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									Why have you chosen to apply to Georgetown University School of Medicine and
how do you think your education at Georgetown will prepare you to become a
physician for the future? (5000 character limit)

The reasons to apply to Georgetown University School of Medicine are numerous. I was
first attracted to the school due to its location in Washington D.C., having heard much
positive information from undergraduates who attended or are attending Georgetown
University. I am also attracted by its Jesuit tradition as I am Catholic. As I looked
further into the school’s offerings, I became more and more interested. While at medical
school, I hope to enter a primary care specialty and although open to all specialties, my
main interest is family medicine. When looking at the family care department at
Georgetown, I was impressed by the number of summer and elective programs within
this department. The opportunity to study electives in different practice settings, allows
for the chance to learn more about various office types and would help me make a more
informed decision when choosing a residency. The research opportunities within primary
care were also a major draw to Georgetown School of Medicine, particularly those within
health promotion and disease prevention. As advances in medicine are made, more
treatments are available although often at a greater expense. This magnifies the
importance of primary care and preventive medicine as hopefully strong primary care
physicians can diagnose a problem early on or educate patients so that they avoid or
change unhealthy habits and thus avoid or minimize the necessity of expensive
procedures. With the possible passing of national healthcare legislation this will become
very important.
         Another attraction to Georgetown, involved its Cura Personalis philosophy, as this
idea was one of my main attractions toward medicine. The single experience which most
led me to medicine involved an experience I had while still in high school. I had
dislocated my right patella during my senior soccer season and while at the emergency
room was told there was a strong possibility I would require surgery. Distraught that I
may miss my final soccer season, I went to my orthopedic surgeon with little hope of
good news. My physician however helped console me about the possibility that I would
miss my season or a significant portion and in fact informed me that I may not need
surgery and that a rigorous physical therapy routine was a possible treatment. It was then
that I realized that doctors did much more than treat a patient’s illness or injury and a
major component of medical treatment involved spiritual and emotional treatment.
         In addition to these, there were other factors which drew me towards applying to
Georgetown. One was the independent study requirement which requires research. As I
am currently working as a research technician the opportunity to continue in research
greatly interests me. The Mind-Body Medicine program also offers an exposure to
alternative medicine. With the huge increase in interest and use of alternative medicines
and treatments this is a timely and important area of study. It is critical to understand how
these various medicines and techniques can enhance or interfere with traditional medical
treatment. Also the fact that Georgetown is in close proximity to both NIH and WHO
offices indicates that the school will most likely be involved in changes to medicine and
research policies as well as quick in reacting to the teaching of any changes. The student
feedback after each module ensures that the curriculum is being shaped by previous
students’ reactions and recommendations thus making it more student-friendly than other
school’s curricula. When combined all of these factors make Georgetown University
School of Medicine an attractive place to study medicine and one of the best to prepare
students for a future career in the specialty of their choice.

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