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					HF Series Compressed Air Filters
 Flows from 20 to 21,250 scfm (34 to 36.119 m3/h)
    Maximum working conditions of 300 psig &
              150°F (21 bar, 66°C)
                        HF SERIES FILTERS

The Objective

Quality & reliability

Energy Savings

Product Communication
                                                 HF SERIES FILTERS

Hankison Quality is
Built into Every Housing

Epoxy coated interior and exterior

Threaded discharge connection

Bayonet head to bowl connection
up to 170 scfm (289 m3/h)

Thermoset polyurethane liquid level indicator

Every housing tested to a 5:1 factor of safety
                                            HF SERIES FILTERS

Hankison Quality is Built
into Every Filter Element

All stainless steel inner and outer cores

Complete seam welded cores having a burst
pressure of 65 psid (4.5 bar)

Coated foam sleeves providing protection
against chemical attacks

100% silicone free
                                                 HF SERIES FILTERS

Complete Filter Offering

Seven grades of filtration allow systems to be
precisely customized

Each element grade is tested to
international standards
                                              HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 11 - Bulk Liquid Separator

A labyrinth style flow path removes liquid
water from the air stream by forcing abrupt
directional changes

Liquid water impinges on the walls of the
internal cores while the air stream flows
easily through the labyrinth, providing
minimal pressure losses

Efficient to 5% of rated flow

Removes up to 30,000 ppm liquid
contamination at efficiencies greater
than 90%
                                             HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 9 - Separator/Filter

99% efficient at removing up to 25,000 ppm
liquid water from an air stream

In-depth coalescing bed captures solid and
liquid contaminates 3 micron in size
and larger
                                                HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 7 - Air Line Filter

Coarse coalescing filter capable of providing
ISO 8573.1 class 2 solid and class 3 oil
content air

Captures and removes particles 1.0 micron
and larger in size

Remaining oil content as low as 1.0 mg/m3

Extends life of fine coalescing Filters
                                              HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 6 - Desiccant Afterfilter

Designed to remove solid particles down to
1.0 micron in size in a dry air flow

Long life afterfilter for heatless
desiccant dryers

Outside/in flow, extends the usable life of
the filter
                                            HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 5 - High Efficiency
Coalescing Oil Removal Filter

Capable of providing ISO 8573.1 class 1
Solid and Class 1 oil content air quality

Captures 99.99+% of all oil aerosols

Reduces oil aerosol content to 0.008 ppm
(0.01 mg/m3)
                                                HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 3 - Maximum Efficiency
Coalescing, Oil Removal Filter

Capable of providing air quality greater than
ISO 8573.1 class 1 solids and oil content
air quality

Captures 99.999+% of all oil aerosols

Reduces oil aerosol content to 0.0008 ppm
(0.001 mg/m3)

Best suited to critical applications
                                           HF SERIES FILTERS

Grade 1 -
Oil Vapor Removal Filter

Capable of providing ISO 8573.1 class 1
solid and oil content air quality

Activated carbon adsorption filter

Contains 2x more carbon than supplied by
industrial activated carbon filters

Reduces oil aerosol content (as a vapor)
to 0.003 ppm
                                            HF SERIES FILTERS

Save Energy
with HF Series Filters

Filter housing provides large flow paths
which minimizes pressure losses

The seven element grades allow for system
                                                HF SERIES FILTERS

Elements Designed to Extend
Life and Reduce Pressure Losses

Large 45% open area stainless steel cores
provide even air flow through media at
minimal pressure losses

Filter media with over 96% void volume,
lowers pressure losses while matrix blended
media increases capture efficiency

Thick filter bed extends useable life without
adding pressure losses
                                                HF SERIES FILTERS

Reliable Differential Pressure
Gauges & Monitor Save Energy

Three available methods of Differential
pressure indication

Electronic intelligence of the Filter Monitor

Face Gauge

Slide Indicator

Changing the filter elements at the proper
time saves energy and protects the
compressed air system
Saving Energy by                             HF SERIES FILTERS
Replacing Filter Elements

Reduce energy losses by knowing when
its cost effective to replace the filter

Differential pressure gauges determine
the end of an element’s life. Further
contaminant loading beyond this point
greatly increases system pressure

Saves money and greatly minimize
pressure losses in systems by replacing
the elements at the end of their efficient

Filter monitor calculates the point of
maximum element efficiency. Loading
beyond this point increases pressure to
the end of the element’s life.
                                HF SERIES FILTERS

The Filter Monitor Evaluates:

Differential Pressure
Time based
Filter performance
                                               HF SERIES FILTERS

Differential Pressure and Time-Based
Indications of Element Replacement

Limits False Maximum Pressure Warnings

Provides a count down of days starting at 60
                                             HF SERIES FILTERS

Filter Performance Indication
of Element Replacement

Calculates the moment of optimal
element replacement

Provides a 60 day notice before reaching
the replacement point

Monitor mathematically graphs the daily
average differential pressure

Monitor compares the calculated graph to a
known performance graph for each filter to
determine the optimum point of
element replacement
                                       HF SERIES FILTERS

Communicating with
the Filter Monitor

All programming equipment is onboard

Uses (3) standard AA batteries for
simple maintenance
                                         HF SERIES FILTERS

Filter Monitor
Communication with the User

Provides instantaneous differential
pressure values

Provides daily average differential
pressure values

Provides a 60 day warning of impending
element replacement
                                                   HF SERIES FILTERS

Remote Alarm Capabilities

RJ11 connection on the monitor can send an
alarm signal to the relay box as far as 100 feet

The relay box provides dry alarm contacts to
indicate the alarm mode of the Filter Monitor
and an electronic demand drain

The relay box powers both the Filter Monitor
and the electric demand drain