonderful
                                                             dren will get to attend the camp, taught by two
talents, but to enjoy the benefits of top-notch facul-
                                                             Columbia College faculty, free. Students will be cho-
ty ready and willing to nudge out your own emerg-
                                                             sen based on an essay they are required to write, explain-
ing creativity. Imagine that! A chance to dip your
                                                             ing why they want to attend the camp.
toes into a variety of art experiences as a participant,
                                                                “We are so delighted to say that it won’t cost the
an observer, or better yet, both. According to Dr.
                                                             kids anything, thanks to the generosity of NECA/IBEW,”
Woodie T. White, Director of Institutional Advancement,
                                                             Lelde said, adding that the same benefactors covered
“this summer is a test market,” and if successful,
                                                             costs of the Central School murals project with the Boys
“we’ll continue to grow our offerings.” In establishing
                                                             & Girls Club members.
a presence in Beacher country, Columbia College
                                                                “We’re hoping to get a lot of neighborhood kids
hopes to attract prospective students along with a com-
                                                             involved (with theater camp),” Lelde said.
munity of potential friends and donors. Columbia
                                                                Columbia 2 Art Workshops for Adults begin with
has come a long way since its beginnings as a speech
                                                             a Backyard Papermaking Class on July 15 & 16.
college for women in 1890. By 1974 the college had
                                                             Other workshops include “Creativity, Meditation,
earned accreditation as a 4-year undergraduate lib-
                                                             and the Body” on July 17 & 18; Bookbinding Workshop
eral arts college and enrolled around 2,000 students.
                                                             on July 22 & 23; “Photography: Storytelling with
By the fall of 2001 enrollment topped 9,000. Columbia’s
                                                             Your Camera,” July 24 & 25; and “Creative Nonfiction
academic departments and programs now include
                                                             Writing Workshop,” July 29 & 31. These classes will
four schools: Fine & Performing Arts, Graduate and
                                                             meet at the Tall Oaks Inn in Grand Beach/New
Continuing Education, Liberal Arts & Sciences, and
                                                             Buffalo. For enrollment information phone Columbia’s
Media Arts.
                                                             Continuing Education Department at (312) 344.8190.
                                                                Saturday’s multi-arts gala at the John G. Blank
  Wait! There’s More…                                        Center for the Arts (8th & Spring St.) is from 4 p.m.
                                                             until 9 p.m. Additional parking will be available one-
  In addition to the Columbia events taking place down-
                                                             half block away in the lot behind the school across the
stairs, upstairs in the Blank Center, the Area Artists
                                                             street from the Center. The event is free and every-
Association will be having an opening reception this
                                                             one is encouraged to attend the informal gala. For more
Saturday for their artists’ exhibit, Lelde said.
                                                             information, phone the Blank Center at (219) 874.4900.
  The Columbia College’s Theater Arts Camp for
Page 6                                                                                            June 27, 2002

     JUNE 29 - AUGUST 15

                                                     ARTWORK BY: HELEN ALBRECHT MORROW,
                                                           JUSTIN LUNDQUIST, JOHN BROOKS

    THE         ART
   OF       COLUMBIA                   COLLEGE                   CHICAGO                   GOES       TO

    312 EAST 8TH STREET                                     JUNE 29, 4 – 9 PM
    MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA                                  SPECIAL OPENING DAY EVENTS:

    Painting, Photography, Sculpture, Video Ar t,           Music: Jazz vocalists Julie V, Mar tha Meegan,
    Fabric Ar t, Printmaking and Per formance Ar t          Bunny Fisher and Peggy McTigue
    by Columbia faculty, staf f and alumni:                 Dance: Site-specific dance per formances by
    DOREEN BARTONI, MARY FLORENCE FORSYTHE,                 Margi Cole and The Dance COLEctive
    PETER LEGRAND, ROSE BLOUIN, KAY HARTMANN,               Literature: Readings by Renee Lynn Hansen,
    SHERRY GIRYOTAS, KEVIN HENRY, LINDA SORKIN              Sharon Darrow, Joe Meno, Eric May, Sarah Odishoo
    EISENBERG, DENISE TOLER, RICHARD LANGE,                 and winners of the Harbor Countr y High School
    SUZANNE COHAN LANGE, ANDREA PETERSON,                   Fiction Writing Contest
    (‘The Schaf f Sisters’).                                Good Food, Good Drink, Good Friends

                                                            ADMISSION IS FREE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME
                                                            Call 312 663 1124 EXTENSION 2 for more

                      Columbia               C O L L E G E         C H I C A G O
June 27, 2002                                                                                                      Page 7

    J U LY                             IN HARBOR COUNTRY

    ALL JULY IN HARBOR COUNTRY PROGRAMS HELD AT            Backyard Papermaking
    THE TALL OAKS INN, 19400 RAVINE DRIVE GRAND            (Class # C9-2003-01)
    BEACH/ NEW BUFFALO, MICHIGAN                           Monday & Tuesday, July 15 & 16, 9 am - 1 pm
    (800 936 0034 OR 616 469 0097)                         Cost: $100 + $20 materials fee
                                                           Instructor: Mar y Florence Forsythe
    COLUMBIA 2 ART WORKSHOPS FOR ADULTS                    Explore the ar t of hand papermaking with materials
    Registration is required. For details contact:         from your own garden.
    Columbia 2: The Division of Continuing Education
    at Columbia College Chicago.                           Bookbinding Workshop
    Phone: 312 344 8190                                    (Class # C9-2004-01)
    E-mail:                    Monday & Tuesday, July 22 & 23, 9 am - 1 pm
    Fax: 312 344 8086                                      Cost: $100 + $20 materials fee
                                                           Instructor: Andrea Peterson
    Photography Workshop: Storytelling with Your           Learn the simple, elegant ar t of bookbinding in this
    Camera (Class # C9-2000-01)                            special two-day workshop.
    Wednesday & Thursday, July 24 & 25; 9 am - 1 pm
    Cost: $100 + $20 materials fee
    Instructor: Tone Stockenström                          SATURDAY NIGHTS WITH COLUMBIA’S
    Learn how to use that camera you’ve got sitting        THEATER DEPARTMENT
    around with this basic workshop.                       $15 per person
                                                           For reser vations call 616 469 0097
    Creative Nonfiction Writing Workshop                   (Toll-free: 800 936 0034)
    (Class # C9-2001-01)
    Monday & Wednesday, July 29 & 31, 10 am - 1 pm         Campfire Theater and Cookout
    Cost: $120
    Instructor: Renee Hansen                               8:30 pm, July 6, 13, 20 & 27
    Become familiar with top creative nonfiction authors   Enjoy a per formance of Yasmina Reza’s “ART”
    and learn to use techniques including dialogue,        staged by the Theater Depar tment of Columbia while
    narration, scene construction, and imager y to write   you relax over a cookout dinner. Directed by
    about your own experiences.                            Tonika Todorova and staring Reed Meschefske,
                                                           Michael Quinn and Joe Vonderhaar.
    Creativity, Meditation, and the Body
    (Class # C9-2002-01)
    Wednesday & Thursday, July 17 & 18, 9 am - noon +
    2 - 5 pm
    Cost: $120
    Instructors: Bill & Kiyomi Hayashi
    Learn methods of meditation, Hatha yoga and
    Chi-Gung to unfold and sustain the spiritual and
    creative potential that is our essential nature.
Page 8                                                                                                            June 27, 2002
                                                                      “Into the Woods” at Canterbury
                                   504 Eastwood (Moore) Road
                                     1/2 mile south of Hwy. 12
                                       Michigan City, IN 46360

                               HOURS: M-T-TH-F 9-6 • Sat 8-5
                                                  • Sun 8-3
                                      CLOSED WEDNESDAY

                      Please Visit Us!
              We love to talk about your garden!

 • Free in-store design and plant selection
                                                                       Amie Duffy as the Baker’s Wife, Mark Catlett as the Baker
 • Beautiful well-loved plants grown here wait                                      and Melanie Bell as the Witch.
   for adoption into your garden
                                                                    Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine’s award-
 • Large selection of hardy aquatics and water                   winning musical “Into the Woods” is the first musi-
   lilies                                                        cal offering in the Festival Players Guild’s 34th
                                                                 Canterbury Summer Theatre Season. The production
 • Over 650 kinds of Perennials                                  opened Wed., June 26 and will continue through
 • Enjoy the display gardens and ponds                           Sat., July 6, at the Guild’s Mainstreet Theatre, 807
                                                                 Franklin St., Michigan City.
 • J&P Roses                                                        In their combining of several fairy tales, Sondheim
 • Everything necessary to build a pond,                         and Lapine use the frequent image of a character trav-
   including experience based advice                             eling through a dark forest facing various dangers in
                                                                 a journey of self-discovery. In this case, they have used
 • Pottery by Paul Jeselskis                                     familiar characters like Cinderella, Little Red Riding
 • Music by the Spheres Windchimes                               Hood, Rapunzel and Jack from “Jack and the Beanstalk.”
                                                                    The Baker (Mark Catlett) and his wife (Amy Duffy)
 • Organic fertilizer, biological pest and                       desperately want a child, but they have been cursed
   disease control products                                      with childlessness by a witch (Melanie Bell). To
                                                                 remove the curse, they must perform various missions
 • Iron and Cedar Trellises                                      involving the other characters in the play. Through
 • Bulk and Bagged Landscape Materials                           the course of the play, they learn about the pitfalls of
                                                                 greed and gluttony and the importance of communi-
                                                                 ty when they must fight the wife of the giant Jack killed.
         GO ORGANIC!                                                When it first appeared on Broadway in 1988, “Into
  Your plants will love you for it.                              the Woods” won Tony Awards for Best Book, Best
                                                                 Score, and Best Actress. This year, the musical was
           Ask us how.                                           another Tony Award winner: Best Revival of a Musical.
                                                                    Director of the production is Canterbury Summer
                                                                 Theatre Season Artistic Director, Ray Scott Crawford.
 Feed the soil…Organics The Easy Way!
                                                                 Music Director is Eric Christopher Stiles.
                                                                    Performances are Wednesday through Friday at 8
   Feed your plants AND the soil                                 p.m. and Saturday at 6 & 9 p.m. Because of the hol-
   Keep groundwater safe.
                                                                 iday, there will be no performances on July 3 & 4.
   Grow beautifully!
                                                                    All seats are reserved; phone 874-4269, fax 879-6377
                                                                 or purchase in person at the Box Office. Tickets are
Perennials and Shrubs • Ornamental Grasses                       $12 on Wednesday & Thursday and $13 on Friday and
                                                                 Saturday. Group, senior citizen and student dis-
         Pond Supplies • Aquatics                                counts are available.
    Garden Art • Water Feature Builders                             The programs of the Festival Players Guild are pre-
           • Landscape Materials                                 sented with the support of the Northern Indiana
     • Koi, Shubunkin Fancy Goldfish                             Arts Association, the Indiana Arts Commission, and
                                                                 the National Endowment for the Arts.
June 27, 2002                                                                                            Page 9

  Cost for a new villa - $275,000 There are still some bargains on the Beach!! Come take a tour of the private
     beach, the heated indoor pool, and a 3 bedroom, 212⁄ bath villa. Start your year round vacation today.

                  Model open Friday through Monday at 190B Lake Shore Drive.
                                   ONLY 3 UNITS REMAINING!
            Call Mike Conner (219) 874-4156                                 T
Page 10                                                                                       June 27, 2002

                                                                    Opening and Reception
                                                                   July13, From 3 to 6 pm.
                                                                        at the Musikantow Gallery
                                                                           Watercolor Paintings
 Are you in need of adult day care? We are offering one free               By James F. McComb
 day at Daybreak to provide an opportunity for people to           “Seasons Come to Light”
 acquaint themselves with our adult day services program.
 We have flexible hours Monday through Friday.
 We offer:
 • A warm hospitality in a safe environment.
 • Unique individualized activity programming
 • Personal assistance with daily living skills
 • Ongoing health monitoring by certified staff
 • Lunch and snacks that accommodate special nutritional
 • Field trips, music, crafting, and much more!
 For information or to make arrangements, call Jary Tannehill
 at (219) 874-4288, Ext. 320.                                    Gallery in Heston: 10411 North 200 East,
                                                                      turn north off Route 1000 North
           A division of Michiana Resources, Inc.
                                                                          Follow road to stable gds.
                   4315 E. Michigan Blvd.
                                                                Show runs thru Aug 7. Call: 219-778-9828
                   Michigan City, IN 46360
June 27, 2002                                                                                       Page 11

      Lakeshore & Country            Donna Hofmann, Broker
                       COLDWELL BANKER Residential Brokerage
                                             Chesterton Office
                                      #1 in Listings/Sales Since 1991

                      Beverly Shores
          Timeless contemporary design nestled on a
          dune overlooking Lake Michigan and the
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          designed for comfort, views, entertaining
          and privacy. Walls of windows for fabulous
          views, bedroom wings for privacy, spacious
          great room and kitchen, family room, two
          screened porches and decks for entertaining.
          3 bedrooms, 3 baths, 3 fireplaces. Lake
          Michigan views from most rooms in the
          house. Beautifully landscaped, very private and
          across the street from the best beach in Beverly

                                                                            RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE

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Page 12                                                                                  June 27, 2002
                                               Music at the LB Town Picnic-July 5

                                                                         Bruce Hastell

             SELF SERVICE



           75 per lb.
                  ¢                                              Steve Ball

                                               The July 5th Long Beach Town Picnic will be rock-

          DROP OFF!                         ing with a musical variety from rock ‘n roll to renais-
                                            sance classical. Featuring The Bruce Hastell/Steve Ball
                                            Project, a guitar duo loaded with talent, the all-star
                                            line-up also includes The South Shore Band, who
   • Shirts - Washed & Ironed      $1.20    are performing at the 4th of July tent, and The
                                            Project: Experience Music Camp musicians band.
   • Shirts - Ironed Only            99¢       Bruce Hastell is an accomplished guitarist and
                                            lutenist versed in musical styles ranging from clas-
                                            sical to rock ‘n roll. Steve Ball began playing guitar
   • Jeans - Light or Medium Starch $2.99   at age 10 and has performed professionally for the past
                                            10 years.
                                               The music begins at 6:30 p.m. on Fri., July 5th. Phone
   • Men’s Pants - Washed & Ironed $2.79    Susan Vissing at the Old School, 879-3845 for more

            OPEN 7 DAYS
           NEW MACHINES
            NEW OWNERS

          6:00 AM - 11:00 PM
     1514 E. Michigan Blvd.
         (219) 879-3833
June 27, 2002                                                                                                        Page 13

        Get your T-Shirts before the 4th!
    Call Anne 874-4447 or Cheryl 872-3276

                                                        LONG BEACH

                                                                                         Balloons and Games
                                                        uld be
                                                                   9:30                       for the kids!
                                              ipants sho Center by
                                        Partic mmunity
                                      ool Co or judging
                               Old Sch      f
                                                                               loat       Best Brats on the Beach
                                                                         on / F
                                                                Buggy-Wag                       Killian’s Red
                                                        troller-     tume
                                           Tricycle / S Group Cos 1:00                          Coors Light
                                      le /         ar t /           AT 1
                                 Bicyc       Golf C PRESENTED
                                                  DS                                        Ice Cold Soft Drinks
                                           AWAR                                            Hot Delicious Popcorn

                                                                                              Frozen Snickers
                                           FINDING             RING T
                                                                                  TEST           Dove Bars

                                      E                                        CON

                                    AC                                     ING                   Popsicles
                                  KR                  TOSS              LOW
                                 C             ALLOON               LE B
                                        WATER B                 BUBB

                               CHILDREN’S GAMES
                                                                                              Food Served
                                                                                           after parade until 2:00
                                   At Old School
                                 Community Center
                                       begin 12:00
                                Prizes for Everyone

                                            ALL NEW LONG BEACH T-SHIRT

                                            Come early and get a ‘02 edition
                                               of the Long Beach T-Shirt

                                                        REST UP AFTER THE DAY’S ACTIVITIES AND JOIN US
                                                        FOR THE SPECTACULAR FIREWORKS DISPLAY AT DUSK
                                                          (APPROXIMATELY 9:00 - FAIRWAY BEHIND OLD SCHOOL COMMUNITY CENTER
Page 14                                                                             June 27, 2002
                                             Ethnic Festival at Friendship Gardens
                                               International Friendship Gardens has once again
                                            teamed up with the Michigan City Summer Festival
                                            to bring the Ethnic Festival to the Gardens on Sat.
                                            & Sun., June 29 & 30.
                                               Local groups and organizations will be setting up
                                            displays on the lawns to promote their diverse cultural
                                            heritages while dressed in their native garb.
                                               Native American lifestyles will be depicted by sev-
                                            eral re-enactors in costume including a Potawatomi
                                            woman as an elder and her son as a warrior. There
                                            will be ongoing group crafts, skills, and seeds displays.
                                            In addition two Dakota Native American musicians
                                            from Madison, Wisconsin, will be performing instru-
                                            mental numbers.
                                               On Sat., from 1-2 p.m., the Community Center of
                                            Faith Church will present a Black History program:
                                            Worship and Warriors. On Sun., from 11 a.m.-noon,
                                            the HOPE group will provide a drum demonstra-
                                            tion: “Stepping to the Beat of the Drum.”
                                               Also on Sunday, starting at noon, The Ladies Three,
                                            a well-known popular vocal group, will be singing French
                                            and Scandinavian songs.
                                               Representing Scotland on Sunday from 1-2 p.m. will
                                            be Steve Peterka in full Scottish regalia playing his
                                            bagpipes. The Sons of Norway will be showing off their
                                            lovely Norwegian garden complete with its Viking fig-
                                            ure—somewhat blackened by the recent fire but still
                                            “alive and well.”
                                               The Good Time Cloggers will be performing on
                                            their own portable stage, and there will be informa-
                                            tion booths by such groups as LULAC and El Puente,
                                            and there will also be a Pysanky (egg decorating) demon-
                                            stration. Here and there artists will be seen painting
                                            garden scenes.
                                               Visitors should use the Hwy. 12 entrance to the
                                            Garden which is east of Fire Station #2.
                                               There is no admission fee but donations are always
                                            welcome. For information, phone 878-9885.

                                                   GRAND OPENING

                                                           Fine Wines • Beer • Liquor

      OPEN THURS.-MON. 11-6 Michigan time           Stop by to see our Specials!
                                                         HOURS: Monday-Saturday 10-10
                                              103 Lake Avenue                     (219) 871-1553
                                              in Sheridan Beach                          Owners:
                                              by Swingbelly’s               John & Linda Milzarek
June 27, 2002                                                                       Page 15



                               Lakefront Condo!
  A fabulous sun-blessed condo with unobstructed lake views. A corner 2 bedroom, 2
  bath unit with many new features plus a covered balcony to enjoy the ever changing
  sunsets, cool evening breezes and lake activities rain or shine. This very nicely
  maintained unit is being offered completely furnished with immediate possession.

       Rebecca Miller              Judy Crawford            Judith Dillon-Farley
          Broker/Owner                  Realtor                     Realtor

    Specialists in Beach Area Condominiums!
        (219) 872-0588 • (800) 578-6777 •
Page 16                                                                                                                                          June 27, 2002
                                                                                    The Peru Circus is coming to town!

 Service Hours
 Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am-5:00 pm
 Sat. 8:00 am-12:00 pm
 Purchase any of our services
 listed on this menu through
 June 2, 2002, and qualify for
 our complimentary Tire Gauge
 Offer. Also, take advantage
 of the $10 Mopar Value Line Mail-in Rebate* Offers
 with the purchase of our Front or Rear Brake
 Service. Stop in soon! Offers not available on
 free/no charge services.                                                            Come one, come all! For the third straight year,
 *$10 mail-in rebate on a set of Mopar Value Line Brake Pads and/or Brake Shoes   Mainstreet Association along with Top Dog Restaurant,
 with purchase of select brake services. Requests must be postmarked by
 June 17, 2002. Ask for details.                                                  St. Paul Lutheran Church and Trinity Episcopal
                                                                                  Church are hosting the World famous Peru Circus. The
                    We Now Offer                                                  circus has traveled all over the world and features chil-
                                                                                  dren ages 10-19. On Saturday, June 29th they will per-
                 Front End Alignment                                              form twice at St, Paul Lutheran Church, corner of 9th
                   on most vehicles                                               and Franklin streets, all performances are free. The
             at the special rate of $49.95                                        first performance will be immediately following the
                                                                                  Kiddie Parade at 12:00 and the final performance at
               10%                                  Tune-Ups                      3:00 pm. For added family enjoyment St. Paul’s will
              Mopar                                4cyl - $54.99                  sponsor an ice cream social complete with hot dogs,
            Accessories                            6cyl - $69.99                  hamburgers, ice cream, cotton candy and kids crafts.
             Discount                              8cyl - $89.99                  For more information, contact Mainstreet Association
            With coupon                             With coupon                   president Ed Kis at Top Dog/Great Lakes Catering,
                                                                                  701 Washington Street, (219) 874-3647 or by fax at
    Automatic Transmission                     Free Tire Rotation                 (219) 874-5727.
            Service                                   With
   Jeep/Dodge Truck $79.95                     Vehicle Inspection                  Support those who advertise in the Beacher!
  Jeep Full-time 4wd $89.95                          $27.99                                Tell them you saw their Ad!
            With coupon                             With coupon

       Lube, Oil, Filter                      Winter Coolant                                                                       Summer Theatre Season
          $16.95                                  Flush                                                                                at Mainstreet
        Most Vehicles                            $59.95
            With coupon                             With coupon                    Music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
                                                                                          Book by James Lapine
                                                                                    Originally directed for Broadway by James Lapine
           Full Detail                         $2.50-$10.00
            Inside & Out                                                                   June 26 thru July 6
                                              rebate available                             (No performances July 3 and 4)
              $79.95                             on select                         807 Franklin St., Michigan City                               Group, Sr. Citizens
           Most Vehicles
            With coupon                         Mopar parts                        For a full schedule call or write:                          and Student discounts
                                                                                   Festival Players Guild, P.O. Box 157                Group dinner/theatre packages
                             Coupons expire                                        Michigan City, IN 46361-0157                              Handicapped Accessible
                                06-30-02                                                                     (219) 874-4269
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                    Page 17

                                                                                   Stop 24, Long Beach Town Center
                                                                            123 2411 St. Lawrence Avenue
                                                                             CRS(219) 874-7070
                                                                              T 1-800-680-9682
      Micky Gallas
     ABR, CRS, GRI
   Home 219/872-5995

                                           NEW LISTINGS

                                              48002 Ridge Road • $599,000
                                                          GRAND BEACH
  Beautifully kept Grand Beach home with 6 bedrooms, 5 baths. Living, dining and sun rooms all have Lake Michigan views. 20 x
  40 ft. indoor pool in bright and cheerful pool room. Large rec room with second fireplace. New kitchen in 1995. Roof just 3 years
  old. Large corner lot just across from beach access. Ready for summer fun for the whole family.

                                             412 Groveland Trail • $184,000
                                                        MICHIANA SHORES
  Quaint and charming, this private setting offers the perfect retreat for the nature lover. Knotty pine, fieldstone fireplace, beautiful
  deck and private patio. This 2 bedroom plus loft area getaway sits on 3 lots and has a 21⁄2 car detached garage. Take a look - it’s
  ready for you.

