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					Customer Destruction Instructions V2.0
Browsing     ** Always check to see if they are connecting first **

   1) Determine if the error is PCBD, PCBF or a blank white website. (Always Notate)

   2) See if PCBD comes up right away or if there is some load time. (Always Notate)

   3) Check for LNX in FU Tool (if they have it) to see if it is logging into the system.
      If it is disable LNX + proxies and proceed. If not then reset LNX by changing the port
      number in LNX first, then uncheck proxies in IE, reboot and try.

   4) Check the homepage & Make sure they try more than one website (If not have them do it on
      their next try). Make sure work offline is unchecked.

   5) Check for firewalls and disable (Sometimes Mcafee & ZoneAlarm firewall need to be
      uninstalled which can be done seperatly from the AV in most cases)

   6) XP\Vista run “netsh” “iirr” & “wr” (if SP2) + Browser Maintenance (Win2K “netsh” “ira” )

   7) R&R the connection even if you don't like doing it.

   8) See if data transfer is blocked on the whole system or just in IE, open the command prompt
      and type “ping(space)“ without quotes. If you get “cannot find host” do
      the winsock reset manually if SP1. Next try to “ping(space)” Ask them what
      the percentage of loss is:
      0% means data transfer is good,
      5-75% there is some packet loss,
      100% no data transfer
      Cannot find host (Firewall or no Connection)

   9) For Win95/98/ME R&R DUN & TCP/IP (Steps are in Knowledge base)

   10) Run Manual Winsock Reset

   11) Have user search system with Adaware / Spybot -- If all else fails Refer to OEM

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