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T     he snow has melted, spring is here and
      another cycle in the library year is well          T     hose of you possessing an environmentally
                                                               conscious nature will recognize the book sale
underway. A season of growth and great                   as a large scale recycling project. Culled from
promise, spring is also the time of year when            library or private collections and donated to the
library volunteers, board and staff, gather together     library, all materials have been removed from
to begin preparations for the library’s Annual           basements and bookshelves, diverted from the
Bookfest.                                                local landfill, and placed in appreciative hands.

D      onations have been arriving since last July
       and volunteers, many of whom return
year after year, have been sorting through
                                                         E     arly spring is an optimal time to review your
                                                               own personal collection in advance of the
                                                         sale. Do you have older books in good condition
boxes and bags of donated books and videos in            that you are no longer interested in or have room
preparation for the big event. The basement is           to store? If so, put them to good use, raise literacy
filling up with sale items, all neatly categorized and   in the community and support the library.
boxed, in anticipation of the move to the Baptist
Church. There is still much work to be done,
however, and I hope you will consider joining us                 Books and Volunteers needed for Book Fest
in this worthy effort.                                                                    Wanted:

                                                                               Clean books in good condition
      here are many reasons Bookfest continues                                  Volunteers to help with sale
      year after year. First and foremost, Bookfest                                      How Do I?
promotes literacy in our community by placing                                  Sign in - at the Circulation desk
books, videos and other materials into the hands                                Call - the Library at 442-9051
                                                                               Email Rose – admin@bfli.org
of interested readers for very little cost. The               

library has a noteworthy collection but also

limitations in capacity, and the sale provides an             roceeds from the sale finance library
opportunity to purchase unique, out-of-print or               operations, pay for the summer reading
well-loved titles, not readily available                      program and children’s room activities,
otherwise. Serendipity rules and you are sure to         purchase technology equipment such as new
find something to delight and engage you while           public access computer terminals and software; in
browsing the sale tables.                                short, allow the library to keep pace with our
                                                         community’s needs. As customer, donor, or
                                                         volunteer, your support of library programs and
                                                         services is recognized and greatly appreciated.
                                                         Hope to see you soon!

                                                                 Page 2:   Letter from the Director, Caregivers Workshops
           First Baptist Church                                  Page 3:   Wall Works, Bennington Garden Club
          Main Street - Bennington                               Page 4:
                                                                 Page 5:
                                                                           Wish List Donors, National Library Week, Memorials
                                                                           2010 Volunteer List
             May 13 – 14, 2011                                   Page 6:
                                                                           Calendar of Events
                                                                           Support Your Library, Children’s Room activities
Bennington Free Library                                                                                               Page 2

Letter from the Director…..

      The library has been busier than usual this spring. The library’s administration assumed responsibility for
  organizing this years’ BookFest; and though it represents a huge commitment of time and effort, the importance
 of this community event cannot be denied. BookFest has grown each year – in reputation, the amount of money
  raised in support of library services, and the number of books distributed to the community. All because a small
group of individuals understand the important role of the library, and are willing to work to support it. BookFest is
    truly a community event and we are fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic group of supporters,
      who give generously of their time and resources to ensure the library’s continued success. Thank you all.

   The library is still in need of donations for the sale, as well as volunteers to sort, set up book tables, assist with
     sales Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon. Volunteers may serve as cashiers, help maintain the
   sale tables, answer questions and clean up after the sale. No experience is needed, just a commitment to help.

    Participating in BookFest is one way to support our library, contributing to the Annual Fund is yet another.
   Each year proceeds from the Annual Fund subsidize the library’s fixed operating expenses: keeping the library
    cool in the summer and warm in the winter, paying for the electric current which lights the rooms and keeps
     our computer terminals up and running, and much, much more. Your donation, in any amount, influences
         the culture and quality of our community. Many of you have already donated to the Annual Fund,
          and deserve our sincere thanks. To those of you who have not, there is no time like the present.

     Please consider forwarding the enclosed form with your tax deductible contribution to the library.
                             Your support is greatly needed and appreciated.

Consulting our calendar, there are programs and events aplenty to keep you and your family entertained throughout
the spring. On April 27th the Children’s Room will host an International Fair, and two Home Caregivers workshops
 are scheduled for May 5 and June 9. Museum ABC’s will feature a Teddy Bear Picnic on May 19th, and Jehkula, an
   African Drum and Dance Troupe, will kick off the Summer Reading program on June 28th. Please consult our
Calendar of Events on page 6 for listings and times of these and other upcoming programs and events the Library.