 Pat Tym*, ABR, GRI       219/872-0079            Randy Novak*, ABR, GRI, 219/874-2030             Shirl Bacztub, GRI          219/874-5642
 Ellen Holloway           219/871-0936            Rick Remijas, CRS, GRI, 219/872-7408             Susan Kelley*               219/874-5610
 Sue Luegers              219/879-6319            Judi Donaldson          219/879-1411             *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan
Page 18                                                                                                                      June 27, 2002
                                                                            7th Annual Woodworkers With the Blues
                                                                                                    by Sally Carpenter

                                                                              Last Saturday, the Center of the World Workshop
                                                                           held its 7th annual event known as “Woodworkers With
                                                                           the Blues.” No one had the blues that day (except the
                                                                           musicians!), as it was a picture perfect day for brows-
                                                                           ing the beautiful showroom or wandering outside to
                                                                           visit various woodworkers demonstrating and show-
                                                                           ing off their finest work under cool, shady tents.
                                                                              I am truly sorry that space does not permit me to
                                                                           show you all of the exhibitors and their beautiful
                                                                           wares. Everyone was so gracious and eager to explain
                                                                           their craft. The whole day was like a giant family out-
 Terry and Lorraine Hanover, gracious owners of Center of the World
      Workshop. Terry showed me that touching the hinge of this
                 cabinet turned the lights on inside it!

   First musical group of the day consisted of (l-r): Raymond Pettke
 (Buchanan, MI), Jeff Adinolfi and Paul Larson (both of Bridgman, MI).
                                                                               Don and Evelyn Kroening are from Benton Harbor, MI; he calls his
                                                                                   business Segmented Wooden Bowls. A black and white
                                                                                            photo doesn’t do these bowls justice.

                                                                           Carl showed me this
                                                                             mountain dulcimer
                                                                             which has a higher
                                                                              pitch because it is
                                                                           tuned to the key of E
                                                                               instead of D. The
                                                                            bottom of the instru-
                                                                                ment is made of
                                                                              sassafras and the
                                                                                 top is reclaimed
      Showing off their woodworking skills are (l) Charles Carson
          of Union Mills, IN, and Dick Reel of LaPorte, IN.

                                                                         The business card
                                                                         of Carl E. Payne
                                                                         says he is a musi-
                                                                         cian, instrument
                                                                         maker and carpenter
                                                                         at Mary’s City of
                                                                         David in Benton
                                                                         Harbor, MI. Here he
                                                                         is talking to Anne
                                                                         Nelson of Union
                                                                         Pier, MI.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                        Page 19
   Have I ever seen such a varied and beautiful selec-
tion of wood? I don’t think so. Ash, aromatic cedar, maple,
oak, cherry, sassafras...the list goes on and on! It
was a touchy, feely kind of event; wood is warm and
alive and whether you were looking for furniture, bowls,
clocks, wall decor, or something for the kids, it was
all there. Even members of the Berrien County
Woodworkers Guild had their own area set up behind
the shop featuring, among other things, a gorgeous
wood bed.
   Center of the World Workshop is located at 13400
Red Arrow Hwy., Harbert, Michigan. Tell them Sally
sent you!
                                                                      Relaxing in the shade were Bob Bender, Betsy Muellen and John Muellen.

  Art & Carol Clark
 were browsing the
  displays. He is a
    member of the
    Berrien County
Woodworkers Guild.

  Bob Mann had to                                                      Visitors to the show include (l-r): Heidi Larson, visiting from San Diego;
 work solo this day                                                           Sarah Doyle (Bridgman, MI); Shawn Konkey (Three Oaks)
  as wife, and busi-                                                                         and Sarah’s daughter, Jade.
       ness partner
     Marilyn, had to
     attend class at
Hope College. Their
   wood and woven
 fiber creations are
 collectively known
   as Meadow View
    (Buchanan, MI).

                                                                       Brothers Chuck and Rob Fisher of Bloomingdale, MI call their business
                                                                             Woodchuck & Co. Their amazing trucks and tractors were
                                                                                 complete and accurate down to the smallest detail.

 Ronald Steinke of Sawyer, MI, showed me some of his beautiful wood
    pictures, just some of his woodworking items. His company is
             natural wood (also his website).                           A close-up of Chuck and Rob’s intricate work.
Page 20                                                                                                             June 27, 2002
                                                                  4th of July at Firefly Festival
                                                              Firefly’s festive 4th of July concert will be held on
                                                           Sat., June 29, 8 p.m., starring the South Bend
                                                           Symphony Pops and lots of fireworks!
                                                              Under the direction of Conductor Tsung Yeh, the
                                                           Pops Symphony Orchestra will present a sparkling
                                                           program featuring American composers and patriotic
                                                              The concert’s dramatic finale will bring people to
                                                           their feet as the music soars, the spotlight shines on
                                                           Old Glory and the fireworks fill the night sky.
                                                              This will be the perfect night for families to gath-
                                                           er on the hillside of St. Patrick’s County Park, 50651
                                                           Laurel Road, South Bend (near the Indiana/Michigan
                                                           state line). There is a lovely outdoor amphitheater and
                                                           room for blankets or lawn chairs; bring your own
                                                           picnic--no alcohol or glass containers permitted.
                                                              Tickets are $14 in advance and $19 at the gate; chil-
                                                           dren ages 6-16 are admitted for $5 and under 6 are
                                                           admitted free. Phone 574/288-3472 or email fire-
                                                              Visit their website at

                                                             Michiana La Leche League Meetings
                                                              Michiana La Leche League will answer questions
                                                           concerning breastfeeding at its July meetings.
                                                              An evening meeting will be held on Tues., July 2,
                                                           8 p.m., in the OB-GYN Suite of The Medical Group,
                                                           1225 E. Coolspring Ave., Michigan City.
                                                              A morning meeting will be held on Thurs., July 11,
                                                           10 a.m., at Zion Lutheran Church, 9009 Pahs Rd.,
                                                           Michigan City.
                                                              Any woman who is interested in breastfeeding or
                                                           is currently breastfeeding may attend. For informa-
                                                           tion, phone Susan, 616/469-2904; Kelly, 219/874-
      Hampton Inn of South Haven and HawksHead
                                                           7026; Carol, 219/872-6201; Gail, 219/324-9622.
    Championship Golf Course team together to bring
     you an incredible hotel/golf package. Overnight
      accommodations for two include the next day’s
     greens fees and cart rental for only $159! (Single                          li


      round $139.) Promotion valid Sunday, Monday


     and Tuesday nights during the 2002 golf season.
                                                                                 W                        CONSTRUCTION

       This is an exclusive offer and must be reserved
    directly with our hotel staff 616/639-8550. Call us                          In
                                                                                                          & RENOVATION
   for more details on this great get-away golf package!

                                                             • Design                                       • Porches • Decks
                                                             • New Construction                             • Windows
                                                             • Remodeling                                   • Flooring
  4299 Cecilia Dr. • South Haven, MI 49090                   • Room Additions
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                                 Page 21

                                                                                           The Ashley Factory
                                                                                             Special Factory
                                                                                                Pricing For A
                                                                                          Limited Time Only.

                                                                                          to Special Factory
                                                                                               Authorized Prices!

  Cottage Retreat
   Buy the 5 Piece
  Bedroom For Only
  Includes the headboard, footboard, rails,
             dresser & mirror.
                                               Buy the 5 Piece Bedroom for Only                                  Buy the 5 Piece Bedroom for Only
            Chest $199                                   Includes the headboard,

                                                                                      $                            Includes the headboard, footboard,

                                                footboard, rails, dresser & mirror.
          Night Stand $99
    Also Available in Deer Creek Maple
                                                             Chest $199
                                                         Night Stand $99
                                                                                                                               rails, dresser & mirror.
                                                                                                                                 Chest $349
                                              Also Available in Light Pine Finish.                                         Night Stand $169

                                                                                                                   (219) 872-6501
                                                                                                                 1106 E US HWY 20
                                                                                                                Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                                                                   Mon. - Thur. 9:30 - 6,
          Visit Us At:                                                        Fri. 9:30 - 8, Sat. 9 - 6
                           Locally Owned Since 1977
Page 22                                                                                                                                June 27, 2002
                                                                                               Art Center Guild Meeting
                    is at

             Great Course - Great Rates!
           $15 Mon/Tues $25 Wed/Thurs
         walking rates - UNLIMITED GOLF!
           Monday Evening 9-Hole Ladies’ League
             Tuesday Morning Senior League
               Still accepting new players - JOIN US!                              (l-r): Linda Hearst, President, Art Center Guild; Lelde Kalmite, Executive
                                                                                        Director of the John G. Blank Center for the Arts; Claire Williams,
    Briar Leaf Golf Club - LaPorte - 9 min. south of New Buffalo on Rt. 39                                 Treasurer, Art Center Guild.
     (219) 326-1992 Toll Free (877) BRIARLEAF
                                                                                      At the June 10 Art Center Guild meeting, Lelde
                                                                                   Kalmite, Executive Director of the John G. Blank Center
                               SUPER DELUXE                                        for the Arts, and guild member, presented an intel-
                                                                                   ligent and informative slide/lecture program, “Path
                  CHINESE BUFFET                                                   of an Artist, Lelde Alida Kalmite, A Closer Look.” She
                                                                                   related that her art was developed within a highly cul-
                          Fortune House                                            tural Latvian family in which her father was a cele-
                             Chinese Restaurant                                    brated artist and she was influenced by the philoso-
                       “The Best Chinese Food in Michigan City”                    phy that “art was most important, money least.”
                                                                                   Upon earning a Master of Fine Art degree at the
                                    872-6664                                       University of Chicago, Lelde Kalmite secured a Ph.D.
                  312 W. U.S. Route 20, Michigan City, IN                          at the University of Minnesota in Art Education.
                              Hours: 11 a.m. - 10 p.m. Everyday
                             Carry Out Available for Buffet & Menu
                                                                                      The presentation of her art collection was infused
                                  We also offer Lunch Menu                         with passion, creativity and wit. Dr. Kalmite shared
                                                                                   the following thoughts with guild members and
                             New Buffet Specials                                   guests: “...the spiritual quest for the truth is the
                             LUNCH BUFFET                                          greatest privilege of an artist, possibly achieved
                              11 AM - 3:30 PM                                      through art.” Lelde Alida Kalmite is a source of pride
                                                                                   to the Blank Center for the Arts as she continues to
       Adults $4.95 • Children $2.95 Under 11                                      be generous in the encouragement of other’s cre-
 Shrimp with Vegetables     Green Pepper Steak          Hot Sour Soup
 Cashew Nut Chicken         Sesame Chicken              Fried Potatoes             ativity.
 Vegetable Delight          Moo Goo Gai Pan             Mongolian Chicken             The next meeting of the Art Center Guild is sched-
 Stir-Fried Mushrooms       Sauteed Green Beans         Fragrant Chicken
 Sechuan Pork               Lo Mein                     Honey Sweet Potato
                                                                                   uled for Mon., July 8, 9:30 a.m., at the Blank Center
 Crab Rangoon               Sweet & Sour Pork           Salads                     for the Arts, 312 E. 8th St., Michigan City. Following
 Chicken on a Stick         Meatballs                   Cookies                    the business meeting, refreshments will be served and
 Egg Roll                   Fried Rice                  Special Fruit Selections
 Egg Drop Soup              Chinese Donut               Ice Cream                  an opportunity to purchase unique boutique items from
              OVER 50 ITEMS ON THE BUFFET                                          the Museum Shop at the “Christmas in July” sale.
          DINNER BUFFET                                                            Members and guests are invited to attend the featured
          4 - 9:30 PM DAILY                                                        program, “Art in the Yard,” and meet the feature
   Adults $6.95 • Children $3.25 Under 11                                          speaker, Donald Bowman, member emeritus of the
      Our dinner buffet includes all of the                                        American Society of Landscape Architect.
  luncheon features plus the following items:
      Seafood Combination
      Spare Rib In House-Special Sauce                                                                        Tuesday - Wine by the Bottle
      Chicken Kabob • Mussels                                                                                     Half price with Dinner
      Sweet & Sour Shrimp                                                                                      Wednesday - Martinis $2.95
      Honey Crisp Chicken                                                                                     Friday - Piano in the Lounge
      Fried Scallops • Fried Fish Sticks                                                                          • PATIO - 9:00 p.m. •
      Cocktail Shrimp                                                                                         Friday - Latin Dance Lesson
   Children under 3 eat free • 10% discount for senior citizens                                               Saturday - Bombay Jazz Trio
 Party Room Available                       Beer & Wine Available
                                                                                      521 Franklin Street, Michigan City (219) 872-4500
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                   Page 23

 40 Anniversary Sale!       th
    40 years in business means you can now get an extra
 $40 trade-in value on any new full-size vacuum, $40 OFF any
       Carpet Shampooer or $40 OFF any Air Purifier
 DUST DEVIL® DELUXE                                      PLATINUM FORCE™                          POWER FLEX          PLATINUM FORCE™
                                                             HAND VAC                                                    EXTRACTOR
                                       3495                                                 4995                     • 2 revolving brushes clean
                                                                                                                       every side of carpet fiber
                                                                                      • Bagless, Clear               • 2 suction nozzles to remove
                                                                                        Dustcap - no more              dirty water
                                                                                        bags to buy                  • Separate shampoo tank
 • Triangle nozzle for hard to reach corners                                          • Tools on-board                 means no more
 • 3 1/2 times more filtering surface area than other
   leading brands                                                                       - Hose                         measuring
 • Weight balanced grip for comfort and                                                 - Crevice Tool               • Shampoo can be
                                                                                        - Dusting Brush                turned off for a
                                                                                      • Quiet, clean                   clean rinse
     SPOT SCRUBBER™                                                                                                  • On-board hose
                                                                            $      95 air 5 amp
  4995                                                                      49          motor                          and cleaning tool
                                                        • 6 amps / 720 watts          • Ideal for all hard
                                                        • Two motor system makes        surfaces - won’t
                                                          this the most powerful hand   mare or scratch
                                                          vac you can buy
 • Convenient hand held design for everyday             • Ready to use on-board hose
   spills and spots
 • Rotating power brush for deep down cleaning
                                                          and crevice tool
                                                        • No more bags or belts                                                            $
 • Long 20’ cord with on-board cord wrap for
   continuous vacuuming power                           • 2 year warranty                                                                      19995
      FREE VACUUM CENTER VAL-U-PAK                                  VACUUM CENTER’S PROMISE                       BAG & BELT SPECIAL
           FREE 6 VACUUM BAGS                                                                                    BUY 2 PKG.            $2 EACH
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                                                                                            10         00
           FREE 1 EXTRA VC BELT                                                                                VACUUM BAGS,
           FREE 1 YR. EXTRA WARRANTY                                COMPETITOR’S                                 GET 1 PKG.               OR
                  With New Vacuum Purchase
                                                                        PRICE BY                                FREE                       $
                                                                                                                                        3/ 5
                       coupon expires 6/30/02                                 coupon expires 6/30/02                  coupon expires 6/30/02

     Keep it                                                                            Family owned and operated since 1962

      Clean !                                                                            1406 Franklin Street • Michigan City

Page 24                                                                                                                  June 27, 2002
    Save the Dunes Council Celebrates 50 Years with a Special B-Earth Day Bash
                                                               by Jan Van Ausdal

   On Saturday afternoon, June 15th, 2002 from noon                   tation by Gary Glowacki on “Reptiles and Amphibians
to 5 P.M., Save the Dunes Council celebrated its 50th                 of the Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore.” Senator
anniversary with a special B-Earth Day Bash at                        Anita Bowser was one of those who were present for
Barker House and woods. Many special activities                       his talk. Gary presented many interesting facts about
took place that day, which was warm and pleasant.                     the species pictured in the slides, some of which fol-
                                                                         The four-toed salamander is a state-endangered
                                                                      species. It is the only salamander with four toes, has
                                                                      a white belly with black spots on it, and spends its entire
                                                                      lifetime within five meters of where it makes its
                                                                         An eastern newt is resistant to fire and secretes a
                                                                      foamy substance from its skin, which is toxic. This newt
                                                                      can walk through fire and lives in ponds.
                                                                         Eastern box turtles have declined over the last 25
                                                                      years. They make great pets and will eat almost
                                                                      anything. They are found throughout the Dunes
                                                                      Park; males have red eyes while females have brown-
  Welcome to the Dunes B-Earth Day at the Barker House & grounds.     ish eyes. These turtles can completely close their
   Visitors to the celebration were welcomed by a                     shells, which will protect them from raccoons.
sign outside the fence, which let them know that                         Gary mentioned many varieties of snakes. Some
additional parking was available at Barker School,                    include the live bearing snakes; the Northern ribbon
just down Barker Road. Entering the grounds, one saw                  snakes, which have scales under their eyes; and the
volunteers and officers who were present to distrib-                  blue racer snake, which actually lays eggs. Gary has
ute literature from a display and answer questions                    scars on his arm from being bitten by a very aggres-
about the Council. The Save the Dunes Council is very                 sive snake, which secretes an anti-coagulant. After the
active in clean water and clean air, which are a nat-                 snake bites, its teeth break off in your skin and you
ural outgrowth from the council. Charlotte Read was                   keep bleeding for a time.
present. She is now Assistant Executive Director                         Gary mentioned that the U.S. Geological Team
and had been Executive Director “for ever and for ever.”              helps out with the research, right by Chelberg Farm.
   The Save the Dunes Council has been preserving                     He said that there will be lots of toads this year,
and protecting the Indiana Dunes since 1952. They                     since we have had so much rain.
are saving a place for future generations of children                    Meanwhile, outside on the grounds of Barker
to grow up: “where the air is clean; where the water                  Woods, many different activities were taking place.
is safe to drink and swim in; and where all people can                I photographed a number of these events and the peo-
enjoy a quality of life that includes a healthy envi-                 ple who were taking part in them.
ronment, a healthy economy, and social equity.”
   One of the first events on June 15th, which were
held inside Barker House, was a slide show presen-

          Gary Glowacki presents a slide show on reptiles &
                 amphibians of the Indiana Dunes.                       Volunteer Amy Belgen (center) supervises the rock painting activity.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                              Page 25

       (l. front to l. center)Ms Lorry Davies & Suzanne Baldwin of
         the Prairie Club with Dot Pakan of the County Minstrels.
                                                                           as were other visitors. Their annual meeting and
                                                                           lunch were recently held at Camp Hazelhurst,
                                                                           Michigan. Lorry said that “The Prairie Club was to
                                                                           the Midwest what the Sierra Club was to the West and
                                                                           the Appalachian Club was to the East.” A video of “The
                                                                           Prairie Club: A History of the Early Years” was pro-
                                                                           duced by Westchester Public Library of Chesterton,
                                                                           Indiana. The Prairie Club is a non-profit volunteer orga-
                                                                           nization, which gathers to enjoy nature and recreation
                                                                           and works to improve our environment.
                                                                             Meanwhile, Guitarist Steve Ball played his guitar
                                                                           and sang while seated on a log in the shade.

Betty Locke watches her granddaughter, Blair Stewart, do a sand casting.
  Many children were enjoying painting rocks, with
the help of Volunteer Amy Belgen. At another table,
Betty Locke’s granddaughter, Blair Stewart, was
making a sand casting. Volunteer Deborah Chubb assist-
ed Celia and Eric Spencer with their sand castings.

                                                                                      Steve Ball, guitarist, sits on a log to entertain.

                                                                              Nearby, George Neagu (Vice President of Friendship
                                                                           Gardens) and Master Gardner Kathy Lewis were in
                                                                           charge of a table where children could make wreaths
                                                                           or other things. They told me, “Tammy (Steinhagen)
                                                                           said the kids will know what to do with the stuff.”
                                                                           Elizabeth Benson and Crystal Kaczmarek had made
                                                                           wreaths while Cheryl and Vince Kaczmarek watched.
                                                                              At another table, Mary Kay Majot of Michigan
                                                                           City was taking a pledge to save the planet by recy-
                                                                           cling and conserving energy as if every day was
        Deborah Chubb, Volunteer, assists Celia & Eric Spencer             Earth Day. One sheet gave suggestions for ways chil-
                     with their sand castings.                             dren could help in energy conservation (such as
  Ms Lorry Davies and Suzanne Baldwin of the                               putting on a sweater instead of turning up the heat
Prairie Club were at a table with scrapbooks and infor-                    in your house). At the table were Floyd Aragon and
mation about this club. Dot Pakan of the County                            Randi Light (Mother Earth).
Minstrels was interested in the club and its activities,                                                    B-Earth Day Continued on Page 26
Page 26                                                                                                              June 27, 2002

  George Neagu & Kathy Lewis (Vice President & Master Gardner at
 Friendship Gardens) with Elizabeth Benson & Crystal Kaczmarek who
 have made wreaths and Crystal’s parents, Vince & Cheryl Kaczmarek.

B-Earth Day Continued from Page 25
  Volunteer Liz Brooks brought materials from the                         Mary Kay Majot, Randi Light (“Mother Earth”) & Floyd Aragon
                                                                                          at the Conservation Booth.
Hammond Reusable Center for children to use to
make Rain Sticks. Materials used by Justin & Josh                       Jeanette Neagu, sisters Ann and Dorothy Potucek,
Katz, Jesse Dominguez, and Grace Coleman were empty                   and Sylvia Troy were chatting by a booth of the
paper towel rolls, tape, yarn, and nails. Another dis-                Northwest Chapter of the Indiana Environmental Health
play featured Composting Gardens from Your Garbage                    Association. These women are Save the Dunes Council
and earthworms in dirt. Volunteer Becky Barloga, an                   members. The Potucek sisters, who live in Whiting,
environmental education consultant with the Paul H.                   mentioned their monthly newspaper, “Write Stuff.” Sylvia
Douglas Center for Environmental Education in                         Troy was the second president of the Save the Dunes
Miller, was explaining this display.                                  Council. They told me, “We had our first man as
                                                                      president. Men presidents can be as good as the
                                                                      women presidents!”

  Liz Brooks helps Justin Katz, Jesse Dominguez, Josh Katz, & Grace
                      Coleman make rain sticks.

                                                                          Jeanette Neagu, Ann Potucek, Sylvia Troy & Dorothy Potucek.

                                                                         The County Minstrels (Dot Pakan and Gary &
                                                                      Susan Brown) were performing their music on an accor-
                                                                      dian, a harmonica, and a guitar, in a shady spot
                                                                      under trees.
                                                                         A most popular ride with the children was a ride
                                                                      in the Swiss Verde car belonging to Walt Breitenger
                                                                      of Valparaiso. He drives his car from Valpo to his work
                                                                      as a stockbroker in Merrillville every day. Away from
                                                                      work, he’s an environmentalist. The car’s slogan is “Burn
                                                                      Fat, Not Fuel.” Pedaling is optional, while the elec-
                                                                      tric motor is necessary. The maximum speed is 54 mph;
                                                                      the car can go about 35 to 50 miles on a charge. The
   Becky Barloga helps with composting gardens from your garbage.     cost is $18,000 (far less than a coronary artery by-pass).
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                  Page 27
                                                                    Dunes.” Also an “Earth Walk” was held for children
                                                                    with environmentalist Randi Light.
                                                                       Inside the Barker House, it was time for cake and
                                                                    coffee to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Save
                                                                    the Dunes Council. One boy told his friend, “Hope there’s
                                                                    enough cake!” The County Minstrels performed for the
                                                                    singing of “Happy Birthday” and during the time
                                                                    refreshments were served. Fifty candles on the large
                                                                    cake were blown out and then the youngest guests were
                                                                    permitted to go first to get their cake. A fitting end
                                                                    to a momentous occasion!

