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									                                        Auditor CV

Auditor jobs are open to persons who have had at least 1 year working
experience, but with a detailed CV you can catch a recruiter’s attention. For
an entry level person, take time to evaluate practices and procedures within
auditing, accounting, treasury, economics, and taxation, law and operations
departments. Below is an example of an auditor CV considered ideal for the

        Sample Auditor CV Template
                                 Candine Jean Anderson
                                      87 Long Lane
                                    EC 1, London 009
                              Mobile Number: 44 822 8763
                            Telephone Number: 44 0027 836
Career Objectives:
Auditor with 2 years experience seeking employment in a company that calls
for independence, determination and growth. Looking to use my skills in a
growing company so as to reach company goals.

Educational Background:
2001 – 2005: Bachelors of Science in Business Auditing, Manchester

Professional Experience:
2006 – Present: Auditor at London Bay Firm

   Reviewing internal controls and watch out for financial imbalances
   Evaluating accounting systems for efficiency
   Filling out auditing reports and presenting them during meetings
   Identifying auditing issues and proposing solutions
   Identifying risks in the auditing department
   Overseeing auditing tasks in the department
   Performing tests of internal controls carried out every six months
   Balancing financial reports brought forward every 3 months

   Proposed a new software that made internal auditing a simpler process
   Helped the company to register a 50% increase in revenues
   Graduated with an overall GPA of 3.5 with the highest being 4.0
   Was promoted as team leader of the auditing team
   Led the company to receive an award for best company of the year
   Led company to also receive an award for best new and upcoming company of the year
   Proposed the use of television advertisement as a way to attract a wider base of clients.

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