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					 There are two main types of Grasslands
                                                                                          THE GRASSLANDS

  -   receives more seasonal rainfall
      than deserts but less than tropical
      dry forests                           By Nathaniel Kessler, Lindsi Flynn, and
                                                                                      The perfect Place to Go!
                                            Chuka Ikpeze
          o For example: closest to
            the equator, hot all year

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  -   Temperate grasslands are farther
      away from the equator.
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          o For example: U.S. prairies.

  -   Very cold and harsh winters, hot
      dry summers.
FUN FACTS                                      -dominant plants in the Savanna consist of:

                                                        - tall, perennial grasses; sometimes
1.Grasslands grow on every continent
                                               drought-tolerant and fire-resistant trees or
except Antarctica

2.Only about 30in. of rain per year
                                               - Dominant wildlife consists of:

3.Fertile soil                                          - predators such as lions, leopards,

                                               cheetahs, hyenas, and jackals; aardvarks;
4.Tall and short grass is abundant
                                               herbivores such as elephants, giraffes,
                                                                                                 A grassland west of Coalinga, California.
5.Some of the animals that live in the         antelopes, and zebras; baboons; birds such
                                                                                                            he grassland biome
grasslands are: zebras, elephants, bison,      as eagles, ostriches, weaver birds, and storks;
                                                                                                            Grasslands are characterized as lands dominated
                                                                                                            by grasses rather than large shrubs or trees. In
rhinoceros, ferret, hyena, giraffe, chicken,   insects such as termites                                     the Miocene and Pliocene Epochs, which spanned
                                                                                                            a period of about 25 million years, mountains
                                                                                                            rose in western North America and created a
lion, ostridge, prairie dogs and warthogs.                                                                  continental climate favorable to grasslands.
                                                                                                            Ancient forests declined and grasslands became
                                                                                                            widespread. Following the Pleistocene Ice Ages,
                                                                                                            grasslands expanded in range as hotter and drier
ABOUT THE “PICTURES”                                                                                        climates prevailed worldwide. There are two main
                                                                                                            divisions of grasslands:

                                                                                                            Savanna is grassland with scattered individual
The photos in this brochure show how                                                                        trees. Savannas of one sort or another cover
                                                                                                            almost half the surface of Africa

beautiful the grasslands truly are. The

whole natural environment such as the

animals, and the plants, everything is