      Alex Smeets helps pedal the “Burn Fat…Not Fuel” Verde.

The car itself weighs about 500 pounds. Walt offered
me a ride so I could see what it felt like to ride so close
to the ground. The bottom of the car inside cannot sup-
port any weight, so one must sit on the seat and
place one’s feet on the pedals. I chose to pedal while
Walt drove out for a short distance on Barker Road.
The car was comfortable, but it felt strange to be in
such a small vehicle and to be so close to the road itself.
    Other afternoon activities included “Biodiversity
in the Dunes” presented by the Grand Calumet Task
Force and a slide presentation by Herb Read on “Lost                           Lighting the 50 candles on the birthday cake.

                                                                              Longevity is evident in the Save the
                                                                              Dunes Council as this photo includes
                                                                              members from 1963 and earlier.

          (l-r): Herb Read, Naomi Ireland and Elizabeth Fulghum
                  are charter members of Save the Dunes Council
                 having been members since its inception in 1952.
Page 28                                                                                                                         June 27, 2002
                                                                            4th of July at Hesston Steam Museum
       “Revisit Our Past”
                                  New notecard series of Michigan City
                                  vintage photographs digitally restored
                                            on archival paper.

                                      Perfect for mailing, framing or
                                    preserving for future generations.

                                  *Images also available in larger sizes
                                      to frame for home or office.
 now available at
            Framing Station
           912 Franklin, Michigan City           879-2115
 Monday - Friday 9 to 5, Saturday 10 to 4               ayr

              O'Baran, inc.
  Custom Furniture, Cabinets and Millwork
                                                                            The C.S.K., a Czechoslovakian engine built in 1939, was brand new
                                                                            when hidden from the Nazis under a straw pile and kept hidden until
                                                                           war’s end. The boiler was fired for the first time at Hesston in 1986, with
                                                                                                       much ceremony.

                                                                              The Hesston Steam Museum is getting all steamed-
                                                                           up for another big 4th of July celebration. The whole
                                                                           family can enjoy a trip back in a time of steam!
                                                                           Steam is the power that built this great nation. At the
                                                                           Hesston Steam Museum you can ride three steam rail-
                                                                           roads. You will see the steam sawmill cut logs into rough-
                                                                           cut lumber and the kids can play in a real caboose!
                                                                              The Museum will be open, rain or shine from noon
                                                                           to 5 p.m. Food is available on the grounds and the park-
                                                                           ing is free. Train rides are just $3 for adults and $2
                                                                           for kids.
                                                                              The Hesston Steam Museum is located between New
  Quartered Maple Library Wall                                             Buffalo and LaPorte, and just east of Hwy 39 on
                                                                           County Road 1000 North. The Hesston Steam Museum
     Custom Furniture                                                      is open holidays and weekends all summer long.
   Pride in Workmanship                                                    Visit their website or phone 872-5055.

          Expertise in
       manufacturing is
       invaluable to the
       creative process

  When you can’t find it,                     Shoji Screen -
  we will make it for you.                  Mahogany with Silk

                                                  Tel: (219) 871-0092
 1002 W. Green Street                      Toll Free: (866) 524-8297
 Michigan City, IN 46360                         Fax: (219) 871-0093
 Email:           Toll Free Fax: (866) 524-8298
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                     Page 29

                                                                                                      (800) 958-5030
                                                                                                      (219) 873-1855
                                                                                                         Office At:
                                                                                                    403 Lake Shore Drive

             TING                                                                   TING
      NEW LIS                                      new 2 story. 5            NEW LIS
                                                   bedrooms, 3
                                                   baths, plus first
                                                   floor bedroom
                                                   fireplace, air
                                                   kitchen & din-
                                                   ing area with
                                                   granite tops, first
                                                   floor screen          THE “MOON VALLEY LODGE”. Own a piece of Sheridan
                                                   porch, 3 open         Beach history. A perfect cottage placed high above Sheridan Beach.
                                                   decks.                Enjoy incredible privacy placed above Beachwalk with great Lake
                                                                         Michigan views. Property comes with an additional lakeview
                TO VIEW, CALL VERNE DUNN                                 build site. Both house and lot available for $355,000. Call Mike
            1-888-492-3405 • 1-800-814-7501                              Conner for a showing.
                                                OWN WHAT
                                                MAY BE the best
                                                renovated prop-
                                                erty on Franklin
                                                Square. A long
                                                term tenant on
                                                the first floor and
                                                a completely
                                                remodeled 2
                                                bedroom apart-
                                                ment on second
                                                floor with ten-          CAN YOU BE 3 blocks to the beach for less than $200,000? Call
                                                ant. Possibility         me to find out how much less than $200,000 will put you in this
  for a third unit and property comes with adjacent lot. Call for        adorable cottage on Hilltop.
  income and possibilities.                                                                 CALL MIKE 873-1855
                                                                                                                               6 UNIT
             TING                                                                   TING                                             S
      NEW LIS                                                                NEW LIS

  NEW CONSTRUCTION. 4 blocks to beach. A contemporary dream.             WHY BUY A COTTAGE for $300,000 when you could have 6
  3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, 2 fireplaces with 2 car garage.              units across from the beach for $355,000? Don’t worry about
  Hardwood floors, laundry room. All appliances are in. Call             parking! 6 spaces available with the building. Incredible lake
  for list of upgrades.                          $
                                                  279,900                views you could have from a rooftop deck. Call Mike Conner
                                                                         at 873-1855.
Page 30                                                                                                  June 27, 2002
                                                                 LB Civic Announces T-shirt Designer
                                                                                               Vladimir Reichl was cho-
                                                                                            sen by the Long Beach Civic
                                                                                            Association as T-shirt design
                                                                                            artist this year.
                                                                                               Vladimir was born in
                                                                                            1911 in the town of Plzen,

         Mark your calendar                                                                 Austria-Hungary which is
                                                                                            now the Czech Republic.
            for a day at                                                                    He practiced his father’s

          Lake Bluff Park!                                                                  trade in the printing busi-
                                                                                            ness. His career led him
                                                                                            to the United States where
     St. Joseph, MI • July 13 and 14                                                        he worked in book design for
                                                                                            the American Library
     Saturday 10-6 • Sunday 10-5                                                            Association, The University
                                                                                            of Chicago Press, and R.R.
  616-983-0271                                   Vladimir Reichl     Donnelley and Sons. He
                                                                attended classes at The Art Institute of Chicago and
                                                                in 1963 moved to Roslyn Trail in Long Beach where
                                                                he raised four of his five children.
                           We Have What You’re Looking For…
                                                                   His inspiration for this year’s T-shirt design came
                             From Installation to Inspiration   from the beauty he sees in Long Beach. “We live in
                                                                a park. Someone should take pictures of our neigh-
                                                                borhood and publish them in a book.” Vladimir enjoys
                                                                sketching and drawing from life. He has been a mem-
                                                                ber of the Michigan City Art League for several years
                                                                and just celebrated his 91st birthday.
                                                                   The Long Beach Civic Association states that he is
                                                                “an asset in our community and an inspiration to us
                              kitchens, baths, and flooring     all. Thank you for your contribution to this year’s 4th
                                                                of July festivities.”
                                                                 Hours: 10:30 to 6                        616/469-6151
                                              For the Best
                                           Selection, Quality                            The
                                               and Price!
                                           See the Kitchen &                       Villager
                                            Bath Experts at                      GIFTS • ACCESSORIES
                                          Duneland Interiors!
                                                                 100 N. Whittaker Street               New Buffalo, MI

  KITCHEN CABINETS,                                                     NOW OPEN
    CARPET, WOOD                                                  DOCKSIDE CAFE                                 Featuring…
                                                                                                             Deli Sandwiches
     & LAMINATE,
                                                                                                             Hot Sandwiches
    CERAMIC TILE                                                  On The Waterfront                          Salads & Extras
  Bring us your plans or let us                                   Open Monday - Friday             Muffins, Cookies, Pasteries
   draw your kitchen for you!                                     6 a.m. to 2 p.m.                       Brownies, Ice Cream
      Contractors Welcome                                         Saturday & Sunday
                                         BATHS                    6 a.m. to 5 p.m.                  Washington Park Marina
                                                                                                     (Near Millenium Park)
                 DUNELAND INTERIORS                               219-871-0645
     1916 East Highway 20 (Across from Trail Creek Liquors)                                          Michigan City, Indiana
                Michigan City, Indiana 46360
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                  Page 31

                                       OF      MICHIGAN, INC.
                                             Gail Lowrie ................616/469-1098               Janet Prince ................616/469-8736
                                             Donna Iwamoto..........616/469-8200                    Betty Ramsey .............616/469-3711
    439 S. Whittaker Street
    New Buffalo, MI. 49117                   Elaine Musse..............616/469-8728                 Bonnie Meyer ............219/874-2000
         616/469-8300                        Karen Strohl...............616/469-8732                Debbie Jacobson ........616/469-8727
         888/257-5800                        Tami Lile-Swart .........616/428-0176

  Traditional Forest Beach Cottage that is perfect        Designed For Year Round Entertainment,          This Lovely Home is situated beside the
  for entertaining. Enter through the covered front       this 3 bedroom, 3 bath brick ranch offers       golf course in a quiet wooded section of
  porch to the large great room with fireplace, built-    deeded Timerlane beach access, a new            Grand Beach. It is approximately 10 years
  in bookshelves and pristine kitchen that has built-     kitchen, fireplace in family room, 3-season     new and has been meticulously maintained
  in side-by-side refrigerator, dishwasher and an         porch, large landscaped yard and in-ground      and enhanced by the current owners. Three
  island with granite countertop and built-in JennAire
                                                          pool.                             $
                                                                                              274,500     bedrooms, 2 baths, bright vaulted living room,
  range. 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, wood floors AND
  unfinished lower level with two additional bedrooms                 Call Betty Ramsey.                  wood and ceramic flooring, beautiful gar-
  possible. Garage, deck and private beach access                                                         dens and at the end of a cul-de-sac.
  complete the package.                       $
                   Call Gail Lowrie.                                                                                 Call Elaine Musse.

  Romantic Country Escape…Tucked away                     Completely Rehabbed Cottage just four           Price Reduced!! This charming New
  on nearly 4 acres of lush landscaping is an             short blocks to Lake Michigan beach. Crisp      Buffalo City home has been reduced for a
  elegantly rustic home of 5064 sq.ft. and a              and clean, new windows, furnace, elec-          quick sale. Three plus bedrooms, formal
  charming 1500 sq.ft. guest house. Wisconsin             tric, A/C and roof. Located in Michigan City,   dining room with built-in cabinet, fire-
  boulder stone fireplaces, blue stone floors,            IN.                                $
                                                                                               132,500    place in den and 15x15 deck that over-
  patios and walkways, cedar shake roofs, heat-                     Call Bonnie “B” Meyer.                looks a ravine. Walk to town, marina or New
  ed floors and 4 car garage.        $
                                       919,000                                                            Buffalo beach. A great price at $263,000
   Call Laurie Popovich @312-264-5808.                                                                                Call Betty Ramsey.

                             Check out our entire inventory at
Page 32                                                                                                           June 27, 2002
                                                                 5-K Run Opens Fourth Festivities
                                     The largest
                                    selection of
      Fresh Produce sportswear
          for kids, adults and large sizes
               in Southwest Michigan                            The Fourth of July festivities in Long Beach will
            122 N. Whittaker St., New Buffalo, MI            begin early with the annual running of the Old School
            616-469-4980 • fax 616-469-7764
                                                             Run, a 5-K with its start and finish in front of the Old
                                                             School Community Center.
                                                                The race starts at 7 a.m. and follows a course that

            JEFF BRO                                         heads east on Belle Plaine then crosses the golf
                                                             course between the 2nd Hole green and the 3rd Hole
                                                             tee to loop through the subdivisions surrounding
                                                             Clare Lake. Race founder Hal Higdon notes that five

                                                             kilometers is just over three miles, but admits that

                                                             the (unmeasured) course is probably a bit short.
                                                                “This is more fun run than serious race,” admits
                                                             Higdon. “If you run fast enough, you’re almost certainly
                                                             guaranteed to set a Personal Record on our short
                                        RI O

                                                             and fast course.”
                                                                There is no advance registration. Sign up begins in
                                                             the lobby of the Old School Community Center, inland
                                                             just off Stop 24, at 6:30 a.m. the morning of Thursday,
                                                             July 4. The entry fee of $5.00 will be donated to the
                                                             Center. Participants will win certificates donated by
                                                             The Beacher. There will also be a short event after the
   Dine Inside or For a More Casual Relaxed Dining           5-K for any children who come with their runner
                      Experience                             parents or wander on by.
                JOIN US ON OUR DECK

    Great LIVE Music, Wonderful Food, Drink Specials                                  sound fitness                fitness is ageless
                                                                                           lifestyle                    Special Rate
               All in a Casual Atmosphere                                       weight management                    For New Clients

   Starting Friday - June 14th 7:00pm to 10:00 pm
     and playing EVERY FRIDAY night thru August
          O'Brien’s Restaurant will be featuring                                                     Craig English
            The Jeff Brown Trio (Jazz Trio)                                                       Personal Trainer
                 ALSO Join Us On Sundays
     June 23rd, June 30th & July 7th - 5:00pm-8:00pm
 for Live Music on our beautiful deck (weather permitting)                                      discounted 10 session package

                           For More Information call                          train in the comfort of your (or our) home gym environment
                                                                                                             we carry protein/supplements
                                                                                                                     call: 219.879.5559
            Restaurant & Bar at Whittaker Woods                       In Need of Motivation? Looking for a Customized Fitness Program?
June 27, 2002                                           Page 33

                     When it comes to respiratory care,
                     LaPorte Hospital is recognized
                     for excellence.
                       The Lung Center at LaPorte
                     Hospital – distinguished by the
                     American Lung Association of
                     Indiana – is the only educational
                     and disease management resource
                     center in the area. Our mission is
                     to help those with COPD, asthma,
                     and other respiratory conditions
                     learn more about how to manage
                     their disease most effectively.
                       Under the leadership of
                     Thomas M. Calvin, MD, FACP,
                     the specialized staff of the
                     Lung Center is dedicated to all
                     facets of respiratory health – help-
                     ing patients and members
                     of the community learn how to
                     prevent respiratory problems
                     and lead healthier, more produc-
                     tive lifestyles.
                     For more information about
                     LaPorte Hospital’s Excellence
                     in Respiratory Care, contact
                     the Lung Center today
                     at (219) 326-2396.

      Recognized for Excellence
      in Respiratory Care
                                      Lung Center
                                    (219) 326-2396

Page 34                                          June 27, 2002        June 27, 2002                                         Page 35

                                                                   Known as the largest Flag Day parade in the nation,
                                                                 Three Oaks was host to 128 units in last Sunday’s event.
                                                                 The weekend started off on Friday with a dance and
                                                                 carnival. On Saturday there was a baseball tournament,
                                                                 pet parade and tug-of-war competitions. The weekend cul-
                                                                                                             minated on
                                                                                                             Sunday with
          50th Anniversary For Flag Day Parade                                                               the parade.

                in Three Oaks, Michigan
Page 36                                                                                                 June 27, 2002
                                                                     Samantha’s Ice Cream Social
  Peace begins within.                                           Join International Friendship Gardens at Purdue
                                                              University North Central for Samantha’s Ice Cream
                                                              Social, An American Girl’s Event. Samantha’s Ice
     Find it. Now.                                            Cream Social is a party inspired by the stories of

                                                              Samantha Parkington—the Victorian heroine of the
                                                              American Girls Collection, which is a series of historical
                                                              fiction for girls seven and up. An on-screen show will
                                                              bring the world of 1904 alive with historical photos
                                                              and period film footage. The music of Samantha’s day
                                                              will be played, door prizes will be drawn and American
                                                              girls, their families, friends and favorite dolls will enjoy
    Dancing Feet Yoga & Massage                               ice cream sundaes.
                                                                 Proceeds from this event will help the garden with
                             the creation of a Children’s Garden at International
           Get the info. Call now.                            Friendship Gardens. The event will take place Sat.
               219•872•9611                                   & Sun., July 13 & 14, at 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. on both
                                                              days. Tickets are $20 per person and are limited and
                                                              will be issued on a first-come, first-served basis.
                                                                 For more information, phone 878-9885, or the
                                                              LaPorte County Convention and Visitors Bureau,

 Old School Run                                               872-5055.

                                                                        PNC Information Session
                                                                 Purdue University North Central will host infor-
                                                              mation sessions at several locations during the com-
                                                              ing weeks. Prospective students are invited to attend
                                                              to meet with PNC representatives to learn about
                                                              educational opportunities at the PNC campus and at
                                                              evening locations throughout the area.
                                                                 On Thurs., July 11, the information session will be
                                                              held at Hampton Inn, Michigan City, from 6:30-8
                                                              p.m. The sessions are free and no reservations are nec-
                                                              essary. Prospective students should bring academic
                                                              records, proof of high school graduation and other appro-
                                                              priate documents if they wish to begin the admissions
  Start the Fourth of July with a bang!                          For more information, phone 872-0527, ext. 5505.
    Run (or walk) 5 Kilometers (about 3 miles), beginning
 at 7:00 A.M. at the Old School. The event will follow
 a scenic course through Long Beach and Long Beach
    No advance entry needed or accepted: Just show up                     RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL
 in your running gear ready to go! There will also be a           COMPLETE ELECTRICAL SERVICE
 short-distance running event around the parking lot for
 children.                                                      • Service Upgrades
                                                                • New Construction
    The $5.00 entry fee will be used to support Long Beach
                                                                • Remodeling
 Community Center activities. This is a low-key event with      • Structured Cabling Certified
 no prizes, but everyone who finishes will receive an award     • Licensed and Insured
 certificate featuring the drawing of the Old School
 above.                                                                           (219) 369-1836
                                                                                  Outside LaPorte Area
     Sponsored by The Beacher Business Printers                              Call Toll Free 1-877-369-1836
June 27, 2002                                                                              Page 37

  Need carpet?
  We have ....
                                AUT T
                              BE PE

   35ON                   SALE
                              C AR ES
                                                            **NO INTEREST
                                                         FOR ONE FULL YEAR
                                                         FOR ONE FULL YEAR

                                        carpet removal & disposal
                                               CARPET                         GLUELESS

      FOR THIS SALE:                    REMNANTS                          LAMINATE
                                        $                                 $     79 sq. ft.
                                           39                               1
      Mon. - Wed. 9-5
      Thurs. & Fri. 9-8                                   and up
       Saturday 10-5
       Sunday 12-5                    INSTALLATION AVAILABLE            INSTALLATION AVAILABLE

                                                                  2052 E. U.S. Highway 20
      MICHIGAN CITY’S                                             Michigan City, IN 46360

                                                                   EVERGREEN PLAZA
                                                                 (NEXT TO EVERGREEN FURNITURE)

                        ** MINIMUM FINANCE PURCHASE: $500.00
Page 38                                                                                                    June 27, 2002

                                                                  What? Gourmet Food in an Art
   foodstuff by carolyn m connell                 c

   When I walked into Panozzo’s Pantry, I
thought I was in an art gallery. No, not one
of those snooty ones on Chicago’s Oak
Street, but a pleasant, friendly, neighbor-
ly art gallery at the edge of New Buffalo.
   Along with being a lovely-to-look-at
gallery, there’s a spacious array of useful
oils, flavored vinegars, fancy pastas, all that
good stuff, and all beautifully displayed.
Gourmet food is also offered – things like
chocolate sauce in a tall sleek bottle (said
to be a finer hostess gift than a bottle of
imported wine), numerous cheeses, Italian
breads, Scottish oatmeal, imported candies,
Irish chocolates. Too, there’s kitchen uten-
sils made of everything from stainless to
neon, cutting boards, table linens plus
crockery bowls, hand painted tableware.
There’s even an avocado peeler with its own                      Panozzo’s Pantry, New Buffalo, Michigan
personal television set to outline its good points!         café in Lakeside, Michigan, and, for years, was a
Another unusual kitchen item – squishy flexible sil-        popular spot for breakfasts and Sunday brunches. Now,
icon cake and pie “pans” and cookie sheets. These are       if you want a Panozzo breakfast, I suggest you buy
used and loved all over France. Amazing – squishy pie       one of her cookbooks – yes, you guessed it, Breakfast
pans?                                                       at Panozzo’s – and have the pleasure of constructing
                                                               your own meal from many recipe choices. Among
                                                               them are French toasts, syrups, a tofu-eggless
                                                               assembly, various biscuits. From one of her other
                                                               books, mentioned below, I myself am planning a
                                                               brunch for fellow food-nut friends, and treating them
                                                               to Patty’s Asparagus and Smoked Salmon Crépes.
                                                               That recipe sounds spectacular.
                                                                  Why did Patty Panozzo, chef/owner/cooking
                                                               teacher of this art gallery, open this beautiful shop?
                                                               She’s determined to make your cooking chores eas-
                                                               ier and more beautiful. She contends gourmet
                                                               products encourage high-flavor-but-low-effort for
                                                               modern day cooks, most of whom are too busy to spend
                                                               much time in their kitchens. She adds that high-
                                                               end kitchen equipment increases one’s production
                                                               in that kitchen, making food preparation more
                      Our friendly art gallery.                attractive, inviting and just downright fun.
   There’s some strange names of items, like Star of              At the back of the gallery, there’s usually some
Anise oil, Spicy Chili Bean Glaze, Ginger Splash            tasty foodstuff, made from Panozzo’s cookbooks with
Dressing. There are olives galore – tipsy, a melange        the Pantry’s products, for us browsers/customers to
of several kinds, Scarlet O’Hara’s drunkens; the vine-      sample. There, too, you’ll see the stately vintage
gars include spicy pecan, key lime, late harvest reis-      stove used for those food bites. That lovely appli-
ling. It really does go on and on. Part of the shop is      ance will also accommodate the upcoming cooking class-
devoted to books, and not just cookbooks – Harbor Muse      es. The schedule includes creating appetizers, doing
also offers magazines, newspapers, books, greeting cards,   lunch (“Let’s DO lunch instead of just GOING to
children’s games and more.                                  lunch”), a café favorite — salad samplers, and clas-
   The lovely smell of good coffee wafts around the shop,   sic holiday menus. During this busy summer season,
inviting you to take a relax-break before continuing        there will probably be one class per month, perhaps
your browsing and shopping. Panozzo’s used to be a          two, with the pace stepping up smartly next fall.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                     Page 39
                                                                     recipe. Oh, by the way, Patty says women grillers are
                                                                     allowed, too – as long as it won’t interfere with the
                                                                     clever name of the contest, Boot Camp Grill Off!
                                                                     Entertainment for this pleasant competition will be
                                                                     provided by Michigan’s own Art Gomper Blue Grass
                                                                     Band. Can anything be more fun than grillin’ and foot
                                                                     stompin’ in such attractive surroundings on a lovely
                                                                     summer day?
                                                                        On the 21st, when the barbecue and the blue grass
                                                                     concert end, stroll through the beautiful friendly art
                                                                     gallery that’s full of all that wonderful stuff! And
                                                                     enjoy to the hilt.

    Patty Panozzo is launching one of her popular cooking classes.
                  (Note the elegant vintage stove.)

