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					                                 Technical Resume

A person who has the required knowledge and skills to get into the technical department of a
company or an organization is eligible to frame a technical resume. A technical resume format is
one which gives the necessary details of the applicant’s qualifications which make him suitable
for the given profile of work.
A technical resume format can be of many types. The following are a few examples:

   Technical architect resume format
   Technical manager resume format
   Technical writer resume format

Any person framing a technical resume format has to write it in such a way that it manages to
convince the employer of his/her capabilities. The following few points shall help you while
drafting one:

   The main points of mention should be the details of the educational or other qualifications in
    the technical field which are required to make you the suitable candidate.
   The aims and objectives for the future career can also be briefly added.
   The main areas of expertise and the previous experience in the same field give an edge to
    the technical resume.

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