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					P r o j e c t   2 :   T h e   S e c r e t s        o f    R h e t o r i c a l            S u c c e s s
                                Below this assignment sheet are videos of speeches by two notably
                                successful contemporary American rhetors: Barack Obama and Sarah Palin.
                                For your second “official” project, please watch these videos and write a
                                1,000–1,250-word essay in response to this question: Who is the more
                                effective rhetor, and why?
                                The question is a relatively simple one. But the analysis that you’ll perform
                                in order to generate your argument ought to be complex. Be sure to draw
                                upon the rhetorical concepts that you learned in Module 2 in order to conduct
                                your analysis. Be sure also to support your claims with quoted evidence
                                from the speeches. Finally, be sure not only to quote the evidence but to
                                explain how it supports your claims, by walking your readers step-by-step
                                through the reasoning that led you from the evidence to your claims about
                                it. In short, think of yourself like a courtroom lawyer attempting to convince
                                a jury. Your job isn’t simply to give the jury your opinion clearly but to
                                persuade them to adopt that position themselves, which you can only do by
                                showing us how, on the basis of the evidence, you arrived at your
                                Your essay may focus primarily on the speakers’ uses of pathetic appeals, or
                                their uses of ethical appeals, or on the ways that they combine both. But, in
                                any case, it should have a clear focus — that is a clear point of comparison
                                and contrast between the two speakers. You aren’t writing two separate
                                arguments, one about Palin and one about Obama, that just happen to
                                occupy the same Word document. You are creating a single, unified
                                argument that integrates your analyses of both.
                                                                 Due dates
                                •   By noon on Wednesday, June 29, please email a complete first draft to
                                    me. By “complete,” I mean your very best effort: a clear, polished,
                                    carefully reasoned, and fully developed argument of 1,000–1,250 words.
                                    You’ll have a chance to revise before submitting for a grade, but in order
                                    to give worthwhile suggestions I need to read your very best effort. Your
                                    final draft is due at the end of the class, on July 22.

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