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									                                         Fresher CV

Fresher CV is the simplest form of a CV. However the CV format confuses a good number of
applicants. The thought of having to write a CV can be daunting for the most seasoned of players
and even more in the current job market. When applying for a job highlight the fact that you are
a fast learner and that you are looking forward to start your career in an established company
and that you are looking forward to an excellent learning experience. Demonstrate your
readiness and willingness to upgrade and work hard.
This way you will have won the recruiters attention. Unlike in other types of job applicants
freshers lack the many years experience that most employers are looking for. As such it is
important to include each and every activity that you may have been involved in your CV. This
will show the employer that you have some hands on skills. Shown below is a CV sample for
freshers. It will help you come up with a watertight CV that will guarantee that you get that job
that you have been eyeing.

                                   Sample Fresher CV
Cell no: +44 8978 456

Personal Details:
Age: 27 years
Languages: English and French
Passport no: E8234071.

Education Sciences student seeking employment in an organization that would allow the
implementation of academic and practical knowledge with dedication, team spirit and co-
operation. Hoping to grow with the organization and to perform the best in the task assigned.

Education Qualifications:
September 2008 to current
First year student pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Education Sciences
Course: Bachelor of Education Sciences
University: Real Melbourne Institute of Advanced Technology (RMIT)
   Physics Level One
   Calculus and Trigonometry
   Introduction to Communication Skills
January 2000 to 2003
ACCA Certification
Media Business School
April 1999
Higher Secondary Board Examination
Lassie Higher Secondary School, California

Work Experience:
Company:     Trans Atlantic Information Services Ltd.
Designation:     Accounts Intern
Duration:    Jan 2005 to Jan 2006
Company:     Media Inc. Limited
Designation:     Junior Accountant
Duration:    Jan 2006 to July 2006

Skills and Attributes
   Strong computer skills
   Proficient in Ms Office applications e.g. Ms Word, Ms Access, Power Point and Ms Outlook)
   Hard working and smart in nature.
   Excellent verbal and non verbal communication

Hobbies and Interests
   Swimming
   Watching movies
   Listening to music
   Reading journals
   Exercising
   Playing tennis

Available on request

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