   In Patty’s recently published cookbook A Need to
Feed, I found the recipes enjoyable (see my favorite
below), but I also felt I’d been introduced to her
entire family. Nona-next-door (her Italian grandma)
and grandma-down-the-road (the one from Croatia),
brother Alex sharing his leg of lamb recipe, her dad
Tony an agri-producer of over 2,000 acres near
Kankakee, sisters Marie and Lorena. And the intro-
duction to her “no fail” oil pie crust reads: My moth-                          My favorite art gallery has a pretty yard, too.
er, Rose Panozzo, taught me how to make this pie crust
when I was a little girl. It has never failed me. Thanks,              Panozzo’s Pantry Spinach Olive Pasta Salad
Mom! This is obviously a 100 percent food family.                         With all the beautiful gourmet foods in my
   Having transferred the Pantry to this handsome loca-                shop, I cannot resist putting recipes together using
tion, one of Panozzo’s dreams is to sponsor out-                       some of these delicious products. The reality of the
standing mini-farmers’ markets on their lawns in                       situation is – the foods are great and if it makes
future summertimes. Patty also hopes to have music                     our lives easier, why not!
events in the Pantry’s pretty yard. Ah, so much to do;                    Cook in plenty of boiling salted water until al
so little time.                                                        dente
                                                                       1 bag Castellana Pasta (a pasta shaped like olive
                                                                       leaves, spinach flavored)
                                                                          Drain and rinse.
                                                                       1 ea.24 oz jar Rao’s Siciliana Sauce (delicious
                                                                       marinara sauce with eggplant)
                                                                       1 ea.12 oz jar garlic stuffed olives, sliced (Miss
                                                                       Scarlet’s Drunken brand)
                                                                       1/3 c.Olive juice from the garlic stuffed olives
                                                                       1 small jar black gourmet olives, cut up
                                                                       1 bag fresh spinach, sliced (reserve some for gar-
                                                                       nish) (ed: I used packaged baby spinach – nice and
                                                                       easy and quick)
                                                                       1 pepper, sliced
                                                                       1 med.Vidalia or red onion, thinly sliced
                                                                       1/2 c.parsley, chopped
                 More enticing displays of foodstuff.                  1/2 c.extra virgin olive oil
                                                                       1/2 c.balsamic vinegar
  Actually, there’s a big event coming up soon, com-
                                                                       2-4 tsp. Italian seasoning (oregano, basil, rosemary,
plete with music – mark your calendars now, men –
                                                                       marjoram, etc.)
yes, I said men. Sunday July 21st they’re “looking for
                                                                       or 1 c. fresh mixed chopped herbs
a few good men with grills.” The contest requires
                                                                       salt/pepper to taste
the use of one of the Pantry’s many shelf products (e.g.,
                                                                          Toss well and adjust seasoning. Garnish with
Char Crust, Bone Suckin’ Sauce, Killer BBQ Sauce,
                                                                       olives and spinach leaves.
Jim Beam sauces, jalapeno marinade) in the contest
                                                                          Panozzo’s Pantry, 19135 West US Route 12, New
ingredients. Each contestant must bring a sample into
                                                                       Buffalo, MI 49117
Panozzo’s for tasting/judging, along with a rough
Page 40                                                                                                                                   June 27, 2002

                                 A Night at the Morris

                              Deepak Chopra                                                    FRIDAY, JUNE 28
                                                                                               8:30-9:30 p.m. WILDFLOWERS OF THE DUNES. Want
                                                              - and -                          to enhance your next hike in dune country? Come to
                                                                                               a visual presentation featuring flowers of every habi-
                                          Michael .itzpatrick                                  tat in the park, along with some really wild blooms!
                                                                                               Then, next time you’re bored with the beach, go on a
                                          Cellist & composer will perform Compassion,          wildflower scavenger hunt on one of the dunes’ many
                                          the work he presented to the Dalai Lama.             trails. Meet at the National Lakeshore Campground
 Prolific author and lecturer will re-                                                         SATURDAY, JUNE 29
 flect on the search for our true self.
                                                    Tickets $37.50*                            8:30-9:30 p.m. CHICAGO’S RING OF FIRE. Attention
                                          Call 574.235.9190 or 1.800.537.6415,
                                                                                               “Baby Boomers!” Do you remember backyard bomb
                                          visit The Morris Box Of fice or                      shelters, the Bay of Pigs, or the Cuban Missile Crisis?
                                                                What comes to mind when you hear the term “Cold
                                                                                               War?” Did you know the Indiana dunes played a
                                          *Event is included in the registration fee for The   vital role during this trying time? Join a ranger at the
                                          Midwest Convergence. For information on The
                                          Convergence, email      National Lakeshore Campground Amphitheater for
                                          or go to              an informative presentation on this little known
                                                                                               piece of Dune Country history.
                                          Tuesday, July 2 at 7 P.M.                    EST
                                          Morris Performing Arts Center                        SUNDAY, JUNE 30
                                          200 N. Michigan St., South Bend, IN 46601
                                                                                               Noon-3 p.m. HORSING AROUND: WORKING THE
 Sponsored by Human Spirits Uniting • P.O. Box 1216 • Mishawaka, IN 46546                      FIELD. Whether plowing, discing, cultivating or
                                                                                               mowing, draft horses play an important part at the
                                                                                               Chellberg Farm. Observe horse power first hand as
                                                                                               Farmer Jim gets Mollie, Linda and/or Amber harnessed,
                                                                                               hitched and headed out to the fields (weather per-
                                                                                               mitting). Park at Bailly/Chellberg parking lot.
                                                                                               For more information, phone 926-7561, ext. 225.

                                                                                                 HANDMADE CERAMIC TILES FOR YOUR HOME
                                                                                                                     Arboreal Arts by Halcyon Domanski
                                                                                                                    smurals sfountains smosaic
                                                                                                                   sfireplaces skitchens sfloors
                                                                                                                  scounters sback splashes sbaths
                                                                                                                    Create a home you'll love to live in!

                                                                                                  DENNISON ENGINEERING, INC.
                                                                                                         Heating & Air Conditioning Specialists
                                                                                                                    “Free Estimates”

                                                                                                                      “LET US WORK FOR YOU”
                                                                                                                       Over 30 Years Experience

                                                                                                                               1115 Franklin Street
                                                                                                 DENNIS RIECHEL                Side Entrance
                                                                                                 (219) 872-2474                Michigan City, IN 46360
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                          Page 41

                                              Saturday, July 13,
                                           at 11:00 A.M. and 3 P.M.
                                              Sunday, July 14,
                                           at 11:00 A.M. and 3 P.M.
                                         Purdue University North
                                          1401 South US Hwy. 421
                                                  Tickets: $20
                                               ($10 is tax-deductible)

                                             A party inspired by
                                                 the stories of
            Presented by                   Samantha Parkington—
International Friendship Gardens            the Victorian heroine of
            to establish                      The American Girls
      a Children’s Garden                         Collection.®

  Send a check for $20 for each ticket and your choice of day and time to
                    International Friendship Gardens
                 P.O. Box 8834, Michigan City, IN 46360
       For more information, call (219) 878-9885 or (219) 872-0235.

                                                           C from Chicago and onlynorthwestfrom Lakean hour’s drive
                                                             onveniently located in
                                                                                                     Michigan, this
                                  new, gated community features European-style stucco homes
                                  situated among 150 wooded acres and ponds.
        • Prices starting from $150,000 – including lot, basement & garage.
        • Preconstruction pricing and lot selections through August 15, 2002.
        • A maintenance-free, multigenerational community.
        • Perfect for empty nesters or a great summer home.
        • Homes built exclusively by Patriot Homes, Inc.
         Chaumières Près du Lac Sales Office: 4004 North State Road 39, LaPorte, IN 46350
                                 Call toll free: 866.325.0850
                                                                         Driving directions:
        From Chicago, take the I-80/90 Toll Road east to Exit 49 (LaPorte). Left on SR 39; 1/4 mile on right. Look for Chaumières signage.
Page 42                                                                                                           June 27, 2002
                                                                                 Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering
                                                                            The Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering will celebrate its
                                                                         30th anniversary on Fri., Sat. & Sun., June 28-30, at
                                                                         Battle Ground, Indiana. Held annually since 1973, the
                                                                         Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering is a nationally renown
                                                                         three-day traditional acoustic music festival featur-
                                                                         ing some of the country’s finest old-time, bluegrass and
                                                                         folk musicians on one stage.
                                                                            Headlining this year’s event is The Special Consensus,
                                                                         one of the country’s most sought after bluegrass
                                                                         ensembles. Over the past 25 years, the group has secured
                                                                         a reputation for being a hard-driving and highly
                                                                         “musical” acoustic ensemble. Led by virtuoso banjoist
                                                                         Greg Cahill, the group has toured extensively in the
                                                                         US and Europe, appeared on countless radio and
                                                                         television shows, performed with symphony orches-
                                                                         tras and amassed a wealth of critical kudos.
                                                                            Also appearing will be The Juggernaut Jug Band.
                                                                         They have opened for Leon Russell, Riders in the Sky
                                                                         and appeared on NBC’s Today Show.
                                                                            Regional artists will display crafts, and the Americus
                                                                         Quilters Club will show its work. The Tippecanoe
                                                                         Battlefield Museum will also be open.
                                                                            Food and musicians’ supplies will be available on
                                                                         the grounds. Musicians are encouraged to bring their
                                                                         instruments and lawn chairs should be brought for
                                                                            Tickets are various prices from $5-$9 and can be
                                                                         obtained by phoning 765/742-1419 or visit www.indi-

T he East Shore of Pine Lake
                                                                            The Tippecanoe Battlefield is located 7 miles north
                                                                         of Lafayette, just off exit 178 of I-65.

 Le’ Cabernet                                 ’ Bar                               family traditions to go.
  For an evening of fine       Visit our Sports                            come for the ice cream. leave with the memories.
  dining visit Le’Cabernet     with Weekly Live                           the soda fountain at temples. 816 jefferson laporte.
  & experience French          Entertainment!
                               • Full menu ranging from Steak’s
  Mediterranean cuisine,       to seafood • Picnic Cruises, delicious
  intimate atmosphere,         Menu &Beverage only $15 per person
                               • Entertainment • Strolling Minstrels
  full bar & wine list.        • Close Up Magician • Boat Drive Up
  Menu changes every           • Lakefront Dining • Spectacular View
  6 weeks.                     Famous Sunday
                               Brunch 9:30am-2:00pm                                                     Interiors
  “A New star in the           Roskoe’s serves dozens of items                                          Residential - Commercial
                               featuring: Carved Prime Rib & Ham,
  region” DINING OUT           made to order Omelettes, and made
                                                                                                      Saugatuck - Douglas Michigan
  in the region Reviewed by    to order Belgium Waffles. Numerous                                           Servicing Indiana &
  Jane & Phillip Dunne         other entrees. Salad and Dessert                                      Michigan Lakeshore Communities
  The TIMES Newspaper          Tables. Coffee and Juice also included!

            (800) 575-3880 • (219) 325-3880                                 VON DER HEIDE              616.857.8035
                1110 Lakeside, LaPorte, Indiana                             INCORPORATED       
        visit our website at www.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                 Page 43

                                 Now you can be
                                 in two places at once!
                                 No, we’re not a cloning lab!
                                 The Other You is your personal
                                 housewarming and home concierge service. You’ll savor your weekends and
                                 extended stays here all the more when you let us attend to all the time-consuming
                                 necessities of home preparation, before you and your guests arrive:
                                 • Purchase groceries, newspapers and home items
                                 • Drop-off and pick-up laundered/dry cleaning items
                                 • Run errands
                                 • Coordinate dinner, birthday, beach and other parties, from candles to caterers
                                 • Make dinner reservations, purchase event tickets
       Dawn Schmidt              • Schedule tee times
                                 • Hire, schedule and oversee home services

                                 The Other You is worry-free and detail-oriented, so you can spend your precious
                                 time at leisure. We understand your expectations:
                                 • High standard of service
      P.O. Box 9571              • Impeccable reliability
  Michigan City, IN 46361        • Absolute confidentiality
                                 • Reasonable hourly rates
   219•898•7384                  Cut down your “to-do” list to one item: call

         3 short blocks. Just 4 years new this New                                                      Carlson
         England style home sits on a high but accessible

   B     site with loads of off-street parking. 39' great room
         flows into massive deck in the trees. Built like a
         fortress, this 2-3 bedroom home has 10'' poured
         cement walls up to the roof. Open staircase, crown

   E     moulding, custom trim, wood floors and bright
         finished lower level for all your friends make this
         the perfect beach house.


  selling homes inc                                              123 T                         888.500.0492 V/P
                                                                                               Licensed IN/MI
Page 44                                                                                 June 27, 2002

  Jessica Tampas Photography, Ltd.             E-mail:


                                            2501 Oriole Trail, Long Beach

                                              We are very excited around here with the 4th of July
                                           celebration right around the corner. The town of
                                           Long Beach is hosting a July 5th Concert in the Park
                                           from 6:30-10 p.m. outside on the grounds of the
                                           Community Center. Two of the Midwest’s finest gui-
                                           tarists, Bruce Hastell and Steve Ball, have part-
                                           nered with the creators of Project: Experience Music
                                           Camp and the South Shore Band to provide our com-
                                           munity with a night of crowd pleasing musical enter-
                                           tainment. We will be serving hickory smoked BBQ pork
                                           sandwich dinners at a cost of $6.50 and proceeds
                                           will benefit the Community Center. We ask that tick-
                                           ets be purchased in advance from the Long Beach Town
                                           Hall or at the Community Center during office hours
                 Portraits                 on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1-5 p.m. Of course,
  Chicago, Illinois            Michigan    you can always phone the Old School at 879-3845 and
   312.942.1905             616.469.7337   leave a message to make alternative arrangements
                                           to pick up your party’s tickets. We invite you to put
            on your dancing shoes, grab a picnic blanket or lawn
                   chair and spend the evening with community, fami-
                                           ly and friends.If you are interested in volunteering to
                                           help with this event, please phone the Old School ASAP.
                                              Hal Higdon has graciously agreed to coordinate The
                                           Old School run (or walk) on July 4th starting at 7 a.m.
                                           in front of the Community Center. There is no advance
                                           registration and participants may sign in at 6:30
                                           a.m. the day of the race. The cost is $5 and all pro-
                                           ceeds will go towards our volleyball equipment fund.
                                              Long Beach T-shirts designed by local beacher,
                                           Vladimir Reichl, are now on sale and available for pick-
                                           up at the Long Beach Town Hall Monday through Friday
                                           from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Anyone interested in purchasing
                                           a shirt before the 4th of July may also phone Anne at
                                           874-4447 or Cheryl at 872-3276. Supplies are limit-
                                              COMMUNITY = COMMUNICATION IN UNITY.

                                                     GEROMETTA                       INTERIORS


                                                 PROFESSIONAL INTERIOR DESIGN FIRM
                                                            RESIDENTIAL • COMMERCIAL

                                                                  Members A.S.I.D.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                                                                                      Page 45

                                                             2424 Franklin Street, Michigan City, Indiana • (219) 872-0626

                                                           E       p.m.
                                                OPEN June 29 • 1-3


  Information on each property can be
  quickly accessed by typing the Web
  ID here on:

                                               217 Oakland, Michiana Shores                                        $399,000                 205 Warren Road                                        $149,999
  Search the largest                           Ten beautiful lots surround this classic log home creating your private                      Conveniently located just a few blocks from the beaches of Lake
  inventory of Chicagoland
  homes for sale.
                                               wooded retreat. Trails throughout the property highlight the special                         Michigan, this ranch home is perfect for a summer/weekend get-
                                               trees and plantings. Many custom outdoor furniture pieces are                                away. With 3 bedrooms and one full bath on the main level, plus
                                               included. Near regulation size basketball court. Interior updated with                       3 bedrooms and one full bath in the lower level, there is plenty of
  Log-on to have a current list                period fixtures. Dining room has attached screen house. Stone fire-
  e-mailed to you every week.                                                                                                               room for everyone to enjoy. Set up for a casual lifestyle with a
                                               place. For more information, contact Charles Stasukaitis.
                                               Web I.D. #GMU
                                                                                                                                            minimum of maintenance. Web I.D. #JSQ
                                        *Financing provided by Cendant Mortgage Corporation, 3000 Leadenhall Road, Mt. Laurel, NJ 08054. Illinois Residential Mortgage Licensee. Cendant Mortgage is an Equal Housing Lender.
           Look for this icon.           Call for details and restrictions.
                                                                              Chicagoland’s #1 Homeseller. Serving you from over 80 Chicagoland locations.

     Introducing The Most Effective Control of Biting Insects. Ever!
  Used by the USDA, proven by the Coast Guard, the Mosquito                                                          Powered by a 20 lb. propane tank which generates its own
  Magnet™ virtually eliminates blood-seeking insects without                                                         electricity and carbon dioxide, the Mosquito Magnet is ideal
  pesticides.                                                                                                        for backyards, waterfront properties and woodland areas.
                                                                                                                     Completely portable. There is no need for electricity, the
  This is the biting insect abatement system written about in the
                                                                                                                     Mosquito Magnet is placed near the breeding site of the
  New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Developed in
                                                                                                                     insects, which traps them at their source, and keeps them
  conjunction with the US Center for Disease Control, the
                                                                                                                     away from you.
  Mosquito Magnet is the only proven method for eliminating
  mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and black flies.                                                                           The Mosquito Magnet is on duty 24 hours a day - continuously
                                                                                                                                  attracting and trapping biting insects so that
  The Mosquito Magnet emits a warm, moist
                                                                                                                                  you can enjoy your outdoor life again.
  plume of carbon dioxide that mimicks the
  exhaled breath of humans, which is what                                                                                                                              Available at:
  attracts insects to bite humans. The insects
  are drawn from within one acre to the
  Mosquito Magnet, where they are vacuumed
  into a net to dehydrate and die within 24
                                                                                                                                           2808 Calumet Avenue                            1106 W. State Road 2
  hours. In six to eight weeks, practically the
                                                                                                                                              Valparaiso, IN                                   LaPorte, IN
  entire population collapses as egg-laying                                                                                                   219-462-6113                                   219-326-8345
  females are destroyed. No eggs, No insects.
                                                                                                                                                      MON-FRI 8-7 • SAT 9-5 • SUN 10-3
Page 46                                                                                        June 27, 2002
                                                             Potawatomi Audubon Events
    SHALOM!                                              Summer weather offers outdoor opportunities for
                                                      public participation in three Potawatomi Audubon events
                                                      in June and early July.
          Sinai Temple is proud                          “Touring the Trees” in LaPorte’s urban forest will
                                                      be a pleasant trek for the entire family, as Liz Ridenour
             to welcome the                           leads a walking tour to view some of LaPorte’s most
       rabbinic professionals who                     unusual trees—and to check on the missing. Meet at
                                                      9:30 a.m. on Sat., June 29, at the LaPorte County Public
            will lead services                        Library, 904 Indiana Ave., LaPorte.
      this summer and year round                         A science teacher at Kesling Middle School, Liz lob-
                                                      bied for a city tree commission and became its first
                                                      and continuing president. Her expertise will help to
            Rabbi Robert Scott                        identify tree species and learn some history along the
           Rabbi Joseph Edelheit                      way.
            Cantor Pamela Kreis                          Phone 872-0052 or 219/362-5062 for more information.
                                                         One Day National Butterfly Count, Sat., July
         Services every Friday evening                6. The public is invited to Creek Ridge County Park
                                                      to help find and identify as many butterflies as pos-
        7:30 C.D.T. Oneg Shabbat follows              sible; no expertise required. Meet at 9 a.m. to scour
     for more information Call 219-874-4477           the park with Mary Campbell, who will provide the
                                                      expertise to identify various butterfly species and

    Sinai Temple                     High Holidays
                                    September 6, 7
                                                      help beginners to learn about local butterflies. Later
                                                      in the day, the count will move on to other locations
                                                      where butterflies are likely to be found.
          2800 Franklin Street            and            Mary will be looking especially for the Milberts tor-
                                   September 15, 16   toise, a less common species seen last year after the
          Michigan City, Indiana                      official count had concluded. Results of the LaPorte
                                                      count will be posted on the national database main-
                                                      tained by the American Butterfly Association.
                                                         For more information about this event, phone

                                                               Local Quilters Win Awards
                                                        Winners have been announced in the String-a-
                                                      Long Quilt Guild’s “Festival of Quilts Show” that
                                                      was held on June 1 & 2. There were 230 quilts on dis-
                                                      play. Among the winners were Marlene Woodfield of
                                                      LaPorte, who took home Best of Show, Large Wall
                   Antipasti                          Hangings Award and Small Wall Hangings Award.
                                                        Dorothy Sparks of Michigan City won in the cat-
    Soups, Salads, & Sandwiches                       egories Machine Quilting, Crib Quilt and Wearable
                                                      Art. She was also a winner along with the Gourmet
               Pasta                                  Quilters in the category Best Group 3+ persons.

         Piatti Della Casa                                              It’s About Time
            (Specialties of the House)
                                                         This is a stress management workshop that will be
                                                      held at the Michigan City Public Library on Thurs.,
              Dining Room Hours:                      June 27, 6:30 p.m. Business counseling consultant
        Tuesday ~ Saturday from 5:00 p.m.             and educator, Robert Radjen of Chicago, will pre-
       Lunch Wednesday from 11:00 - 2:00              sent the workshop focusing on creating balance in your
      601 Michigan Avenue • LaPorte, Indiana          life. Take control of your life and never say “I don’t have
               219 ☎ 326 ☎ 8000                       enough time, again!” Learn tools and techniques to
                                                      help you save time. Become aware of how time and
                                                      stress are directly related.
                                                         This program is free and open to the public. Phone
                                                      873-3049 for more information.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                  Page 47

                                                                Family Dining and Lounge

                                                                Featuring the Best BBQ Ribs in town
                                                                Steak, Seafood & Sandwiches
                                                                Homemade Pastas and Gourmet Pizzas
     Mon.-Sat. 11-10 p.m.
       Sun. 12-9 p.m.                                           Private Banquet Room and Outside
  Corner of Johnson Road                                        Dining
         and US 20
                                                                Catering for Every Occasion
   Ken “The Hammer” Larson
   Former Owner of The Red
          Lantern Inn                                     Delivery and Carryouts Available

   When was the last time                                         What You Can’t See Can Hurt You!
   you saw what is circulating                                    In today’s air tight homes, Indoor Air Quality is a growing concern.
   in the air you breathe?                                        Most household dust contains dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen and
                                                                  animal dander. Many of these contaminants are circulated through the
                                                                  central air systems in modern homes and can aggravate people who
   Before                                                         suffer from asthma and allergies.
                                                                  Air Duct Cleaning can:
                                                                          • Rid your ducts of dirt and debris
                                                                          • Rid your ducts of mold
                                                                          • Rid your ducts of pollen
                                                                          • Rid your ducts of dust mites
                                                                          • Improve the efficiency of your HVAC system

                 Do your air ducts look like this?                Call today for more information!

