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					                        Commonwealth Figure Skating Club
                               Annual Agenda

June Meeting
      1. Elect officers
      2. Chairpersons
             a. Test
             b. Door
             c. Volunteers
             d. Membership
             e. Sanctions
             f. Public relations
      3. Tax exempt status needs to be renewed
      4. State Games Send-off

July Meeting
      1. Fall contracts
      2. Swap coupons
      3. Maribel Vinson award
      4. State games send-off
      5. Set date for holiday show
      6. Set date for ice capers
      7. Set date for banquet

August Meeting
      1. Directors/Officers insurance must be renewed, effective 9/28
      2. Maribel Vinson award
      3. New member party (scheduled for 9/17/08)
      4. First edition of Buzz
      5. Junior coach letters? (age 14 and older)
      6. Learn-to-skate
             a. Calendar
             b. Registration
             c. Advertising
             d. Letter sent to skaters who can teach or demonstrate at Learn-to-Skate
      7. New England send-off and reimbursement
      8. Holiday show and party (date set in 2006; set fee)
      9. Swap Coupons

September Meeting
      1. Set date and agenda for organizational meeting (last year 10/10/07)
             a. At organizational meeting, mention holiday show and party
             b. At org mtg, discussion of financials
             c. At org meeting, introduce officers and each job
       2.   Accountant information needs to be compiled. Fiscal year runs 9/1-8/31
       3.   Send out requests for directors/theme of show
       4.   Set registration for learn-to-skate
       5.   New England Send-off: finalize plans
       6.   Dress sale (Columbus Day)
       7.   Holiday show: set date and cost
       8.   Ice Capers (proposals were due to sec’y on 9/11/06)

October Meeting
      1. Holiday show
            a. Sign-up
            b. Cost
      2. Holiday party
      3. Show
            a. Ask for ideas for theme (deadline was 11/9/07); in 2006, directors and
                theme were voted on during October meeting
            b. Coaches meeting (set for 11/15/07)
            c. Soloist criteria
      4. Non-profit paperwork to be filed with Atty General’s office by Nov 1
      5. Apply for sanction for Holiday Show

     1. LTS registration for 2nd session
     2. Show
           a. Show proposals discussed (2007)
           b. Coaches meeting
           c. Cost of participating in show
     3. Holiday show
           a. Assign roles (ie., script, announce, music, backstage)
     4. Holiday party
     5. Bay State games: hotel rooms blocked off
     6. Spring ice (Nov, 2006-decision needed to be made by 12/7/06)

December Meeting:
     1. Holiday gathering: no minutes for 2007
     2. Holiday show discussion (meeting of 2006)
     3. LTS 2nd session sign-ups
     4. Spring ice (2006)

      1. Show
            a. costume budget
            b. costume sizes
                 c. organize group moms
                 d. report on coaches meeting
        2.   Bay State Games Send-off
        3.   Bay State Games Banner
        4.   Spring Ice
                 a. Schedule set in at Jan 2007 meeting
        5.   Dress Sale (March)
        6.   Banquet
        7.   Letters sent out to seniors about scholarships
        8.   Apply for sanction for April Show
        9.   Watch for letter from USFS regarding delegates/proxy for governance
                           2009 Our proxy was Jim McManus Jim.McManus@FMR.COM
                           2008 It was Henry Son

February Meeting
      1. LTS 3rd session sign-ups
      2. Membership
            a. Set fees
      3. Show
            a. Costume Budget

March Meeting
     1. Show
            a.     Pictures (3/17/07)
            b.     Dress rehearsal date (4/20/07)
            c.     Lighting rehearsal (4/19/07)
            d.     Cast party

        No minutes for 2008 or 2007
        2006: finalize plans for show
               gifts for banquet
               coaches’ meeting

        1. Banquet gifts
        2. Coaches meeting (5/7/07)Professional fulfillment fee needs to be set
           (currently $100)
        3. Review scholarship essays

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