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									What is the nature of your special interest in Temple University School of
Medicine? (Use the following space. There is no character limit.)
When responding to the essay question about your special interest in Temple, please
indicate your special interest in your first ranked campus. To learn more about each
clinical campus, click on the name.

        Temple University School of Medicine offers many innovations that when
combined offer an excellent education opportunity. The integrated curriculum begun just
a few years ago seems a logical and improved method of teaching in which one focuses
on specific organ systems or pathways. This approach will help condense and simplify
teaching and also offers the chance to learn from basic science and clinical professors
throughout the first two years. The Clinical Simulation Center allows students to be
exposed to limitless scenarios and hypothetical patients with diverse backgrounds and
histories. These, when combined with the Clinical Skills Center which will help students
build the necessary interpersonal skills to be a successful doctor, seem to provide a
unique educational environment. That 37% of 2009 Temple students specialized in either
internal medicine, pediatrics, or family medicine is important to me since I hope to
practice in a primary care setting.
        Outside of the classroom, Temple also offers a plethora of student organizations.
The SNACWell Program which focuses on building healthy lifestyle and eating habits
greatly interests me as many medical treatments may be avoided if people were more
aware of the necessity of healthy habits. Having been involved in many intramural sports
while at Tulane University, the Soccer group also offers the chance for a fun escape from
the rigors of medical school. All of these factors coupled with the chance to study and
serve in North Philadelphia and to study at the new medical education and research
building create a unique and exciting opportunity.
        As my first-choice for clinical campus I designated Temple University Hospital
and Affiliates. The large 746 bed hospital located within an urban environment again
offers the chance to be exposed to a variety of specialties and situations. I was also
excited to note that all four doctors listed under family medicine placed a special
emphasis on either health maintenance or health promotion an interest of mine. The
Temple Neuroscience Center also intrigued me as neurological research involving
neuropathy, the disease I am currently working on, is one of its areas of research.
What are your plans for the current year- June 2009 until June 2010? (Use the
following space. There is no character limit.)

Having graduated from Tulane University, I am currently working as a research
technician within a neurobiology laboratory at Children’s Hospital Boston. The overall
research of the laboratory centers on neuron-glia interactions, while the project I am most
closely involved with focuses on discovering a treatment for various types of neuropathy.
At this time trials are being run to test a treatment on mice that have neuropathy either
because they are a transgenic line or the neurons have been injured by resiniferatoxin
(rtx). A few weeks after birth the mice develop the neuropathy and no longer show a
reaction to hot and cold. In trials already run, the drug has shown an ability to stop the
death of certain neurons and thus prevent the neuropathy from forming and with mice
treated with resiniferatoxin the drug has even shown the ability to help stimulate a
healing of the sensory nerves. My main duties have included helping with the heat
sensing testing and drug treatment, running polymerase chain reactions, running gel
electrophoresis experiments and sectioning and staining tissue from the mice so that the
sensory nerves can be compared between wild type and transgenic mice.
        Outside of work, I hope to soon become involved with one of the community
service opportunities offered by Children’s Hospital, such as their Ask Me! Program or
their Reach Out and Read Program. My main hobbies include athletics and reading. I
often play pick-up games of soccer and basketball in addition to working out. I enjoy
reading from a diversity of genres and some of my favorite authors include Malcolm
Gladwell, Dan Brown, and Dennis Lehane.

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