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					                These training materials were developed
                by Multnomah County Domestic Violence
                Coordinator's Office, in conjunction with         Who is
                our community partners listed below.
                                                                      affected by
EVERYONE        For additional information, contact
                Chiquita Rollins, Multnomah County
                Domestic Violence Coordinator, at
                or 503-988-4112 or go to our website at
-Co Workers     Our community partners:
                • City of Portland Office of
                  Neighborhood Involvement
-Perpetrators   • Kaiser Permanente
                • LSI Logic, Inc.
                • Multnomah County Department of
                  Business and Community Services
-Employers      • Oregon Attorney General
                • Oregon Coalition Against Domestic
                  and Sexual Violence
                • Oregon Medical Association
                • Providence Health Systems
                • Rejuvenation Inc.
                • Volunteers of America Family Center

                Software and CDROM produced by
                Planet Productions Inc.

                This material has been made possible
                by a grant from the Oregon Occupational
                Safety and Health Division, Department of
                Consumer and Business Services.

                All persons shown in photographs are models and
                used for illustrative purposes only.

                                                                     Domestic Violence
                                                                       and the
                                                                         Learn what you can do to help
How does domestic violence affect the workplace?
  Current or former husbands and
  boyfriends commit over 14,000 violent
                                            How Can “Domestic                     How to access
  incidents in the workplace each year.     Violence and the                      the training
  The total healthcare costs of domestic    Workplace Help You?”                  The materials are available
  violence are estimated in the hundreds                                          as Web based training,
                                            “Domestic Violence and the            CD-ROM or in hard copy.
  of millions each year.
                                            Workplace” is available to help       To access the training
  Thirty-seven percent of women who         employees and employers respond       materials go to:
  experienced domestic violence report      to domestic violence when it occurs
  this abuse had an impact on their work    in the workplace. The materials       workplace.html
  performance.                              were designed by a team of experts    To find out how to obtain a CD-ROM
                                            in the fields of domestic violence,   or hard copy, contact Chiquita Rollins
  Three quarters of employed survivors      human resources, and workplace        at 503-988-4112 or by email:
  of domestic violence reported that        safety. It can be used as a stand
  abusive partners harassed them at         alone training course, as a set of
  work, and over half reported being        resources to be used as needed,
  late for work at least five times or
  missing at least three full days of
                                            or as part of a workplace safety      How Can You
                                            policy or training requirements.
  work each month.                                                                Learn More?
                                                                                  Call your local domestic
  Co-workers may have worries about         Elements of the training              violence victim services
  spillover violence that affect their                                            program or contact the
                                              1. Why is the issue of domestic
  performance.                                                                    Multnomah County
                                                 violence important?
                                              2. What is domestic violence?       Domestic Violence Coordinator at
  State and Federal workplace safety
                                              3. Why is domestic violence a
  laws and rules now include domestic
  violence in the definition of workplace        problem in the workplace?
  violence and are beginning to hold          4. Why doesn’t she just leave?      Go to the website of the Oregon Coalition
  employers accountable for safety            5. What employees can do in         Against Domestic and Sexual Violence at
  of victims.                                    the workplace.         
                                              6. What employers can do in
  Domestic Violence cost employers               the workplace.
  $3-5 billion annually.                      7. What Oregon communities
                                                                                  This site from the American Bar Association’s
                                                 are doing.
                                                                                  Commission on Domestic Violence includes safety
                                              8. How you can help in your         planning information in English and Spanish, statistics,
                                                 community.                       myths and facts, and information about what
Domestic Violence
  and the
                                                                                  businesses are doing about domestic violence.

     Learn what you can do to help