                                             See You at BookFest!
                                                                                …..Lynne Fonteneau McCann, Director

                             Be a part of the Library’s “Go-Green Campaign”
                                          Receive your newsletter via email
                                              Sign up at admin@bfli.org
                                     Change your email address: please let us know

                    Bennington County Caregivers Coalition Announces Spring Programs
                    May 5th: Competency, Compassion and Control with Guest Speaker: Dr. Susan Wehry
                                June 9th: Advanced Directives (Speaker details forthcoming)
                           All workshops begin at 5:00 p.m. and are free and open to the public.
                           Pre-registration is recommended and a light supper will be provided.
Bennington F Library                                                                                             Page 3

       ALL WOR
      WA        : t      the    ry
             RKS: Art at t Librar


                                   lation of th Library’s Wall Wor exhibit:
                    The next install          he        s        rks
                                    Visions of New Eng  gland
                      w            photograph by Stuar DuBoff, M.D
                      will feature p          hs        rt

      Stuart is an Ophthal                                       thwestern Ve
                            lmologist on the medical staff of Sout                       ical
                                                                            ermont Medi Center annd
              rth          R
      the Nor Adams Regional Hosp                    es                     on,          t,
                                        pital. He live on a farm in Benningto Vermont with his wiife
                            d           als
       Shelli, an artist, and more anima than he can name. Ph               has         een
                                                                 hotography h always be one of hiis
              rite                     n             nd         m           nity        ure
        favor pastimes and living in New Englan gives him an opportun to captu its beauty
              through his le All phot
              t             ens.        tographs are printed on A           relle Archiva paper.
                                                                 Arches Aquar           al

      . Wall Works is an ongoing exh                             ks,
                                      hibit of local artist’s work and will ch           ghout the yea
                                                                              hange throug           ar.
           Please join us for an inform artists’ re eception on S             ne         to
                                                                  Saturday, Jun 4 from 1 t 3 p.m.

                                    ry                      e
                          Our Librar has been serving the Bennington  n
                                     Communit since 1865     5.
                                    onsider ma
                            Please co                       cy
                                                aking a legac bequest
                                          to the Library.
                                   Your donatio will bene
                                   Y             on          efit
                                       generatio to come.    .

                                                                                Members o the
                                                                          Bennnington Gaarden Club
                                                                                         for         e
                                                                        were responsible f the festive
                                                                        holid decorations enjoyed by y
                                                                            l            December.
                                                                          all throughout D

                                                                            ured from left to right are:
                                                                        Pictu            ft            :
                                                                            bitt,         a
                                                                  Karen Trub Cyntthia Van Vlaan       nderen,
                                                                  Nancy Edw wards, Betsy E            d,
                                                                                          Ehrenfreund Joyce
                                                                    Hall, June King, Jan Childs, Co   onsie
                                                                  West, Eliza
                                                                            abeth Luca. KKneeling: Pre esident
                                                                                  Ann Jackkson


            Check Out” th Library’s boo durin Mayf
           “C     O     he            oth   ng   fest
Bennington Free Library                                                                                          Page 4

                              2010 Holiday Wish List Donors
                                  Bennington Bookshop – Rick and Ellen Havlak
                                      Jo and David Berry (In Honor of our Library)
                                 Ray and Ruthie Bolton (In Honor of the Schneski Family,
                                          the King Family and the Kokoras Family)
                             Joseph and Barbara Cancellieri, Jr. (In Honor of Dana Griffiths,
                                              Grandmother of Joey and Alison)
                                            Emmalene and Juliana Gabriel
                                 Anita Gauthier (In Memory of George Allard, Meg Viereck,
                                Harvey Kevorkian) and (In Honor of Lucas Koa Young-Joe Ha)
                                   Pankaj Goswami (In Memory of Elizabeth Goswami)
                                    Heidi Humphrey (In Honor of Elizabeth Benedict)
                                           Dylan and McKenzie Krawczyk
                                                      Marie Miller
                                                   Patricia R. Ogilvie
                                        Emmely Parks (In Memory of Ruth Wasco)
                                                   Charlotte L. Parrott
                                            David and Marsha Pilachowski
                                                Larry and Sharon Stepp
                                       Sharon Stewart (In Memory of Jimmy Stewart)
                                                      Grace Suberu
                                              Robert and Sally Sugarman
                                                  Lili and Chloe Zens

                                NATIONAL LIBRARY WEEK

N       ational Library Week is an annual celebration of the contributions of our nation’s libraries and librarians.
                     All types of libraries – school, public, academic and special – participate.
           National Library Week is being celebrated @ Bennington Free library from April 10-16
                                  so visit your library – in person or online.
                                     “Create your own Story @ your library”
                                           A message brought to you by the
                            American Library Association’s Campaign for America's Libraries
                                           and the Bennington Free Library

