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                                                                               MAIN STREET CHURCH OF CHRIST

                  For the Week Beginning May 10, 2009                                          Welcome Guests!
                   The Blessing of Mothers
A first grade teacher seated her students in a circle. She asked them
what they wanted to be when they grew up. One by one, each child
got up and announced, "I'd like to be a nurse like my mother," or "I
want to be a banker like my father," or "I want to be a teacher like
you, Miss Smith."                                                                                 Thank you for coming!
                                                                                           Please fill out an attendance card and
                                                                                            place in collection plate.
   The last child to speak was the most shy and timid little boy in the
class. He said, "When I get big, I'm going to be a lion tamer in the                       For your convenience a nursery is located
                                                                                            in the back of the auditorium.
circus. I'm going to face those animals with my whip and chair and                         During worship, please turn off all cellu-
make them leap through hoops of fire and obey all of my com-                                lar phones and pagers.
mands." Seeing the disbelieving looks on the faces of his classmates
                                                                                                Bible Classes for All Ages
that he could ever act so boldly or bravely, he was quick to reassure                           Nursery             F 10
them, "Well, of course, I'll have my mother with me."                                           Ages 2 & 3          S3
                                                                                                Ages 4 - Gr. 1      S5
                                                                                                Grades 2 & 3        S6
    Many of us have had the self-confidence to accomplish great                                 Grades 4 & 5        F 13
tasks because we knew that our mothers would be there to support                                Jr. High            F 12
us. In a couple of days, we will have a special opportunity to honor                            Sr. High            F 11
                                                                                                Adult               Auditorium
mothers. I think this is a valuable holiday because, if you are a
mother, you will likely never much special recognition for the work                                 Order of
that you do - training your children to love God, teaching them com-                         Sunday Morning Worship
passion, instilling self-confidence within them, developing character                  Welcome & Family Updates
and teaching morals. You will perhaps never be honored publicly,                                              — Howard Justice
given a medal (or even a certificate), or be compensated monetar-                      Song Service — Robbie McKinney
ily. All that you do may go unnoticed and unappreciated at times.                      Scripture Reading & Prayer
                                                                                                               — Bob McKinney
   Be assured, though, that there is great value in what you are do-                                     Song
ing. On Mother's Day, may you receive the honor due you.                                                 Song
                                                                                       Communion Talk & Prayer
                                                                                                              — Phil Heffington
  "Her children rise up and call her blessed; Her husband also, and                    Lord’s Supper
he praises her." (Prov. 31:28).                                                                          Song
  And be assured that someday you will receive the honor from                          Sermon “You Get What You Give”
your heavenly Father for the difference you make in the world.                                                — Keith Kasarjian
  Have a great day!
                                                                                       Closing Prayer — Winston Taylor

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                                    198 Main Street Post Office Box 2747 Pikeville, Kentucky 41502
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          Main Street
                                                                        “AIN’T IT FUNNY?”

                                        How we set our clocks to arise at 5:00 A.M. to be at the job by 7:30; yet, when
                                         Sunday comes we can't get to the church building for the 10:00 A.M. Bible study
                                         to learn more about the One who gave us our jobs.
                                        How we call God our Father and Jesus our brother; but find it hard to introduce
           Preacher                      them to our family and friends.
                                        How small our sins seem; but how big "their" sins are.
         JUDY MATNEY
                                        How we demand justice for others; but expect mercy from God.

            Deacons                     How much difficulty some have learning the gospel well enough to tell others;
           SAM AKERS                     but how simple it is to understand and explain the latest gossip about someone
            Education                    else.
                                        How we can't think of anything to say when we pray; but don't have any difficulty
         BOB EDMONDS
                                         thinking of things to talk about to a friend.
     Building & Grounds
                                        How we are so quick to take directions from a total stranger when we are lost;
         Young @ Heart
                                         but are hesitant to take God's direction for our lives.
   Evangelism & Missions
                                                                  ARE THESE THINGS REALLY FUNNY?
   ALBERT BAGDASARYAN                                                                                                                 Selected
         Slavyansk, Ukraine
            Tazewell, TN
      Williamson Area, KY

