Vietnam War Uniform Series by fdh56iuoui


									     Vietnam War Uniform Series
       All the complete outfits have a small discount compared to buying the same items
individually.     You might consider getting an outfit and then adding on any extra pieces
you need separately- the order form lists all the items we make, including color choices.
     NEW!              MACV-SOG                                                  Army Infantryman
    The most clandestine operations of the Vietnam era            Probably the most common uniform worn during
    were handled by MACV-SOG personnel. This unique               the Vietnam War, with either early or late version
    uniform features our cool new STABO rig, which is worn        web gear set. It includes green fatigue shirt, com-
    instead of web gear. It has D-rings at the shoulders,         bat pants, M-1 helmet w/ cloth cover, web gear &
    detachable leg loops, and gear loops at the chest. A          belt, 2 M16 magazine pouches, canteen & cover,
    helicopter lowered a rope which was attached to the           shovel case, bayonet & sheath, and first aid pouch.
    rings to pull the soldier up out of the jungle. Uniform has   This has the same equipment as the two Vietnam
    black four pocket jacket, combat pants, & boonie hat,         era web gear sets shown on page 12.
    and green STABO rig with adjustable pistol belt. Also         Choice of early or late version web gear set.
    has four M16 mag pouches, 2 canteen & covers, first           Complete outfit                          $139.
    aid pouch, and new strobe light case.
    Complete outfit                                   $149.
                                                                                    Green Beret
    NEW! Special Forces Jungle Fighter                            This Vietnam era Special Forces uniform is an old
                                                                  favorite. It features four-pocket jacket, combat
    Typical Green Beret jungle ops outfit. It includes shirt w/
                                                                  pants, wool beret, web gear, 2 canteen & covers,
    sleeve pocket, combat pants, & boonie hat in your
                                                                  2 cloth M16 mag pouches, cloth butt pack, first aid
    choice of green, gold, or night tiger stripe camo. Also
                                                                  pouch, and set of 5 self-adhesive color beret
    has green web gear & belt, 4 M16 magazine pouches,
                                                                  flashes you cut out & apply. Classic cloth gear.
    2 canteen & covers, first aid pouch, and Claymore             Complete outfit                             $159.
    mine in a Claymore carrying bag. Our very first outfit.
          Choice of green, gold, or night tiger.
    Complete outfit                              $159.                    Marine Ground Trooper
                                                                  Includes shirt w/ rolled up sleeves, pants, flak vest,
                                                                  M-1 helmet w/ cloth cover, X-pattern web gear, 4
    NEW!        Navy SEAL Jungle Recon                            M14 mag pouches, 2 canteen & covers, and jungle
    Highly detailed outfit featuring the well-known Viet-         first aid kit. Vest is Marine one-pocket version and
    nam era four-pocket jacket with slanted pockets and           pouches are for the M14 rifle, a Marine favorite. Has
    epaulets. It has your choice of green, gold, or night         the same Marine gear as on page 12. Semper Fi!
    tiger stripe jacket, combat pants, and head wrap. Also        Complete outfit                            $149.
    includes green web gear & belt, 2 M16 mag pouches,
    one 2 qt. canteen & cover, strobe light case, .45 pistol      (Below) On the left is the Special Forces Jungle
    w/ leather holster, and .45 2 clip pouch, See both tiger      Fighter with an AN-PRC radio and butt pack added.
    stripe uniforms on the cover.                                 On the right is the Navy SEAL Jungle Recon with
          Choice of green, gold, or night tiger.                  three pocket grenade pouch and Hasbro M60 &
    Complete outfit                              $149.            ammo belts added. These guys are on the cover too.

MACV-SOG, Special Forces Jungle Fighter, Navy SEAL Jungle Recon, Army Infantryman, Green Beret, and Marine

All three of our tiger stripe patterns- green, gold, and night   Field Nurse, Modern Army Soldier, and Commando

City Response & Wilderness Response Firefighters, front & back views         SWAT Policeman & Air Security Policeman

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