                                                  In Memoriam
              We note with sorrow, the loss of the following supporters and friends of the Library:
                   Andrew Anderson, Jr.     Joy Bischof      Jack Cleary                   Helen Cleary
            Arthur Faris     Grace Gilbert     Isabel Henry       Iola Jarvis                 Gracemary Jones
                     Eugene Keegan       Gene Kosche        Ruth Kosche                    Roald Reid
Bennington Free Library                                                                                                   Page 5

                            NATIONAL VOLUNTEER WEEK 2011 April 10 - 16
                       1786 Volunteer Hours donated at the Bennington Free Library in 2010
                                                Thank you for all you do!
The Bennington Free Library is fortunate to have many wonderful volunteers. In 2010 they donated time in Technical Services,
the Children’s Room, Adult Reference Services, Circulation, Interlibrary Loans, Administrative Services, in the Vermont History
Room, during Bookfest, in the Friends of the Library group, and as Directors and Trustees* on the Library’s Board.
                                 Alex Grimsley                     Cynthia Maisonet &                Donna Raymond
Susan Armstrong                  Mary Hall                             CRJ Youth                     Deena Ruege
Gabrielle Bailey                 Joe Hall                          Lisa Mandella                     David Reyes & 204
Vi Baker                         Mary Harrington                   Barbara Marino                        Depot students
Barbara Barney                   Julie Haupt                       Leo Marrs                         Jill Rivers
Alice Bennet                     Shelby Haynes                     Dale Maturski                     Barbara Roan
Andrew Billings                  Melissa Hepler                    MAU Interact Club                 Geraldine Rochon
Rachella Bolton                  Fran Hendricks                    MAU International Club            Alicia Romac*
Ray Bolton                       Sue Hoffman-Ogier                 Michael McCann                    Rebecca Romac
Dottie Bondone                   Winifred Holland                  Kathy McClure                     Amelia Royce
Doris Bourgeois                  Nancy Hopkins                     Susan McKenna                     Rebecca Rupp
Anne Bugbee                      Michael Horwitz                   Vince McLean                      Brenda Schramm
Christine Bushee                 Diane Howard                      Norma McShane*                    Pearl Schramm
Terri Bullington                 Ann Humphrey                      Marianna Medvedev                 Ruth Schueler
Jim Bump                         Frances Hunt                      Victoria Medvedev                 Leah Schultz
Claire Cabiles                   Doreen Hurley                     Mary Mollica                      Ben Sears
Heidi Carroll                    Leona Hynick                      Jane Moriarity                    Karoline Sears
Gabriele Caras                   Ahmed Jaafar                      Melissa Morrison*                 Josie Shepard
Terry Casse                      Annette Jenks                     Christine Morrissey *             Fronia Simpson
Linda Chaffin                    Debbie Jennings                   Christopher Moyer                 Marc Simpson
Joyce Charbonneau                Kathy Kaiser                      Bill Murray                       Constance Smith
Lorna Cheriton                   Laura Kaiser                      Carol Murray                      Ida Snow
Alison Young Eun Cho             Sharron Kaiser                    Ruth Ann Myers*                   Julie Snow
Inez Colon                       Susan Katz                        Viola Myers                       Katie Snyder
Jim Cook & Dept. of              Bruce Kennedy                     Dave Newell*                      Barbara Spies
    Corrections                  Emily Kennedy                     Lea Newman                        Russell Spies
Courtney Cowan                   Rachel Kinney                     Ann Nolan                         Dorothy Standish
Elizabeth Criss                  Anne Knapp                        Donald Nolan                      Peter Starlitt
Kristina Criss                   Lise Knapp                        Leslie Noyes                      Nancy Steffen
Denise Cranston                  Charlotte Knighton                Sue Nutting                       Tom Steffen
Rosemary Czerwinski              Kalina Korzec                     Chris Oldham*                     Sharon Stepp
Pat Dailey & Sacred Heart        Patty Korzec                      Emily Ostler                      Gano Stevens
     Outreach Group              Michelle Krane                    Hannah Outwater                   Robin Stromgren
Vivian DeMercado                 Scott Kreutz                      Meg Outwater                      Milt Surdam
Dottie DePollo                   Charlotte Lampron                 Barbara Payne                     Deborah Teller
Tom DePollo                      Aline LaFlamme                    Rachel Payne                      Claire Thompson
Amy Dobson                       Adrian Lane                       Emmely Parks                      Lori Tolle
Deanna Donza                     Luke Lapean                       Marianne Peters                   Hamilton Topping
Linda Douglas                    Peg Leake                         Audrey Pietrucha                  Isabelle Tutko
Robert Ebert                     Lou Leamon                        Krystianna Pietrezak              Audrey Upton
Nancy Edwards                    Adel Lefebvre                     Lisa Pietrezak                    Barth Vander Els*
Adele Finger                     Rebecca Lefebvre                  Marsha Pilachowski                Joan Vargo
Dorothy Flanigan                 Satchel Lefebvre                  Jane Pinsonneault                 P.J. Venti*
Helena Fletcher                  Steven Lefebvre                   Rita Pinsonneault                 Jean Wassick
Eileen Flynn                     Cindy Locklin                     Sara Poggi                        Margaret Wehruing
Anne Fort                        Geoffrey Locklin                  Edith Prandini                    Abby Whitman
Jill Fortney                     Sandy Loiterstein                 Ethel Pratt                       Polly Wilson
Jerry Fressola                   Amanda Loomis                     Chuck Putney                      Bill Wolfe
Marge Galvin                     Maureen Loy*                      Frankie Ralbovsky                 Rose Wolfe
Linda Goertz                     Chelsea Lutz                      Michael Rancourt                  Jane Wright
Tom Goertz                       Linda Lyons                                                         Kristen Zens
Jon Goodrich*
Kevin Gorry
Diana Griffiths                                                    Al Ray
                                   Annual Volunteer
                                 Brenda MacDonald             Ginny Reception
                                                     Appreciation Ray
                                         Wednesday – April 13 – 3:00 p.m.
Bennington Free Library                                                                                                      Page 6

