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									                       VOCATION NEWSLETTER
                                                                        Vol. 7, No. 2, Spring 2011

13 men discerning their vocation and our Maryknoll vocation ministers gather in the Maryknoll Quadrangle on
                                              Holy Thursday

                             Answering the Call:
                              Holy Week 2011
Maryknoll offered a unique experience to answer the call of Jesus at the Maryknoll
Headquarters, Maryknoll, NY from April 20th through April 24th, 2011, as thirteen Catholic men
from around the USA gathered to share a mission-focused Holy Week Retreat.
Participants were invited to come and join the Maryknoll Vocation Ministries team and
experience first hand Jesus' command to go forth to all people everywhere!

                                                                      The Maryknoll Holy Week Vocation Retreat
                                                                      2011 centered on embracing the Sacred
                                                                      Triduum, the celebration of the Paschal
                                                                      Mystery of Jesus: His Passion, Death, and
                                                                      Resurrection. Participants spent the better part
                                                                      of three days listening to retreat conferences,
                                                                      hearing mission witness stories from
                                                                      Maryknoll missioners, participating at Mass,
                                                                      celebrating a live, multi-ethnic Stations of the
                                                                      Cross in downtown Ossining, NY, praying
                                                                      together the Liturgy of the Hours, reflecting
  New friends from North, East, South, and West share their stories   before the Eucharist in adoration, and
                                                                      receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

The Holy Week Retreat participants met and talked with veteran Maryknoll missioners, many of
whom spent years in the mission field working with the poor in parish ministry, health
promotion, co-operatives, agriculture programs, and education. The participants came to hear
these stories of men on fire for mission, and to share their experiences. They were inspired and
their hearts were touched.

Maryknoll Priests and Brothers from many parts of the world were on hand as mentors, to guide
and encourage the participants in their quest to enter into the Holy Week Triduum more deeply
and discern God’s voice for mission service to the Church.

The 2011 Holy Week Vocation
Retreat allowed each participant to
meet others like themselves who are
in the process of discerning Christ's
call. Retreat participants came to
learn, to listen, and to share their
hearts with others that feel the call
and seek to serve Him in mission.

All who attended the retreat realized
that they have the same questions,
they seek the same answers, and they
desire to follow Jesus' challenge to
serve our Church in mission.                                 Dcn DeMartino & Fr Madden prepare for Easter Sunday Mass                                                                                              2
                                 Danielle Alio from North Wales, PA, who is a Junior
                                 majoring in Communications at Cabrini College in
                                 Radnor, PA. Danielle submitted a video showing her
                                 commitment to Gospel service by using her media
                                 skills to shed light on people most in need in Haiti,
                                 Sudan, Swaziland as well as immigrants to the United

                                 Joseph Houde from Topsham, ME, who is a Junior
                                 majoring in Marketing and Communications at
                                 Franciscan University of Steubenville in Steubenville,
                                 OH. Joseph submitted a video showing his
                                 commitment to Gospel service through a Spring Break
                                 trip to Ecuador with Missions of Peace.

                                 The winners will receive a free, two-week mission trip
                                 during July 2011 where they will travel to Maryknoll’s
missions in Taiwan and South Korea and have the opportunity to learn more about
mission in those countries as a way to commemorate Maryknoll’s first commitments to
mission in Asia. The winners of Maryknoll’s Explore My Mission contest had the
opportunity to experience mission with Maryknoll in Brazil, South America during 2009
and they joined with Maryknoll in Tanzania, East Africa in 2010.