   Works of Evangelism,
      and Edification                 God’s Plan of Salvation                              Our Mission
 Bi-Weekly Bible Studies at the                           We MUST:                                    Guided by the Spirit and God’s holy word in
    Assisted Living Facility                                                               the Bible, our mission is to glorify God and engage the
                                      HEAR the word of truth. ( Romans 10:13-17 )
    Bible Correspondence              BELIEVE the truth. ( Hebrews 11:6; John 8:24 )       world for Jesus Christ by speaking truth in love, doing
                                                                                           good works, loving one another, and equipping every
           Course Work                REPENT from all sins. ( Luke 13:3; Acts 2:38 )
                                                                                           member for service.
     Noah’s Ark Preschool             CONFESS name of Christ. ( Matthew 10:32-33;                     We gather each Lord’s Day to sing, pray,
 Weekly Bible Studies at Local        Acts 8:35-39 )                                       teach the Word, commune, contribute, worship,
       Nursing Home                   Be BAPTIZED in His name. ( Mark 16:16; 1Pet          fellowship, encourage, connect and inform. Through
         Mission Work in              3:21; Col 2:12 )                                     Bible classes and other assemblies, we equip, em-
       Montreal, Canada               WALK in newness of life Be FAITHFUL unto             power, evangelize and educate each other so that we
                                      death.( Romans 6:1-4; Revelation 2:10 )3 John 3      may reach out to the needy, lonely, sick, grieving or
 Monthly Bible Studies at West
                                      -4                                                   downtrodden in our community and throughout the
  Care Rehabilitation Center
                                       Are YOU a Christian? If not, become one today !!!   world.
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              AM Sermon Notes for                                PM Sermon Notes for
                   May 10, 2009                                      May 10, 2009

  YOU GET WHAT YOU GIVE                                      When the Swine Flew!
    Don't Worry - Be Happy!                                            Luke 8: 26-39

Matthew 5:7 "Happy are the merciful, for they will
                                                     1. Sin Can Leave Us ______________ and Without
have mercy shown to them!"
                                                     ____________ (v. 27)
The Meaning of Mercy
                                                     2. Sin Is __________-___________________ (v. 29b)
"Mercy" is ____________________ in
Ps. 145:8
                                                     3. God’s _______________ Is Always Greater Than
                                                     Any ________ (v. 28)
The Marks of Mercy

If I am Merciful ...
                                                     4. Sin May Leave You _____________ But You
                                                     Can Be _______________ (vv. 29-33)
* I'll be _________________ with those who are pe-
I Thess. 5:14; Rom 15:7
                                                     5. Accepting Jesus Always ______________ In A
                                                     ______________ (vv. 34-36, 38-39)
* I'll ___________________ those who have fallen
Col. 3:13
                                                     6. Following Jesus Always ________________ A
* I'll ___________________ those who are hurting.
                                                     ________________ (v. 37)
Prov. 3:27; I John 3:17-18

* I'll do ________________ to my enemies.
Luke 6:33, 35-36

The Motives for Mercy

* Because God has ______________ me
Matt. 18:3

* Because I'm going to ____________ more mercy in
the ____________.
James 2:13

* Because it ____________ me ______________!
Pr. 11:17
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                                             For Our Prayers ...
                               “… pray one for another, that ye may be healed.”
                                                — James 5:16

                                              This Week’s Prayer Concerns
                                               Please keep these in your daily prayers

                                       New and Updated Prayer Concerns
Sissy Stamper, Elmer Jones, Sandra Kidd, Jim Pugh, Stephanie Davis, Eddie Abbot, Ronald Coleman, Stephanie Billiter,
Frank McDonald
                                            Continued Prayer Concerns
Lisa Bowersock, Faye Coleman, Georgia Frances Damron, Roger Dye, Mae Fields, Helen Hall, Monica Hall, Cloteene
Howard, Paul Howell, Mary Jackson, Cheryl McKinney, Amanda Mullins, Rosemary Ramsey, Roberta Reeves

                                                In Sympathy
                     We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and friends of Mae Fields.

