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					                            Network Administrator CV

Like with all other jobs in the IT industry the level of competition for jobs as network
administrators is high. A network administrator is responsible for the network connection in an
organization. Some organizations will hire several network administrators to cover different
departments, floors or levels. It is therefore important for the job applicant to investigate the
administration and functions of the company before preparing their network administrator CV.
Look at the job description offered in the job advertisement and tailor your personal skills and
attributes to suit the company’s needs. Ensure that you go through you resume thoroughly to
avoid any errors.

                       Network Administrator CV Example
                                           Martin Sheen
                                        343 Famous Street
                                       Hollywood, California
                                   Mobile No: +1 343 3454 565
                                 Telephone No: +1 232 4343 5454

Career Objective

Experienced network administrator seeking similar position in a well progressive organization.
The position should allow for advancement in skills in networking as well as the application of
new and innovative techniques and technologies of networking.

Professional Background
2004 – 2008: Network Administrator at Hollows Financial Advisors


   Researched and established technological systems on several floors
   Designed and tested networking systems
   Implemented suitable networking systems for different levels and different floors
   Maintained servers for the organization’s websites
   Monitored existing databases and ensured the security of stored information
   Regulated the access of individuals to information stored in company databases
   Updated hardware and software
   Researched and kept up to date with latest developments in the field of networking
Educational Background
2000 – 2004:   BSc Computer Science (Networking) – California College

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