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									Debbie Fidrocki
Professional Development Activities
October 9, 2007

In addition to the required department meetings, superintendent’s welcome and that sort
of thing, these are the professional development activities that I’ve participated in:


Verbalizing and Visualizing 14 hours

WGBH Physical Science (on-line course)       30 hours

Hidden Curriculum     7 hours


Let’s Get Physical: A Hands-On Exploration of the MPS Elementary Physical Science
Curriculum 7 hours

Mentor for 2005-06 School Year         35 hours

Engineering is Elementary Workshops: Sounds Like Fun, Leif Catches the Wind
10 hours

Project Read: Written Expression       16 hours

Improving Reading and Writing in the Elem Class using Basic Technologies (on-line
course)      30 hours

Gateway Summer Institute (aligning technology/engineering standards): 14 hours

Both years:

Supervisor for pre-practicum and practicum teachers from Curry College (3 semesters)

Edline mentor

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