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India Resume

An Indian resume format is basically the same as the other resumes of other countries.
However, when you are applying for a job in India, is it best to study the Indian culture in
order to help you cope in the country and the workplace. As for the resume, you have to
incorporate the preferences of Indian employers to make a good impression.
Remember to be brief and concise. Grammar is always important because you are already
judged based on how you communicate orally and in writing. In addition, Indian employers
are particular with the writing style. You need to write the contents of your resume using
action words rather than adjectives, which are subjective Also, it is important to be truthful
when writing the details of your resume. Distorting information to make you look good is
frowned upon.

The content starts with the objective, followed by the career profile. In this section, you
summarize your attainments in the field. Discuss your work history and education
background chronologically in the following sections. Elaborate on each job or course by
listing in bullets your notable achievements. List your competencies and skills. End your
resume with reference persons especially if you are a foreigner.
India Resume Format and Example

Anna Farris
093 South Ridge
Georgia, USA
(012) 345-6789

To apply as a financial analyst to use and further develop my skills in the field

   More than 6 years of experience and expertise in the field of finance
   Currently taking Masters in Finance to further acquire knowledge on the different facets
    of finance, especially corporate finance strategies
   Result-oriented and dedicated

Financial Analyst                    2006 – present
American Family Insurance
Georgia, USA
 Determines the long term financial strength of the company
   Ensures that the strategic plans are carried out by subordinates and other managers
   Determines if goals are reached and applies contingency plans
   Analyzes financial trends and determine the company’s financial strength based on them
   Devises strategies in improving the finance resource persons and officers
   Facilitates training and development among the financial resource persons

Assistant Financial Officer               2003 – 2006
American Family Insurance
Georgia, USA
 Does financial computations for the company and make analysis and recommendations
   In charge of day-to-day financial tasks
   Prepares day-to-day financial reports

Financial Associate            Summer 2002
American Family Insurance
Georgia, USA
Summer Internship
   Does basic computations that determine financial ratios of the company
   Earned a “satisfactory” grade from direct supervisor

 Competent in analyzing financial trends of the company and the industry
   Has excellent abilities in devising strategic financial plans in the long run
   Skillful in assessing short term and long term projects that affect the financial standing
    of the company
   Has competent risk management insights and plans
   Skillful in generating financial reports and interpreting them
   Has excellent problem solving and strategizing skills

Masters Study in Finance               2007 – present
University of Georgia
Georgia, USA

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration              1999 – 2003
University of Georgia
Georgia, USA
   Major in Finance
   Minors in Accounting and Business Law
   Dean’s Lister for 4 semesters
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