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					Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen and welcome to the 70th annual Commonwealth
Figure Skating Club Ice Capers Show.

Our skaters and coaches have worked hard to prepare…

Sit back and relax as we are about to be invaded upon. The British are coming! The
British are coming!

And so is our first group of skaters. These girls will be skating their way into your hearts.
And while 2 of them will be graduating this year, they will forever be in our hearts.
Please welcome the club’s most senior level skaters: Jaimee Fernald, Katelyn Rota and
Stephanie Smolenski.

Please welcome our first, and youngest soloist to the ice. Isabelle Carter is performing
her first solo in the Ice Capers Show. Isabelle has qualified for State Games of America
and will be skating to the Eurythmics Classic: Sweet Dreams and is sure to leave you
feeling energized.

Our next group has got their bags packed for a trip, maybe across the pond? Actually it’s
a day trip. Please join us in welcoming these Day Trippers to the ice.

Our next skater is appearing as a soloist for the second time. She is a New England
Regional Competitor and when she skates, she shows No Mercy to the competition. She
too will be representing the club at the State Games of America this summer. Please
welcome to the ice, 11 year old Nicole Lee.

Get ready to twist and shout as our Wednesday Learn-to-skaters dazzle you with their
moves. Commonwealth’s Learn-to-skate program has been one of the most successful
skating programs in the area to date, due in part to the directors and volunteer
commitment of our club’s coaches and skaters. A huge thank you to the choreographers:
Katelyn Rota and Vanessa Munn, as well as Nicole Lee, Courtney Phillips and Lindsey

Our next number features our step-out skater Madelyn Driscoll. These girls look good,
and they look fine and you are sure to lose your minds as you watch this group make their
way across the ice with a Doo A Diddy Diddy Dum Diddy Doo.

Our third soloist comes to the ice for her second consecutive appearance. She too is a
New England Regional Competitor and has qualified for State Games of America. Please
allow us to introduce her as a skater on her way to fame. We give you Courtney Phillips.

Sit back and prepare for a little magic as our fourth group of magicians and their rabbits
dazzle you with their tricks on the ice.
Closing out the first act is a young lady who is sure to spice up your life. She is a
returning soloist who has been a club member since the age of three. She too has earned
her way to State Games of America. Please welcome Vanessa Munn.

One of the highlights of our show every year is the family skate, and this year is no
exception. What better way to do some bonding with your daughter than to partake in
something she truly loves. Please put your hands together for these parents as they risk
life and limb and try to stay Forever Young by skating with their girls

These Goddesses of Love came down from their mountain top to take the ice. You’ve
already seen three of these girls, and now they are joined by an additional three. They are
the club’s highest level skaters and they’ve definitely Got It.

Please welcome graduating senior Cassie Schramm as she makes her way to the ice.
Cassie attends Archbishop Williams and is actively involved in both girl’s hockey and
lacrosse. Once she graduates, Cassie hopes to pursue further education in physical
therapy. She has been a member of the club for 9 years. Cassie attributes her success to
the support of her parents. She skates to Something About the Way you Look Tonight.
Cassie, you look beautiful. Best of luck next year. We will miss you.

007 has never looked this good. While James Bond is a legend in his own right, these
impersonators are sure to leave you hanging at the edge of your seat. You are about to
see a crime committed right before your eyes, but have no fear, our skaters will catch
these villains.

Here comes the sun and our Saturday Learn-to-skate group, once again proving how
wonderful this program really is. A huge thank you to our choreographers, that
mother/daughter team of Beverly and Jaimee Fernald and their lovely assistants, Madelyn
and Isabelle Driscoll, Chloe Kelleher and Emily Aryee.

Please welcome to the ice our next soloist, Katelyn Rota as she is sure to leave her
footprints not only in the sand but on the ice as well. She is a New England Regional
Competitor and appearing as a soloist for Ice Capers for her fourth consecutive year.
Katelyn will be representing the club in Colorado this summer at the State Games of

Immortalized in the movie Cocktail, this next group is sure to get your hips shaking, just
be sure you don’t fall through the bleachers.

Our next graduating senior has been a member of the club since the age of 4. She has
been an active competitor and has earned her way back to Colorado by medaling at this
year’s Bay State Games in the senior lady’s free style. Stephanie attends Cranston High
School West and plans to pursue a career in veterinary medicine at URI in the fall. She
would also like to continue skating and give by back coaching. Good luck Steph. You
will be missed.
This next group of skaters are here to let you know that they can really shake it down and
you are sure to love how they can dance and skate. Watch them as they work….work….

Our final graduating senior and soloist is the senior ladies’ pewter medalist at New
England Regionals, qualifying her to compete at the Eastern Sectionals this past October.
At the 2008 and 2009 Bay State Games she was the senior ladies champion, which
awarded her the right to compete at State Games of America this summer. She is
graduating from Thayer Academy and plans to attend college in the fall. We wish you
well, Jaimee, and will miss seeing you on the ice. Please give a warm welcome to Jaimee

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