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									                                                  IT CV

IT CV preparation is a crucial skill if you are planning to delve into the information technology field.
Securing an IT job today is becoming tougher as the field grows more competitive. Increasing numbers
of people are taking courses in information technology, thus the market is being continuously flooded
with highly qualified individuals.

The IT sector covers a very wide area i.e. programming, system analysis, IT supervision, IT management,
system development, database administration etc. Employers and recruitersare becoming more
interested in people who are specialized in several different areas and not those who hold general
qualification in information sciences. If you have a specialization, ensure that this is highlighted on
your IT CV especially if it is relevant to the organization to which you are applying. If you did not formally
specialize in any area of IT, mention your interests in specific areas and show how you have
demonstrated these interests.

Always keep in mind that there are probably thousands of other people vying for the same position. You
therefore have to make your IT CV stand out by giving the interviewer the relevant information. Let
your CV be simple but have the necessary important information.

As you write this IT CV, there are some keywords that are associated with IT that if used properly can
make your receive more attention from therecruiter. Try as much as possible to use as many of the
words that are related to IT as possible. This gives your soon-to-be employer the idea that you
understand the work you are applying for. Some words you may want to use in this type of CV are
information, technology, computers, programming, system analysis, data, computer, software,
hardware, database, languages etc. Make sure they are used in the right context.

                                      Sample IT CV Format
Julius Creaser

720 Job Street

Wisconsin, Washington

Career Objective:

IT expert in programming, system analysis and software development seeking a position as a software
developer in an organization that supports the development and application of skills in the development
of computer software for data analysis. Willing to apply skills in data and system analysis towards the
improvement of the organization’s current and future systems with the aim of enabling the organization
to stay ahead of the competition.

Educational Qualification:

2003 – 2007 Master of Science in Information Technology MIT

2002 – 2006 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology Harvard University

Work Experience:
2003 – To date Software developer at the National Aeronautical and Space Administration Centre


§ Analyzed data

§ Monitored and maintained data analysis software

§ Developed data analysis software to support the systems in use


· Developed software that facilitated the analysis of several sets of unrelated data simultaneously and
undertook the comparison of these data as specified by the user.

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