Knife Maintenance by mikeholy


									                                                                                Knife Maintenance
1. SAFETY FIRST:                                                                                                                            Quick Tips:
     • Refer to your Operational Manual before accessing your equipment                                    1.   If you do not have a Feeler Gauge handy you can use a business card to check
     • Make sure all electrical & lockout procedures are adhered to                                             the sharpness of the knives and to check the knife gap.
     • Wear cut resistant gloves before handling knives                                                         • If you run a business card across the rotor knife and the card does not get
     • Always handle blades with caution                                                                             cut, your knives are not sharp
2.   Keep your knives sharp                                                                                     • Business cards are approximately .006” to .008” thick. You can do a spot
     • Always have them sharpened by a professional with a precision grinding machine                                gap check with business cards.
3.   Create a knife maintenance schedule, Remember that every plant is different due to:                                  o If the knives do not tug on or cut the card, you can fold the card
     • The material being processed                                                                                           in half & try again. If the knives still do not tug on or cut the
     • The number of hours the granulator is being utilized, etc.                                                             card then you know that the knives are more than .012” to .016”
4.   When you have your knives re-sharpened they need to be ground into a match set. This means                               out of gap and it is time to re-gap the knives.
     that the knife height (from Heal to Tip) is the same across all of the rotor knives within the set.   2.   If you use a blower to evacuate the Granulator, you can do a spot check on the
     • .003” is the allowable tolerance                                                                         condition of the knives by placing your hand below the discharge of the
     • Check all the knives with a micrometer to make sure the height is the same on all knives                 cyclone and catch some of the regrind in your hand.
     • If your knives are not sharpened correctly your knife gap will be off                                    • If there are excess fines this could be an indication that the knives are not
               o You want the work of cutting your material spread across all of the knives                          sharp and the knife gaps may be open to far.
     • Make sure your re-sharpening vendor uses “coolant” when re-sharpening.                                   • Also, if you close your hand with the plastic in it and it is too hot to hold,
               o The heat treatment will be compromised causing premature failure if a “dry”                         this may be another indication that the knives are not sharp and the knife
                   re-grinding method is used                                                                        gaps may be too open.
5.   Keep the knife gap to .006” to .009”. This is the gap between the Rotor (fly) knives and the          3.   Use an amp meter as a spot check method.
     Bed (stationary) knives.                                                                                   • For instance, if the normal operating amp level with material is 18 and
     • Use a Feeler Gauge when checking your knife gap for accuracy                                                  you notice that the amps have increased to 22 – 24 amps this could be an
6.   After each knife change you should re-check the knife gaps after about 1 week of use                            indication that the knives are not sharp and the knife gaps may be too
     • If the gap is larger than .012” re-gap to insure proper cutting                                               open, since it is more difficult for the motor to process the material with
                                                                                                                     dull knives and opened gaps.

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