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									1. Copper Cabling Datasheets (File Size: max. 240 KB)

Please select:
3M Volition Category 5e cable 100 Ohms UTP                   Cat_5e_cable.pdf
3M Volition Category 5e cable 100 Ohms FTP                   Cat_5e_cable FTP.pdf
3M Volition Category 5e RJ45 Patch Cables                    5e_RJ45.pdf
3M Volition Category 6 cable 100 Ohms UTP                    Cat_6_cable UTP.pdf
3M Volition Category 6 cable 100 Ohms FTP                    Cat6 Cable FTP.pdf
3M Volition Category 6 cable 100 Ohms FFTP                   Cat6 Cable FFTP.pdf
3M Volition Category 6 RJ45 Patch Cables                     Cat6 RJ45.pdf
3M Volition Category 7 cable 100 Ohms SSTP                   Cat 7 cable 100 Ohm.pdf
3M Volition Faceplates Keystone                              Faceplates_Keystone.pdf
3M Volition Giga Faceplates                                  Face_Plates_Giga.pdf
3M Volition Patch Panels Giga and Qmax                       Patch-Panels_Giga.pdf
3M Volition Patch Panels Keystone                            Patch_Panels Keystone.pdf
3M Volition RJ45 Giga and Qmax Outlet                        Outlets_Giga.pdf
3M Volition RJ45 Giga Jack                                   RJ45_Giga_Jack.pdf
3M Volition Category 5e Jacks                                RJ45_K5e_Jacks.pdf
3M Volition Category 6 Jacks                                 RJ45_K6_Jacks.pdf
3M Volition UK format Faceplates Keystone                    UK_Format_Faceplates.pdf

2. Fibre-Optic Cabling Datasheets

Please select:
3M Volition Outlet Products                                  Outlet Products.pdf
3M Volition Floor tank Inserts                               Floor tank.pdf
3M Volition FO Gigabit Ethernet NIC Cards                    Firbre Optic Gigabit.pdf
3M Volition Fibre Optic Indoor/Outdoor Cable                 Fibre Optic Cable In Out.pdf
3M Volition Indoor Fibre Optic Cable                         Fibre Optic C Indoor.pdf
3M Volition Ethernet Media Converters                        Media Converter Ethernet.pdf
3M Volition Fibre Optic NIC Cards                            Fibre Optic.pdf
3M Volition Multimode Sockets and Patch Cords                MM Socket Patch Cords.pdf
3M Volition Singlemode Sockets and Patch Cords               VF-45 Singlem.pdf
3M Volition VF-45 Socket Termination Kit                     VF-45 Socket Termination.pdf
3M Volition VF-45 Maintenance Cleaning Kit and Mechanical Plug Cleaner       Cleaning Kit.pdf
3M Volition VOL-1081 Mini Switch                             Mini Switch.pdf
3M Volition VF-45 Field Mount Plug                           Field Mount Plug.pdf
3M Volition Wall Mount Patch Panel                           Wall mount patch.pdf
3M Volition 19” Rack Mount Patch Panel
3M Volition Wall Mount Splice Box                            Wall mount splice.pdf

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