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VW Rally Team Austria with Natural Gas Technology from MAGNA STEYR


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VW Rally Team Austria with Natural Gas Technology from
MAGNA STEYR at the Austrian Rally Championship 2007

Within a period of only eight weeks, MAGNA STEYR has succeeded in converting
VW Rally Team Austria’s VW Golf IV kit car to run on natural gas. The company has
used a 2-liter INDUCTION ENGINE for the first time that achieves a natural gas
power rating of around 240 hp. Given that vehicles often have to cover long
distances during rallies and are subject to considerable strain in all terrain, two
natural gas tanks are located in the space frame. The package is so designed as to
keep the centre of gravity low for ensuring good handling and to meet the necessary
safety requirements (Fig. 1).
Once the basic setup was achieved on the engine test stand, fine tuning for natural
gas operation was completed on the vehicle. The performance attained with the
induction engine was passed as acceptable.
MAGNA STEYR has already proved that ecological thinking need not be at the
expense of fun driving and sport with its MILA concept study, which was shown for
the first time at IAA 2005 in Frankfurt. Using it in rallying can also be seen as another
acid test of the technology in the field. Indeed, ever since the X-raid team supported
by MAGNA STEYR took part in the Dakar Rally, the company has cemented its
reputation for putting its own developments through extreme tests in motor sport.
Hannes Danzinger and navigator Pia Schirnhofer will be entering the VW Golf IV kit
car using MAGNA STEYR compressed natural gas (CNG) technology in the following
events for the Austrian Rally Championship 2007 (Fig. 2):
·   March 30-31, 2007      Pirelli Rallye Lavanttal (Carinthia)
·   May 18-19, 2007        BOSCH Rallye Pinggau (Styria)
·   June 15-16, 2007       Castrol Rallye Judenburg (Styria)
·   Sept 7-8, 2007         BP Rallye Krumbach (Lower Austria)
·   Sept 28-29, 2007       ARBÖ Rallye Admont (Styria)
·   Oct 19-20, 2007        Ostarrichi Rallye Bad Hall (Upper Austria)
·   Nov 8-10, 2007         OMV Waldviertel Rallye (Lower Austria)

Incidentally, Mr Danzinger is not new to natural gas fuelled rally cars having gained
some experience with a VW Golf V GTI CNG Turbo last year. This season, the car
will be driven by a MAGNA STEYR employee, Martin ERTL, who works in the
Engineering/Prototyping department and also led the project for converting the VW
Golf IV kit car to natural gas.
When asked about their expectations for this year’s championship, the two drivers
both agree: “The first test run in the converted natural gas kit car was very promising.
What was most impressive was the induction engine’s response,” adds Danzinger.
For Ertl it is a case of making a successful comeback in the sport and also having the
chance to showcase his employer MAGNA STEYR’s natural gas technology.

We wish both teams every success and fun with natural gas (Fig. 3).

Graz, March 27, 2007; V-P/BO

Bernd Oberzaucher
MAGNA STEYR Fahrzeugtechnik
Liebenauer Hauptstr. 317
8041 Graz, Austria
Phone: +43 316 404 3407, Fax: +43 316 404 5510, Mobile: +43 676 8240 3407

      Fig. 1: Natural gas tanks integrated in the space frame

Fig. 2: Rally driver Hannes Danzinger with co-driver Pia Schirnhofer

                  Fig. 3: VW Golf IV Kit Car CNG


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