Philosophy by ashrafp


									                          KRISTA HIENKEL
                                             Teaching Philosophies
          As I begin my professional career, I am currently eclectic in my views of my teaching philosophy. There
are some philosophies I already incorporate in my teaching; however there are also many which I intend on
integrating into my future teaching. For example, I feel as though I exhibit the philosophies associated with
Realism and Behaviorism in the coaching I do. At the same time, I am influenced by the idea of Reconstructionism,
and plan on incorporating the ideas associated with Reconstructionism into my teaching.
          I am so interested in the philosophy of Reconstruction that I intend to use its methods and schemes in
my future career as a physical education teacher. I plan to do this by presenting children with the knowledge,
through health and physical education, which better prepares them for life outside of the classroom. Through
exercise and health, I aspire to influence students to live healthier lives. I want to change the way our current
students view exercise and health, by making it something fun and interesting to them. I plan to do this by
making physical education a class for all students, not just athletes, by using non-competitive, team building,
and healthy activities. As for health class, I plan on making health class more life like by incorporating real life
situations and scenarios into the lesson. I have big plans for reconstructing the way children think about gym
class, fortunately, there are some philosophies that I already exhibit that will help me in my quest.
          Realism is a philosophy that I currently demonstrate through my teaching at the preschool, and I
intend to continue using this philosophy within my future teaching. I am extremely organized, and I believe in
having the class structured in order for the lesson to be most effective. Through the other staff and me, we
have organized the child by a daily routine. Though we learn different things and make different things
everyday, we maintain the structure of the classroom by enforcing rules, upholding the routine, and disciplining
the children in a behaviorism manner. The preschool is also where I learned to exhibit the philosophy of
          Through coaching and working with children, I have obtained the philosophy of behaviorism. I strongly
believe in the idea of “changing your behavior to get what you want.” I use behaviorism daily in my coaching by
upholding the rule: If you do not come to practice, you will not start the game. I also use behaviorism in my
teaching at the preschool. For example, the children are all aware of the rule: If you do not eat your “good for
you foods” at lunch, then you may not have your snack. I am a firm believer that children should be either
commended or disciplined as a result of their actions. As a result of my inclination towards behaviorism, I intend
on informing my students and athletes of my policies and values. I have done this in the past and found it very
helpful; therefore I intend to continue doing so.
          As one can see, I am currently very eclectic in my philosophical views; however I do not think this is a
bad thing. By having diverse views, I allow myself the flexibility to bring out the best in each student I teach, or
athlete I coach. Thus far the philosophies I exert have suited me well, and I hope they continue to do so. I also
hope that once I begin to integrate Reconstructionism into my curriculum, that I will truly be able to change the
views in a child’s life. I aspire to one day, make a difference.

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