                                                                   FINISHING TOUCH INC.
                                                                       R E S I D E N T I A L     A N D    C O M M E R C I A L

                                                                                 CLEANING AND CATERING SERVICE

                                                                                  MICHIGAN CITY, INDIANA 46360
                                                                                       Phone (219) 872-8817
                                                                                        Fax (219) 872-8819
    We can clean your air ducts and make them look like this!
                     Let us show you!
Page 48                                                                        June 27, 2002
                                           47th Annual MC Summer Festival
FOOT REFLEXOLOGY                          Michigan City kicks off its 47th annual Summer
                                       Festival this weekend. Here’s a line-up of activities:
                                          Fri., June 28 thru Sun., June 30
          • Releases Stress               Music Fest 2002. Come down to Washington Park
                                       for a line-up of live musical entertainment. Hours are
                                       Fri., 6 p.m.-midnight; Sat. & Sun., noon-midnight.
          • Improves Circulation          Sat., June 29
                                          Kiddie Parade. Line-up will take place at 10 a.m.
          • Stabilizes & Normalizes    at 4th and Franklin. The parade will start at 11 a.m.
                                       and go from the Library to 9th. Street.
            Body Function                 Olde Town Fun Fest: Peru Circus. At 1 & 3 p.m.,
                                       the Peru Circus will give performances at the St.
    Therapeutic Massage & Ear Coning   Paul playground, 9th and Franklin streets.
                                          Sun., June 30
      22 years Experience In Healing      Try it Again Mud Bog. Noon at Washington Park.
                                          Thurs., July 4
                                          Patriotic Program at 8 a.m. at Library Plaza, 4th
          Miracles do occur!           and Franklin streets.
                                          Fri., July 5
    Call for your appointment today.      M.A.S.H. Party & Poker Run. 6:30-10 p.m. on the
                                       Jaycee’s Stage at Washington Park.
  Tricia Bolton                           Summer Festival tickets are now on sale for a 50/50
                                       drawing that includes a 1st prize of 50/50, a 2nd
   872-FEET                            prize of $300 and a 3rd prize of $100. Buy them at
          (3338)                       Greene’s Amoco, City Flowers and MC Park Office.
                                          2002 T-Shirts are available at $12 each at City
                                       Flowers and in Washington Park.
                                          For more information, phone 874-3630 or toll-free
                                          Check next week’s Beacher for upcoming events.

                                         Good Time Charley Singles Dances
                                          After two new successful Valparaiso grand open-
                                       ings, Good Time Charley singles dances announces
                                       four more dates set for Porter County. Good Time
                                       Charley has been providing singes dances in the
                                       Chicago area for over thirteen years. There is always
                                       a large dance floor, door prizes, free parking in a
                                       safe and secure smoke-free environment. The dress
                                       code is strictly enforced which includes slacks, but-
                                       ton shirts, sweaters, sport coats, dresses or suits; no
                                       tennis shoes, t-shirts or jeans allowed. Age is also lim-
                                       ited to 32 years and up.
                                          Hundreds of singles are looking all over for other
                                       singles and Good Time Charley dances provide the safe
                                       and secure atmosphere. Music provided by Dynamic
                                       Music of Valparaiso, who have over ten years of DJ
                                       experience, a wide selection of music and new state
                                       of the art audio equipment.
                                          For more information, phone Ron at 219/465-0478
                                       or Sue at 219/464-9237. Visit the web site
                                          The next dance will be held on Fri., June 28, 8 p.m.,
                                       at Strongbow Inn on Hwy. 30, Valparaiso. Adm. is $7,
                                       open bar, dressy casual, couples are also welcome.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                 Page 49
             LBCC Women’s Golf
               9-Hole League                                                               maine
                     June 20, 2002

              Event: Lend a Hand Day
               Championship Flight
                                                                                       dinner special
Low Net:
2nd Low Net:
                                  Nancy Henry
                                   June Salmon
Low Putts:
                                Kathy Kenefick
                                Donna Hennard
                                                                          Smell the ocean air as you break in to a
                     “A” Flight                                          succulent 11⁄4 pound whole Maine Lobster
Low Net:                             Adele O’Donnell                     drenched in Drawn Butter and served with
2nd Low Net:                            Sarah Blank                           New Potatoes and House Slaw.
Event:                               Kathy Brennan
                                                                         We are flying freshly harvested live Maine
                     “B” Flight
                                                                          Lobsters in directly from the East Coast
Low Net:                       Nora Partenheimer                         every Wednesday for your dining pleasure
2nd Low Net:                         Joan Lincke                               at a price that’s hard to beat!
Low Putts:                    Marianne Gosswiller
Event:                              Terry Deming

                     “C” Flight
Low Net:                                    Pat Weiss
2nd Low Net:                            Betty Duggan                       (616) 469-5950
                                                            Red Arrow Highway between Union Pier and New Buffalo
Low Putts:                               Mary James              
Event:                                  Tami Mullins

Sunken Approaches:                  Joan Lincke #14s
                                                           Plants                                                             Shrub
                                                           Perenn                                                                             Trees
     Arts Center Guild “Pearls” Tour                                       5TH ANNUAL
   On Mon., July 15, the Arts Center Guild will spon-
sor a bus tour to see the exhibit “Pearls” at the Field
Museum in Chicago, and then at the Art Institute, the
exhibit “German Art and the Past,” as well as the con-
served Cleopatra tapestries which date from the
1680s.                                                           mas
                                                                        Saturday & Sunday Only Bush
   Participants will see more than 600 objects and near-   Christ                                  es
ly half a million pearls, the most spectacular collec-
                                                                       JUNE 29TH & 30TH
tion of pearls ever assembled, how they are made, cul-
tured, and harvested, the roles they have played in                     Up to 70% off
history, and the royalty and celebrities who wore             Selected Items in the Garden Center & Dept. 9 Gifts
                                                                     sories Furniture                         Winds
   “German Art and the Past” is a collection of historic        Acces                                              or Bea
                                                           Home        Cash & Carry             Only                     rs
and post WWII prints exhibiting the German artis-
tic impulse to reconsider and reformulate the past and        Don’t forget to explore over
                                                                                                          New Buffalo                             New
                                                              7,000 sq. ft. of Dept. 9 Gifts!                                                    Carlisle
to define a distinctly German art.
                                                                                                                           Fail Rd.

                                                                                                   I-9                                                  South

   An entire rare set of 14 tapestries will also be                                                                                                     Bend

                                                                                                 Michigan        U.S. 20
viewed, depicting scenes involving Cleopatra, Caesar,                                              City
and Antony.                                                                                                                      St.

   Cost of this tour is $25 for BCA members and $30                                                            LaPorte

                                                                                                7 miles east of I-94 on US 20
for non-members. Reservations may be made by                                                     1551 E. U.S. Hwy. 20
phoning Greta LaFountain at 874-6359 by July 14.                                                   LaPorte, Indiana
   The tour bus will leave the Arts Center at 7:45 a.m.                                           OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK
and return by 5 p.m.
                                                             219-778-2568 Press 2                 Mon.-Sat. 8-5 • Sun. 10-4
Page 50                                                                                                                            June 27, 2002
                                                                                           The Dance COLEctive “In Your Space”

                      On 12                                                                   The Dance COLEctive will come to Harbor Country

                                                                                           to dance “In Your Space.” The group will appear at the
                                                                                           John G. Blank Center for the Arts in a Gala MultiArts

  P o                                                                                      Fest during the opening reception for the new Columbia
                                                                                           College art exhibit.
                                                                                              TDC is a Chicago-based modern dance company
   3085 West U.S. 12,                                                                      founded by Columbia College faculty member and alum-
       Pines, IN                                                                           ni Margi Cole. In its sixth year, TDC has established
        874-6201                                                                           itself for its site-specific work. Through site-specific
                                                                                           performance in unexpected places, TDC finds ways
               11⁄2 miles west of Lighthouse Place                                         to intersect with potential audiences by artistically
                  WEEKLY SPECIALS                                                          invading their territory. It is the group’s hope that this
                                                                                           experience will open people’s perception of art by
 Monday - Fresh, farm raised Catfish Dinner                                  $
                                                                              8.95         demonstrating that it can happen anywhere and
                                                                                           they can and should allow time to experience it.
 Tuesday - All Pastas                                                        $
                                                                              7.95            Columbia College of Chicago will showcase the
                                                                                           work of faculty, staff and alumni who are Harbor
 Wednesday - Ethnic Night - Greek Cuisine featured in June
                                                                                           Country artists in the exhibit “The Art of Columbia
 Thursday - 12 oz. NY Strip Dinner                                       $
                                                                          11.95            College” which opens June 29 and runs through
           (Soup and salad not included)                                                   August 15. The exhibit will feature painting, pho-
                                                                                           tography, sculpture, video art, fabric art, printmak-
 Friday and Saturday - Prime Rib                                                           ing and performance art.
                                                                                              The opening reception will be held on Sat., June 29,
   Outside Dining is available for those 21 and over.                                      4-9 p.m. at the Arts Center, 312 E. 8th St., Michigan
         HOURS: Monday-Thursday 11am-10pm,                                                 City and will feature music, dance and literary read-
  Friday and Saturday 11am-10:30pm • Sunday noon-9pm                                       ings. Refreshments will be served. The event is free
                                                                                           and open to the public. Phone 874-4900 for info.

                           Lou Butcher’s
                                                                                                          (219) 873-1928
                                                                                                     Lawn Service • Pruning
                                                                                                     Spring & Fall Cleanup
                                                                                                       Light Landscaping
                                                                                                                         Free Estimates
                                                                                            TERRY BRIGHT             17 Yrs. Experience
 4980 W. U.S. Hwy. 20 (in The Pines)
 Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                           (219) 872-1700
                                                           (800) 367-5676
                                                                                                             Funeral Home
                                                                                              WILLIAM H. ROOT • THOMAS W. ROOT • BRIAN W. ROOT

  IS YOUR CPA YOUR                                                                              A locally owned and operated funeral home
 BUSINESS PARTNER?                                                                              serving Michigan City and the Beach Area
                                                                                                      by the Root Family since 1938.
      WE WILL BE.
                For your complimentary, no obligation copy of                                     Pre-Arrangement consultation available
              “Your Accountant – Your Partner,” Call 616.469.9300
                                                                                                             at no obligation.

                      CPA & Business Advisory Services                                      312 East Seventh Street
                           23 N. Thompson Street              Now Accepting Business and
                        New Buffalo, Michigan 49117                Individual Clients
                                                                                            Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                                            (219) 874-6209
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                                     Page 51

11 a.m. JUST FUR FUN. Figure out which animal is                        5276 East 1000 North • LaPorte, IN
which by feeling fur swatches. Meet at the campground                       For Reservations: 219-778-2550
                                                             Just South of Three Oaks, MI • 7 miles E. of In Rt. 39
2 p.m. NATURAL TREASURE HUNT. Hunt for clues                  on 1000 North (Turn East at Mikes Country Store)
and follow the “yellow (well actually beige) trick
road” to find some special wonders in the dunes.
Meet at the Nature Center entrance.
                                                              4TH OF JULY CELEBRATION
SATURDAY, JUNE 29                                                                                  Pig Roast
8:30 p.m. NIGHT PROWL. Come explore the night                                   July 4, 2002 • 5-10 p.m.
sounds and sights. Meet at the Camp Store Parking                      Hours: Thursday, Friday, Saturday 5-10 CST
Lot. No flashlights will be used while hiking. Approx,                      Sunday Brunch 11 a.m. - 3 p.m.
1-1/2 hrs.                                                   For other info check our web page
BEAUTY. Meet in the Nature Center Auditorium.
Approx. 45 mins.
2 p.m. HAPPY TRAILS TO YOU! Meet at the Nature
Center to hike Trail 7 and part of Trail 8 to the lake
and back. Discover some of nature’s secrets along
the way.
For more information, phone 926-1390 or 926-1952.

       “Beaches” Exhibit Held Over

                                                             Ask more
   The Acorn Gallery, 16142 Red Arrow Hwy., Union
Pier, Michigan, has announced that its current exhib-
it, “Beaches,” will be held over for an additional two
weeks. The new closing date will be July 15. An infor-
mal gallery talk by the artists will be held on Sun.,       from your
                                                           Money Market
June 30, 2 p.m. (MI time). Refreshments will be
served and all are welcome. For more information, phone

          PATRICK                                                                                    2.72%
                                                                                                         based on $25,000

        ROOFING CO.                                                     Welcome to State Farm Bank®
                                                                                                        minimum daily balance

                                                           Get a competitive return for your money, with rates that increase
            INC.                                           with the amount you invest. And get the Good Neighbor service
                                                                 you deserve from your bank. To find out how you can
                                                                      Bank with a Good Neighbor™, call me,
          874-9909                                             visit™ or call toll-free 1-877-SF4-BANK

                                                                                James Eriksson, Agent
      • Shingle Roofs                                                           405 Johnson Road
                                                                                Michigan City, IN
      • Rubber Roofs                                                            (219) 874-6360                                  STATE
                                                                                                                                         FARM           Federal Savings

      • Roof Repairs


                                                                                                                                                 Bank                           ®
                                                          a P
                                                          *Annual Percentage Yield as of 05/15/2002. for daily balances of $25,000 and above. APY for balances of $5,000 to $24,999

            3611 E. U.S. Hwy 12                           is 2.66%. APY for balances of $1,000 to $4,999 is 2.36%. APY for balances of $100 to $999 is 1.05%. No interest is earned
                                                          for balances below $100. Rates subject to change without notification before and after account opening. Fees could reduce
                                                          earnings on accounts. Minimum opening deposit of $1,000 is requires. Some products and services not available in all areas
                                                          STATE FARM BANK • HOME OFFICES: BLOOMINGTON, ILLINOIS
Page 52                                                                                                                                                               June 27, 2002
                                                                                                                                         SAM Test Dates Set
                         Aunt Millie’s Victorian                                                                             Students planning to enroll for the first time at Purdue
                          Tearooms & Gardens                                                                              University North Central in the fall will have several
                                                                                                                          opportunities to complete the Student Assessment and
                                                                            Come sit, relax, sip tea and savor our
                                                                            delicious homemade soups, finger              Measurement (SAM), which is required for new stu-
                                                                            sandwiches, scones, cakes and pastries in     dents prior to registration.

                                                                            a beautiful Victorian atmosphere.                SAM is a series of placement tests designed to

                               8th S
                                                     ton W

    Mt. Baldy                        St.
                                                                            Reserve the “Rose Room” for private           measure skills in mathematics, English and reading.


                                                                 nkli t.

                                                                            parties and gatherings of 5 or more.          The results serve as a guide to place students in


                                                 Ohio St.

                            Hickcock St.

         y.    ★ 372
                                                                                     JUNE SPECIAL                         courses that meet their needs and abilities.
 Dun                                                                           Every 10th person who visits                  SAM test dates at the PNC campus are: Tuesdays,
          l Ro
              ad                                                             receives free $10.00 gift certicate          July 2 & 16, Aug 6, and Thurs., Aug. 8. Testing will
                                                                                                                          be in the Library-Student-Faculty Building, Room 114.
                                                                              Open Saturday & Sunday Only                 Test sessions will be from 9 a.m.-noon, 1-4 p.m. and
                                                                                    11 a.m. - 6 p.m.                      6-9 p.m. each test day. There is no registration need-
          Southeast of Mt. Baldy                                                   Walk-Ins Welcome                       ed and they are free.
  Southeast Corner of Woodlawn & Sheridan                                                                                    For more information, phone 872-0527, ext. 5326
  372 Woodlawn Ave., Michigan City                                                              (219) 878-9629            or visit

   Beachside Gardens & Gift Center                                                                                               State Archaeologist to Speak
                          FOR ALL YOUR GARDENING NEEDS                                                                       On Thurs., June 27, Bill Mangold, an archaeologist
 Daily 9:00-5:30
  Sunday. 10-4
                                                                                  Top Soil, Grass Seeds, Fertilizers      for the State of Indiana, will present “Does the Past
                                                                                    Cypress Mulch, Cedar Mulch            Have a Future?” at the Indiana Dunes State Park
                                                                                      Hardwood Bark Mulch                 Nature Center. The program will begin at 7 p.m.
                                                                                   Ground Covers and Perennials              Northwest Indiana is one of the most rapidly devel-
 Complete Landscaping
  Consultation, Design,                                                                Come in and browse                 oping areas in the state. It is also rich in historic and
Installation, Maintenance
                                                                                     our colorful greenhouses             archaeological sites. Must these resources be sacri-
                                                                                      3725 E. US Hwy. 12                  ficed in the name of progress? Mangold will present
                       Annuals (home grown)                                            Michigan City, IN                  a look at the various state and federal laws which might
                         Perennials Galore                                              1/4 mile west of Hwy. 212         pertain to historic preservation, give examples of
                     Moss lined Hanging Baskets
                           Mulches, Soils,                                                879-8878                        what situations may or may not be applicable, and
                        Mushroom compost                                         Visit us at:    answer questions.
                     Espoma Natural Fertilizers
                     Shrubs, Trees, Evergreens                                  Northern Grown Rhododendrons & Azaleas
                                                                                                                             The program is free of charge, although the usual
                        Italian Clay Pottery                                       ready to bloom in an array of colors   park entrance fee of $3/in-state vehicle, and $5/out-
                                                                                      10% Off w/coupon NBT                of-state vehicle will be charged. For more information,
                                                                                                                          phone 219/926-1390.

                                                                                      9626 West 400 North                           SAMALIO
                                                                                        Michigan City, IN
                                                                                           871-1462                         CHIROPRACTIC CARE CENTER
                                                                                                                              Let us help you get your health back
                                     & Gifts
                                                                                                                                   through Chiropractic Care.
                                           NOW OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK                                                             We also offer Full Massage Therapy on
                           Hours: M-F 10-6 • Sat. 8-6 • Sun. 10-5
   400 North 1⁄2 mile east of Holiday Inn at the Cleveland Avenue Extension                                                    the premises with Laura Buchanan
                                                                                                                                         by appointment.
       PATRIOTIC HOME & YARD DECOR                                                                                                Our Focus is Care and Service
                                 Farm Fresh Produce Available Daily                                                          For an appointment, call (219) 872-2273 (CARE)
                                           “Bit of Swiss” Bread - Saturdays Only
                                                                                                                              240 Commerce Square, Michigan City, IN
                         Finely Handcrafted Working Lighthouses,                                                              This ad entitles you to a 10% discount for one (1) hour
                          Wishing Wells, & Wheelbarrow Planters
                                                                                                                               Massage Therapy only. Offer expires June 30, 2002
                                    Can be customized
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                             Page 53
       Art Barn Art & Cartoon Camps
   Art Camps                                                                                Pat’s Gift Shop
   Children are invited to have fun, play games, get                                          Marquette Mall, Michigan City
messy and be creative. Explore different mediums                                                       872-5724
through a variety of projects from papier-mache to mural
paintings. The century old Art Barn is located on 70
acres of wooded rolling countryside in Valparaiso.
Space is limited; phone for registration form: 219/462-
                                                                                           Lucky Bamboo Plants
9009; email                                                    Michigan City Sweatshirts, Tees, Prints, Etc.
   Camp director: Renae Ricks-Miller. Ages 5-10.
Price includes all supplies and a healthy snack.                                 Attire for 18'' American Girl Doll
   Camp dates: July 8-12 $100; July 15-18, $85. Meets
10 a.m.-1 p.m.                                                                       New Cat Items - New Fish Items
   Cartoon Camps                                                                      LARGE SELECTION OF PLUSH
   Explore different cartooning techniques with local
cartoonist and muralist, Wayne Thornton. Learn to                                    Spiritual and Religious Articles
draw your favorite characters in a fun and creative                                        for your sacred place
atmosphere. Call for registration form: 219/462-9009.
   Camp dates: July 29-Aug. 2 or Aug. 5-9. $75 includes
all supplies. Ages 9 and up. Meets 1-3 p.m.
                                                                      CONDOS ON MARINA DRIVE,
                Red Mill Park to Open                                         TRAIL CREEK
   The Grand Opening for Red Mill Park will be an                         Two 1 bedroom Condos
Open House on Sat., June 29, from 1-4 p.m. The                                 Fully furnished
Indiana Department of Natural Resources will be
there to dedicate the County Park’s first State Nature
                                                                      on the river with 55 ft. boat slips
Preserve “The Little Calumet Headwaters Nature                    • GREY BUILDING offers a pool, tennis courts and
Preserve.” The Indiana Natural Resources Foundation                 secured area for winter storage of trailered boats.
will also be there celebrating ten years of the Indiana
Heritage Trust program. Red Mill’s purchase by the                • BEIGE BUILDING offers a little more square footage,
LaPorte County Park Foundation also included the
                                                                    security, and a pool.
first grant dollars ($165,000) to come back to LaPorte
County from the Indiana Heritage Trust Fund (funds                RES. 219-879-3123
generated from the sale of the “eagle” environmental              FAX: 219-878-0464
license plate).
   Red Mill is located at 0185 South Holmesville Rd.,             6                  T         SHIRLEY A. KMIECIK
LaPorte; phone 873-7014, ext. 223 for directions.                                            C.R.S., G.R.I. • BROKER OWNER

   Abiney’s Advanced Carpet Care, Inc.                                                 00
        Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Company
   Oriental Rug Cleaning, Repair, Restoration and Refringing             r 7 rts TAIN
                                                                       fo a UN
                                                                     2        -K E MO
                                                                            Go AD
         Antique • Semi-Antique                                                                                                 K    • Bumper Boats
          Wool • Cotton • Silks
                                                                                                                             PAR     • Kiddie Cars
        American Indian • Chinese                                                                      E
         Tibetan • Asian Indian
                                                                                                    TUR                              • Mini Golf

           Pakistani Weavings
                                                                                                                                     • Titanic Slide

   All Rugs are cleaned by hand with a specially
            designed chemical process
                                                                          CA y
                                                                                                                                     • Batting Cages
   HARDWOOD FLOORS - Hand Polishing & High Speed Buffing                                                                             • Go-Karts
                                                                                                            7297 W. U.S. 20
                        1-888-327-1010                                     a                                 Michigan City
                                                                                                          Just East of Johnson Rd.
                                                                                                                                     • Video Games
                                                                             Coupon expires 7/6/02
  705 Harrison Street, LaPorte, IN                 219-325-3363         Not good with any other promotion (219) 872-3441                             B
Page 54                                                                                                                June 27, 2002
Rent…for a special event
• Tables/Chairs   • Champagne fountains           • Tents    • And Much More
                                                                                                   by Paula McHugh
                                                                                  More Local Sites
• China/Tablewear • Glassware, Linens                                             I have a few friends who tell me that they will never,
GENERAL RENTAL                                                                 ever use a computer. It’s useless to argue with them.
225 E. Garfield St.                                                            The Internet can be a devil or angel, depending on how
872-9177                                                                       one uses it. I like to point out ways in which the
                                                                               Internet can be an angel. In this case, an angel for the
                                                                               consumer and for a businessperson.
                                                                                  I logged on to our friends at Nova Foundation
  PLEASANT HEIGHTS FARM                                                        Specialists to learn more about the type of work they
                                                                               do. I found much helpful information about founda-
           A First Quality Equestrian Facility since 1991
                                                                               tion repairs and curing wet basements, problems
                       Lessons • Boarding • Training • Shows                   that I’ve had to contend with in the past as a home-
                  Dressage • C/T • English & Western Balance Seat              owner in the Chicago suburbs. Jim Nova, with a
                            Children’s Camps Available                         solid background in construction and mechanical
                            Call for Pony Ride Specials                        repairs, founded the company in 1977. And Nova
0707 N. Shebel Rd., Michigan City • Call 219-324-RIDE (7433)                   just happens to be the largest foundation repair ser-
                                                                               vice in the Midwest!
                                                                                  Nova has been running an ad here in The Beacher
                                                                               for a long time. There is only so much he can tell you
                                   WARREN J. ATTAR                             in a limited amount of space, but on the Internet, you
                                 Representing State Farm Since 1971            can find out just about everything you need to deter-
                                                                               mine if Nova Foundation Specialists can help you with
                My 24 Hour Good Neighbor Service Number is
                                                                               your problem basement and/or foundation. Logging
                 STATE    FARM
                                       (219) 874-4256                          onto Jim’s very professional site is very timely right