                     Continue to remember those who are unable to assemble with us.
Enoch Adkins , Maxie Burgess , Glen Coleman, Ted Kennedy, Mary Lou Ricketts 

                        Signature Health Care                   Parkview Nursing and Rehab Center
                       260 S. Mayo Trail                       200 Nursing Home Lane
                       Pikeville, KY 41501                     Pikeville, KY 41501

                       Those Mentioned in TODAY’s Announcements

                                You, Me, and The Bible
                              You may understand the Bible and I may misunderstand it;

                                    I may understand it and you may misunderstand it;

                                              We may misunderstand it differently;

                                                 We may misunderstand it alike;

                                             But we cannot understand it differently!

                                             What kind of book would the Bible be

                                    If it said something to you that it didn't say to me?
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                                                                          This Week
                                       This Week at                       In God’s Word
                                                                          Daily Bible Reading
                                                                             MAY 10 - 1 Chronicles 5-6
                                                                             MAY 11 - 1 Chronicles 7-9
                                                                             MAY 12 - 1 Chronicles 10-12
                                                                             MAY 13 - 1 Chronicles 13-16

                                       Main Street News                   
                                                                              MAY 14 - 1 Chronicles 17-19
                                                                              MAY 15 - 1 Chronicles 20-23
                                                                             MAY 16 - 1 Chronicles 24-26
                                     PRESCHOOL GRADUATION
                                     All who would like to help pre-
                                     pare food for our preschool          Questions to keep in mind while

                                                                          reading 1 & 2 Chronicles:
                                     graduation (May 14 at 6:30 pm),
                                     please see the bulletin board next   How are worship and life related?
Keep these upcoming events in        to Judy’s office. Any questions      Does God offer a punished people a
mind as you plan your activities.    please see Kim K.                    second chance?
                                                                          How do you start over again?
      Mother’s Day
       May 10, 2009

      Preschool Graduation
       May 14, 2009
                                     SUMMER FUN
       6:30 pm                                                            Bible Memory Verse
                                     Anyone who would like to donate
                                     money for the purchase of fabric     The LORD is good unto them that
                                     for Summer Fun, please see Kim       wait for him, to the soul that
      Memorial Day
                                     K as soon as possible.               seeketh him. — Lamentations 3:25
       May 25, 2009
                                                                          Bible Challenge
                                     Thank you!.                          What did the psalmist say God’s
                                                                          words, or promises, are sweeter
    HIGH SCHOOL                                                           than?
Sunday May 10th after evening
services at the Kasarjians’ house.

Boys bring drinks and chips;
girls bring desserts.
                                                                                    Honey (Psalm 119:103)
For the Record               Continued from Front Page
The Numbers for           2. Look at the content. What are you getting from joining this page? Right now all I
Last Week                 see are a million plus people signed up to a fan page where the majority of picture are
Sunday Morning            cats wearing glasses. There doesn’t seem to be any sort benefit like a daily scripture
                          reading or some sort of good spiritual growth content. I think many people pick who
Bible Study         … 178
                          they follow on Facebook because they think those people or groups are interest-
Sunday Morning
                          ing. What’s the intriguing part of God’s Facebook page?
Worship             … 226
                          3. Our God is better than a Facebook fan page. I don’t consider myself to be all that
Sunday Evening
                          serious of a person, but really, God deserves better than a fan page set up by who knows
Worship             … 117
                          who. There are lots of religious organizations on Facebook who are working to build and
Wednesday Evening
                          enrich the Kingdom. I say friend them instead.
Bible Study         … 160
                          I realize this could be looked at as an over-reaction. Sure it’s fun to say, “I’m God’s
Contribution for
                          friend on Facebook.” But really, as Christians, can’t we send a better message? Doesn’t
Last Sunday      … $7,553
                          it say you’re a true friend/fan of God if you’re friends with people and fans of organiza-
                          tions on Facebook who are truly living godly lives or trying to make a difference in the
                          name of Christ?

                                                                                                              — Copied

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