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					                                   University of Pennsylvania
                               Department of Electrical Engineering


1. Project Title: Efficient Parking Meter Management System

2. Proposer's Name: Profs. Roch Guerin and Saleem Kassam
                                        E-mail: guerin@seas, kassam@seas

 Are you willing and able to serve as project advisor for this project?           X Yes; ___ No

3. Brief Project Description (no more than 50 words):

Assuming the availability of a wireless network with city-wide coverage, the goal is to develop a system
that would provide a significantly more efficient solution for operating and monitoring parking meters.
This would involve research in both the areas of communication/sensing and networking, and in the
development of algorithms aimed at taking advantage of the information collected.

4. Project Design Objectives:

The main goal is to investigate the feasibility of a communication sub-system that could also serve the
dual role of sensor, when the sensed target is a large (metal) object such as a car. This would involve
investigating the feasibility of developing a dual use transmission system capable of transmitting RF
pulses that can be used for either communication or sensing purposes. An implementation, preferably
using off-the-shelf communication systems, e.g., WiFi, would be targeted.
Another focus would be on the design and implementation of a communication protocol allowing meter
stations to efficiently report the data they sense to some centralized management entity. The goals
would be to produce a full design of a transmission protocol including packet formats and handling of
errors and failures, and evaluation of protocol performance according to metrics such as timeliness of
information transmission, power consumption at meter station, and robustness to various failure and
error scenarios. An implementation using Wi-Fi cards on Linux based systems would also be targeted.
Meter status information can also be used to compute an efficient route for parking officers responsible
for issuing tickets to parked vehicles with expired meters. Design of such algorithms would be another
possible focus area of the project.

5. Project Prerequisites:
What specific knowledge (e.g. courses or topics) and skills (e.g. programming languages or
software packages) will this project require? Please rank order the knowledge and skills you
have identified, with the most important at the top of the list.

Coursework in networking and communications, with good grades.
Knowledge of signal processing techniques and their use in both communication and sensing areas.
Good analysis abilities.
Programming in C/C++.
Familiarity with device drivers and/or FPGAs for prototyping purposes.

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