                   Life   Fire
                                  1902 E. US 20 • Evergreen Plaza              now, with all the excess rain we’ve had this Spring.
                                      Michigan City, IN 46360
                                        Fax: (219) 874-5430
                                                                               If you’ve suffered from a wet basement, then use
                                                                               your Internet connection in a productive, helpful
                                                                               way and log on to www.
                                                                                  The professionals from Nova have completed com-

  Ron Crisp Tile
                                                                               mercial projects for bank vaults, church buildings, funer-
                                                                               al homes, condo complexes, high rises, and even
                                                                               marine sea walls. Of course, their work is not limit-
                                                                               ed to commercial projects by any means. You’ll appre-
     Floors • Bathrooms • Remodeling                                           ciate learning all you need to know about Nova’s
                                                                               foundation repair services and basement water-
                   (219) 878-0835                                              proofing for your home. The Nova website includes tes-
                                                                               timonials from your neighbors in and around Michigan
                                                                               City; a page is devoted to questions and answers, and
                                                                               other web pages describe such things as the Grip-TITE
                                                                               wall anchor system, with before and after photos. And
                                                                               Nova’s guarantee cannot be beat. Not only does the
                                                            BOB SASS           company guarantee their basement waterproofing

                                                                                      CARPET DIRTY?
                   INDIANA AND MICHIGAN   MOBILE 574-993-8704
                                                                                            Our 9 step cleaning process
                                                                                         will leave your carpets springtime
   TUCKPOINTING & BRICKWORK, INC.                                                  INTERIOR DIMENSIONS
  • Masonry Repair • Chimney Repair • Chemical Cleaning                                   Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning
           • Waterproofing • Lintel Replacement                                              Affordable - Fast Drying
                      Fully Insured                                                               219/874/5346
              312.656.9074 • 312.649.0609
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                     Page 55
for the life of the structure, that same guarantee
will be transferred to subsequent owners of your                      Relaxing, Revitalizing, Rejuvenating
home. Now that is real peace of mind. No wonder Nova                Call Image House to schedule your      • By Appointment Only
Foundation Specialists has received the BBB Integrity               session with Certified Massage         • Weekend and Evening
Award.                                                              Therapist, Kathryn Vanderplough.         Appointments Available
   Maggie Beyer did a beautiful job last December
                                                                    BioTouch Massage Therapy, LLC                219-879-9050
describing the delights you’ll fine at Naturally Wood               At Image House
Furniture Center. In fact, part of Maggie’s Beacher                 916 Washington St., Michigan City
article has been reprinted right there on the website,
which you can find easily enough at www.naturally- When you log on, you can get
an eyeful of the quality products—all built to last—
and at quality prices. You’ll also learn that the com-
pany started out back in 1977 with a focus on unfin-
ished furniture. In 1990, the store’s name changed to                                              Hamlet’s Dresser
Naturally Wood & More when they added the Norwich                                                                by Bob Smith
furniture line. Since then, other product lines such as                                                         hardback $24.00
Ashley Millennium Company, Berkline, Wolf Futons,
Legends, Lloyd Flanders All-Weather Wicker, and                     711 WABASH MICHIGAN CITY                             219/879-3993
many more have been added. Use your mouse to find
out all about Naturally Wood Furniture Center’s
products, services, and advertised specials. If you
                                                                    Phone: 317-280-8247                            Toll Free 1-800-588-2300
want, you can click on the store’s radio jingle (you’ll                                                                    Ask for Indy Office
need Windows Media Player or equivalent to listen).
I passed on the jingle music, finding it unnecessary.                                     Empire Home Services, LLC
I was more interested in the colorful showroom pho-                                             Commercial and Residential Carpeting
tos and learning more about the products.                                              Sharon Kay #9
    Next I logged on to Z-Street Productions to learn                                  Indianapolis                         6005 W. 71st St.
a little more about Ken Zuccarelli’s mobile disc jock-                                 Serves all of Indiana          Indianapolis, IN 46278
ey services. Z-Street Productions provides music for
weddings, graduations, school dances, and private par-
ties. The website lists the genres of music you can dance                Open 7 Days for Sun!
or listen to, from alternative rock, Christian, classi-               Monday thru Friday 7 a.m.-9 p.m.
cal, country, jazz, oldies/dusties, rap/hip hop, and                  Saturday & Sunday 8 a.m.-6 p.m.
top 40. In that latter category (top 40), Z-Street pro-
vides the most up-to-the-minute hits. Ken has a web-                                                    (219) 324-TANN
page listing his prices, which is helpful to know. So                                          513 Pine Lake Avenue, La Porte, IN
many websites with products or services tend to omit                                         Beds • Booths • Beachwear Year Round
prices (unless they have an online shopping page). I’m                                         LAPORTE COUNTY’S #1 SUNSHINE CENTER
assuming that Z-Street is still working on its “histo-
ry” link. Nothing happened when I clicked on it. But,
I’d rather have nothing happen than click and find
one of those annoying “under construction” animat-                                   Laser • Hair • Vein Clinic
ed gifs. Learn more about Z-Street Productions at                                   Gently eliminate…                                                                    Unwanted HAIR • Facial Spider Veins • Rosacea
                                                                                    Hemangloma • Age Spot • Birthmarks • Varicose Veins of Leg
                                                                                              Botox Injection • Microdermabrasion
                                                                                                   (877) 519-SKIN (7546)
                                                                                                South Bend & New Buffalo

  TR         BUILDERS, INC.
                                                                    Turn To A Friend…
                               Robert Scartozzi
  816 Karwick Road
  Michigan City, Indiana 46360
                                                                                            FUNERAL HOME
  bus. (219) 878-8116
  res. (219) 874-4407                                                                                           613 Washington Street
   Full service builders. Licensed & insured. Call for estimates.        Phone                                 Michigan City, IN 46360
                                                                     219/874-4214                                 Funeral Directors
Page 56                                                                                                                                      June 27, 2002
                                                                                                                   Activities to Explore
                                                                                                         In the Local Area:
               Summer Junior Chef Program                                                                June 26-July 6 — “Into the Woods.” Festival Players
            This series will offer a chance to learn basic culinary skills,                           Guild production at Mainstreet Theatre, 807 Franklin
            knife techniques, kitchen safety and more. Have fun learning                              St., Michigan City. Wed-Fri @ 8 pm; Sat 6 & 9 pm; Wed
            to cook for yourself and your friends. Hands on preparation                               matinee 2 pm (June 26 only). Tix $12/$13; box office
            and individual guidance.                                                                  874-4269. All seats reserved. See story this issue.
                                                                                                         June 27 — Stress Management workshop. 6:30
            Small classes are limited to 6 people, ready to start to cook                             pm Held at the MC Public Library & presented by busi-
            with a smile, sense of humor and approach to the day that is                              ness counseling consultant & educator, Robert Padjen
            open to new taste treats.                                                                 of Chicago. Free & open to the public.
                                                                                                         June 27 — Michigan City Municipal Band con-
            All cooking utensils, pots, pans, knives and aprons will be
                                                                                                      certs in Washington Park’s Guy Foreman Amphitheatre.
            provided. Just bring yourself and a desire to have fun. Learn
                                                                                                      8 pm. Featuring Linda Lewis, soprano.
            to cook and of course, to eat. No tests! No homework.
                                                                                                         June 27-July 1 — “Enigma” a film by Academy
                    July 17, 18 and 19th • 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m                                        Award-winning writer Tom Stoppard. Rated R.
                     8, 9 and 10 year olds • $150.00 for series                                       Starring Kate Winslet, Dougray Scott & Jeremy
                                                                                                      Northam.Thurs. 7 pm; Fri & Sat 6:30 & 9:15 pm; Sun
                July 24, 25 and 26th • 11:00 a.m.-1:000 p.m.                                          3:45 & 6:30 pm; Mon 7 pm. Vickers Theatre, 6 N. Elm
                11, 12 and 13 year olds • $150.00 for series                                          St., Three Oaks, MI 616/756-3522 or www.vicker-
                                                               See us at                                 June 27-29 — “Communicating Doors.” Community
                                                                         Theatre Guild production at the Chicago Street
                                                               810 Lincolnway                         Theatre, 154 W. Chicago St., Valparaiso. Tix $12/$10/$8;
                                                              LaPorte, IN 46350                       phone 219/464-1636 or visit Thurs,
                                                              Ph: (219) 325-3663                      Fri, Sat curtain 8 pm; Sun matinee 2:30 pm.
                                             Mon-Fri 9:30-5:30 • Sat. 9:30-3:00                          June 28-29 — Relay For Life 2002. Sponsored by
                               A Retail Cookware Store                                                the American Cancer Society. Start Fri 6 pm to Sat
                                                                                                      noon. 18 hour team relay against cancer. Held at
                                                                                                      LaPorte County fairgrounds.
                                                                                                         June 28-29 — Big Book Sale. Valparaiso Public
                                                                                                      Library, 103 Jefferson St., Valparaiso. Fri 10 am-8 pm
                                                                                                      & Sat 10 am-4 pm. Sat. $1 a bag day.
                                                                                                         June 28-30 — Music Fest 2002 at Washington


                                                                                                      Park. Fri 6 pm-midnight; Sat noon-midnight; Sun noon-

                          HOME IMPROVEMENT                                                               June 29 — Public Tree Walk sponsored by Potawatomi

                                                                                                      Audubon Society. Meet 9:30 am at LaPorte County Public


                                                                                                      Library. 872-0052 for info.
                                                                                                         June 29 — Farmer ’s Market. corner 8th &

                                                                                                      Washington streets, Michigan City. 8 am-sellout
                 Bonded • Insured • Licensed


                                                                                                         June 29 — MC Summer Festival Events: Kiddie
                                                                                          • Windows

                                                                                                      Parade. Line-up 10 am 4th & Franklin; march from
                   Residential & Commercial                                                           Library to 9th St. at 11 am. Olde Town Fun Fest: Peru

            Siding           Windows    Roofing                                                       Circus. 1 & 3 pm. St Paul’s Church, 9th & Franklin.

            Room Additions Doors        Gutters                                                          June 29 -- “In Your Space.” A Gala MultiArts Fest

            Decks            Drywall    Soffit-Fascia                                                 featuring The Dance COLEctive of Chicago. Held in
                                                                                                      conjunction with the opening reception for The Art of

            New Construction Remodeling Tile

                                                                                                      Columbia College exhibit at the John G. Blank Center


                                                                                                      for the Arts, 312 E. 8th St. 4-9 pm. Free.
           Locally Owned & Operated • All Work Guaranteed                                                June 29-30 — Ethnic Festival at International

                                                                                                      Friendship Gardens. Displays, music & refreshments.

                              Insurance Claims


                                                                                                      Donations accepted. See story this issue. Info 878-9885.
                                                                                                         June 30 — Try it Again Mud Bog. Noon. Washington
                                                                   CALL TODAY!

                                                                                                      Park. Info 874-3630.
                                                                  (219) 878-0707

                                                                                                         Through July 15 — “Beaches, Three Artists, Three

            yatw                                                   800-869-4026
                                                                                                      Views.” On display at the Acorn Gallery, 16142 Red
                                                                                                      Arrow Hwy., Union Pier, MI. Informal gallery talk on

          Windows    •   Drywall   •   Gutters   •   Siding   •   Roofing   •   Windows    •          June 30, 2 pm. 616/469-5278.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                               Page 57
    Places to Visit:
   ABC Children’s Museum. Marquette Mall. Wed-Fri              BIRCH TREE FARMS - LONG BEACH, IN
1-5 pm; Sat 10 am-4 pm. 874-8222.
   Barker Mansion, 631 Washington St., Michigan City.
Guided tours on Mon-Fri, 10 am, 11:30 am. Adm.
$4/adults, $2/kids 18 and under, free/kids under 3.
   Beverly Shores Historic South Shore Line Passenger
Depot Museum and Art Gallery. 525 Broadway,
Beverly Shores. Sat-Sun, 1-4 pm. Adm. free. 219/871-
   Door Prairie Auto Museum, 2405 Indiana Ave.,
LaPorte (one mi. south of LaPorte on US 35). Open
Tues-Sat, 10 am-4:30 pm; Sun, noon-4:30 pm; closed
Mon & holidays. Adm. chg.; phone 219/326-1337 for
more info. or visit
   Great Lakes Museum of Military History, 360
Dunes Plaza, Michigan City. Info 872-2702 or on the
web at                          Great private location! Lovely 3 bedroom, 21⁄2 bath condo tastefully
   LaPorte County Historical Museum, county com-              decorated with a touch of France. Custom French doors open
plex in downtown LaPorte, Indiana. Hours 10 am-4:30           to a beautiful English style garden with arbor. Many upgrades.
pm, Tues-Sat. Adm. free; donations welcome. 219/326-          Close to association pool.                   Priced at $140,000
6808, ext. 276 or
   New Buffalo Railroad Museum, 530 S. Whittaker                             Call me for your private showing.
St., New Buffalo, MI. Open Mon-Fri, 9 am-5 pm;
Sat-Sun, 10 am-3 pm (MI time). Info 616/469-5409.                                            CHAD GRADOWSKI
   John G. Blank Center for the Arts, 312 E. 8th St.,                                       Licensed in Indiana and Michigan
Michigan City. Gallery hours Mon-Fri, 10 am-4 pm;                                                    616-469-7248
Sat, 10 am-2 pm. 874-4900. New exhibits: “Four Artists”     RESIDENTIAL BROKERAGE      
and “The Art of Columbia College Goes to Harbor
Country” open June 29 (reception 4-9 pm, public
invited), runs through Aug. 15.
   Old Lighthouse Museum, Washington Park, Michigan
City. Open Tues-Sun, 1-4 pm. Adm. $2/adults, $1/kids
grades 9-12, 50 cents/kids grades 1-8, free to preschool-        Ken
ers. Group tours available, phone 872-6133.                                MARKETPLACE
   Farther Afield:                                                                  Indoor Flea Market
   June 28-30 — 30th Indiana Fiddlers’ Gathering. Battle
Ground, Indiana. See story this issue. Info & tix                       WE HAVE BARGAINS GALORE!!!
   June 29 — Firefly Festival Presents 4th of July
                                                               50 VENDORS UNDER ONE ROOF
Celebration starring the South Bend Symphony with
fireworks. 8 pm. St. Patrick’s County Park (near the
                                                                            Antiques • Collectibles
Indiana/Michigan state line), South Bend. Tix $14/$19.
219/288/3472. See story this issue.                                          Win A Chance
   June 30 — Tea by the Old Mill Stream. 1-4 pm. Sip
tea and watch volunteer quilters at work & view                               To Go Into
other quilts on display. Free. Deep River County
Park, off Hwy 30 bwt. Valparaiso & Merrillville. Info             THE MONEY MACHINE
                                                                           Courtesy of Saturday Sam’s
   June 26-August — Horse Drawn Trolley rides, St.
Joseph, MI. 616/982-0032 or
   Through June 30 — Brown County Indiana 2002                Free Coffee & Donuts Saturday & Sunday AM
Summer Festival. Various locations. For pamphlet,
phone 800/753-3255 or visit                                 Public Auction by Robert McLean
   Through July 21 — Michigan Watercolor Society                                      Every Friday at 7:00 pm
Exhibition at the Ella Sharp Museum, Jackson, MI.
                                                                       244 Dunes Plaza • Michigan City, IN
517/787-2320 or
   Through August 16 — Summer Concert Series                             Located across from Marquette Mall
(Sundays), Saugatuck, MI. 616/857-1701 or                   HOURS Thurs. 5-9 p.m. • Fri. 10-7 p.m. • Sat. 10 am-6 pm • Sun. 10 am - 5 pm                                                                          872-1313
Page 58                                                                                                   June 27, 2002
         Travels with Charley:
                          Hailing Columbia College in the South Loop
                                                by Charles McKelvy

   So like Natalie and I are like at this really swank
wedding reception in Grand Beach last summer, and
we see that the way-cool photog is like from Vogue mag-
azine or something.
   I mean she’s that poised, self-possessed and utter-
ly on top of her trade.
   So we ask our friend, the groom: “Hey, Bob, who’s
   And Bob proudly says: “Oh, that’s my new niece-                                                             Columbia
in-law. She’s a Photography student at Columbia College                                                        College has
                                                                                                               preserved the
in Chicago.”                                                                                                   past in its South
   Yes!                                                                                                        Campus Building
   The Columbia College in Chicago.                                                                            at 624 S.
                                                                                                               Michigan Ave.
   And I’d gladly give you college-bound Beacher
readers the address, except there are more than one.
(Not to worry: all will be reveal at the end.)
   You see, Columbia’s campus is set throughout the
up-and-coming South Loop district with easy access
to Grant Park, the Art Institute, the Museum Campus,
the CTA, the South Shore, shopping, nightlife — you
name it, and it’s yours.

                                                          College buildings that dot the South Loop. That cer-
                                                          tainly was the case for my friend’s niece-in-law who
                                                          got enough practical knowledge of her craft her very
                                                          first semester at Columbia to actually go forth and shoot
                                                          her aunt’s wedding.
The Main
                                                             And, having seen her finished work, I can attest that
 Campus                                                   the young woman is getting her money’s worth at a
 Building                                                 college that was established during the World
at 600 S.
                                                          Columbian Exposition of 1890.
     Ave.                                                    Speaking of money, be advised that a full-time
    offers                                                student for the fall 2002 or spring 2003 semester
 views of
                                                          could expect to pay $6,857 for tuition with each addi-
     Lake                                                 tion credit hour over 16 billed at $347. Registration
Michigan.                                                 is $50 per semester; and full-time students pay a
                                                          health center fee of $25.

   And you should know that Columbia claims to be
“the college to help you express yourself.” They fur-
ther note that they are “the premier school in Chicago
for the Visual, Performing and Media Arts, and are
also the largest Arts and Communications school in
the country.”
   Furthermore, Columbia’s teachers “are experi-
enced, working professionals who are connected to cur-
rent trends in everything from journalism to arts
   In other words, you get connected to your chosen
field the moment you walk in one of the Columbia              Columbia College is easy to find along South Michigan Avenue.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                     Page 59
  Despite rumors to the contrary, Columbia does                            When I toured Columbia recently, I met a senior in
provide what it calls “comfortable and affordable                       film named Andrew Traynor who said that he had saved
apartment-style housing for approximately 450 full-                     a bundle of money by living at home in Waukegan,
time students in two separate facilities. The apart-                    Illinois and commuting on Metra.
ment-style suites include a full kitchen and are fully

                                                                                 Senior Andew Traynor values his education in film.
  The college contributes to the South Loop arts scene by housing the      Speaking of commuting, The Beacher’s very own Tom
                Museum of contemporary Photography.
                                                                        Montgomery proved beyond doubt that one can eas-
                                                                        ily commute from Michigan City on the South Shore
                                                                        to Columbia. The campus buildings, you see, all fall
                                                                        neatly between the South Shore stations at Roosevelt
                                                                        and Van Buren.
                                                                           So what are you waiting for?
                                                                           Check out a college that grants the Bachelor of Arts
                                                                        and Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees with majors in art
                                                                        and design, arts entertainment and media manage-
                                                                        ment, American sign language-English interpretation,
                                                                        dance, digital media technology, early childhood edu-
                                                                        cation (Illinois Type IV certification in conjunction with
                                                                        the Erickson Institute), fiction writing, film/video, pho-
                                                                        tography, theater, directing, musical theater perfor-
                                                                        mance, playwriting, and — that’s just the half of it.
                                                                           At the graduate level Columbia offers a Master of
                         The college’s library.                         Arts and a Masters of Fine Arts. You future teach-
   Freshmen and sophomores are housed at 731 S.                         ers will be glad to know that the Master of Arts in
Plymouth Court and juniors and seniors live in a                        Teaching (M.A.T.) is also offered in elementary edu-
smoke-free environment at 18 E. Congress. Both                          cation, interdisciplinary arts education and urban teach-
facilities are an easy walk from the main campus build-                 ing.
ing at 600 S. Michigan and the other buildings on south                    Columbia, of course, “makes every effort to help stu-
Michigan and south Wabash.                                              dents obtain financial assistance, including grants,
   Cost for living at the 731 S. Plymouth Court facil-                  on-campus work, and loans.”
ity is $6,305 per contract period. That’s the same cost                    Students are encouraged to apply early, and the pri-
for a double-occupancy bedroom at the 18 E. Congress                    ority date for the Fall semester is August 1, and
facility where a single-occupancy bedroom runs $7,150                   January 15 for the spring semester.
per contract period.                                                        To arrange a tour of the campus, please call:
   With an enrollment of more 9,000 students from                       312/344-7130.
across the country and more than 45 other nations,                         For more information, please contact:
Columbia obviously encourages students to seek                                   Office of Undergraduate Admissions
their own housing accommodations.                                                600 South Michigan Avenue
   The son of another friend of mine got together                                Chicago, Illinois 60605
with some other Columbia students and secured an                                 Telephone: 312/344-7130
apartment in the so-called Ukrainian Village neigh-                              Fax: 312/344-8024
borhood on Chicago’s near-west side, and, as a result,                           E-mail:
the New Buffalo native has become an expert CTA rider.                           Web:
Page 60                                                                                                June 27, 2002

                                                                 On June 27, 1978, along with a Russian crew, the
                       Therapies/Programs to:                    first Polish astronaut was launched into orbit on a new
                  • relax/refresh mind/body/spirit               Soviet spacecraft.
              • promote healing of acute/chronic pain            On June 27, 1982, manned by two astronauts, the
  Phyllis Baker, RN, BSN, HNC, CMT • Patsi Gately, BA, CMT       American space shuttle Columbia blasted off from Cape
                       AMTA & NCTMB                              Canaveral with the shuttle program’s first military
 1026 N. Karwick Road, Michigan City (219)          879-5722     On June 28, 1778, at the Revolutionary War Battle
                                                                 of Monmouth, N.J., the aid given the colonials by Mary
                                                                 Ludwig Hays, who became known as Molly Pitcher,
                                                                 made her a heroine in American history.
                                                                 On June 28, 1919, the “Treaty of Versaille,” ending
                                                                 World War I, was signed in France.
                                                                 On June 28, 1939, Pan American World Airways began
                                                                 regular trans-Atlantic air service.
                                                                 On June 29, 1776, the Virginia state constitution was
                                                                 adopted, and Patrick Henry was made the state’s
                                                                 first governor.
                                                                 On June 29, 1834, Congress created the Department
                                                                 of Indian Affairs.
                                                                 On June 29, 1841, African explorer Sir Henry Morton
                                                                 Stanley, who, along with David Livingstone, made the
                                                                 continent of Africa know to the world, was born at
                                                                 Denbigh, Wales.

