Cabin Crew CV

					                                      Cabin Crew CV

Cabin crew jobs are very lucrative not only because of the salary packages, but also because of
the glamour quotient and the opportunities it provides in for travelling across the world. The job
of a cabin crew is limited to the airlines industry however cabin crew latter on can also work as
ground staffs in an airlines.

The resume of a cabin crew is very beneficial to the flight attendants in various airlines as well as
crew who work in the cruise liners. Hotel management students can also gain a lot of knowledge
and information from it.

                        Sample Flight Instructor CV Format

                                         Ashlee Anderson
                                          59 Holland Road

                                Mobile No: + 44 (0)20 7602 4481
                           Telephone Number: + 44 (0)20 8702 4487
Career Objective: looking forward to build a career in the airlines industry to establish myself
as a service professional utilizing my training and personality to ensure that the passengers
enjoy a happy and joyful journey
Professional Experience:
Eurasia Airlines, London: 2005- 2009: primary job description included attending pre-flight
briefing about job allocations, ensuring that the passengers don’t have any problem during their
flight. Instruct them about safety modules. Resolve any in flight conflict and work in coordination
with the other team members to ensure that everyone has a safe and happy journey

Cabin Crew objectives:
   attend the flight meeting before any take off
   provide maximum comfort and assistance to all customers
   help them in the face of any medical emergencies
   give instruction about safety measures
   resolve any kind of in-flight conflict or problem
1999-2002: Bachelor’s Degree in English literature, University of Warwick

2002-2004: Diploma in Travel & Airlines Management, Aviation institute of Lisbon
Achievement: Proficient in five international languages. Awarded the best new trainee of the year
award on the very first year of induction into the company

• Computing

• Paragliding

• playing mobile games

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