Devin Kelly by luminate


									                                                        Diana Fidrocki
                                                             Period C
                                                     Miltonbury Tales
                                                    December 20, 2008

                                      Devin Kelly

In Milton, lived a girl - Devin Kelly
Whose many sports made her very smelly
But that little fact is beside the point,
Her foremost goal was to escape that joint.
So she attended a school in Vermont
Under the advice of her fav’rite aunt.
She studied science and agriculture,
But found that she wanted a new future.
Off to Ireland to be a step dancer.
On stage, she was really quite the prancer.
When it happened on that most fateful day
That all of her dreams were taken away.
She tripped and tore her Achilles tendon.
That’s when all her dreams came to an endin’.
She no longer knew what she was to do
To make a living, she hadn’t a clue.
Luckily she met a rich man named Sean
And made a new plan with him as a pawn.
She loved him not, but wed him anyway
For she found him pleasant enough to stay.
She found that this new life was not so bad.
He never did a thing to drive her mad.
They lived a dainty life in his castle
Servants to handle their ev’ry hassle.
But now it is time for the real story,
Which gave her husband reason to worry.
She glanced at the cook with lust in her eye.
She could not resist his great shepherd’s pie.
So then one night she poisoned Sean’s mutton
Thinking her cook was cute as a button.
They threw his dead body into the sea,
Then toasted their new life with cups of tea.
Their life was merry and filled with laughter
And they lived happily ever after.

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