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					                                    Office Boy CV

An office boy is a back stage performer for any act played in the office. He must know
the working system of the office, designation and authority of all the members of the
office. He must be quick, active and capable of managing basic office needs. He is
responsible for providing stationary and other supporting things to carry out the office
work smoothly. A powerful office boy can improve the working capacity of other staff.

                                   OFFICE BOY CV
                                      Meharnos Bean
                                      1234, Oak Drive,
                                       west London
                                   Home: 404-535-6545
                                    Cell: 424-552-5546
Seeking for an Office boy job in a corporate office where I can utilize my administrative
skills and adapt new abilities.

Work Experience:
Stifflers’ Law office- 2007-2009:I have worked at a lawyer office for two years. Duties
implied on me includes attending phone calls and managing intercoms, organizing files
of different sections at proper place, taking and giving messages on behalf of some
busy office person, responding to the basic queries of a visitors, scheduling the
appointments, keeping required papers ready on the day of appointment or meeting.

Office boy’s objectives
   To manage and organize overall papers and files.
   To type down necessary papers for the office.
   To respond all the calls very sincerely and respectfully.
   To respond any basic query of visitors.
   To be capable of managing complex and multifaceted tasks.
   To schedule meetings and appointments with effective time management skills.

High school Diploma, Crest Wood County College.
I know basic computer operations. I have done basic computer training course at
county college.

   Palying Soccer
   Listening music

   I was the captain of winning team in inter college soccer championship held in
    summer 2008.

“Upon request”

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