   To learn more about the Maryknoll Explore My Mission Contest, visit our website


   The Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers          Accompanied by Fathers Bill Mullan,
   invite you to participate in a Vocation     Bill Senger, and Ted Custer as well as
   Discernment Mission Trip to northern        Brother Marty Shea and the Maryknoll
   Guatemala     and      El     Salvador.     Vocations Team, participants will live at                                                                 3
the Cathedral in Flores, Petén and            Churchwomen, and the Catholic
journey daily to different ministry sites.    University of San Salvador where six
Daily reflections on lived experience         Jesuit priests and their housekeepers
along with celebration of parish liturgies    were brutally slain. Participants will
will help concretize the missionary           also have a chance to meet the
element of service to the poor. While in      Maryknoll Sisters and the Maryknoll
Guatemala, a visit to the famous Mayan        Lay Missioners working in El Salvador.
ruins at Tikal will culminate the mission
experience.                                   The Maryknoll summer mission
                                              immersion trip will take place from July
During the second half of the mission         5th to July 15, 2011. Come join us in
trip participants will journey by bus to El   Guatemala and El Salvador this summer
Salvador. Accompanied by Fathers John         to see how Christ’s salvific work
Spain and Jack Northrop, they will visit      continues among the poor and
the sites of the Central American             marginated of Central America. For
Martyrs; the chapel where Archbishop          more information and to apply online,
Oscar Romero was assassinated; the site       visit    the     Vocations       website:
of the massacre of the four         

                     Encountering Our Maryknoll Family

The Maryknoll Missioners are composed of four major entities, an extended
family encompassing not only priests and religious but also lay missioners,
volunteers, benefactors, sponsors, patrons, alumni, and prayer partners.

In chronological order of foundation the major Maryknoll entities are:

Maryknoll Fathers and Brothers 1911 (yes, this is our centennial year)
Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic 1912 (99.5 years and counting)
Maryknoll Lay Missioners 1975 (36 years)
Maryknoll Affiliates 1991 (20 years)

Each year at the end of July three of the major entities (Priests and Brothers,
Sisters, and Lay Missioners) invite those women and men from around the country
who have inquired about joining any one of the first three Maryknoll entities to an
Encounter at Maryknoll, New York. Information is also provided there about the

Those invited have an opportunity to participate in lectures, demonstrations,
activities, dialogs and liturgies whereby they learn about:

- The nature and realities of mission today.
- The nature and objectives of each of our community organizations.                                                           4
- The lives of living members of all three communities.
- The current places and activities of Maryknoll missions.
- The process and nature of discernment.
- The steps of accompaniment, admission, entrance and formation.

Mission is not a one-person activity. Jesus formed his first community of apostles
and disciples who began to change the world with the love and service ideals of
Jesus himself. Over the centuries all major changes in our human condition have
been brought about by groups of dynamic individuals united in a common cause.
The greatest and most permanent change is that founded by Jesus on the basis of
love, compassion, truth, beauty and sacrifice. (2,000 plus years and counting!)

Mission is more effective and satisfying when we work together. Frequently teams
are composed of members of different Maryknoll partners along with local
missioners, pastoral agents, and volunteers. The advantage is that with a greater
variety of gifts, talents and backgrounds a team can accomplish more and enjoy
their common efforts and successes.

During the Encounter we find that the exchange, surprise, and beauty of seeing
and knowing others like yourself is mutually animating in each person’s search for
the right fit for their personal call to mission from God. We will not be alone in
mission. Jesus and others walk with us.

This July 2011 the Encounter begins on Thursday, July 28th in the evening and
ends on Sunday, July 31st with lunch. Housing is provided on the grounds. For
details consult our Maryknoll webpage:

   To register, email Deacon Steve DeMartino at SDemartino@Maryknoll.Org

     Welcome! Come, Learn and Enjoy! Sign up early. Peace be with you.                                                           5
          Our Lady of Maryknoll, Pray For Us!

Mary, Mother of all people and of their only Savior, look down upon this family
that bears your name and be mindful of Maryknoll. Remember that Maryknoll
is the work of your inspiration and that it was cradled by your maternal hands.
Make Maryknoll truly yours in purpose and in spirit. Keep it strong in charity,
instant in prayer, humble in sentiment, bold and steadfast in its design to
carry the name of Jesus to the uttermost ends of the Earth.

Inspire us, O Lady of Maryknoll, with that concern for people that fills your
own Immaculate Heart. Teach us to see the image of God in all people; to
cherish the most neglected and despised among them; to labor for them as
their servants; to die for them if need be, that they may live.

Mary, Mother and Queen of Maryknoll, give us, we beseech you, the true
marks of your holy calling. To you and your Divine Son we give the pledge of
our love and loyalty now and forever. Amen.

                                       -Maryknoll Bishop James E. Walsh                                                      6

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