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Finance CV


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									                                   Finance CV

Finance CVs are very crucial for all those aspiring to work in the financial sector.
This is true for experienced professionals, fresh graduates and students looking
for jobs and internships in the financial sector.

Jobs in that require you to prepare a finance CV include finance director, Finance
manager, Chief Financial officer (CFO), risk analyst, chief operating officer,
investment analyst, equities analyst, credit analyst, relationship manager,
derivatives manager, portfolio manager, stocks trader, mortgage manager,
investment banker, student intern and management trainee among other jobs.

Some action words that you should consider using in your finance CV to capture
the interest of an employer or recruiter include: coordinated, restructured,
refinanced, managed, implemented, motivated, achieved, generated, proposed,
recommended, opened, analyzed, leased ,invested, streamlined, improved and
many more words.

              Sample Finance CV and format
                                 Name: Collins Brown

                            Address: P.O BOX 454646 LA

                   Contact Information:E-mail:keyata@yahoo.com

                                   Tel: 243536456

                               Cell phone: 234535468

                                  Career Objective:

Financial Analyst seeking position in financial and systems analysis in an
organization that provides a dynamic financial environment. Able to work under the
pressure of deadlines and still meet client and employer targets.

Educational Qualification:

Academic Qualification:
-Master of Business Administration (June 2001) from the Yale school of

-Bachelors Degree in Finance (June 1997) from Princeton University.

Professional Qualification

-Certified by CFSA

-Certified Financial Analyst

-Certified in IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

-Certified Information systems analyst


2004 to date: Portfolio analyst at Equity Bank.


-Managing investment portfolios for Eastern Europe clients. Proposed new
investment channels for our clients in Eastern Europe. The proposal was
successfully implemented by the Eastern Europe and Asia Vice-president.

2001-2003: Investment analyst at Morgan Stanley.

Responsibilities: Responsible for coordination of corporate financing for Asian clients
mainly from Hong Kong, China and Japan.


-Supervised the project that saw increment of finances for clients from Asia by 27%
resulting in an increase of 62% in revenues earned from the branch in Asia.

-Assisted in the coordination of the establishment of a financial institute in
Shanghai to train clients in investing methodology of their assets.
-Reduced the time for processing investment decisions for international investors
from 6 months to 3 months. This led to 25% more international investors applying
to the branch for investment advice over a period of five years.

-Best overall student in graduation class at Princeton.

-Best in 100 meters sprint in New Jersey during the collegiate games.

-Undergraduate student union secretary in junior Year of college.
-Received Fortune 500 award for best portfolio analyst in the investment
banking category.
-Best employee award from Equity Bank.

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