THE SUNRISE NEWS
                      Reporter: Jeanne Fernandes
                      Photographer: Linda Sinkay

Wednesdays                                                                               October 5, 2005
7:15am to 8:30am

Masonic Temple       START OF THE DAY
373 North Main St.
Sebastopol, CA       The bell rang at 7:15 a.m.   by our one and only, Joe
                                                  Gaz. The raffle prize was
                     …. For those of you          provided by Chip “Right
                     sleepy heads, set your       Answer” Castleberry and
                     alarms 10 minutes early      won by Kathryn Graham.
                     and enjoy table time with
                     some of your best friends.   Chuck Tilsbury: He’s
                     It’s a opportunity to get    back … with a joke to
                     caught up with the latest    make us smile. If any one
                     local happenings, solve      else has a joke they want
                     the world’s problems, or     to tell, just let me know.
                     maybe make faces at your     But make it good, make it
                     fellow Rotarian at the       short, or suffer the conse-
                     other table.                 quences.

                     The Salute to the Flag was
                     given by Jill deWitt,
                     Thought for the Day was                                    PRESIDENT:
                     given by Tess                                              LINDA J. JOHNSON
                     Ostopowicz, and Song of
                     the Day was Take Me Out
                     To The Ballgame guided

                     Membership Recruitment -      secretary or member-          Committee.
                     If you have someone in        ship chair.                   • The new member’s
                     mind that you think would     • WHEN notified of            name will then be pub-
                     be a great addition to our    board’s approval, invite      lished to the club mem-
                     club, here is the process     the prospect to a Ro-         bership for seven days
                     to proposing a member to      tary meeting as a guest       and afterwards, an in-
                     our club, given by our        of the club and deter-        duction ceremony will be
                     “premier banker”, Joce        mine their interest in        arranged.
                     Richmond:                     joining.
                                                   • ATTEND Rotary               • AFTER induction,
                      • BEFORE ap-                                               serve as the new mem-
                                                   Information Meeting
                      proaching a prospec-                                       ber’s sponsor and/or
                                                   with the prospect, their
                      tive member, obtain                                        mentor and help them
                                                   family and selected
                      membership proposal                                        complete the fermenta-
                                                   members the Member-
                      form and submit to club                                    tion process.
                                                   ship Development
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                           VISITORS & GUESTS
                           A special welcome to our       Guest Speaker and our RI
                           Rotarian guests, Sally         Exchange Student return-
                           Ewald of the Sebastopol        ing from her 10 month
                           Rotary Club and Keith          visit to Chili), and her dad,
                           Garlock of the Rohnert         Greg Mason.
                           Park Rotary Club.
                                                          It was a privilege to wel-
Rose’s Mama                From our own home club,        come you and host you
                           we were graced by a            as our guests.
                           number of extended fam-                                     BE A SNOOP. Do you have juicy
                           ily guests, Matt Walker                                     news about a co-Rotarian that
                           (Ted Walker’s son who                                       President Linda can share with the
                           incidentally is a mean                                      rest of the club? Send your scoop
                           eating machine), Marilou                                    to:
                           Zamora (Rose’s mother),                           
                           Jenna Mason (today’s

                           Ted Walker is paid up for      at the Madrona Manor in
                           the year but this is good      Healdsburg with a Hawai-         Tim Stewart had been
                           to miss. He was hit for        ian theme. Many of us will       away in Oregon visiting
                           $10 for being Federica’s       never forgot her beautiful       his in-laws, got in some
                           escort at a night of dining.   dancing at Michael’s de-         golf and even went hunt-
                           He was paid up so              bunking. That’ll be $15.         ing with his father in-
                           passed it on to a fellow                                        law… Tim did the driving.
Jill deWitt, jewelry       Rotarian. He tried 3 x’s to    Donn Paulson and Ron             That’s $15 for you, Tim.
sales agent with lots of   pass on the recognition        Cutler: Those who dive
                           and we’re still not sure       and cook; and those that         Jill deWitt happens to
                           who got???                     eat and imbibe. Last             know Larry the Plumber
                                                          year’s abalone feed auc-         at the Rotary Club of
                           Rose Draper has been           tion item was exciting.          Guerneville. Linda John-
                           going crazy the last           $10 for those who ate            son ran into him and told
                           month with lots of family      (Donn and Linda) and $5          her Jill had a way of sell-
                           responsibilities. She was      for those who dived (Ron         ing jewelry to him…
                           recently helping her           and Brian) and $10 for           friendly smile and great
                           youngest sister with wed-      those who danced around          flirting. That will be $10
                           ding details. It was held      a lot (i.e. Michelle).

