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Sales Letters


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									                                        Sales Letters

Sales letters are very important for anybusiness organization. However, they are
the ones that most people are wary of reading.

First impression is the best impression, so a good sales letter must impress
the reader in the opening lines itself. Try and start the letter with a good opening
line. In fact, you can catch thereader’s attention with a least expected statement.
The aim of the letter is to grab thereader’s attention in the first few lines. The first
paragraph of a sales letter can make or break it. So make it the best.

The body of the letter can go on to describe the product or the services that you
are offering. It is also good to tell the reader how your product or service is
different from those available in the market. It is best to stick to facts rather than
exaggeration. Readers become wary if you make unrealistic promises.

Include any particular appreciation for your product or services given by your
earlier clients.

It is good to offer to meet with the reader or any concerned person delegated, to
explain more about the product. This helps in conveying your sincerity and

Include contact address and phone numbers or e-mail id. It is also good to give
reference of your website if any, where the reader can check about your product or

At the end, remember to thank the reader for the time and effort in going through the letter.
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