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Proof-read billy goats


									                 The Three Billy Goats Gruff

                             Part 1

Once upon a time, there was three billy goats gruff. Won

day they decided to cross a brIdge and ate some grass. But

there was danGer! Under the bridge lived a meen, ugly


Trip, trap, trip, trap, went the Littlest Billy Goat as he

walked acros the bridge. The troLl yelled, “Who’s that

crossing my bridge?

The Littlest Billy Goat said It is only I, the Littlest billy

Goat. I want to go to the the hillside and eat the new


The troll screamed “I’m going to goBBle you up!

The Littlest Billy Goat ansered “i is so very little. Wait for

my big brother and then you’ll get more to eat”

The troll said “fine. Go ahead.
                The Three Billy Goats Gruff

                            Part 2

     Trip, trap, trIp, trap went the Middle Billy Goat.

The troll askt, “Who’s that crossing over my bridge?”

The Midle Billy Goat said, “It is only i. I wont to go to the

hillside to eat the knew grass”.

     The troll siad, “Well, I’m going to eat you?”

     “Oh, don’t ate me,” said the Middle Billy Goat. “Wait

for my biggest bruther and you will get more to eat”.

     The troll said “Fine, go ahEad”.
                The Three Billy Goats Gruff

                           Part 3

     The troll was verry exsited about the Biggest Billy

Goat. He thought that he would haVe a delicious super.

So, he got a biG pot and statted to heat sum water in it he

cut up some carrots and potAtoes and put them in the

water. He sat down two wait for the water to to boil.
                 The Three Billy Goats Gruff

                             Part 4

     Trip, trap, trip, trap went the Biggest Billy Goat as he

walk across the bridge.

     The troll yelled “Who’s that crossing my bridge”

     The Biggest Billy Goat said, “It is I, the Biggest Billy

Goat. I going to the hillside to eat the new grass”

     The troll said “Oh no your not becuz I am going to eat


     The Biggest Billy Goat said, You can’t stop me. I am

the Biggest Billy Goat.”

     The Biggest Billy Goat lowered his head, stomped his

feet and charged at the troll he knocked the troll back in the

water under the bridge.

     Then the Biggest Billy Goat joined his broThers on

the hillside and ate lots of grass.

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