; Sample Job Promotion Request Letter
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Sample Job Promotion Request Letter

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									               Sample Job Promotion Request Letter

                                 Request a job promotion

Jennifer Richmond,
Team Member,

Project A,

Software Solutions Ltd,


Kenneth Johnson,

Vice President,

Software Solutions Ltd,


17th June, ’08.
Dear Mr. Johnson,

At the outset let me tell you that it has been a great learning experience for me being a part of the
(Project A team). I have been on the (team, for the past 3 years).

However, I think time has come for me to move up the ladder, so that I would be in a better position
to implement all that I have learned over the past (3 years). A promotion at this juncture in my
career would not only boost my motivation and enthusiasm but it would also prove to be beneficial to
the company.
I assure you of my continued sincerity and dedication and hope that the company would be able to
give me an opportunity to serve it in a better capacity.

Thanking You,
Yours Sincerely,

(Jennifer Richmond)

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