   Bennington Free Library
         101 Silver Street
      Bennington, VT 05201                                                                              Postage Paid
         1-802-442-9051                                                                                 Permit # 10

                                Newsletter funding provided – in part - by the Friends of the Library

                                        CALENDAR OF EVENTS
April 5, 12, 19, 26: Baby Rhyme Tyme: Tuesdays at 9:30-                May 4, 18, 25: Pre-school Story Hour: Wednesdays at
      10:00. Babies 4-18 months. Use night entrance.                       10:30-11:30. Children 3-5 years old.
April 5, 12, 19, 16:: Story Rhythms for Toddlers: Tuesdays at          May 5: Bennington County Caregivers Coalition Workshop:
      10:30-11:00. Children 18-36 months.                                 “Compassion, Competency, and Control” featuring:
April 6, 13, 20, 27:: Pre-School story Hour: Wednesdays at                 Dr. Susan Wehry, 5:00-7:00
      10:30 - 11:30. Children 3-5 years-old.                           May 13: BookFest Preview: First Baptist Church, Main
April 10-16:: NATIONAL VOLUNTEER & NATIONAL                                Street, Bennington. 6:00 – 9:00, $10.00 admission
      LIBRARY WEEK                                                     May 14: BookFest: First Baptist Church, Main Street,
April 13: VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION RECEPTION                                 Bennington. 10:00– 4:00. Free Admission.
      3:00 P.M. Library closes at noon.                                May 14: Children’s Programs at BookFest: Time TBA
April 18: Kevin O’Hara, Author of A Lucky Irish Lad and                May 19: Museum ABC's – Teddy Bear Picnic: A gallery
      Last of the Donkey Pilgrims. Reading and book signing.               experience at the Bennington Museum for preschoolers and
      Co-sponsored by the Bennington Bookshop. Books                       their parents or caregivers. Includes stories and hands-on
      available for purchase. Refreshments. 7:00.                          art exploration. 1:30-2:30
April 21: Museum ABC’s – Kids Collect: A gallery experience            May 28: Mayfest: Visit the Library’s booth
      at the Bennington Museum for preschoolers and their              June 4: WallWorks Reception: Dr. Stuart DuBoff’s “Visions
      parents or caregivers. Includes stories and hands-on art             of New England” 1:00-3:00 Free and open to the public
      exploration. 1:30-2:30                                           June 9: Bennington County Caregivers Coalition Workshop:
April 27: International Fair: Meet international students                  “Advanced Directives” 5:00 - 7:00
      and members of the MAU International Club, activities,           June 27: Sign up begins for Summer Reading Program:
      food and fun in the Children’s Room. 3:30-4:45.                       “One World Many Stories”12 noon - Children’s Room.
May 3, 17, 24: Story Rhythms for Toddlers: Tuesdays at                 June 28: JEHKULA, African Drum and Dance Troupe:
      10:30-11:00. Children 18-36 months. Use Night entrance.               Kick-off event - Summer Reading Program, 7:00 in the
                                                                            library Courtyard on Union Street.

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