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Art Director CV


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									                                   Art Director CV

There are several types of art directors. The type of director you are depends on the
area of art you work in e.g. performing arts or fine arts. Whatever their area of
specialization art directors should be well versed in that particular area. They should
also be very creative so as to capture and maintain their target audience. To land that
directorship job you need to craft a good resume. A great CV is a sure way of getting
that interview invitation.

                      Art Director CV Example, Format
                                       Martin Shoe
                                     24 Gilmore Drive
                                 Mobile No: +1 234 343 343
                                 Telephone No: +1 455 454

Career Objective
Experienced assistant art director seeking position as an art director. Will use my vast
experience in the organization and running of a museum and art gallery for the
advancement of the organization. Eager to apply skills in planning and execution. The
opportunity should allow for the development of further skills in the area through formal
as well as practical training.

Professional Background
2005 -2007: Assistant Director at Curator’s Museum


   Assisted in the organization and facilitation of conferences and workshops within the
   Oversaw and assisted in the organization of museum displays
   Oversaw the cleaning and restoration of museum artifacts
   Was in charge of employing museum staff
2002 – 2005: Curator of Curator’s Museum

   Organized and setup museum displays
   Oversaw the cleaning of the museum and its grounds
   Organized museum staff and delegated duties
   Escorted visitors around the museum explaining the significance of each display and
    answering questions.

Educational Background
2000 – 2002: Diploma in Art History- Burrow University

   Named employee of the year for two consecutive years at the Curator’s Museum.

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