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									Resume of Vermont R. Perez,               ECE                                       (+63)-917-586-2789

VERMONT R. PEREZ,                                         E.C.E.
Philippines’ Address:   Unit 3C Samar St. Cor. Mindanao St., Balic-Balic, Sampaloc, Manila
Contact Number:         0918-224-2789 / 0922-895-0059/09175862789
E-mail address:

4-Years in Telecommunication-Transmission Networks

Senior Support Engineer:
Transmission Engineering Department
One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation (System Integrator)
             Tasked with handling project implementation, equipment proof-of-concept and technical service support for various
              client/project offering of One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation
             Assist in testing fiber optic cable for the clients of One Commerce
             Performs Designing of Microwave Radio Links ( Link Budget Calculation ) using Pathloss 4
             Conducts Samsung Wimax and Fiber Multiplexer Proof of Concepts for One Comm clients

               Microwave Radio (SDH/PDH). Responsible for the Design, implementation/installation/rectification of
               microwave radio (Spacelink SDH: STM-1 MW Radio and Spacelink PDH: Low to High Capacity / IP capable) for
               clients of One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation
               High Capacity SDH Multiplexer/ Low Capacity Access Multiplexer. Tasked for system requirement analysis
               of multiplexers as well as configuration of equipment system for clients of One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation.
               Systems Equipment Support. Responsible for technical support (on-site /on-call) of Microwave Radio, Metrowave
               801 SDH Multiplexer as well as converters.
               Dropwire Pre-Delivery Inspection. Attends Pre-delivery Inspection for customer which includes inspection and
               testing of Parallel Dropwire before the shipment.

Junior Support Engineer:
Wireless Solution; Transmission Engineering Department
One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation (System Integrator)

             Tasked for System Equipment Support (On-Site/On-call) for Spacelink PDH/SDH microwave Radio and SDH
              Multiplexers Installation, Commissioning and Troubleshoting
             Assists in preparation of project implementation design requirement
             Have undergone training in Spacelink’s PDH/SDH microwave radio equipment
             Conducts site survey for installation of PDH/SDH Microwave Radios as well as Tejas Fiber Multiplexer for Clients
             Assist in preparation of Project Documentations (Design, Survey Report, Autocad 2D Floor Plan)

Project Management Department, Junior Trainee:
One Commerce (Int’l.) Corporation
             Assist in implementation , installation and commissioning of Smart Bridges IP Radio
             Assist in conducting site survey for installation of Mini-Repeater as well as on-site troubleshooting of XinMin
              Frequency-Shift-Repeaters (FSR) equipments

       Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communication Engineering
       University of The East Caloocan City, S.Y. 2000-2005

       Registered Electronics and Communications                               PRC License: ECE 0037115
       Engineer (April 2006 )
Resume of Vermont R. Perez,             ECE                                     (+63)-917-586-2789


        Loop AM3440 Multiplexer Training
         Taiwan October. 2008                                            Dropwire PDI(Pre-delivery Inspection)
                                                                          Foshan China April 2010
        Wimax Antenna Testing                                            Foshan China May 2010
         Foshan, China December 2009

        Tejas Fiber Multiplexer Training                                July, 2010

        Loop V4300 E1/T1 Converter                                      March, 2010

        Fiber Optic Splicing                                            August, 2009

        Spacelink Radios Training (PDH and SDH)                         September, 2007

        Benchmarking ( Drive test )                                     February 2007

        Xinmin Repeater (FSR) Training                                  January, 2007

        Smart Bridges IP Radio Training                                 September, 2006


        Proficiency in Microsoft Office Applications:
         -    MS Word                     - MS PowerPoint
         -    MS Visio                   - MS Excel
        Knowledgeable in 2D Autocad Drafting and Adobe Photoshop
        Knowledgeable in Pathloss 4 software for Microwave Link Design and Calculations
        Knowledgeable in Fiber Optic Splicing using Fusion Machine
        Knowledgeable in Operating Acterna BER and Ethernet Tester
        Microwave Radio Design, Commissioning, Installation and Rectification
        Knowledge in basic data networking

         Birthdate:        25 February 1983                   Civil Status: Single
         Sex:              Male                               Citizenship: Filipino

         Available upon request.

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