                           BIRTHDAYS & ANNIVERSARIES

                           HAPPY BIRTHDAY to              HAPPY ANNIVERSARY
                           our own Daryl Davis            to Daryl & Marie Davis
                           (Oct. 5), Jody Brennan,        (Oct. 5), to Brian & Ellen
Tim gets fined for
going away to visit his
                           Dave’s wife (Oct. 6), and      Bauer (Oct. 8), to Andy &
in-laws in Oregon          Lan Tran, Ken’s wife           Carol Carciere (Oct. 9),
                           (Oct.7).                       and to Greg & Cathy
                                                          Malaby (Oct. 11).
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Jenna Mason, our return-       happy to discover a warm      Rotary Club was lim-
ing RI Exchange Student        and caring student body.      ited, but Jenna had
from Analy High School,        She says there are some       opportunities to travel
spent her senior year in       differences in Chilean        with fellow Rotary
the heart of Chile’s wine      teen culture. She believes    Exchange Students
country. Arriving in Chili     Chileans are more shel-       from the Northern
with almost no practical       tered by their families.      deserts to the South-
Spanish, Jenna joined a        Conversely, the teens are     ern ice floes. Jenna                   Jenna and Federica
non-English speaking           allowed more flexibility.     thanks everyone for the
family for her entire visit.   It’s not unusual for a teen   opportunity and support.
                               to take a taxi to a party     She’s been bitten by the
Jenna attended school          that does not break up        travel bug and will travel
with classes taught in         until 4:00 AM!                through her life. She is
Spanish. Nervous about                                       also now fluent in Span-
her reception, she was         Interaction with the local    ish.

Presenting, Michael            Leave it to the profession-   packages… those that
McGlothlin, Owner of Dirt      als to know where to find     give you the flight, car
Cheap Travel in Sebasto-       the best deals available in   hotel etc. or try and all-
pol. He talked about the       the market. There have        inclusive… includes food
transition of the travel       been many times clients       and beverage.
industry in terms of how       have told him they have
vendors like airlines no       spent many hours looking      Plan your vacation well in
longer pay Travel Agents       through the internet for      advance. Don’t wait until
the customary 10% com-         bargains. Often, travelers    the spring to plan your trip
mission. Now agencies          tend to buy in pieces—        in the summer. There is a      Michael says, hire me as
such as his are now a fee      Car rental, meals, trans-                                    your plumber. I’ll save you
                                                             good chance you’ll miss
                                                                                            lots of time and money.
based business. Hire him       portation, etc. He says       out on the specials.
to do the leg work for you.    best bargains are found in

Join us for a going away       Bring an appetizer, main
party in honor of Donna        dish, vegetable side dish                                               Goodbye,
                                                                                                       Donna. We’re
Dozier this Friday, Oct.       to share. Bring wine,                                                   going to miss
14 at Frank Bardella’s         beer or refreshments of                                                 you. Don’t
house, 6:00 p.m.. Donna        your choice. Linda will                                                 forget to visit
is relocating to Yosemite      make arrangements for                                                   us often!
at the end of the month.       dessert.
Hubby, Dennis, accepted
a job there.                   Don’t forget to bring your
Please call Frank to
RSVP, 823-8385.
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                                CALENDAR OF EVENTS:
                                October 6              Rotary Club of Sebastopol Board Meeting
                                                       Time & Place: 5:45 – 7: 15p.m., Seb. Senior Center
                                                       RSVP to 829-6304 or email:

                                October 7              True to Life Children’s (TLC) Services “Wine Country
                                                       Feast and Auction” to benefit special needs children from
                                                       Sonoma County. Tickets are $ 35 each. Wine tasting
                                                       starts at 5:00 pm, dinner at 6:00 pm catered by Larry
    P.O. Box 2481                                      Pietrobone,
 Sebastopol, CA 95473
                                October 7              First Friday, progressive social night. Come start at the
                                                       TLC campus at 5:00 pm; then end up at GTO Seafood at
                                                       @ 7:00 pm

                                October 11             Community Services Committee Meeting,
                                                       Time & Place: 5:30p.m., Senior Center

                                October 12             Program: Percy Schmeiser
                                                       Topic: His Experience with GMO's

                                October 19             Program: Ben Stone, Sonoma Economic Development
                                                       Topic: Local Economy

                                October 26             Program: Bill Cogwill, Sheriff, Sonoma County
                                                       Topic: Law Enforcement

                                WEBSITES TO ROTARY PROJECTS AND PROGRAMS
KNOWLEDGE:                      •   Rotary Club of Sebastopol Sunrise:
President      Linda    chal-
lenged the club to remem-       •   RI President Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammer:
ber the 4 way test (she             stenhammar/index.html
even turned the banner
around so we couldn’t           •   Rotary District 5130:
cheat). Our new member
Alice Ferry-Holladay has        •   RI 5130 Youth Exchange Site:
been reading and listening
since she was able to tell
us that there are 24 words
in the 4 way test. Jill de
Witt, Curt Curtis, and Chip     SEND US AN EMAIL
Castleberry will need to
study a little bit more. But
remember, it could be your
turn next so look again for
that coin or that card with
the ethics of Rotary etched
upon them.

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