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					                               Flight Attendant CV

Any person who feels fascinated by the glamour of the service industry should try out
the profile of a flight attendant. This is really a entry point into the very lucrative world
of aviation. The job of a flight attendant is to serve passengers and ensure that they
have a comfortable journey.

Flight attendants are highly demanded by national and international airlines
.alternatively they can also try out their career in the hotel and hospitality sector

                    Sample Flight instructor CV Format

                                       Jessica Smith

                                     76 Churchill Road

                            Mobile No: + 44 (0)20 7602 4481
                       Telephone Number: + 44 (0)20 8702 4487

Career Objective: Looking forward to a position a flight attendant ina reputed national
or international airlines where I can give further boost to my career in the aviation

Professional Experience:
East West Airlines, London: 2005- 2009: Main duties included welcoming the
passengers on board, guiding them with their seats helping them with the luggage.
Giving safety demonstration, serving food water and whatever necessary stuff
demanded by the passenger to ensure that they have a comfortable journey

Flight attendants objectives:
   welcome the passengers onboard
   provide assistance regarding their seats and luggage
   help them in the face of any medical emergencies
   give safety instructions
   resolve any kind of in-flight conflict or problem
1999-2002: Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management, University of Warwick

2002-2004: Diploma in Travel & Airlines Management, Aviation, Zurich flying Academy

Achievement: Awarded the best new trainee of the year award on the very first year of
induction into the company

• Surfing the net

• Paragliding

• playing mobile games

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