                           House of                              On June 30, 1859, 5,000 watched as French acrobat
                                                                 Emile Blondin crossed Niagara Falls on a tightrope.
                           Memories                              On June 30, 1906, the United States “Pure Food and
                                                                 Drug Act” became law.
                           Scrapbooking & more
                                                                 On July 1, 1961, Diana Frances Spencer, who would
            Call about our classes and workshops!                become Britain’s Princess Diana, was born at Park
      For all your scrapbooking needs.                           House, in Sandringham, on the queen’s royal estate.
           HOURS: Tues.-Fri. 10-7, Sat. 10-5, Sun. 12-5          On July 1, 1963, the Post Office inaugurated the five-
 226 W. Barker Ave.                                   872-0504   digit ZIP codes.
 Michigan City                                  (fax) 872-0708
 On the corner of Wabash & Barker Ave.      On July 1, 1966, Medicare officially went into effect.
                                                                 On July 2, 1776, the Continental Congress passed
                                                                 a resolution saying, “These United Colonies are, and
                                                                 of right, ought to be, Free and Independent States.”
   EARTH PARTNERS, INC.                                          On July 2, 1976, after more than 20 years of warfare,
                       UNIQUE & UNUSUAL GIFTS                    North and South Vietnam was officially reunited as
                                                                 one country.
                            Stones • Rocks • Pottery
                            Greeting Cards & Jewelry             On July 2, 1997, film legend Jimmy Stewart died,
                          Incense & Beeswax Candles              at his home in Beverly Hills, California, at the age of
  Books • Oils • Wood Carvings from China & Bali
                                                                 On July 3, 1878, George M. Cohan, American actor,
       Drums • Rattles • Meditation Room                         director, song writer, and playwright, was born in
 HRS: M-F Open Noon-7 • Sat. 10-6 p.m. 219-861-0240              Providence, Rhode Island.
 Evergreen Plaza • 1804 E. US Hwy. 20 • Michigan City            On July 3, 1890, Idaho became the 43rd state to be
                                                                 admitted to the Union.
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                                                                               Page 61

  “Your wood floor specialist”

   HULTMAN FLOORING, INC.                                                                 POLISHED PERFECT
                • Design • Installation • Refinishing                                                                                                               by FAYRENE
                               You Are Invited to Stop By Our                             SCHEDULE WEEKLY • BI-WEEKLY • SPECIAL OCCASIONS
                             Studio & Browse Through Our Wide
                             Variety of Wood Flooring Selections                                                                                 (219) 879-2485

                          (219) 926-1966
                     35 E. Hwy. 20 • Porter
        Old world craftsmanship for new world concepts
                                                                                                       INSURED HOUSE KEEPING PROFESSIONAL

                                     • Residential and Commercial Service
              ATING                                                                       E-MAIL: DandM@NIIA.COM                                                           (219) 872-5555
                                     • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  MICHIANA                           • Pre-Season Inspections and Cleanings
  MECHANICAL                         • Preventative Maintenance Contracts

                O LIN G              • Sheet Metal Fabrication
                                     • Free Estimates on New Installations
                                                                                                                                                 PLUMBING, INC.
 For Your Comfort and Convenience.
                                                                                                                              COMMERCIAL - RESIDENTIAL INSTALLATION & REPAIR

 (219) 874-2454
                                     It’s Hard To Stop A Trane.®                          JEFF POSTON                                                             9896 W. 300 NORTH, BLDG. C
 (219) 324-2210                                                    Paul Szabo             MC/VISA                                                                     MICHIGAN CITY, IN 46360
                                                                                          SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNT                                                      FAX (219) 872-5647
 (800) 789-2210                                                        President


46202 ROYAL
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                                                                                                                              ▲                  Michigan City Mainstreet 11th Annual
                      RIC’S RESIDENTIAL SERVICES
                                                                                                  ▲                               ▲
                                                                                              ▲           GAN C



                                                                                                                                                   FARMER'S MARKET




                      Ph./Fax 616-469-6616 • Cell 219-877-9125

MI 49117

                                                                                                                                                       Saturdays thru September

                                                                                                                ST R

                                                                                                                                                 8th & Washington Street, Michigan City

                                                                                              ▲                               ▲
                                                                                                  ▲                      ▲▲
                                                                                                      ▲▲            ▲▲
                                                                                                                                                         (1 blk East of Lighthouse Place)
                                                                                   For Info
                                                                                                  CALL FRUIT GROWERS HOT LINE 1-800-572-3740
                      HOUSE, ROOF, SIDING, BOATS, WALKS, DECKS
  Handy Man
                                PRESSURIZED ROTARY                                                         SPECIAL EVENT THIS SATURDAY
                            SURFACE CLEANING EQUIPMENT
 GEN. REPAIRS                  “NO STREAKS OR MARKS”
                                                                                           MAINSTREET THEATRE • KIDDY PARADE • PERU CIRCUS
 CARPENTRY                INSURED                    RICK C. SPARKS, Owner                MICHIGAN CITY MUNICIPAL 18 HOLE GOLFERS BAKE SALE

                                               Shipping                                                                                                                 New Construction

                                               Solutions                                                                                                                    Remodeling
                                                                                                                                                                          Room Additions
                                          From overnight letters and
                                       computer equipment to antique                                                                                                          Kitchens
                                        furniture and delicate artwork.                                                                                                      Bathrooms
                                               We’re the experts!                                                                                                             Windows
           Free Estimates 616-469-2000                                                                                                                                          Siding
                                                                                                                   307 Sunset Trail
                                                                                                                  Michiana Shores, IN
                                                                                                                   (219) 874-6224                                               Decks
    530 S. Whittaker • New Buffalo, MI (Behind Gold’s Gym)                                                      Tom Wagner serving the beach area since 1994
Page 62                                                                                                                             June 27, 2002
        Many Thanks to All Our Lake Shore Customers                                          CLASSIFIED RATES - (For First 2 Lines.)
                                                                             1-3 ads - $7.00 ea. •• 4 or more ads - $5.50 ea. (Additional lines- $1.00 ea.)
                   for Their Continuing Business                             PH: 219/879-0088 - FAX 219/879-8070. -Email <>
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    QUICK SERVICE PLUMBING,                                                       10:00 A.M.ON MONDAY OF THE WEEK OF PUBLICATION
                                                                                                PERSONAL SERVICES
 HEATING & AIR CONDITIONING, INC.                                                               MACINTOSH REPAIR & CONSULTING
                                                                             Memory & hard drive upgrades, system software upgrades & diagnostics.
 (219) 362-0157 or Toll Free (888) 499-1559                                  If you are looking for software, shareware, freeware, we can help you find
 Complete Plumbing, Heating, Cooling Sales and Service.                         it. Want to get on the Net? We can help with that too. Looking to buy a
                                                                                   new Mac? We can help you find the right one to fit your needs. Call
 • Repair or replace underground water or sewer                                          219/874-2382Mon.-Sat., 10-5, ask for Carl, or e-mail:
   lines using directional boring or air power mole                                           ,
                                                                                        Located at 408 Franklin Sq., Michigan City, Indiana.
   without distrurbing your lawn or landscaping.                                      MAC SOFTWARE AND ACCESSORIES NOW IN STOCK
 • Repair or replace plumbing in older homes,                                     £ EXPERT ALTERATIONS - Including Bridal, Formal, & Custom
   remodeling, room additions, including gas lines.                                                Drapery. Call Val at 219/873-0103
 • We have the most modern sewer cleaning inspection                                                      NEED A NERD?
                                                                             Our friendly & knowledgeable technicians provide PC repair,
   equipment plus leak testing for underground                                installation, hook-up, and training, right in the comfort of your
   water lines, including line locating and camera                           home or business. No job too large or small. Internet, software,
   inspections.                                                              peripherals, memory upgrades, websites, or networking.
                                                                                                We do anything for your PC. — Call 616/469-5088.
 • We sell & install Armstrong & Janatral furnaces and
                                                                             FREE PICK-UP SERVICE for unwanted, usable household articles.
   air conditioners.                                                         Also, leftover garage sale items, etc. Gutters & down spouts
 • We service ALL brands of furnaces and air                                 cleaned & repaired. Reasonable prices. Ph. 219/879-5253.
   conditioners                                                                                           CHRISTINE MARIE
                                                                                                    Clairvoyant • Spiritual Intuitive
      Competitive Rates - Senior Citizens Discounts                                               Introductory Rates for New Clients
     60 day to 1 year warranty on most Service Work                                                         219-326-6991.
                                                                             BOTOX BUDDY PARTY! salon 530 upstairs at Gold’s Gym in New
     1 Hour Minimum Service Call - Travel Time 1 Way - Sorry, No Credit
                                                                             Buffalo is offering an exceptional opportunity for you to try the
               Insured, Bonded, LIC. #PC81038838                             benefits of Botox at 1/2 the regular price. Bring a friend on Sunday,
                                                                             June 30 – from 3:00 - 6:00 pm (Eastern) and you & your buddy will
                                                                             receive a Botox treatment for 1/2 off. Refreshments served and also
                                                                             experience ENDERMOLOGIE Cellulite Massage at just $15 for 10
                                                                             minutes. Seated chair massage and buff & polishes also available.
                                                                                                      Call 616-469-6555 for reservations.
                                                                              CARETAKER - I do light house cleaning, sit with patients, take them
                                                                                         shopping, fix light meals, and oversee medication.
                                                                                      Call Charlie Mae at 219/874-5006. - References available.
                                                                              RESPONSIBLE TEEN LOOKING FOR SUMMER WORK in the Beach
                                                                               area. Will water flowers, pick up mail, baby-sit, and odds and ends.
                                                                                                 Call 219/872-2513. Leave message.
                                                                                            LEARNING - INSTRUCTION
                                                                                         PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER/ENTERTAINER
                                                                                                ENTERTAINMENT AVAILABLE
                                                                               Lessons for Voice -Violin - Piano - Guitar, Etc. Call 219/872-1217.
                                                                                     FRENCH & ENGLISH AS SECOND LANGUGE TUTOR
                                                                                    26-Years experience- Will tutor all levels - 219/324-9220
                                                                                MUSIC MAGIC AMERICA - 4-Week sessions of excitement and
                                                                                        learning with music. For children 1 1/2 thru 10.
                                                                                         MUSIC OF OZ - 219/874-9191,
                                                                             Native Spanish Speaking College Student/Athlete to tutor/instruct in
                                                                             Spanish/Soccer. Professional references. Call Gabriel 219/872-1209
                                                                                          CLEANING - HOUSEKEEPING
                                                                                   FINISHING TOUCH: Residential & Specialty Cleaning Service
                                                                                            Professional - Insured - Bonded - Uniformed
                                                                                        #1 in Customer Satisfaction. Phone 219/872-8817.
                                                                              P&T WINDOW CLEANING
                                                                             Once you own your home, all that you have is the view to look to.
                                                                             Call us at 1-574/784-3965
                                                                                        When You Want Perfection — Insured & Bonded
                                                                                             J.P.’s HOUSE, DECK & BOAT CLEANING
                                                                                   Commercial - Residential - Rentals - Construction Cleanup
                                                                                                Owner J.P. Foster - - 219/877-7081.
                                                                               RELAX - Let Debbie’s Dirt Free Janitorial Service Work For You!
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                                                CLEAN FOR A DAY CLEANING SERVICE - We’d like to help you with
                                                                             your home. Insured. Reasonable rates - Call Wendy at 219/861-0458.9
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                     CLEAN - N - GO CLEANING                                                              PAINTING SERVICES
  Residential, Beach Rentals, Construction Cleaning. 219/878-0474                        References. Insured. Experienced. Call 219/872-8349
            HOUSECLEANING AT REASONABLE RATES                                       WARREN PAINTING & PRESSURE WASH - Interior & Exterior.
          Will do whatever is needed. — Call 219/861-0704                           Decks washed & sealed - Free estimates — Call 219/872-6424
     SPIC AND SPAN CLEANING SERVICE - Home, businesses,                          5 LUMA LUNA PAINTING 5 Interior - Exterior. Serving the Beach
    basements, garages, attics. Bonded. Business hours 8 to 8.                    Front Communities For Over 4-Years. Insured - References avail.
                 Call 219/369-9402, or 219/325-0654.                                       Call Doug Moon at 219/874-7286, or 877/807-7286
                PERFECTIONIST HOUSEKEEPING                                                  MAIDENA MASTER PAINTERS & REMODELING
Have your home, office or rental property cleaned the right way.                       Maidena Painting has expanded to include remodeling.
15/Years experience. References. Also windows, painting & wall                       Same great quality, competitive prices. Clean, careful work.
papering. Call 219/879-7704, or 219/8797691. Leave message.                                       Call 219/861-9888 for free estimates.
              Excellent references — Call 219/874-8264                          Also, other odd jobs - Call Darrell LeMay at 219/874-6274.
          HEALTH & PHYSICAL FITNESS                                                    5 5 5 ROBERT ALLEN PAINTING & DECORATING 5 5 5
                                                                                  Interior & exterior painting & staining. Aluminum & vinyl re-coating.
                                                                                Deck refinishing. Wallpaper removal & installation. Texturing & drywall
 Therapeutic Massage • Acupuncture * Brain Gym • QiGong Classes •
                                                                                repair. 15Years experience. Competitive pricing. Unsurpassed quality.
 Reflexology • Healing Touch • Feldenkrais® • Personal Fitness Training
                                                                                                    Call 219/840-1581 for free quote.
                Dog Massage Classes • Gift Certificates
                                                            PROFESIONAL FINISHES PAINTING
                            Call 219/879-5722                                    Interior/exterior, drywall repair, pressure washing, deck finishing.
                                                                                   20 Years experience. Insured. References avail. Free estimates.
                        “MIRACLES DO OCCUR”
                                                                                                 Customer satisfaction our #1 priority.
                 Master Foot Reflexologist of 22 Years
                                                                                                       BENJAMIN MOORE PAINTS
                Tricia Bolton - Call 219/872-FEET (3338)
                                                                                                Steve at 219/326-6175, or 219/363-1812.
                House calls/parties - Call 616/469-9403.                                LANDSCAPE-Lawns-Clean Up. Etc.
     HANDYMAN-HOME REPAIR-PLUMBING                                                     — H & D TREE SERVICE and LANDSCAPING, INC. —
   QUALITY CARPENTRY: Expert remodeling of kitchens, bathrooms.                      Full service tree and shrub care. Trimming, planting, removal.
  Also: doors, windows, skylights, ceramic tile, drywall, decks & repairs.               Firewood, snowplowing, excavating. — Call 872-7290.
                Small jobs welcome. Call Ed at 219/878-1791.                                               FREE ESTIMATES
   HANDYMAN - Antenna service. Phone & TV jacks. House wiring.                                HEALY’S LANDSCAPING & MATERIALS
   Sinks. Toilets. Countertops. Carpentry. Full house rehab work.                   219/879-5150 — (800)256-0419 — Email
                  Beach Stairway Repair & Refurbishing.                                      Order online @
                DR. TOM’S SERVICE CLINIC - 219/778-4036                                   218 State Road 212 — Michigan City, Indiana 46360
                 ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••                                       LARGEST SELECTION OF NY BLUE STONE IN AREA!
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   It’s time to get those yards cleaned up, and decks sparkling. -
Spring Cleanup Special - Pressure washing & lawn care - Also paint-              QXQXRXQXQXRXQXQXRXQXQXRXQXQXR
                                    ing.                                                   ADNAN’S BEST SERVICE -SENIOR DISCOUNT
               CALL MEL at 219/879-6866, or 219/878-3140.                        Yard Clean-Up - Mowing - Exterior Power Wash - Free Estimates -
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         • • • DON’T THROW AWAY -WE HAUL AWAY FREE • • •
  Anything which can be used or sold to benefit several local charities.
    For more information Call Ed. Campion Sr. - Phone 219/879-2934                              8 8 8 8 SPRING CLEANUP 8 8 8 8
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                             CWC CONCRETE
      •Patios - •Sidewalks - •Driveways — New - Repair - Replace                       FOR ALL OF YOUR LANDSCAPING MATERIAL NEEDS
                      References — Call 219/362-7678                                                Let Us Be Your One-Stop Store
                                                                                                 Mulches - Topsoil - Rocks - Boulders
                           K & A CONSTRUCTION
                                                                                                   You name it! We probably have it
                                                                                                   Same day delivery in most cases
   Roofing • Siding • Complete Home Building • Decks • Additions
                                                                                                We can even help with the installation
 Plumbing • Dry Wall • Demolition • Concrete • Pole Barns • Repairs
                                                                                             H&S SERVICES —2621 E. US HIGHWAY 12
                   Remodeling • Replacement Windows.
                                                                                                     (Across from Karwick Plaza)
            MIKE’S FENCING - Chain Link, or Privacy Fence.                                                  Call 219/872-8946
  16 Years experience. Quality work at a fair price. - 219/874-9892.
                                                                                                         PAT’S TREE SERVICE
TILE WITH STYLE - Your ceramic tile and natural stone specialist. Over           Complete removal, topping & trimming, including evergreens & shrubs.
 18-years experience. You call - We’ll install. You pick it - We’ll stick it.      Stump removal. Large trees & shrubs moved. Aerial bucket truck.
                        Steve Baker - 219/324-3758.                                                     Experts in storm damage.
       PAINTING-DRYWALL-WALLPAPER                                                               FULLY INSURED — FREE ESTIMATES
                                                                                                        Available 7- Days A Week
         20-YEARS EXPERIENCE References. Reasonable.
    We also Power Wash, Seal & Paint Decks. Ph. 219/778-4145.                                    JAMES’ & GREGG’S LAWN SERVICE
                                                                                        Free estimates — Call 219/878-3378, or 219/861-7540.
Custom Woodwork - Hang/Finish Drywall - 25-Years experience. Insured.                      CHUCK’S LANDSCAPING AND TREE SERVICE.
                          Ph. 219/326-8512.                                           Custom landscape design & installation. Tree & shrub planting.
         Bringing Premium Quality Into The New Millennium.                         Compete Lawn Renovation, i.e., Seed & Sod - Mulch & River Rock.
                                                                                 Retaining Walls & Planters: Rock. Block Flagstone Timbers. Railroad ties.
                                                                                                 Drain Tile Installation for Water Control
               Small Jobs Welcome — Call 219/874-5279
                                                                                                    Brick patios — Driveway designs
ALL BRIGHT PAINTING - Interior/exterior. Satisfaction guaranteed.                  High tolerance tree and stump removal — Tree and bush removal
Free estimates. Licensed & insured. 219/874-6618, or 219/879-7199.                             Insured and References - Senior Discount.
               R. J. KNIGHT PAINTING CONTRACTOR                                                         ONE CALL DOES IT ALL
      Interior & Exterior — Free Estimates – Call 219/879-1349                                                219/874-8785
Page 64                                                                                                                              June 27, 2002
QUALITY AFFORDABLE LAWN CARE - Long Beach College Student.                                           SUMMER & SEASONAL RENTALS
                Call Adam at 219/874-2029                                                         We still have openings for the 4th of July
                                                                                                          …on and off the lake!!!
         EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES                                                •• 109 California -3/BR, 2.5/5bath - Close to beach - $1,500/wk.
    • • ATTENTION DRIVERS - NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY • •                          • • 1930 Lake Shore Dr. - 4/BR, 1.5 bath - Lakefront - $2,300/wk
TMC Transportation needs drivers. $650 Guaranteed weekly, poten-                 •• 2011 Lake Shore Drive - 3/BR, 1/bath - $1,725/wk.
tial to earn $900 per week, or more, and still be OFF WEEKENDS!!!                •• 2002 Melrose - 4/BR, 2/bath - Next to park - $900/wk.
             FOR CDL TRAINING, CALL 1-800-882-7364                               •• 3701 Michiana - 4/BR, 2/bath - Fantastic views - $2,000/wk.
THE BEACHER HAS AN OPENING FOR A FEATURE WRITER                                  ** 3711 Michiana - 3/BR, 2.5/ba - Great lake views - $2,250/wk.
Call 219/879-0088 for an appointment - Ask for Sally.                            •• 122 Northbrook - 2/BR, 1/bath -Sleeps 6 - $600/wk.
                                                                                 •• 14438 Spring Creek - 5/BR, 3/bath - Pool & hot tub - $3,500/wk.
           SEEKING EXPERIENCED FULL-TIME CHILD CARE                              •• 105 Warren - 3/BR, 1/bath -$800/wk.
        Non smoker. Reliable transportation. Your house or ours.                                          YEAR ROUD RENTAL
                 Call 1-877/451-0124. - Leave message.                           •• Marina Park Condo — $1,000/mo.
                WANT TO BUY OR SELL                                                                        Call Toll Free — 1-866/496-1752
                ART & OFFICE SUPPLIES (FIRME’S)                                                        Check out our rentals on our web site:
   (2 Stores) 11th & Franklin Streets, Michigan City - 219/874-3455                           
       Highway 12, Beverly Shores - Just West of Traffic Light.
          Phone 219/874-4003. — FAX Service 219/874-4349.                        TWO HOMES IN MICHIANA SHORES - 2/BR, 1/Bath. Screen porch.
                                                                                 Deck. BBQ. Frplc. AC. 2-Blks to beach. $1,200/wk - Also, 1/BR w/den,
            JUNE 28TH & 29TH — 9:00 AM TO 3:00 PM                                deck, AC. Across from park & tennis. 5/min to bch. $950/wk. No
                (Long Beach/Duneland Beach Area)                                 Pets . 773/784-0721. See web site: listing #’s 7770 & 5881
                                                                                 MODERN 3/BR HOUSE - Short stroll from Stop 31 beaches, on quiet
                 THE SUMMER OF ‘O2 ESTATE SALE
                                                                                 street, in the thick of dune forests. Relax on decks, or entertain in large
                                                                                 kitchen. Best vacation value without paying on-beach prices! Prime
            Antique • Traditional • Vintage • Shabby Chic
                                                                                 weeks avail now - hurry! $1,400/wk. - 630/865-4965.
Armoire - Wicker - Mantle - Breakfast & Dining Sets - Occasional Tables &                    MICHIANA SHORES COTTAGE. IN WOODED AREA
Chairs - Chests - Benches - Hall Trees - Mirrors - Potting Tables - Shutters -     A little over a block from great beach. Old wood paneled charm.
Blue & White Porcelain - Pottery - China - White Ironstone Dishes - Pitchers -                2-New baths and kitchen.. Fireplace. Air/Ccond.
Trays - Lamps - Needlepoint - - Linens - Quilts - Baskets.                            Dishwasher. 2 + Bdrms. Avail June, July & Aug. by the week.
                                                                                             Call 773/935-1855 days, or 773/248-3265 evenings.
DIRECTIONS to 5251 Shorelane Dr.: Corner of Duneland Road &                         SHERIDAN BEACH @ STOP 3 . 100 Yards to beach. 3/BR, 2/Bath.
Shoreline Drive. (Take Highway 12 to Duneland Road, or take Lake                    Sleeps 8. CAC. 2-Decks. Screened veranda. Close to zoo, marina,
Shore Drive to Stop 33).                                                               Blue Chip Casino. Call for rates and dates - 708/333-3550, or
                                                                                              View website
          Newly reconditioned - $150.00 - Call 219/874-6103                       COZY 3/BR, 1 1/2 BATH MICHIANA HOME FOR RENT - Wood floors,
                                                                                           central air, fireplace, garage. $850/month plus utilities.
                  POSTON AND POST PAVER BRICKS                                               Call MICKY GALLAS PROPERTIES at 219/874-7070.
        Call 773/935-1234, or 219/874-9674. - Ask for Edward.
                                                                                     2/BR HOUSE ON BEACH - Sleeps 6. AC. Carpeted. Deck. Patios.
        IRISH PINE ROUND DINING ROOM TABLE — $700.00                                  W/D. No pets. Completely furnished - May/June reduced rates.
                           Call 219/871-0273                                         Avail weeks July & August. $700/wk. Best beach for 200 miles.
LAWN SALE.100 Adahi Trail, Michiana Shores, IN. Sat. June 29, 9 - 2.                                 504 Colfax Ave. - Call 219/879-3038.
(Ind Time) Many treasures. Signs @ Grand beach & Michiana Entrance.                   BEVERLY SHORES - Fully furnished 3/BR house, and/or, 1/BR
Honey-Colored, Mission/Scandinavian-Style Twin Bedroom Set.                            apartment. Close to beach. $1,200/wk & $800/wk respectively.
Beds, dressers, mirrors, desks/chairs, bookcase and nightstand                             Avail June 1st through Labor Day. - Call 219/477-1989.
$1400. - or 630-690-7706                                        DUNELAND BEACH @ STOP 33 - 3/BR, 1.5/Bath newly remodeled
    COUNTRY ESTATE SALE - Tokai Baby Grand Piano. Henredon                                  beach home. AC. Cable. One block to the best beach.
 Dining Room Table & Chairs. Beachley Custom Sectional Sofa, and                                    Avail May-August — Call 630/516-0432.
      more. Call 219/926-2560 for prices and appointment to see.                       DUNELAND BEACH - 3/BR FURNISHED - Private beach. A/C.
                                                                                              Washer/dryer. Avail Aug ust 9th thru Labor Day .
     COMMERCIAL - RENTALS/LEASE/SELL                                                          $700/wk. — Call 219/872-5979 — Leave message.
                                                                                  SHERIDAN BEACH -. Charming, fully furnished 3/BR Cottage. Sleeps 6-
    4407 E. U.S. 12 (@ Hwy. 212) Michigan City, IN. 219/879-5616.                        8. Newly rehabbed w/modern kitchen & bath. A/C. W/D. BBQ.
     OFFICE SPACE AVAIL IN POPULAR HACIENDA BUILDING                                          Avail summer 2002. Best value. Call 219/872-0069.
          250 Sq. ft. to 1750 sq. ft. - For more information,                                             55 MICHIANA SHORES 55
         call Jerry at Realty, LLC - 219/874-8748.                           Hilltop cabin, JUST STEPS from the beach. Sleeps 6 W/D, DW,
                      RENTALS INDIANA                                                   TV/VCR. Just bring your toothbrush and your beach towel.
                                                                                                  Some weeks left July & Aug. @ $1,500/wk.
                   HOUSE FOR RENT IN LONG BEACH                                                 See it at
   3/BR. Across from lake. Great view & beach. Call 219/874-8692.                                                Call 219/878-0813
 LONG BEACH COZY 4/BR HOUSE AT STOP 15 (Across from Beach)                           MICHIANA SHORES VACATION HOME - STOP 39 - 4/BR, 2/Bath.
        Fireplace and Large Deck. No pets. Call 708/579-1745.                       Sleeps 8-10. Jacuzzi. Skylights. Roomy. Walk to beach. Great for
            • • • • • • • DUNESCAPE BEACH CLUB • • • • • • •                                  kids. Dogs okay. - $1,500/wk — Call 773/327-7166
              LAKEFRONT CONDOS — 2 and 3 Bedroom                                         LONG BEACH @ STOP 28 - Cozy, renovated 3/BR, 1 Bath.
       Avail June-Sept. $1,250 to $2,000/wk. 1 Month minimum.                       AC. - Cable - Grill. Large deck - Near beach. Avail July 7 thru 27,
                  DUNESCAPE REALTY — 219/872-0588                                       & Aug. 10 thru Labor Day - $1,000/wk. - Call 312/952-1680.
DUNELAND BEACH @ STOP 34. Great lake views from huge Family                            SUMMER RENTAL - Long Beach Area @ Stop 31 -Cozy 2/BR.
Room + Master Bedroom Suite. Totally remodeled & refurnished.                        Fully furnished. Washer/Dryer. AC. - Avail May-Sept. $600/wk .
4/BR, 3/Bth. Fireplace. W/D. AC. Cable. . Avail June, July 21-28;                             Call 708/354-8960 days, - 708/482-9527 evenings.
 & Aug 25th to Sept 2nd. - NO PETS .. Ph. 630/766-3300                            BEVERLY SHORES SUMMER RENTAL: ONE BLOCK FROM BEACH
ON THE SHORES OF SHERIDAN BEACH . Rehabbed &fully fur-                                     3/BR, 2/Bath — Sleeps 6-8. A/C. Fireplace. Dishwasher.
nished. Vacation apt suites. Sleeps 4 to 18. Lake view. Decks. $800                      Washer/Dryer - $1,000/wk, $3,600/mo. Call 714/206-4871.
to $2,500 week. Sunsets free. Call 219/872-8250, or 219/244-7877.                LONG BEACH AREA - STOP 33 - Very attractive 4/BR, 2/bath summer
 • • HOUSE FOR RENT - LONG BEACH - Stop 27 - 312-953-9570. • •                   home. Patio. Lovely surroundings. Family room, deck, screened porch,
 3/BR + Den/2BA (sleeps 10) . Newly rehabbed. A/C. W/D. FP. BBQ.                 laundry. AC. Very close to lake. July-Aug rentals avail @ $1,400/wk.
            Cable TV. 1/Blk to beach- Avail Summer 2002.                                                  Call 708/442-2333, or 219/879-7914
June 27, 2002                                                                                                                           Page 65
                    •••••••••••••••••••••••••                             MICHIANA SHORES, MI CHIGAN- 3/BR, 2/Bath. A/C. 2 1/2 Blocks to
    CHARMING KNOTTY PINE COTTAGE IN MICHIANA SHORES                          Lake. All amenities. Avail July & Aug. - $700/wk, or $2,500/mo.
     2/BR. - Screened porch - Air conditioning - Fully equipped.                             Call 219/874-6323 - Leave message
  Wooded area - Close to Beach. Avail weekly — Call 773/233-2039.        MICHIGAN, GRAND BEACH. Lake front home, just 42 steps down to this
                    •••••••••••••••••••••••••                            private Lake Michigan beach. Enjoy magnificent sunsets from the
     CUTE SINGLE FAMILY BEACH HOUSE - SHERIDAN BEACH                     deck. Golf and tennis are within walking distance. This cozy 3/BR
              $500. Per week — M-F. — Call 630/778-1005.                 sleeps 8. Avail July & August for $1,700/wk Or, June & September for
DUNELAND BEACH - 4/BR Beach Home. Lake views, sunsets, best              $950/wk. Call 708/848-1025 for a viewing appointment.
beach. - Tim at 219/872-7690. Leave message/speak clearly.               GRAND BEACH - Fully renovated 3/BR, 1 1/2 Bath, Vintage Cottage.
 SHERIDAN BEACH “MARINA KEY” COTTAGE, DOG WELCOME!!!.                    One block to beach. Washer/Dryer/AC/Cable TV. Deck. Avail June
                                                                         through September. - $1,200 to $1,600 week. - Call 616/469-3902.
  Newly remodeled, 1st season. 5/BR, 2/Baths, large yard. Weekly/
        Weekends rental. Sleeps 4-16. Close to beach. Email:                        VACATION RENTAL -GRAND BEACH, MICHIGAN, See Web site, -         2/BR - Fully equipped & furnished - Accommodates (6) adults &
                               $500-$1100 .                              children. A/C - TV - VCR - Webber grill - Private stairs to Beach .
                            Call 773/279-9632                            Great Deck - Wonderful sunsets - “ALL YOU NEED IS A MIILE AND A
                                                                         SWIM SUIT” - 773/871-4758, or 616/469-4557
                     MONTHLY SUMMER RENTAL
2/BR Michiana Cottage - Bright and airy with wood floors, knotty         THREE BEDROOM HOME IN MICHIANA - Stop 39 - Half block from
pine walls, stone fireplace, ceiling fans in every room. Queen futon     lake. $850/wk. - Avail July 7-14; July 14-21; July 21-28;
on 25 x 14 1/2 sceened porch. Pull-out couch in living room. 25 x 15      Aug. 18-25, and August 25-Sept. 1. - Call 1-708/895-0771.
Great room. Kitchen with all amenities. Gas grill on 25 x 20 deck. 4     JUST STEPS FROM THE BEACH - Studios from $430.00. - One bed-
Phone lines-security system. Air conditioning. Weekly maid and gar-      room apartments from $530.00. - Call for showing - 219/879-0912
dener service. Complete privacy on 3 beautifully landscaped lots         MICHIANA- STOP 39 - One block from lake - Country charm - Fully
within walking distance to Lake Michigan. Monthly rentals only —         furnished - 3/BR, 2/Bath. Sleeps 10. AC - Washer/Dryer - Cable, TV &
$2,500 + utilities.(Also, possible rental for July 4th week).            VCR. Microwave . BBQ. - Spacious grounds Avail July 24-Aug 28.
 Micky Gallas Properties — 219/874-7070, or 800/680-9682.                $875.00/wk. Also avail for winter rental.- Call 616/469-7867.
 LARGE, KNOTTY PINE, HOME with newer kitchen. Cent/Air. W/D.                NEW BUFFALO, Charming one bedroom. Lots of light. In town.
3/BR, 1/bath. Sleeps 7 plus. Full basement. 1 Block from Stop 2 beach.       NO PETS. 2nd Floor. - $435.00 plus utilities. Call 219/879-7877
Walk to Swingbelly’s, zoo & park. - $950/wk. Call 708/383-2635.          HOUSE FOR RENT - 14 NORTH TAYLOR, NEW BUFFALO. In town
                 SHERIDAN BEACH - ON THE BEACH.                          location. Three blocks north of Whittaker Street, off U.S. 12, behind Farley
                   3/BR, 1/bath - fully furnished home.                  Real Estate. 3/BR, 1/Bath. New GFA furnace, new stove, refrigerator, full
                        $1,100/wk. + $500/sec. dep.                      dry basement with washer & dryer hookup. Yard. $750.00 + security deposit.
                            Call 773/735-5213.                           NO PETS. No smoking. Drive by first and then call 616/469-2090 Gary
                  SHERIDAN BEACH. ON THE BEACH                           at Nadra K. for showing and application for lease.
                   3/BR, 1/Bath. Fully furnished home                                 SPACIOUS GRAND BEACH VACATION HOME
                       $1,500/Week — $500/Deposit                        Located I blk from the beach on a wooded dune. - Open concept with a great
                            Call 773/735-5213.                           room, sunroom, 3/BR, 2 1/2 ba, 2/whirlpools, large deck & screened porch.
BEACHFRONT, STOP 16 - 5/BR, Den, 4 1/2 /Bath. New kitchen. Granite       Golf course and tennis courts nearby. Weekly rental avail June 29 through
Slate & Hardwood Floors. Marble MB Suite. Pella. Decks. June - Sept      Sept. DISCOUNTS FOR MULTIPLE WEEKLY RENTALS. For more
dates. Call Mike at 708/361-5580 (nights), or 773/864-2414 (Days)         details, please visit, or contact by
                                                                         email - Phone 219/331-5276.
MILLER BEACH - $700/WK - - 100 Yards from beach. Completely fur-
nished. - Left: One week in June - Two weeks in July - Two weeks in                          GRAND BEACH HOME FOR RENT
Aug. No smoking, children or pets. -219/938-6384.                                 3/BR, 2/Bath. Near lake. - Call 708/771-2566 after 5 p.m.
Michiana Shores. Dreamwold Cottage. Country Setting among the             3745 LAKE SHORE DRIVE - 3/BR, 2/Bath. Sleeps 6. Spectacular lake
oaks. Vintage Charm. B& B ambiance. Walk/Lake Michigan. 3/BR,                    view. $1,000 /wk. Avail 6/29, 7/6, 8/24, 8/31, & Sept - Oct.
2/BA, AC, Bsmt. Large kitchen, screened porch, yard.                                             Call 312/527-0414, Ext. 245.
773/667-4333, or 219/873-1159                                                          REAL ESTATE. FOR SALE
              NEWER 3/BR HOME IN MICHIANA SHORES                         BEAUTIFULLY RENOVATED 4/BR, Den, 3/Bath Home on Wooded Lot
           Year round rental $1,400/mo. - Call 219/325-9663.             in Long Beach. One Block to Beach. New Kitchen, Granite Slate &
                                                                         Hardwood Floors. Marble MB Suite. Pella. 1200/SF Decks. New Roof,
                 RENTALS MICHIGAN                                        Furnace, A/C. — $399,000.
   NEW BUFFALO. Gated Nature Retreat with private Lake/Beach             Call 708/361-5560, (Nights); or 1-800/649-2381, (Days). Ask for Mike.
 offers immaculate Euro Homes, Cottages, Suites by week/weekend.                • • • LAKE SHORE DRIVE - STOP 16 - LONG BEACH • • •
 Amenities plus. Ideal for an intimate escape, or the extra rooms for      Fantastic Lake views from 2-decks. LR and MBR. 4+/BR, 3/Baths.
  your incoming party. See us: Call 616•756•3141.                      Call 616/469-2551, or go to
amenities include: 3/BR, 2/Bath, AC, DW, W/D, 3 TV’s, Cable, VCR,        remodeled, large 1/BR, clubhouse & outdoor pool. Not a rental com-
CD, FP. Too much to list. 300 Feet from private beach. - Call Bob        plex. Under $100,000., or 219/879-4727.
Martin, 773/847-5518, or E-mail for our web site.
                                                                                        TWO LOTS FOR SALE IN MICHIANA, MICHIGAN
VERY LARGE 2/BR APARTMENT IN UNION PIER - 2/Blocks from                         Corner of Dogwood & Elm Court - $80,000 . - 616/469-0320.
beach. Washer/Dryer - Skylights - French Balcony - 2nd Floor. Sorry,                       LAKE MICHIGAN VIEW LOT FOR SALE
No Pets - One Year Lease - References & Security Deposit. Ready to                                  90’ Deep X 215’ Wide
move in. Call 616/469-7690 - Max $895.                                         Long Beach, IN - Proceed to Stop 19, turn onto Monrovia,
BEAUTIFUL VINTAGE MICHIANA COTTAGE FOR MONTHLY (Or longer)                                         go 125’ and look right.
RENTAL. One block from beautiful Lake Michigan Beach at Stop 39.                                    Have Septic Permit.
Fully furnished—Charming Deco decor. Air conditioned, forty windows.                          Topographical Survey Available.
Sleeps up to eight persons. Three bedrooms. Two full baths. Two                                      Priced @ $150,000
woodburning fireplaces. New kitchen. Secluded forty oak tree land-                                773/779-6676 Evenings.
scape with and Adirondack chairs and hammocks. TVs with cable.           5 BEACH COMMERCIAL BUILDING -Completely renovated income
BBQ grill . Avail. April onward. Pets welcome.                           property in Michiana Shores. Two offices/storefronts plus luxury
Call 773/528-0825 or 773/281-7100. Prefer longer tenancy, but            apartment. Clean, heated basement w/ample storage + 2car garage.
willing to consider weekly rentals with excellent tenants.               City sewer & water, separate utilities. Perennial landscaping. Great
      GRAND BEACH/NEW BUFFALO - Spacious 3/BR ranch on                   for business or professional, retail, café, antique shop, book store,
   wooded lot. Fully furnished. Very clean. 2/Baths. Washer/Dryer.       real estate. Immaculate turnkey condition. Call for details. $275,000.
     Dishwasher. Cable. Golf Cart. Close to beach golf & tennis.         5 MICHIANA area residential bldg. sites. Mid thirties to mid forties.
                NO PETS. $950/wk. — Call 773/792-0073.                                       Broker/Owner - Phone 219/879-0811.
Page 66                                                                                              June 27, 2002
                                                              might add.
                    Off the Book Shelf                           I especially like the story he tells of coming in on
                         by Sally Carpenter                   an argument between two old ladies at the Sirovich
                                                              Senior Center:
  Hamlet’s Dresser: A Memoir by Bob Smith is this                Dora-- “He’s a bum. No two ways about it. He’s a
week’s book recommendation.                                   drunk and a bum....”
                                                                 Rosemary--- “She’s no saint. Just look at how she
  ANTONIO “In sooth I know not why I am so                    plays with him. He’s married. She should leave him
sad.”                                                         alone.”
      ----Merchant of Venice, Wm. Shakespeare                    Bob--- “Ladies, what’s going on?”
                                                                 Dora--- “What else? We’ve been at this all
   To 10 year-old Bobby Smith, making his first visit         week...Antony and Cleopatra, he’s a bum.”
to the library, these words were a visible and read-             Which leads Bob to observe “it’s not just the poet-
able declaration of the exact way he felt inside. How         ry that engages everyone.” You have to love these sto-
could this Shakespeare know so much about his                 ries about his speaking engagements; the interaction
strange, convoluted life?                                     he gets from these seniors is truly astounding and will
   “At the library I started to memorize little bits of       move you.
Shakespeare, whatever caught my attention....I’d                 Bob grew up in Stratford, Connecticut, and when
copy it in my notebook, at first just a line here or there,   he was a teenager, the American Shakespeare Festival
but eventually whole speeches.”                               moved into town. He got a job as a dresser for the actor
   If words can heal as well as explain, then writing         who played Hamlet that summer and began to draw
this book must have been a cleansing experience for           away from his family and spend more and more time
Bob Smith as well as an intimate memoir. And yes,             at the theatre. He watched from the side curtains, meet-
Bob Smith is his name; people are always asking               ing famous actors like John Houseman, Katharine
him what his real name is. He was born in 1941. His           Hepburn and Bert Lahr.
beautiful, but physically and mentally retarded sis-             This separation from his sister caused Bob to feel
ter, Carolyn, was born in 1944. The shock of his sis-         guilty, but the lure of the Shakespearean theatre
ter’s condition was too much for his parents: his dad         was strong. As time went by, actors started asking him
joined the Army, and his devastated mother began to           for advice, he would help the actors with their lines
depend more and more on Bob to take care of his sis-          and several years later, he followed the Shakespeare
ter.                                                          Festival when they went on tour.
   Growing up isolated from the company of other chil-           The strange and wonderful thing is that Bob Smith
dren, Bob spent much time with his four grandpar-             never earned a college degree, yet he has directed
ents. (How many of us have had the privilege of               Shakespeare for the Temple University graduate
knowing all our grandparents?) He became very fond            program, the State University of New York, Kent
of old people and his story jumps back and forth              State, the University of Bridgeport, the National
from childhood to his present day life visiting senior        Shakespeare Conservatory, and many fairs and fes-
centers in New York City, reading Shakespeare to the          tivals, too numerous to name here!
old people. And having some lively discussions, I                What a remarkable man. I was inspired by his
                                                              story and so will you. I liked the way he uses passages
                                                              from Shakespeare throughout the book to show rel-
                                                              evance to particular events.
                                                                 This book is a keeper!
                                                                 Till next time, happy reading!

