Mechanical Engineering Resume Format

					                 Mechanical Engineering Resume Format

The mechanical engineering profession requires individuals who are organized and dedicated to
the development of the industry. Mechanical engineering is a constantly evolving field that requires
innovation and fresh ideas. This sample mechanical engineering resume can be used to formulate
resumes for mechanical engineers as well as other engineeringprofessionals. This resume can also be
used to apply for network engineer jobs, lead engineer jobs, system engineer jobs, hardware
engineer jobs e.t.c

                       Sample Mechanical Engineering Resume
                                            Britney Smith
                                        2040 Carlton Street
                                       Birmingham, Alabama
                                   Mobile Number: 1548548548
                                  Telephone Number: 264525258
Career Objective:
To be a professional mechanical engineer whose focus is on the development of innovative products
and consumer electronics on a large scale basis

Professional Experience:
2000-2002: Product Engineer- Trans National Engineers
Proposed changes in design concepts

Communicated on behalf of the company for the purpose of coordinating with suppliers and retailers

Made use of latest technologies in the design of new products

2003-2005: Design Engineer- Electronic Development Industries
Led a team of industrial designers and coordinated product engineeringprojects

Coordinated with a team of senior design engineers

Prepared design proposals and assembled new design parts for a range of products

2006-2008: Service Engineer- Forward Technologies
Actively contributed to the sustenance of mechanical projects

Helped to design a variety of complex products
Trained in product improvement and development

Trained in case analysis and project coordination

Trained in the management of data

1994-1997: Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering- New York University
1998- 2000: Masters of Business Management- Institute of Mechanical Engineering
Designed a range of accessories for handsets and landline applications
Actively participated in the development of innovative concepts for a range of shoe production

Designed a sophisticated line of new age watches



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