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Housekeeping Supervisor CV

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									                         Housekeeping Supervisor CV

The work of a housekeeper is generally to keep the house clean tidy and hospitable. It
could be at a hostel, a hotel, a cabin house or a mansion. She is in charge of other
cleaners, replenishing supplies and making everything tidy and accessible by the
residents. A lot of discipline and responsibility is required of her. Experience is also
necessary in this job.

       Sample Housekeeping Supervisor Resume Template
                                         Mercy Riley

                                     34 Fleetwood Horizon

                                         Sunday Alley

                                       Orlando, Florida

                                    Mobile No: +1 24 44 63

                                Telephone No: +1 43 62 71

Career Objective
Constantly maintain quality and cleanliness in the services of housekeeping. Observe
and instill discipline in my subordinates, as well as working with minimal supervision.
Ensuring that clients are happy and have all the necessary essentials that they require
for a great stay in the residence

Professional Experience
2005 – 2008: Housekeeping Supervisor – Maryland Hospice


   Keeping the home clean and odorless
   Cleaning sheets, curtains and all fabrics in the hospice
   Supervising the washing and tidying of kitchen and dining area
   Replenishing toiletries and clearing up the wash basins, shower rooms, tubs and
2003 – 2005: Supervisor- Darling Buds Hotel


   Managing the daily activities of the housekeeping department.
   Communicating with junior staff on the need for order and cleanliness
   Ensuring all staff are properly trained and know where they need to be and know
    what to do
   Manage expenses of the monies allocated to housekeeping.

Educational Background
1998 – 2003: Diploma in Hospitality and Catering, Adam College, Maine

1996 – 1998: High School Diploma

Available on request

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