                 Custom Slipcovers
         Over 60 Bolts of Fabric in stock
           Hours: Wed.-Fri. 1-5, Sat. 11-5
  9935 Townline Road             616-469-4354
  Union Pier, Michigan        Fax 616-469-4358
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  OLD EDGEWOOD CHARM! This gracious 2-story home has                       YOUR HOME IN THE COUNTRY! Finely crafted custom-
  been restored to mint condition, including updated baths, elec-          built home on 5.96 acres of rolling meadow lies 4 minutes south
  tric, plumbing, windows, security system, new drive way...               of Michigan City. Main floor master suite; 3 large upstairs bed-
  Sunroom addition has a hot tub; hardwood floors have all been            rooms joined by a family room and bridge overlooking the Great
  refinished. Full basement is completely finished and gorgeous!           Room & the floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace; full basement.
  Call Fran to take a peek at this dreamy 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home.        Additional land available! 50 x 30’ pole barn for vehicles & live-
                                                             159,900       stock!                                                   $

  STUNNING TURN OF THE CENTURY MASTERPIECE                                 MAJOR PRICE REDUCTION!!! This private Cape Cod
  has original woodwork & hardwood floors throughout! Originally           offers you a peaceful haven among birds & trees, but only 3 blocks
  designed as a two-flat, interior front & back stairs make this home      to Lake Michigan! 2-story floor plan includes a main floor bed-
  ideal for single family or in-law living. Each floor has its own         room with bath, a spectacular year-round sunroom surrounded by
  living & dining rooms, along with parlors, kitchen & bedrooms.           decks & pine trees and a ceramic-tiled eat-in kitchen. Parquet
  Landscaped & fenced yard surrounds the deck & heated pool. A             floors grace the living & dining rooms. You’ll love coming here
  Koi pond w/waterfall will calm you after a hard day’s work. Take         to relax, cause there’s not a stitch of grass to mow. Call Liv
  a step back in time.                                       $
                                                               109,000     Markle today!                                            $
                                                           Ed Merrion, CRS, GRI
  Liv Markle, CRS, GRI                                John Hayes, GRI         Michele Meden                             Jim Lauglin
  Jim McGah, Broker Associate                         Debbie Burke, GRI       Dave Walsh                                Jerry Lambert
  Debbie Mengel                                       Julie Gring             Jim Christensen                           Sharon Kienitz
  Fran Merrion, GRI                                   Bill Moldenhauer        Pat Elliott
Page 68                                                                                                                                    June 27, 2002

                     7         LONG BEACH REALTY
                                           ON LAKE MICHIGAN SINCE 1920
                     T 1401 Lake Shore Drive                    ALL OFFICES OPEN 7 DAYS
                                                                       3100 Lake Shore Drive
                                                                                                                   AT THE SIGN OF THE SAILBOAT

                                                                        A WEEK
 Phyllis T. Waters
                                (219) 874-5209                                                                 (219) 872-1432                    Douglas Waters
  CRB, CRS, GRI                                                                                                                                       GRI
  Broker/Owner                                                                                                  Managing Broker

     NEW LI                                                                                      SPECTACULAR LOG CABIN
                                                                                                 with wood burning fieldstone fireplace,
                                                                                                 pine ceiling, wainscoting, oak and car-
                                                                                                 peted floors, vaulted ceilings. All
                                                                                                 rooms are spacious with woodsy
                                                                                                 views from every side. Master with
                                                                                                 Jacuzzi tub, separate shower, huge
                                                                                                 closets, plus 2 additional bedrooms,
                                                                                                 31⁄2 baths. 23 foot office with full
                                                                                                 bath can double as fourth bedroom.
                                                                                                 Screened porch, decks, balconies.
                                                                                                 Basement, 3 garages.         $

 STATELY ART DECO surrounded
 by magnolias and lovely perennials
 in bloom from early spring to late
 autumn. Handsome center hall with
 double guest closets welcomes you
 to formal dining room and living
 room with fireplace. Sunny solarium
 adjoins living room. Home has south-
 ern exposure providing abundant
 light. 4 bedrooms, 2 full baths and
 2 half baths. Downstairs has space for
 exercise room, crafts, and lots of
 storage.                    $

            UNITED Beverly Bullis, CRS, GRI* 800-518-6149               Christine Facciponti                         888-354-1088           Rob Robertson
              WE   Janet Greenwald, Broker Associate, GRI*              Sylvia Hook, Broker Associate, CRS, GRI*      800-518-5778          Frances Lysaught
            STAND Pam Navarro, Broker Associate 888-565-1981            June Livinghouse, Broker Associate, ABR, GRI* 800-957-1248          Bill McNew
                       Bobbie Cavic, Broker Associate 888-565-1822                                                                          Rosemary Braun

                                                     *Licensed in Indiana and Michigan

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