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                                                      ‘Everybody Counts’
                                   Welcome to the Spring 2009 Primary Mathematics Newsletter
                      - sharing good practice from around the county and updating you on national initiatives
                                                        IcT WORKED FOR ME!!
                                                ICT Resources from the Primary Framework                   NEW
                                               recommended by teachers in Gloucestershire
                       Carroll diagram
                       select 1 or 2 shape / number criteria
                       drag shapes / numbers into required cell
                       use ‘test’ button to receive feedback on
                        your solution
                       use ‘reset’ button to return shapes /
                        numbers to home

                      Question stems such as ‘What is the same
                      about / difference between …?’ and ‘What
                      other shapes (or numbers) can / can’t …?’ will enhance the use of this resource.
                         This resource can be found on the Glosmaths Toolkit (Maths ICT ideas) and on the
                         National Strategies website: (http://national

                        Forthcoming CPD opportunities (relevant booking forms attached)
Learning & Teaching

                          Putting the Foundation Stage ‘Mathematics Overviews’ into
                         Please let us know of the resources that have ‘worked for you’ thpractice [YR into Y1]
                             – for YR, YR1 or YR12 class teachers (either Mon 9th Feb or Mon 20 April)
                          Teaching Assistants course - exploring national and local developments to support
                             children ‘overcome barriers’ in mathematics (morning only - March 4th/5th/9th/10th)
                          Y2/Y4/Y6 Teaching and Learning courses (Monday 23rd – Thursday 26th March)
                          Level 5 Mathematics course – strengthening subject knowledge and exploring teaching /
                             learning ideas for L5 Assessment Criteria (Thurs 25th June / Fri 3rd July / Wed 8th July)
                                                      ALL EVENTS ARE FULLY FUNDED 
                                            Glosmaths Progression Grids - Update
                      The progression grids have been created to support teachers with effective differentiation and
                      provision for all children in their class. Objectives are matched so that, when teaching within a
                      specific strand, progression across year groups can be considered. Grids for A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, A2
                      and B2 available on (Resources – Primary only – 2008 – Not course-specific)

                                             Get involved with ‘World Maths Day’
                           Take part on Wednesday 4th March. Registration begins on 01.02.09 – more details at
                                                 Misuse of Maths – The Vocabulary Special!
                                                                     Public Enemy #1: C-Beebies Mister Maker
                                                              All his ‘friends’ are 3-dimensional yet he insists on calling
                                                              them circle, triangle, square and rectangle – surely they
                                                              should be cylinder, triangular prism and cuboid!! (Mr
                                                              Square isn’t even a cube!)
                                                                        Public Enemy #2: Weather Forecasters
                                                              Cold temperatures are referred to as Minus numbers
                                                              rather than Negative numbers.
                                                              Minus - The name for the symbol, representing the
                                                              operation of subtraction. Should warm temperatures be
                                                              referred to as ‘plus’, ‘add’ or ‘sum’ rather than ‘positive’?

             - games, puzzles and interactive ‘starter’ ideas
             - interactive mental agility challenge!
                                              GLOSMATHS TEAM GOING GREEN !!
                                            As you are hopefully aware, the Glosmaths team are
                                            communicating as much information as possible
                                            electronically using e-mail rather than ‘snail-mail’. This
                                            includes newsletters and provisional programmes for
                                            networks and CPD events to confirm your place. We are
                                            currently using your school address but if you would also
                                            like to receive the information directly, please e-mail Alison
                                            Staley ( )

                     These will take place from Monday 8th – Thursday 11th June at the Hucclecote Centre
                     All schools will receive supply costs for this meeting. Closing date: 11th May 2009
                            Confirmation e-mail and provisional programme and will be sent out during the week
                                                            commencing 18th May
                                                            MISS IT, MISS OUT!

                                                               APP UPDATE
                         The complete set of ‘Stick on the Maths’ can now be download from the Resources section of
                 (Working Draft 1.6)
                         TARSIA COMMUNITY – We are delighted that you are as excited as we are about the potential
                          of the TARSIA software ( ) If you are willing to share your
                          resources, please remember to save each file using the code ‘Level_AF_AC_schoolname’ – eg
                                                           ‘24 Game’ Challenge
                                            Thank you to all schools who have registered to take part in the
                                            Gloucestershire 24 Challenge this year.
                                            If you would like to be involved please contact Helen Davies
                                            ( by Friday 27th February.
                                            Regional heats will take place during the week beginning Monday 30th March
                                            and the final will take place at The Hucclecote Centre on Wednesday 8th
                                                              Looking ahead
                         The third publication in the National Strategies’ Overcoming Barriers series of publications,
                          Overcoming barriers in mathematics – helping children move from Level 1 to Level 2,
                          will be available to order in February 2009. The booklet focuses on six key areas of mathematics
                          that provide important steps in making progress to, at least, Level 4 by the end of Key Stage 2.
                          [The LA has ordered, and will distribute, one copy to each school]
                         Securing Level 4 in mathematics [dcsf00065-2009BKT-EN] – materials to support schools /
                          Y6 teachers in ensuring as many children as possible reach L4 by the end of KS2. Available from
                          Wednesday 25th February. [The LA has ordered, and will distribute, one copy to each school]
                         The NCETM Primary Magazine is published
                         monthly. The magazine includes a range of
                         features and professional development materials.
                         Find out more at
                         [Home > Resources > Articles > Primary

                       If you have any comments or anything to share for the next edition, please contact
              Steve Lomax ( or Tim Foster (

                                                       glosmaths
                                                                     enjoy  achieve
          AfL Ideas for Mathematics in the
                Reception Classroom




Please complete the appropriate statement:
…………………………. will be able to attend the training on:
11th November 2008 (p.m. only)

               Please tick if you require lunch

     Please fax or e-mail back as soon as possible to
      Glenda Ashmead at The Hucclecote Centre on
 01452 427320 ( )
                   by 31st October 2008

                           Thank you

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