IGM StarPoint GSM GPRS Industrial Grade Modems

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					Global StarPoint Data’s GSM-GPRS Cellular
Modem module is a member of the StarPoint
modem family. Modems in this series are used
extensively in industrial machine-to
machine (M2M), telemetry, applications.
StarPoint communications modules are designed for operation in the rugged environments
that are found in many remote telemetry endpoint installations. The cellular modems in the
StarPoint family are particularly useful with mobile/transportable devices, remote devices that
are not easily reached with a land line, or locations that require service on short notice. Cellular
service is frequently the most economical communications alternative.

Features:                                            Applications:
   North American 1900 MHz GSM                         AMR (Automatic Meter Reading)
    operation                                           POS/ATM (Point of Sale &
   GSM circuit-switched data up to 9,600                Automated Teller Machines)
    bps, Class B GPRS packet data                       Oil well, gas well, pumping station
   User data port configurable as RS-232                and compressor station monitoring
    or RS-485                                            and control
   Extended AT-compatible command                      Security system monitoring and
    set                                                  diagnostics
   Extensive local and remote                          Vehicle location, monitoring and
    diagnostics                                          diagnostics
   Locally or remotely configurable                    Tank level and other asset
   “Go, No-Go” LED signal strength                      management
    indicator                                           Any data collection, telemetry or
   Automatic dial-out based on contact                  remote device control applications
    closure, or open, alarm input                        such as weather station data
   Extended operating temperature                       collection, instrumentation data
    range from –20° C to +70° C                          gathering, SCADA, etc.
   Industrial quality and reliability
   SMS capable with firmware upgrade
   Optional NEMA 4X weather tight
    enclosure with wide-range AC or DC
    power supply and internal antenna,
    with external antenna options
Installation                                              Reliability
The StarPoint communications module is                    StarPoint modules are robust and are designed for
designed to be mounted within another device, in          years of trouble free operation in rugged
the optional NEMA 4X enclosure from Global                environments. Global Data’s products are used by
Data or in any clean and dry environment.                 industrial customers that demand maximum reliability.
It has an SMA Female antenna connector for
connecting to a spike antenna or a number of other        General Specifications
antenna options. Where signal strength or other           Input Power
considerations require, an elevated feed or yagi
antenna may be used.                                           12 volt DC ± 10%, 600 mA (maximum)
                                                               Optional 90-240 Vac and 60-300 Vdc power module
The StarPoint requires relatively clean 12 volt
DC power. Optional power supplies are                           is available (same module for AC / DC inputs)
The StarPoint user data port has an 8-pin
industrial connector. That connector may be                    Operating temperature: -20° C to +70° C
configured as either RS-232 or RS-485. Using                   Humidity: 90% non-condensing
an adapter cable, a PC may be used to
configure and test the StarPoint using its                Connectors
enhanced AT-command set.                                       Data: 8-pin industrial barrier block
                                                               Power: 3-pin industrial barrier block
The optional NEMA 4X enclosure provides a                  •    Antenna: SMA-Female (50 ohm)
weather tight environment for outdoor                     Antennas
installations. It includes a 100 to 277 volt AC
                                                                Optional Yagi and Elevated feed antennas with
power supply and internal antenna.
                                                                db gain available
Operation                                                 Display
StarPoint’s GSM circuit-switched data mode
enables it to be used as if it were a standard land-       •    10-segment multifunction LED indicator
line (POTS) modem. The host-end system simply             Physical
uses a normal modem to dial a standard 10-digit
telephone number that is assigned to the StarPoint             Size: Length 5.7 inches with mounting tabs
by the cellular carrier. The endpoint device                              Width 3.7 inches
connected to the StarPoint may also initiate a                            Height 1.4 inches
communications session using the normal AT dial                Weight: 6.8 ounces
commands that are used with a land-line modem.
The GPRS mode is used for packet-data
communication. Both host-to-endpoint and                       FCC Part 15, Class A
endpoint-to-host originated communication                      FCC Part 24
sessions are supported.

Data Rates                                                        Industrial Grade Modems
In switched-circuit operation, the GSM network                    34145 PCH, Ste 334
typically supports speeds of from 300 bps through                 Dana Point, CA
9,600 bps. In GPRS mode, the network can                          92629
support higher speeds depending on the particular                 Phone: 949-481-
cellular network and its configuration. In North                  6516
America, 19,200 bps is typical.
The StarPoint data port interface can be configured for           For more information:
speeds from 1,200 bps through 57.6 kbps.                          Email:
                                                                  or visit

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